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  • You know...

  • There's such a negative connotation about being alone.

  • Hey, loner!

  • Or should we say LOSER?

  • Or should we say both?

  • And yet, spending time by yourself is how we figure out who we are and what we really love.

  • Lately...

  • I've been feeling really shitty about being alone.

  • Like, should I be surrounded by people?

  • Is there something wrong with me?

  • Is it weird that I don't have a lot of friends?

  • But, I've come to the conclusion that it's the idea of being alone that bugs me a lot more than ACTUALLY being alone.

  • Because taking yourself to the movies is amazing.

  • And have you ever gone to dinner solo? It's a whole new experience!

  • I actually used to take myself out on a date every week, whether it was to Barnes and Nobles, or a thrift store, or even just window shopping for cats.

  • Hanging out by yourself can be so much fun.

  • And yet, it's looked down upon.

  • You see someone who's alone, and you're like, "Oh, you're so lonely."

  • You know what I mean? It's thought of as like, sad.

  • Well, it doesn't have to be. And in fact, it's probably really healthy for you!

  • When I was a teenager, I always used to fantasize about the day I met my significant other.

  • I was like, "Oh, we're gonna be best friends and partners in crime, and we're gonna have a ball!"

  • And then as I grew up, and experienced relationships, I would always stumble.

  • Because I failed to realize that...

  • if I don't like hanging out with myself, why would anyone else?

  • So, I encourage you to give it a try.

  • Take yourself out on a date this week.

  • Challenge accepted? Accepted.

  • I mean, it can be scary.

  • And weird, and you might feel lonely, but, I think in the end, you'll be really proud of yourself for at least giving it a shot.

  • Who knows?

  • You might get lucky.

  • No, I don't think masturbation counts.

  • Although it is technically healthy.

  • So, the other day, I walked in on THIS:

  • Are those my first edition Watchmen comics out of the plastic?!

  • You said I could read them...

  • That's what the $20 compilation booklet is for! What the fu--!

You know...

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How to be alone // Anna Akana

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    lala posted on 2022/03/12
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