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Hello everyone. I'm Katie. Hi!大家好!我是Katie
I like old-school things 我喜歡一些比較有古早味的東西
such as old houses, historic shops or vintage stuff. 老房子、老店或者早期的文物
You might have heard of this concept: giving new life to old buildings. 老屋新生這個詞大家可能不陌生
In downtown, loads of old houses have been renovated into coffee shops, 在市區也有很多老房子改成咖啡店的案例
and in Liuying, a renovation project like this can also be found. 但是 在柳營區也有這樣的一個地方
Follow me and see how they unlocked the magic! 跟我去看看,他們改造後的用途吧!
How do you do, Mr. Wang? 王先生你好
Hello,Katie. Welcome to TAIKANG. Hi,Katie 歡迎來到太康
Would you please show me around? 王先生可以幫我導覽一下這裡嗎?
Sure thing. This way. 沒問題,我帶你去參觀
Let's go! OK,跟我們走吧!
Katie, what you see here Katie,你看到的這個地方
is the former irrigation station 以前是嘉南農田水利會的
of Chia-Nan Irrigation Association. 舊水利工作站
The former irrigation station used to 舊水利工作站主要負責的工作是
fluctuate water levels through inflows and outflows in Liuying area. 柳營附近所有灌溉的調節與放水等工作
As the irrigation station has been moved to another location, 由於工作站搬移到其他地區
the former one was then abandoned. 這裡成了荒廢的閒置空間
Before the irrigation association tored it down, 在水利會準備拆除前
Mr. Wang fundraised with friends and rented this place. 王先生找朋友集資把房子租下來了
The renovation project was a long journey. 修復工程則是一條艱困的道路
In order to save costs, they did everything on their own, 為了節省經費通通自己來
so that the place could be preserved and continue to live up the spirit 為的只是讓這個地方能延續過去
of this former irrigation station: prosperous country with prosperous irrigation. 水利站的「水利興隆富民生」的精神
The renovation project allows the history to shine through 透過空間修復可以保留當地居民的記憶
and to tell its own story to the visitors. 也可以讓這裡的故事傳遞給更多人
Mr. Wang, I noticed on the wall that your restaurant serves “menuless” meals. 王先生,我看到牆上畫的是無菜單料理
What inspired you? 你怎麼會做這樣的規劃呢?
The reason we serve menuless meals 我們會推無菜單料理的原因
can be traced back to our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly farming. 其實應該從有機友善農業的推廣開始
As the eco-friendly farming practices are quite complicated, 由於有機農業的工法比較複雜
the actual farm work is still done by professional farmers. 種植的工作還是得交由專業的農夫來做
Mr. Wang takes on the role of promoting the concept. 王先生則開始扮演推廣的角色
Promotion needs to be done through channels, 推廣需要通路
and this place has become the marketer of eco-friendly farming. 這個空間就成為有機友善農業的推手
We realized that the most efficient way to promote 既然要推動最直接的方式
it is to cook and serve the harvest to our guests. 就是煮給大家吃
Wow, there is an entrée served before the hot pot. 哇!火鍋竟然還有前菜
How amazing! 喔!太令我驚豔了!
The entrée is so exquisite that I feel like I am dining out 好像在吃西餐的前菜
in a fancy restaurant. 非常精緻
The courses are served one by one in slow pace. 這裡的餐點是一道一道慢慢上的
I can't wait for my menuless meal! 哇!好期待我的無菜單料理!
What I am having today is a lemongrass hot pot. 我今天吃的是香茅火鍋
The ingredients on the side are different from what I had before. 這裡的菜確實跟其他的火鍋不太一樣
Usually, you will find cabbage, mushroom, pumpkin on the side, 一般都是高麗菜 香菇 南瓜之類的
but it is different here. 但是這裡的蔬菜看起來很不一樣
It seems like the vegetables are the star of the dish. 看來蔬菜在這裡是主角
Let's give it a try to find out. 味道當然是要吃了才知道啊
I'm so impressed by these veggies. 哇! 這些菜真的太讓我驚豔了!
The texture is different. 口感吃起來跟平常的不太一樣
You can savor the original taste and the sweetness of the fresh vegetables 可以吃到蔬菜的原味和鮮甜
without adding any seasoning. 不需要加調味料就很好吃
The condiment here is also worth noting. 這裡的沾醬也非常特別
Created by the owner himself, the condiment adds a different twist. 是老闆特調的 搭配吃又是另一番風味
Mr. Wang, if I may ask, 王先生,我有個問題很好奇
a fancy hot pot restaurant like yours should have been opened in a popular neighborhood. 這麼精緻的火鍋應該要開在人多的地方
Why would you choose such a location instead? 你怎麼會想在這裡開這種高級的無菜單料理
Many people expect our government to invest on a small town, 很多人都會期待政府投入一筆錢建設一個地方
but I thought it could be a good idea 但我就想可不可以反過來
for us to take the initiative 我們努力投入一個地方
to build a place that everyone enjoys. 做出成果之後讓大家喜歡這個地方
In Liuying, there is a group of friends who love their hometown, 在柳營你會看到一群熱愛故鄉的朋友
growing food in a sustainable way 堅持友善土地的有機方式來種植
and striving to promote the eco-friendly products. 也有努力推廣這類的產品的夥伴
As you can see on the sign, 甚至在這裡門口的小招牌你會看到
free legal services are even offered here. 免費的法律諮詢
Activities and workshops are organized regularly in this building. 在這棟建築裡還會舉辦活動或小課程
It is not only a restaurant 這裡不只是一間餐廳
but also a community where people endeavor to pass down the core value of this land: 而是一群人把這塊土地的核心價值
prosperous country with prosperous irrigation. 「水利興隆富民生」的精神傳承下去
While visiting Liouying, 有機會來柳營
be sure to visit this old house and be inspired by its history. 一定要來這裡聽聽老房子動人的故事
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Hot Tainan EP5.An Old House Reborn with Creative Farming

61 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on June 15, 2019
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