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Once upon a time in a land far far away
lived an amazingly beautiful girl
Cinderella's mother had passed away a very long time ago
This is my her father had brought her up
One day when Cinderella's father remarried her life had changed dramatically
Her father's new wife and her two stepsisters had moved to Cinderella's house
Since the first time they met, her stepmother couldn't stand the sight of Cinderella
She and her two daughters were extremely jealous of Cinderella's beauty and kind heart
Cinderella's stepsisters were not beautiful as she was
and besides they were rude and spoilt
One day
Due to work reasons, Cinderella's father had to leave on a long journey
And that was the time when Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters turned her life into a living hell
While Cinderella was in the garden talking to her very beloved birds
Her stepmother approached her
As of today you will live in the attic.
You will do all the housework. Also, I don't want you walking around in these clothes.
Cinderella didn't know what to say. Helplessly, she did what she was told
She packed her stuff and moved to the attic
After that days Cinderella began to do all the housework all on her own
She used to get very tired, but neither her stepmother or her stepsisters felt sorry for her
Wipe the floor again. Can't you see it's still dusty. You haven't done the laundry. I have nothing proper to wear
Cinderella had no friends other than the mice and the birds that used to come to her window
Due to the cold, secretly at nighttime
Cinderella would go downstairs to the chimney and warm up near the dying fire and fall asleep
As the days went on by, one day in the town an announcement was made by the kingdom
Our prince will be holding a ball at the castle all the girls who are eligible for marriage are
Invited to this ball
As soon as the stepsisters heard about this invitation there ran home and told their mother
You will be the most beautiful girls at the ball. The prince must pick one of you
That way we will all live in the palace right mother.
We must get some gowns and shoes for you girls
Move along we're going shopping
The stepmother and stepsisters left the house hearing all that was talked about with a sad face
Cinderella stood there and watched
The preparations went on for days. Both the stepsisters had their gowns sewn
Every day that would go in front of the mirror and tell themselves. We will be the most beautiful girls in the ball
Finally the big day had arrived. The stepsisters had woken up very early that morning and so they called Cinderella
Cinderella, Cinderella
Come here. Where have you been? Hurry and prepare our baths?
All day Cinderella helped her stepsisters get ready
Hey brush it gently, you are going to pull it out.
Towards the evening, they had finished all their preparations for the ball
You look beautiful girls. Just beautiful.
Cinderella built up all her courage
and asked her stepmother
Can I come to the ball too, please?
Who you?
Yes, well, it's said that all the young girls can come
Is this your dress for the ball?
The prince is looking for a wife not for a maid my dear
Come on girls
Let's not be late for the ball and you make sure that you've finished all the chores before you go to bed
Her stepmother and her stepsisters made their way to the castle
And all on her own at home, Cinderella began to cry
My god I go to the castle too, if my parents were here none of this would have happened
Right at that moment a very bright light appeared
At first Cinderella did not understand what it was. She was staring at the light and suddenly
a beautiful fairy appeared in the middle of the light
My beautiful Cinderella, don't cry. You too will go to the ball at the castle
Cinderella could not believe her eyes. She asked in shock. Can I go? Just look at me..
Do not worry. I'm here to help you. Now bring me a pumpkin and
Seven mice
Cinderella could not understand why she wanted these things. But still she did as she was told
First she went to the kitchen and grabbed a big pumpkin
Then she went to the attic, got home mice friends and went down again
With her magic wand the fairy turned the pumpkin into a beautiful horse carriage
Then she turned to the mice
One of them turned into the driver and the other six of them turned into beautiful white horses
Amazed as she was
Cinderella was looking at the horse carriage
The fairy turned to her. When she touched her with the magic wand
Cinderella's all dress turned into a beautiful ball gown
And the slippers on her feet turned into beautiful glass shoes
I look like a princess
Now it is time to go to the ball, but don't forget. You must be home when the clock strikes 12:00
Because by then everything will turn back to what they were
Cinderella, listen to the fairy very carefully
then she hopped on her carriage and
Started to ride towards the castle
Her mesmerizing carriage stopped in front of the castle
When Cinderella entered through the grand doors to the ballroom, all the eyes were on her
She looked so beautiful and elegant
Her stepmother and even her stepsisters could not stop looking at this beautiful lady
They of course could not recognize her
Suddenly the prince appeared on the stairs
Cinderella really stood out amongst all the young women at the ball
The Prince fell in love with the first sight of this beautiful young woman
With everyone watching curiously, he began walking down the stairs and slowly
approached her
The stepsisters were very excited because the prince was coming towards them.
Ah, he's coming to me.. Noo he's coming to me!
But the Prince passed on by and
stopped in front of Cinderella
Most beautiful young lady. Would you please allow this dance to me?
Cinderella nodded politely
The prince and Cinderella began to dance amongst the curious looks of all the invitees
Cinderella was so captivated by the music and the dance
She felt like as if she and the prince were the only ones in the ballroom
They dance nonstop all night long
Of course Cinderella could not feel how time had past
At some point the big clock caught her eye
It was almost midnight
Right at that moment
Cinderella remembered the fairies warning
You must be home when the clock strikes 12:00. Because by then everything will turn back to what they were
With a panic, Cinderella began to run and left the prince behind
When she was running down the stairs of the castle
She dropped one of her shoes
but she did not even have time to go back and collect it. When she ran further, the clock struck midnight and
everything turned back to what they were before
When the prince went out after her, he spotted her shoe on the stairs
Find the owner of this shoe. Even if you have to get all the girls in the kingdom to try it. Just find her!
Cinderella came home breathless and went straight up to the attic.
She started thinking about the night she had with the prince
She knew she had no chance, but still she had fallen in love with him
It was almost impossible for the prince to find her and even if he did he would never recognize her
The prince's men went door-to-door to every house in the kingdom
and looked for the young girl who owned this shoe
But the shoe did not fit any of these girls
In the end the prince's men came by Cinderella's house
Cinderella was very happy to see the king's carriage in front of the house
Right when she was about to leave her room
her stepmother appeared at the door
And where do you think you are going? You want to try the shoe, too?
With a sarcastic laugh, the stepmother locked the door to the attic
No, please stop, open the door please..
How pathetic.. What would the prince have in common with you?
The men first let the old skinny sister try the shoe, but it was too small for her feet
Look how beautifully it fit my foot?
Then the younger chubby sister tried the shoe. But a chubby foot did not even get in the shoe
Maybe if we had tried it on my other foot
Whatever they did it just would not work
Finally Cinderella's last try was to run to the window, but it was too high
So she began crying
Seeing her crying, her mice friends came next to her. My stepmom locked me in
She must have the key
One of the mice slipped underneath the door and ran downstairs. The stepmother was at the door with the prince's men
Ehm.. Why don't you come tomorrow today? They're a little tired their feet must be swollen
The mouse jumped on the stepmothers skirt and snatching the keys out of her pocket, ran upstairs
He slipped the keys under the door
Cinderella was very happy when she saw the key
Opening the door she ran down as fast as she could
How... How did you get out?!
Please stop, don't go! I want to try the shoe, too
The stepmother and her two daughters started to laugh hysterically
Please sush.. It is the prince's orders that every girl in the kingdom must try the shoe
When Cinderella tried the shoe on, everybody was in shock. Because it fitted her perfectly
Young lady, are you the owner of this shoe?
Cinderella nodded to confirm.
Please come to the palace with us
Cinderella went to the castle with the prince's men. And they took her in front of the prince
Right when he looked in her eyes the prince knew it was her who danced with him that night
He held her hands, I finally found you my princess
Would you marry me?
With teary eyes from happiness, she accepted the prince's offer
They got married and lived happily ever after
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Cinderella Fairy Tales Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

305 Folder Collection
liweisi666 published on June 13, 2019
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