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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 92. The proverb today is

  • courtesy cost nothing. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. This proverb

  • basically means it does not hurt and it's always better to be polite.

  • Others say being polite usually doesn't take much effort. There is another

  • version of this proverb that is more positive. Courtesy costs nothing but

  • gains everything. Well, I don't know if it'll gain everything, but you know, you

  • never know. Somehow it might pay off in a different way, and you probably shouldn't

  • be doing it to think about it paying off you should just do it to be nice. Just to

  • be a nice person or be a polite person. Let's continue here. Nowadays

  • because courtesy seems to be less and less common when people encounter it,

  • they often appreciate it more. mm-hmm Let's take a look at some examples here.

  • Always show politeness to others. You would be surprised how much it can

  • affect a person's image of you , and remember why not do it ? Courtesy cost

  • nothing. Yeah. You never know if you're if you're courteous you know people do

  • respect that you might be more likeable or a person right away if people think

  • that you are courteous person All right. Let's look at number two. I think it is

  • always better to be polite. Courtesy costs nothing , but if you have it as a

  • motto you know, just like one of those. A saying that you live by. You know a motto.

  • It can make your life a lot smoother. Okay good. Anyway I hope it's clear . I

  • hope you got it. Thank you for your time. Bye bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 92. The proverb today is

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English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (92) Courtesy Costs Nothing

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