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  • - Pump the music, I know how to do this.

  • I got spat on in school.

  • I was big, I was black, I was gay.

  • The day that happened, I had to breakthrough,

  • and my breakthrough was once I stood up,

  • everyone else seemed like, "Oh, shit."

  • ♪ I like to, like to get down

  • I'm Precious, and I'm part of the legendary

  • Ballroom Scene of New York City.

  • Let's get some clappin' and get this energy high

  • So, Ballroom's like a huge safe haven

  • for people of LGBTQI experience.

  • Like this, don't you stop

  • Make that cookie pop

  • When I seen that the commentators

  • were like the center of attention at a Ball,

  • I was like, "Oh, this needs to be my job."

  • Walk, eat, slay

  • Miss Lolita

  • Growing up in the Ballroom, you'd be surprised

  • at how many people are gonna appreciate you

  • for being who you are.

  • And gender non-binary for me,

  • I don't feel like I have to be like a boy,

  • or I don't feel like I have to be a girl.

  • Just think of water, has no limits, it moves.

  • Ooh, this orange is sending me, Miss Honey.

  • What can make you feel better about yourself?

  • For me, that was putting on makeup.

  • It gives me that touch of femininity.

  • It gives me like the deepness of masculinity.

  • Like, my eyebrows speaks for itself.

  • It's just oh yeah, big bitch energy.

  • It's me.

  • Do you wanna take a bite

  • Of this cookie

  • I want to be known for someone who uplifted people

  • across the world.

  • And for me that was getting on the mic.

  • 'Cause I can get on the mic

  • and I can give you something you can feel.

  • And Ballroom helped me with that, trust me.

  • All my people had to fight

  • But without a fight

  • There wouldn't have been no success

  • Hi, my name is Precious

  • Let me get this off my chest

  • (logo dings)

- Pump the music, I know how to do this.

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Finding Home Through Ballroom

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    許大善 posted on 2019/06/07
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