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their best pictures so far all the
Atlanta Braves
adding average on-base percentage and slugging added together II drills one
deep Center Blackmun's going to admire that one how far is that going to go
into the rock pile
fourth solo homerun hit by the Braves the 22nd for Freeman and that's going to
end the day for Hoffman
tonight due to delivery on the way and that one in the air to centerfield
Ellsbury going back Ellsbury looking up the facade of that upper deck under the
scoreboard in center field and the Machado bat is back the Orioles lead at
five to nothing tell you what you know we watch batting practice it's a little
bit left the cameraman would have been ducking about five
22 home runs trying to light up Pastrana tonight
Heidi drive way way back watch this baby sale totally on a Fenway
and the Red Sox back in the lead five to four if you throw him a changeup in his
eyes I'll tell you what he's going to lose it
good to see the car catch her back in there tonight
yesterday's game
it's the scoreboard what nothing comes
now I feel slightly to the right that ball high and deep but they look up you
can put in the bar yes
and we are right back in this way go
that's ten of them for Abby he's now driven in 42 and the streak continues
Marian and happy birthday to helen sylvan 96 years old today how about that
prodigious blasts by scooter Gennett his 13th of the year the Reds get back with
Enron Arana 3 to 2 as scooter Gennett hits an upper deck shot here a
second-deck shot smiling as he comes around the bases wow scooters got two of
the three Reds hits
three runs twice two runs twice in full room once netball is gone
Abraham Almonte crushes one and make it a seven three ball game
at baseball talk about Ironman this cross right
centerfield how much did he get go let's go
that is number 24 charlie make it three nothing
- July and then ball hammered in the air to centerfield in deep Jose going back
he looks up and spun to dead center field the homerun for Justin Upton
Tigers have got their big boy pants on here in the first inning against Chris
Tillman did you see how far that landed up on that backdrop
that ball is hammered deep to left center field this ball is heading
towards the upper deck almost into the third deck Springer crushes one and the
Astros lead seven to five on their fourth home run of the game
second for George good lord that almost made it to the home run porch
so the game was tied all runs charged a Gausman and now the two runs the Royals
have taken the lead have been charged to blyer and another one goodness Jorge
Soler laser beam
all three walls in straightaway centerfield
and that's driven up to deep left center field that is gone
Vick Kron 4 CJ crowed doubles up the lead its board
nothing halos
I'm her hammer the ball to Center female para is back on and on the room and
there it goes a monster homerun for Brett idler makes
it three nothing
eight solid innings
Marlon's get three back
says Santana swings it turns on one deep to left one nothing broke through and he
hit that a mile and a half Domingo Santana that gets all the way out on the
concourse above the Brewers bullpen and above the bleachers
one and one that'll help Wow I'm not sure I've ever seen a ball hit
there a three-run home run and Kenny Vargas put the Blitz back in front
and he Rockets one to deep right-center forget that that is where Michael
conforto and a monstrous two-run homer to put the Mets in front to the one
there it goes deep to left really deep stay oh my
goodness what a shot by a judge in a return Torres has known for the high
five that's it
four batters gives up too long homeruns runner goes the steal third and that one
is belted the left-center field that baby's gone even further than the last
then go above the sweets yes it did there
Louisville sweets
five deep left field that one's gonna hunt the second deck
the way the bar was flying
pretty shaky so no howling today that distills you know once slammed out to
Center that one's deep and there it goes now it's a center field David Freese
with home run number seven
to left field deep it far from myers and that ball is long gone to run shot for
Myers whose 26th up run of the year opera is on the board it's now six to
two off the facade
abilities later drives what the left-center field toward the gap and it
is and it's a homerun the first big league home run for Austin Slater yeah I
I don't know why that looked so unusual to me but he's got a big league home run
how about that let's see if they high-five emerg are they Ison let's see
what happens here
there's another good swing and that one's leaving the yard baby look at that
Wow boom stick baby Nelson crows four great
swings today
just to be in that conversation you got to be special and that's well hit by
Garcia and to write and this ball is gone it's into the Cardinals bullpen
Greg Garcia his first of the year
Dickerson sending on the center-field zimmer all the way back and that one is
out here you've got the low Pines just beyond the wall and Center and then
you've got the tall maples behind that and this ball is over the second set the
loose-ball belted i'm in the air deep out to center field and way there
Holy Smoke Joey go come on
he does it again in the first inning
front door breaking ball see you later way up there Harper didn't lose one and
on his 25th it's one nothing Washington my goodness
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Every MLB Team's Longest 2017 Home Run

185 Folder Collection
Li Rose published on June 7, 2019
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