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Hello, I am Pheona. 哈囉,我是Pheona
Hello, I am Harold. 哈囉,我是Harold
Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室
Harold, have you ever been to Liouying? Rian,你去過柳營嗎?
Of course. Lots of cows there. I even took the sugar train. 有啊!那裡養好多牛喔!我也搭過五分車!
Cool, so you must have heard of Wu Jin-Huai Memorial Hall. 酷!這樣你應該知道吳晉淮音樂紀念館囉?
I know who Wu Jin Huai is. They talked about him during the ride on the sugar train, 吳晉淮我知道啊!我們搭五分車就有介紹他,
but I haven't been to the memorial hall. 但是紀念館我沒去過耶
There are plenty of interactive museum guides 那裡有很多 互動式的導覽
that give you an insight into Wu Jin Huai's composing and singing career. 介紹吳晉淮作曲與演唱的歷程喔
Very interesting! 非常有趣喔
Visitors will definitely learn a lot about the history of Taiwanese music. 從那裡一定能知道許多台語歌曲發展的歷史。
Is there any other recommended spot in Liouying? 對了,柳營還有其他推薦的景點嗎?
For an architecture buff like you, Liu Chi-Hiang Memorial Hall is not to be missed. 喜歡建築的你,也不要錯過劉啟祥美術紀念館喔!
What's so special about it? 有什麼特別的嗎?
The memorial hall itself is the renovation of the former residence of the painter Liu Chi-Hiang. You would appreciate this unique Western mansion of its days. 這是將畫家劉啟祥的故居修復後成立的紀念館,可以看到具有特色的洋樓
Western mansion? 洋樓?
Yes, it is a two-story building, in which the painter's works are on display. 對啊!有兩層樓。館內可以看到畫家的作品喔!
You could even rest your weary feet in the studio-converted café next door. 逛累了,旁邊還有畫室改建的咖啡館
This is a must! I cannot live without coffee. 這個我真的非常需要!沒有咖啡不行!
Oh, there is another spot you should definitely pay a visit – Guoyi Community. 對了,還有一個地方我也非常推薦!果毅社區
Tell me more about it. 怎麼說呢?
Signing up for a local tour organized by Guoyi Community 參加果毅社區的小旅行,
allows you to visit the straw mushroom farm with a professional guide, 有專人導覽,可以參觀草菇寮
who tells the stories of Liouying, 還能聽到柳營的故事
so that you could know even more about this town. 你就可以更深入地了解柳營喔!
What a great idea! 這是個好建議!
Okay, let's review the new words for today! 好喔!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!
Let's review! 一起來複習!
Liouying 柳營
memorial hall 紀念館
interactive 互動式
compose 作曲
former residence 故居
renovation 修復
Western mansion 洋樓
studio 畫室
museum guide 導覽
straw mushroom farm 草菇寮
Have you remembered them all? 都記起來了嗎?
I've got them all remembered. 我都記起來了
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!
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Hot Tainan EP5. HOT English Classroom

36 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on June 15, 2019
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