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Hey, I'm Keri Glassman here with some quick and simple tips to help you feel just a little bit better.
Holiday meals with all the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes are usually not suited to our daily diet plan or are they?
It turns out many traditional holiday meals have ingredients that are superfoods, so stock up on those foods this season.
And, of course, choose the holiday recipes that call for these foods in the healthiest manner.
Today we're talking sweet potatoes. Yes, sweet potatoes.
A lot of you probably already have sweet potatoes on the menu over the holidays, even if you didn't know that they're a natural exfoliant, full of vitamin A, which is a key component your body uses to create new skin cells.
Sweet potatoes are also loaded with fiber and are less calories than a traditional white potato.
If you were already planning to serve sweet potatoes, great!
Candied sweet potatoes are a great side dish, but there are many other ways to prepare them that have less sugar and calories.
Do a search for recipes.
One of my favorites is a sweet potato hash, which you can find on my website, the link is in the description below.
You can also serve a simple baked sweet potato with a combo of cinnamon, nutmeg and drop of butter.
So, remember, sweet potatoes are an excellent part of a holiday menu, for their flavor and their health benefits.
So eat up, and you'll feel just a little bit better!
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Sweet Potatoes: Holiday Superfoods | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman

11330 Folder Collection
Julia Kuo published on July 25, 2019    Julia Kuo translated    Evangeline reviewed
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