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  • Ever since I was a girl my own mother vowed I must find the way to power through a noble brow

  • I married once for love then my senses came, I must marry for the stature of my husband's name.

  • Onto marriage number two, I knew what I had to do.

  • And my poor husband fell ill in a year or two.

  • Solved problem number one, now to problem number two.

  • His doe-eyed little girl with gentle point of view.

  • Would I ship her off to school?

  • No! I told her if she stayed that she'd have to earn her keep and so she became the maid!

  • She was lazy!

  • She was crazy!

  • She was talking to the mice!

  • She was hopelessly naive, so she had to pay the price.

  • I moved her to the attic out of sight and out of mind.

  • I could have thrown her out, but I'm benevolent and kind.

  • Mother, your heart's too big for you!

  • I knew what I had to do.

  • After all, difficult children will take advantage of your good nature!

  • So you lock them up.

  • Throw away the key!

  • There's one on every family tree.

  • Ungrateful!

  • Hateful!

  • Vile too! The things she put you through!

  • Break their spirit so they obey!

  • Now they'll do anything you say.

  • Maybe you'd call it cruel but others would call it love.

  • Tough Love!

  • I ask you, is it a crime to strive for perfection in all things?

  • Oh, no, they're so cute when they're little but then they grow up and just...ruin everything!

  • I never wanted children life was better on my own!

  • All the screaming, nagging chilled me to the bone!

  • But then one day I came across a flower growing free.

  • It's magic kept me young, so I kept it all for me!

  • But someone dug it up now a baby held the power.

  • So I "borrowed" her and locked her up and hid her in a tower!

  • Years went by, OH! The sacrifice!

  • And against my better judgment, I fed her once or twice.

  • Teenagers now I know I wild eat their young!

  • But that's messy!

  • Manipulation' s easily more fun!

  • A little guilt, a lot of force, of course you have to lie!

  • Remind them that without you, they'd shrivel up and die!

  • They only have themselves to blame!

  • If you'd been there, you'd do the same!

  • So work them hard 'til they fall in line!

  • There's one way and it's only mine!

  • Children are lazy!

  • Spoiled too!

  • But we know what to do!

  • Govern them with a heart of stone!

  • Lock them up so they're all alone!

  • Maybe you'd call it cruel but, others would call it love, tough love!

  • Ugh! Her own tower with a water view and she runs away the first chance she gets!

  • These wretched brats think the world owes them something.

  • But it doesn't.

  • Far and wide I rule the kingdom with a heavy hand.

  • But there was more I had in mind a greater plan!

  • I never cared to share, so The King would have to fall.

  • But his child blocked the way to me and "Fairest of them all"!

  • She was chubby, she was dumb and grotesquely optimistic.

  • She needed structure in her life! She wasn't realistic!

  • I gave her chores and took away the things that she'd enjoy.

  • But then I caught her singing songs with birds and then a boy!

  • Love?! Was I just sit by and wait?!

  • for her to take my crown? NO!

  • she had sealed her fate!

  • She had to go, and so she did and you know what they say.

  • "An apple once a day keeps your enemies away"!

  • Don't be fooled by their tender smile!

  • Give an inch and they'll run a mile!

  • Our idea of a happy home is one where we live all alone!

  • Dark, Depressing, Desolate!

  • Now let's all drink to that!

  • Call us "wicked" and call us "mean"!

  • "Cruel" and everything in between.

  • You could say it's unjust!

  • Turning their dreams to dust!

  • This is what we call love!

  • Tough Love!

Ever since I was a girl my own mother vowed I must find the way to power through a noble brow

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THE VILLAINS LAIR (Ep.2) - Tough Love (A Disney Villains Musical) (Maleficent:Mistress of Evil)

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