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Hi, there! It's me, Katie! 大家好 我是凱蒂
Today, I'm in Jiali District. 這裡是佳里區
Do you want to know where you can go and have a nice trip? 佳里有什麼好吃好玩的呢
Let's go check it out! 跟我去探索一下
Rumor has it that there is a library built in the route, 據說這裡有棟圖書館
and people called it the forest library. 當地人稱為森林圖書館
Sounds interesting, right? 聽起來很特別,對不對?
Let's find out how it got its name! 讓我們一起去看看什麼是森林圖書館吧!
There is a forest library in Jiali District. 在佳里區有一個森林圖書館
The place is basically a park 這裡看起來像是公園
with lots of trees. 有很多樹
It's a great place to take a walk, 非常適合散步
and the library is on the other side of the forest. 在樹林的另一端就是圖書館
You can enjoy the forest view from this window. 從這面窗望出去是一片森林
If you get tired while reading, 看書看累了
gaze out of the window 可以望向窗外
and take a rest. 放鬆一下
Enjoy the beauty of the nature. 享受大自然的美
The library has a wide variety of collection, 圖書館的書非常多元喔
and there is even an area that exhibits books about Tainan. 還有關於臺南的專區
On weekends, special events can be available. 假日會不定期舉辦活動
It's a great holiday destination. 這裡也是休閒的好去處
If you come to Jiali, 來到佳里
don't miss out on a tour to local communities here. 當然要去社區走走
Follow me and let's go check out Changchou Community. 走跟我一起去漳州社區吧
There are so many kids doing their homework. 社區裡有好多朋友在寫作業
Hey! The village chief is helping the kids with their homework! 咦!教小朋友寫功課的老師竟然是里長
So, is teaching this a part of your responsibility for being a village chief? 請問教導小朋友也是里長份內事情嗎?
Since 2011, 漳州社區發展協會
Changchou Community Development Association 從一百年開始以後
had been looking for 我們就不斷地研究
possible ways of development. 我們到底要往哪個方向走
In the end, we gave up on regenerating the old farming village 最後我們放棄農村再生計畫
and decided to focus on social welfare. 朝著社會福利發展
We've established community care centers 所以我們從照顧關懷據點
to take care of the elderly 把老人照顧好
as well as day care centers 兒少據點
for children. 把小朋友照顧好
In addition to social welfare, 社區除了推動社會福利發展外
the association provides supports for local businesses, 對於社區產業的推動
and their performances are impressive! 也非常有成果喔!
You just mentioned community development, 您剛剛談到社區發展
and I really want to know more about that. 我真的很想知道更多細節
Can you tell me? 可以跟大家聊一聊嗎?
Allow me to introduce you Mr. Chu, our manager. 我幫你介紹我們的朱經理
Sure! 好啊
Hi! 嗨!
Hello, Katie! Welcome! 哈囉Katie! 歡迎歡迎!
Wow! This flower is so beautiful! 哇!這束花好漂亮!
What is this? 這是什麼?
This is an artwork of wood rose made in Changchou Community. 這是我們漳州社區的木玫瑰花藝
We have a lot of cultural and creative products, 我們做了很多文創的相關商品喔
and this wedding bouquet is also one of them. 這樣的新娘捧花也是我們的產業之一
Oh! That's sounds really interesting! 哇!聽起來真的很有趣!
And the village chief just told me that 里長剛剛跟我說
you are devoted into community development. 您一直致力於社區發展
And can you tell me more about that? 可以和大家分享一下嗎?
No problem! Let me show you around. (OK!) Let's go! 好喔 讓我帶你來看一下吧 (OK!) Let's go!
What you see here are products made in the community. 這就是我們社區所有的商品喔
We have cultural & creative products, 你看我們從文創的商品
produce from local farmers, 到小農的商品
and biotech products. 以及我們這裡生技的產品
There are a wide variety of options. 包羅萬象
Wow 哇
In addition to local industries, 漳州社區除了推動社區產業外
Changchou Community provides community tours. 還有社區小旅行的活動喔
Here you can try hands-on activities, 可以來這裡體驗DIY
see some lovely animals, 看小動物
and know more about the history of the place. 還有認識在地故事
Katie, let's try making a wood rose handicraft on our own! 凱蒂 我帶你去體驗我們的木玫瑰DIY吧
Ok, great! Let's go! OK! 好啊,走吧!
Wood roses can be used to make lots of products. 木玫瑰DIY可以製作很多的商品喔
Today, we're going to make a wrist corsage with wood roses! 我們今天來體驗木玫瑰的新娘手腕花
We've invited a hands-on activity lecturer to teach Katie! 我們請社區DIY的老師來教凱蒂
Wood rose, or Merremia tuberosa, 木玫瑰的學名是姬旋花
is a vine with yellow flowers. 姬旋花是黃色的
After a wood rose flower wither away, 等花謝後
what is left is a globose capsule, 會結成球形蒴果
and as the fruit ripens, 果實漸漸成熟後
it turns from green to brown, 顏色也會由綠轉成褐色
giving an appearance similar to a dried rose. 外觀看起來就像乾燥的玫瑰花
This is why the plant is called wood rose. 因此又稱為木玫瑰
In fact, the wood rose is a special feature of the community. 木玫瑰也是漳州社區的一大特色喔
Making a wrist corsage doesn't seem difficult, 新娘手腕花看起來很簡單
but in practice, it's really not that easy. 但是做起來好像沒有那麼容易
We need to keep cutting and pasting dried flowers 不斷的剪乾燥花 黏貼這些重複的動作
to make a beautiful wrist corsage. 重點應該是設計的美感吧
Wow! This is a challenging task! 喔!非常有挑戰性的工作!
Look at this! It's done! 看! 完成了!
So beautiful! 真的很漂亮!
It's just like a bracelet , and you can wear it on. 這個手腕花就像手環一樣,可以戴在手上
And you don't have to worry 大家不用害怕
that it will be too difficult to make it done 做起來會很困難
because I think it is difficult, too. 因為連我自己也覺得很難
But we have a teacher here. 但我們有老師在這裡
She can teach you how to make it . 老師會教大家一步一步完成作品喔!
The Parade of Centipede is basically a role-playing art parade. 蜈蚣陣的特色是角色扮演
It's a very special custom. 非常特別
Let's go check it out! 跟我去體驗吧
Katie, let's go check out 凱蒂 讓我帶著你一起來認識
the longest Centipede Parade in the Guinness World Record! 我們金氏世界紀錄最長的蜈蚣陣吧
Let's go! 走(好)
Join the Centipede Parade with us! 歡迎搭乘蜈蚣陣
Haha, isn't it cool? 嘿嘿 是不是很酷呢
This is a very interesting experience. 很有趣的體驗喔
Yingyuan Temple is just next to the Changchou Community 漳州社區發展協會旁
Development Association. 就是應元宮
The parade features children in costume sitting on sedan chairs. 其特色為人力扛抬方式行走
There are 108 roles in total. 角色總共有108位
While it's unlikely you'll be able to see the entire parade, 要看到完整陣容出動不容易
there is a model of the parade in the community. 來社區就可以看到蜈蚣陣的模型喔
This activity is so interesting. 這個活動真的很有趣
You can come here to try your own outfit. 大家可以來這裡試試看穿上戲服的感覺喔
Oh my god! These children love the insects a lot! 天啊~這些蟲~也太受小朋友歡迎了吧!
But I'm afraid of insects. I really don't want to touch them. 但是害怕蟲蟲的我實在不敢觸摸啊
Speaking about animals and insects, 剛剛提到動物和昆蟲
they show me the real one! 現在我身邊這隻是貨真價實的蟲蟲啊!
All right! 好
You can also take an AR picture here. 這裡還可以拍AR照片
It's a really, really special technique. AR是個很特別的技術喔
You can take AR pictures here in the community 社區還有提供AR拍照服務
with piglets and deer! 可以和小豬或者小鹿來拍照喔!
Isn't it interesting? 是不是很有趣呢?
Speaking of deer, 說到小鹿
There is a place nearby where we can see deer. Follow me! 聽說這附近可以看到鹿 跟我去看看吧!
Look at him! 看!
So cute! 超可愛的
Can you imagine that you see a real, little bambi deer here? 你能想像親眼看見活生生的小鹿斑比嗎?
And his name is called Diandiandian (dot dot dot). 他的名字叫點點點
Hey! Where are you going? 嘿!你要去哪裡?
Can you come back? 回來這邊
Before coming to the deer park, 來到鹿園我才知道
I didn't know that the antlers of deer are just like nails, 原來鹿角就像指甲一樣
so if you cut the antlers, they will grow back. 剪掉了會再長出來喔
The growth cycle of antlers is 12 months. 牠每年 十二個月一個週期
Newly grown antlers that are not calcified yet are called velvet antlers. 從長出來嫩的叫鹿茸
Afterwards, velvet antlers reach maturity and become antlers. 成熟之後就變成鹿角
Antlers stay attached 在牠的頭上
to the head of a dear for about 6 months. 鹿角的形態大概停留六個月
Together, the whole cycle takes about 12 months. 大概前後十二個月的時間
After that, antlers naturally shed and regrow. 牠就會脫落再重新長新的
The antlers of this deer is so special! 這隻鹿的角也太特別了
They are beautiful. 看起來非常漂亮
Keep in mind that 特別提一下
deer may attack people 小鹿亂撞不是沒道理
especially when they encounter strangers. 小鹿看到陌生人真的會亂撞
So be careful not to scare them. 千萬不要驚嚇小鹿喔
There are lots of fun things in Changchou Community. 漳州社區真的太好玩了
Do you have fun in the community? 大家在漳州社區玩得開心嗎?
Our next stop is the old street, 下一站我們要出發前往老街
and let me invite David! 讓我們歡迎David!
He is going to take you to explore the place! 他會帶大家一起逛老街喔!
Hey, David here! 大家好,我是David!
Right now, we're on the main street of Jiali District. 我們現在在佳里區的主要街道上
There's Jintang Temple right down the street. 金唐殿就在這條路再過去的地方
There's a public market to my right. 我右邊則是中山公有零售市場
You know, even though Jiali today is an inland town, 雖然現在的佳里是個內陸城鎮
200 years ago, it used to be a really important port side settlement. 但在200年前,這裡曾經是非常重要的港口聚落
And it's also one of the very few centrally planned cities 同時,佳里也是日治時期少數
in Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation Era. 由中央政府規劃發展的城市
As you can see, it has a lot of western and foreign buildings. 大家可以看到,這裡有很多的西式建築
Let's go and take a look! 一起去瞧瞧吧!
Jiali Old Street presents a historic cityscape 佳里老街可見的歷史紋理
similar to that of Shinhua Old Street. 類似新化老街的樣貌
However, only a few of the buildings at that time remain today. 可惜保留下來的並不多
From 17th century ancient maps, 從鄭經時期的古地圖來看
we can see that Jiali District is south to the Daofeng Inner Sea 佳里區上鄰倒風內海
and north to the Taijiang Inner Sea. 下鄰臺江內海
This location advantage shows the district has a long history of development. 其地理優勢應發展得很早
From the history of Jintang Temple, 從金唐殿的歷史來看
we can see that migrants from China moved here in the Ming Dynasty. 可見明朝年間入臺開墾
Around the temple, you can find many local food stands. 而美食總是圍繞在廟宇周圍
They are located mostly on the old street in front of Jintang Temple. 從金唐殿前的老街可見
After the tour around the old street with David, 跟David逛完老街
let's go harvest burdock! 我們去採牛蒡吧!
Jiali District is famous for its burdock, 佳里區的牛蒡很有名
and it's the major production area in Taiwan. 這裡是臺灣主要的牛蒡產區
But how do we to plant and grow burdock? 究竟牛蒡是怎麼栽種的呢?
Let me show you! 跟我一起去看看吧!
Hi, there! 哈囉!大家好!
Let me introduce Mr. Huang. 跟各位介紹黃班長
Hello, Mr. Huang! 黃班長你好
Hello, Katie. Hello, everyone. 好 凱蒂你好 各位觀眾朋友你好
I heard that the burdock produced here is really famous. 聽說這裡的牛蒡很有名
Could you show me? 可以帶我去看看嗎?
Sure! Let me show you around. 可以啊 我可以帶你去啊
If you haven't seen burdock farms before, 沒看牛蒡田的朋友
even if you get past one, 如果經過牛蒡田
you won't be able to recognize it. 一定無法想像這一片底下就是牛蒡
It's really difficult to relate burdock to its leaves. 它的葉子實在很難聯想到牛蒡
They seem like vegetables. 會以為是某種蔬菜
Isn't it interesting? 是不是很特別呢
All right. 好的
So Mr. Huang, I want to ask 黃班長我想問
why the burdock is so famous in Jiali District? 為什麼佳里區的牛蒡這麼有名?
The soil here is ideal for burdock. 因為他的土壤很適合種牛蒡
In addition, Jiali used to be a port side settlement, 再加上佳里靠海
so burdock and its special aroma 因此種植的牛蒡非常香
became popular among Japanese. 很受日本人的歡迎
All right, what are some of the burdock recipes that you would recommend? 好的 黃班長您有沒有推薦的牛蒡食譜呢?
Burdock has a variety of uses. 牛蒡的用途很多
It can be used to make burdock tea, 可以做牛蒡茶
condensed burdock powder, 濃縮粉
or burdock tea bag. 沖泡茶包
So I'm curious how it tastes like? 我很好奇喝起來的味道像什麼呢?
I can give you some burdock tea. (Great!) 我請你喝啊 (好啊)
Katie, this is burdock tea. Try it out. 凱蒂 我倒牛蒡茶給你試喝看看
First of all, it smells like burdock. 首先,牛蒡茶聞起來是牛蒡的香氣
And it tastes like burdock, too. 喝起來味道也是牛蒡的味道
I thought that it would be tasting like black tea, 我原本以為味道會很像紅茶
kind of like that flavor, 這類的茶類
but actually, it's just simply the burdock's flavor. 但事實上就是牛蒡本身的味道
Burdock contains abundant dietary fiber, amino acids, and minerals. 牛蒡富含膳食纖維、氨基酸和礦物質
And it is used to be put into dishes like an appetizer or a cup of tea. 可以用來製作開胃菜或是泡茶
It can be stewed with your beef soup. 也能加入牛肉湯中一起熬煮
It can brings out the sweet flavor in the gravy. 因為牛蒡能夠帶出肉汁的甜味
So it seems like a really good and healthy food! 這樣看來,牛蒡真的是非常棒的健康食品呢!
I really recommend you to give it a try. 大家不妨也試試看喔
Maybe next time if you have a chance to come to Jiali, 未來如果來到佳里
don't miss this place! 千萬別錯過各種在地特色喔!
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Hot Tainan EP4. A Walking Tour of Jiali

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Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on June 14, 2019
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