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Hello, I'm Bob and welcome to Amsterdam.
Last time I showed you some of the most amazing snacks we have here, but there are just too many, so I'm back for more.
You might wonder, how could someone eat so many snacks?
Well, we got just the thing, legalised weed.
To the coffee shop.
Let's go.
If you're in Amsterdam, there's a lot of different weeds you can smoke, but you can also eat it.
This is space cake.
It's special cake with weed-infused butter.
The only difference with smoking is that it takes a little bit longer before you feel anything.
But when you do, it's a lot stronger.
I'm ready to get the munchies, so let's go.
It's good.
Hey ducks, do you want to get high with me?
Say thank you for the space cake.
Say thank you.
♫ If you're feeling down and out
♫ And your head is filled with doubt
♫ Chill out, stay cool, relax
♫ Let go ♫
I'm ready, I'm hungry.
Forget what you know about beer snacks because these are my favourite, the bitterballen.
Remember last time I showed you the krokets?
These are basically smaller, rounder versions of the krokets.
You dip them in a little bit of mustard and you enjoy them with a delicious beer.
If you're in Holland in winter and you just want to nibble on something sweet, you should get yourself some kruidnoten.
These are little ginger biscuits and we eat them at Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch version of Santa Claus.
Sinterklaas's helpers take them and throw them in the air for the children to catch.
They're very nice.
I take them for myself.
Welcome to Snack Heaven, the Dutch snack bar.
Normally I get classics like a kroket or a frikandel.
But when I get the munchies, I feel a little bit more adventurous.
Let's go.
If you think you know fried noodles, think again.
This is a bamischijf.
It's fried noodles wrapped in batter, fried again into a crunchy bite.
And while you are at the snack bar, don't forget to get a kaas souffle.
It's got a very fancy name, but it's just deep fried cheesy goodness.
Stay tuned because next week the snack adventure continues with many more amazing Dutch snacks.
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The Best Snack Food For Stoners in Amsterdam (Part 1) - Featuring Weed Brownies and Bitterballen!

1774 Folder Collection
Julia Kuo published on June 17, 2019    Julia Kuo translated    Evangeline reviewed
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