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How to make a wealthy man notice you?
Ladies, the competition is tough today.
And if you ever going to land that affluent

It's not only being part of high society that
is required from you.

You also need to beat the competition.
How do we beat competition?
It all boils down from being first of all
noticed because there is an array of women

out there that cross the paths with men
on a daily basis.

But how would you stand out to these men?
How would you be the one who's noticed in
their eyes?

Sadly today there is this trend of thinking
that more is more.

Thinking that if you apply more makeup.
If you put in more hair extensions.
If you show more skin, then people think that
that's going to get you noticed that everyone

in the room will look at you and want you
to become their wife or girlfriends.

Well, you hear how silly that sounds, right?
You won't get the appropriate attention when
you take this method.

You will only attract guys who are not serious,
men who maybe want to have an arrangement

with you or maybe just some temporarily fun.
There are two different types of women that
men want to marry or have a serious relationship

with and then you know the type of women who
they just want to have for some pleasure seeking.

So I'm going to give you three fundamental
ways how you can

first of all, catch the right attention and
of course be noticed at the same time.

Number one. Confidence.
How confident you look when you enter a room?
How confident do you look when you just walk

How confident do you look when you are just
taking a stroll on the street?

How confident do you look when you're sitting
at a bar hoping to meet somebody?

Many things you have to ask yourself when
it comes to confidence and you also have to

understand that there is a right way of applying

You don't want to have too much confidence
because that can make you appear very masculine

and you might scare people off.
Another way of too much confidence is when
you just behave like a diva.

And that's not really the direction where
we want to go either.

And total lack of confidence makes you appear
like a grey mouse type of thing.

You might also attract the wrong people people
who might not have the best agenda or maybe

people who would like to use you and so on.
So you have to understand that confidence
is very important.

If you want to be a woman who cares for self
where people respect her then you have to

use confidence because that's what's going
to give you and show people that you

are a woman of value.
In my online finishing school I talk to
my students all the time about the importance
of image development,
how you really have to have your image all figured out
and very much on point but
that can only be applied and
work if you use confidence

because with confidence
people believe that message
You can wear a beautiful dress.
You can wear a beautiful designer bag
but nobody's really going to believe that
you are an affluent woman.
If you don't also carry yourself with that
confidence with that belief that you are her,

that you are who you claim you are.
So going back to how men are going to notice
you thanks to confidence.

Think about it this way
You enter a room and
you're walking confidently, not like arrogantly,

not like you think you're the best and all

A little bit of that is good because
that is definitely going to boost your confidence level
but you want to walk into a room and
feel like in the way like you own it but not
like you are better than everybody else

because that that type of attitude always pushes people away.
So when you have this confident walk, this
confident posture, body movement, way of speech,

everything that has to do really with body
language. And add on top of that that you're

there beautifully dressed perfectly groomed
and then you walk into this room.

The man will be like
Who is this woman?!
Wow, interesting!
You see, it's not very hard to be noticed, really,
if you just use confidence

Even if you look not leveled up at all.
If you walk confidently, if you are confident,
people are going to notice you

men are going to notice you.
Men might get so infatuated by you when they
see you walking in there, they might say to

themselves: "You know what,
She might not be exactly the tenor that I
wanted my woman to be but wow she fascinates me!
Her confidence just radiates.
I have to speak to her!"
I've seen this happen all the time, ladies.
Confidence is something that is free of charge, Okay.
You don't need to have money to have

All you need is to start working on it.
Once you have confidence, you can convince
people to anything.

Literally, you will own this space.
So make sure you really make use of confidence.
Number two. Be elegant.
There is a lot of beautiful woman out there

Beauty is extremely accessible today even
in the lower classes.

Surgery, fillers, beauty treatments.
It's not anymore just something for the rich.
It's not something for those who have a good
financial situation.

Anyone can actually become more beautiful
than how it was back in the days.

So beauty is accessible and that's why competition
is tough.

However I'm going to share with you a secret
and that is

there are many beautiful women out there.
There are many sexy women out there but you
know what there's not many of today?

That's elegant women. Elegant women are a rarity.
And especially with how the whole kind of
Kim Kardashian era.

And you know the current trends right now.
Elegance is not on top of people's minds.
Now it's all about kind of looking casual,
and 90s, and all kinds of different trends.

If you on the other hand, you behave elegantly,
you dress elegant,

you have an elegant body language,
you are like an entire elegant package,
you are going to stand out.
You don't have to be on the level of the royal house.
You don't have to be Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle
but you have to have some form of elegance
because it is a rarity.
And you'd be surprised how much men in high
society appreciate elegance.

And I'm sure they will appreciate because
it is a rarity.

So what can you do to be more elegant?
Obviously, the whole theme of my online finishing school
is teaching women elegance.
So if you do want to learn more on that,
go to schoolofaffluence.com
and find out.
You can also watch more of my videos on this
channel go and have a browse after this video

because I have plenty of free content that
at least can give you a kickstart on how to

level up and how to become more elegant in
your everyday life.

So having said that, elegance is important
but we still have one more

Number three. Be feminine.
Like I said in the previous point
there is
already an abundance of sexy women

sex is everywhere today.
Unfortunately sex sells, which is why everybody
in today's society have just taking it and

overusing it.
Sex has become boring at the same time.
We've seen it. We understand. OK.
Been there done that.
Now let's find something more interesting.
So that's a little bit how men think.
Men are not
really impressed by sexuality as much as they

were maybe before when it was more restricted.
So they need something that will really catch
their eye for attention

plus also I feel like you know dressing sexy it is so unoriginal.
It really does not make a person stand out

School of Affluence is about elegance.
It's about being a high value woman.
We would not want to sell ourselves short this way
We wouldn't want to sell our soul just
so that we can get noticed.
We are not desperate for men on this channel.
We want to catch attention of serious men,
of men with potential, of men of high caliber,

and such men tend not to seek out the skimpy
looking girls.

So what you must do for that reason ladies
is focus on femininity.

Again it's a mantra in School of Affluence
but this is what hooks a man.

This is what will make a man notice you.
Who do you think men would rather approach
in a room?

Do you think that would approach Kim Kardashian?
Or do you think they would approach Monica Bellucci?
Because I think a comparison between
these two is very very good.

You will notice the difference between sexy
and feminine.

They're more or less similar looking but totally
different styles.

And I can promise you, I've heard a million
times more men raving about Monica Bellucci.

How attractive, how sexy, how everything she is.
Sexy is of course their way of describing
how she attracts them because of this feminine
power that she has.

While how many men do I show say that
"Oh my God. Kim Kardashian.
I love her, she's so sexy, she's so attractive."
I think you know the answer to this one.
Femininity is something that I talk so much
more about in my course.
But I want you to think more how you can implement
it in your life.

Think about maybe if you can do it through
body language, how you dress, or so and so on.

Seek out some feminine role models perhaps.
By the way if you still haven't watched my video
"6 things that turn rich men off" then
I really recommend you to watch it now.

That was it for me, ladies!
Go now and watch my next video.
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3 Simple Ways to Get Noticed by Rich Men - School Of Affluence

188 Folder Collection
Caurora published on June 23, 2019
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