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  • Hello, I'm Bob, and welcome to Amsterdam.

  • Last time I showed you some of the most amazing snacks we have here, but there are just too many, so I'm back for more.

  • You might wonder, how could someone eat so many snacks?

  • Well, we got just the thing, legalized weed.

  • To the coffee shop!

  • Let's go!

  • If you're in Amsterdam, there's a lot of different weeds you can smoke, but you can also eat it.

  • This is space cake. It's a special cake with weed-infused butter.

  • The only difference with smoking is that it takes a little bit longer before you feel anything.

  • But when you do, it's a lot stronger.

  • I'm ready to get the munchies, so let's go!

  • It's good.

  • Hey, ducks! Do you want to get high with me?

  • Say "thank you for the space cake."

  • Say "thank you."

  • If you're feeling down-and-out

  • And your head is filled with doubt

  • Chill out, stay cool, relax

  • Let go

  • I'm ready, I'm hungry.

  • Forget what you know about beer snacks because these are my favorite: the 'bitterballen.'

  • Remember last time I showed you the 'krokets'?

  • These are basically smaller, rounder versions of the 'krokets.'

  • You dip them in a little bit of mustard, and you enjoy them with a delicious beer.

  • If you're in Holland in winter, and you just want to nibble on something sweet, you should get yourself some kruidnoten.

  • These are little ginger biscuits, and we eat them at Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch version of Santa Claus.

  • Sinterklaas's helpers take them and throw them in the air for the children to catch.

  • They're very nice.

  • You want some 'pepernoten'? No?

  • I take them for myself.

  • Welcome to Snack Heaven, the Dutch snack bar.

  • Normally I get classics like a 'kroket' or a 'frikandel.'

  • But when I get the munchies, I feel a little bit more adventurous.

  • Let's go!

  • If you think you know fried noodles, think again.

  • This is a 'bamischijf.'

  • It's fried noodles wrapped in batter, fried again into a crunchy bite.

  • And while you are at the snack bar, don't forget to get a 'kaas' soufflé.

  • It's got a very fancy name, but it's just deep fried cheesy goodness.

  • Cheesy.

  • Stay tuned, because next week, the snack adventure continues with many more amazing Dutch snacks.

Hello, I'm Bob, and welcome to Amsterdam.

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The Best Snack Food For Stoners in Amsterdam (Part 1) - Featuring Weed Brownies and Bitterballen!

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    Julia Kuo posted on 2019/07/28
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