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what is up guys welcome back to my channel if you're new to this channel
welcome my name is Cinthia and today I'm going to be talking about the best
setting powders for dry skin and I'm sure everybody under the Sun has tried
the Laura Mercier loose setting powder which has been super super popular I
would say within the last two years there wasn't really a great setting
powder other than the Laura Mercier loose
setting powder but recently these last two years like there has been an
explosion of awesome setting powders from all these different brands but
before we get started please make sure to subscribe down below for new videos
every single week and without further ado let's go ahead and jump straight
into this video the first product I'm going to be talking about that it's
amazing is the cover FX perfect setting powder and this is my current favorite
setting powder that I like to use on myself and on other clients at the
Beauty Studio what I like most about this setting powder is that it's not
nearly as matte as the Laura Mercier loose setting powder and I also feel like it's
thinner in texture what I'd like to do to show my clients how great this
setting powder is is I have them tap their finger on the lid and then I have
them press the powder between their fingers and when you feel that texture
when they feel how soft and thin the texture is they're like sold I want it
the reason why the setting powder is so soft is because cover effects replace
the main ingredient to be mica mica mica while the norm in the cosmetic world is
this very very popular powder called talc and a lot of people aren't really
comfortable with putting talc on their skin talk is not necessarily a bad
ingredient but mica is definitely a softer and thinner powder in comparison
whenever I use this powder it sets my makeup and it definitely
my makeup last longer throughout the day I love how soft my skin looks and most
of all I love that it sets my makeup without mattifying the awesome cover FX
perfect setting powder is formulated without parabens health fragrance gluten
mineral oil it comes in three Universal shades it retails for $35 when you
receive 0.35 ounces. Next on the list we have the Kat Von D Lock It
setting powder and this has been around for longer than the cover fx powder
but it's still one of my top favorites for dry skin. The Lock It setting powder
is another thin non-matte setting powder that has a radiance finish. The
reason for this radiant finish is that this powder has micro reflecting specks
that bounces light back and gives you that beautiful glow from within these
reflective specks are not chunky like glitter but if you do look really
closely you will see a little bit of that sparkle within this powder I do
want to note that when you work this powder into the skin that miniscule
Sparkle disappears so you'll be left with that radiant soft skin effect
without looking like you accidentally have some glitter fallout from your eyes
this powder also has a micro blurring technology which means that it'll blur
the pores and give you that snapchat filter effect this is another setting
powder that feels weightless on the skin and will give you that perfect finish
without making you look super matte or cakey and I do want to make a point that
all Kat Von D products are vegan and cruelty free the Kat Von D Lock It
setting powder is formulated without parabens sulfates flail eats Doritos for
$30 and you receive 0.67 ounces next on the list we have the Becca Hydra mist
set and refresh powder this product has to be one of the most bizarre yet
magical powders that has ever been created this setting powder is truly
bizarre yet amazing because when you touch it you get this
cooling water like sensation. Becca calls this a hydrating mist in a powder form
and I totally agree with that when I first interacted with this powder
I was in awe I would have never imagined that a setting powder would have ever
ever ever ever had that cooling water like feel to it so it's truly one of a
kind a really interesting quote that I feel like summarizes this product I
found this on the website on the BECCA website it reads this weightless powder
sets and refreshes makeup for a silky smooth invisible finish formulated with
50% water and glycerin this powder creates a mist like sensation on the
skin for a seamless finish and comfortable feel I felt like that
described this powder to a tee so the three main ingredients in this powder
are water silica and glycerin water hydrates cools
and soothes the skin silica will absorb oil and blur any imperfections and
glycerin helps the skin stay moisturized throughout the day so that being said I
do really like the texture of this setting powder it also has that baking
flour type of texture to it it does come with a lid which you can completely shut
and enclose your product even though it is a great powder you do want to be
careful with what products you choose to combine this powder with does there have
been some reviews that say that this powder can oxidize some concealers and I
believe that the concealers that you should be careful with are matte
containers because anything that's matte has this drying downtime other than that
this is a great setting powder that you should try at least once if you want to
try something new and exciting the Becca Hydra mist setting powder is vegan and
cruelty free it retails for $38 and you receive 0.35
ounces. Next on the list we have the Marc Jacobs coconut setting powder and this
powder blurs and perfects while setting your makeup for a soft matte finish this
setting powder sets the face with five different forms of coconut and cocoa
powder and cocoa powder has been known to be great for the skin because it has
antioxidants and then coconut Alchemy's help extend where coconut milk
thoroughly hydrate coconut water provides refreshing electrolytes and
coconut polysaccharides help condition the skin needless to say that the
texture of the setting powder is also incredible when you press it between
your fingers it does have that flower-like feel to it and that's when
you know it's a good setting powder it's when it feels like baking flour in
between your fingers I do want to note that this has the most luminous finish
out of all the setting powders mentioned on this list the packaging is also great
because it controls how much powder is released unlike some other loose setting
powders the marc jacobs perfecting coconut
setting powder is cruelty free it retails for forty four dollars and you
received points to eighth and last but not least we're going to be talking
about the new hourglass veil setting powder and I do have to say that this
powder has shaking up the cosmetic room I was so excited when this first came
out and the hourglass rep came to the store and she let us feel this texture
and when I felt I between my fingertips almost like yes immediately I knew it
was a great powder and I just fell in love this setting powder contains ultra
finely milled powders and you can feel the soft delicate powders when you press
it between your fingers and it feels like something you would want to put on
your face because it's so weightless and it looks
amazing on the skin you know how some setting powders leave that how do we
finish behind well this one does the opposite the hourglass veil setting
powder will set your makeup and you will be undetected the hourglass veil setting
powder also has light reflecting particles in it I will blurt out any
imperfections and give you that snapchat filter effect and get ready for this it
also contains diamond powder that will reflect light back and give you that
radiance from within look diamond powder does not come in all study powders and I
do feel like it's reflected on the price of this spectacular on it also you
cannot ignore the beautiful packaging that's the hourglass betting powder
comes in it's sleek it's modern and it has stop weight that all the curious
products have it is truly beautiful and it's also very easy to use because it
has an H engraved right in the center and all you have to do is flip it once
flip it right back and the H will dispense the perfect amount of product
to set your face with the hourglass veil setting powder is formulated without
parabens fragrance sulfates none of particles oil play lates gluten
synthetic dyes it is vegan friendly it is cruelty-free it retails for 46
dollars and you will receive point three six ounces and that does it for this
video thank you so much for watching especially if you made it to the end if
you liked this video and found some value from it please make sure to drop
me a like and also don't forget to subscribe for new videos every single
week again thank you so much for spending your time with me I will see
you on the next one
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124 Folder Collection
h334499 published on June 20, 2019
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