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- [Narrator] My mom
was viciously murdered.

I was the first one to find her.
Those visions will never leave my mind.
They'll always be there,
and nothing I do can wipe them away.
That was until the Look-See
entered my life a few weeks ago.

I was living with my grandpa at the time.
He was getting older
and needed someone to help
him with his property.

My mother joined us not long after.
She was sick, and my grandpa thought
the extra help around
the house would be nice.

It was nice having the family together,
despite my grandpa and
mom fighting all the time,

especially about my older brother, Justin,
who skipped town a few years ago.
I don't remember much about
why Justin left our town and family.
I just know that my mom didn't approve
of his new friends and lifestyle.
So one day he just said fuck it,
and left us behind.
That used to be the worst day of my life,
now it's not even close.
The day my mom was
murdered I went downstairs,

but I didn't see any sign she was awake.
No crazy cat coffee mug
on the kitchen table.

No cereal bowl, and I thought,
mom never sleeps in.
I remember the long
walk to the guest house

from the main quarters.
I spent the walk trying to decipher
the fresh carving on her wooden door.
It was a smiley face
with a line through it.

I pushed the door and it opened, unlocked.
I don't remember screaming,
but my grandpa told me I wouldn't stop
until the police arrived.
My mom was on the floor,
lying in a pool of her own blood.
Her arms were covered
in stab wounds as well,

as if she was wrestling with
the murderer for her life.

Her face,
her face was contorted.
There's no doubt that she
left this world in agony.

I remember the detectives
telling my grandpa,

it's odd, the Sunny Family
Cult never comes this far out

for their victims.
A few days later,
we put my mom six feet under.
It was a small, closed-casket funeral.
I was surprised, my brother
Justin had attended.

It was the first time I had seen him
since he let to go live
with his new friends.

Me and Justin used to be best friends,
but it was weird seeing him.
He looked so different.
He showed no emotion at the funeral.
I was hurt because I hoped
to find comfort amongst my bother.
The only other person who
shared the pain with me.

I found only anger.
I wanted to scream at him,
aren't you sad?
Our mother was murdered!
When I tried to bring up good memories
of how our family used to be,
he just coldly said,
the past is in the past.

It's time to just let it go.
After the funeral,
Justin left my life again.
Not even a week had passed
when my grandpa was already packing up
all my mom's things in moving boxes.
Everything she had owned,
ever decoration she
placed around the house,

even all the photos she was in.
All he said to me was,
we need to let it go.
I was so pissed.
I felt like no one cared
about cherishing my mom's memory but me.
When he left to clear out the guest house,
I saw a photo poking out
from one of the moving boxes.
The photo was of my mom and I
at a restaurant on one of her birthdays.
She looked beautiful in her red dress.
And I looked so happy sitting next to her,
in front of a large white cake.
I slipped the photo of my
mom and me into my pocket.

I wasn't going to let it go.
After my grandpa had
tossed my mom's stuff,

the house felt barren and empty.
I didn't speak to him for weeks
because I was so angry.
However, every night before
I would doze off to sleep,

I would look at the
photo of me and my mom.

It would comfort me as
my eyelids got heavier.

But everything changed
the night the Look-See
came to take a piece.

I was falling asleep while
looking at the photograph.

That night in my dreams,
I was reliving the moment
from the photograph.

I muttered under my breath,
I miss you so much mom.

Everyone wants me to let you go,
but I can't.
In my dream, my mom
turned to me and smiled,

I miss you too Ronny.
Her eyes turned completely black.
Her skin got pale.
She looked frightening,
and her voice sounded
ghastly as she screamed,

you need to let me go!
Let's go!
My grandpa's voice
snapped my from my dream.

He was in a frenzy as he
pulled me out of the bed

and dragged me into the kitchen.
I was preparing my tea when
I found these in the draw.

My grandpa pulled out a pair
of red fingerless gloves,

and laid them on the table.
Ronny, I told you we needed to get rid
of all of your mothers things,
and to forget about her,
otherwise the Look-See
will come and take a piece,

he said, his eyes filled with terror.
The Look-See?
Yes, it's a monster who dwells on those
who can't let go of grief.
That's why I was trying
to get rid of everything

that reminds us of your mother,
to protect us, grandpa said.
I pulled out the photograph
that I had stolen from the packing boxes
and handed it to my grandpa.
He turned the photograph around.
On the back in black ink was,
if you yourself cannot release,
it will come to take a piece.
My grandpa looked at me in horror.
It's too late.
He's coming for you.
That's when I saw it.
My grandpa's night tea
on the kitchen table.

He was using the cup
with the crazy cat on it.

That's my mom's mug.
I looked at my grandpa
and just then I saw man.

No, not a man, a creature.
A creature in a suit,
with a hideous smile,
stuck with hellish teeth behind them.
Before grandpa could react,
he was pulled by the creature
into the dark living room.

I heard grandpa's blood curdling screams
as the creature ripped into his flesh
with his long finger nails.
Grandpa managed to put up a fight
and crawled out of the darkness,
but he was immediately pulled
back in by the Look-See.

I quickly ran to the family room
and took the photograph with me.
I was in a panic as I heard
it slowly walk towards me.

I needed to get rid of the
photograph before it took me.

That's when I saw it.
A fireplace.
I worked quickly to get a fire started.
The Look-See started to stretch out
it's horrible long fingers towards me.
Suddenly the fire blazed behind me,
and I had to make the choice
to finally let go of my mom.

I can release.
You will not take a piece.
I dropped the photograph in,
and it slowly caught fire.
The Look-See was still coming for me.
Arms outstretched and it's mouth widening
to show off it's glistening teeth.
I turned towards the fire
and caught the last glimpse
of the photo of my mo--

I screamed.
The Look-See dug it's
fingers into my right eye.

The pain was horrible.
It turned it's hand and
scooped around in my eye socket

like an ice cream man trying
to get frozen over ice cream.

The Look-See slowly pulled
it's finger out of my socket.

My right eye was pierced
on it's finger nail

like a toothpick through an olive.
The pain was unbearable
as I fell to my knees.

The Look-See retreated as the last bit
of my mother burned away.
I woke in the hospital.
I was told that the police
have no dea what happened,

but they're investigating
the Sunny Family Cult.

The same group of people
who they believe killed my mother.
But I know it was the Look-See.
I still don't know what he or it is.
All I know is that it was drawn to us.
It was drawn to us by
our inability to let go.

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LOOK-SEE | "Letting Go" feat. The Dark Somnium | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

72 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 13, 2019
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