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>> Wow!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Good morning!
It is so great to be in New
We love New York and it's so
great to be here with all of
You know, New York is home to
one of the most vibrant creative
communities on the planet.
And so it's only natural that it
would have a very special place
in our heart at Apple.
Today, we are especially
thrilled to be at the Brooklyn
Academy of Music.
[ Applause ]
This is a historic center for
the arts.
For over 150 years, it's
showcased the work of
adventurous and cutting-edge
performers all around the world
while serving the creative
community here in Brooklyn.
Apple's focus has always been on
providing people the tools to
unleash their creativity.
That's why we're here today to
talk about our most creative
products, and of course that all
starts with the Mac.
[ Applause ]
The Mac was the first computer
that was designed for
creativity, and it's become one
of the world's most essential
creative tools.
We are in awe of the creative
things that people do every day
all around the world with the
So we made a video of just some
of these special people and I
would love to play it for you
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
We are so inspired by these
people and how the Mac has
played such a vital role in
their creativity.
People love the Mac and they use
it to create all kinds of
amazing things every day.
So it's not surprising to see
that the Mac continues to
attract so many new customers.
In fact, over half of Mac buyers
worldwide are new to Mac, and
that number is a remarkable 76%
in China.
We're adding millions and
millions of new customers every
quarter, bringing our total
active installed base to a new
major milestone of 100 million
[ Applause ]
But what's most important to us
is that in survey after survey,
the Mac continues to be rated
the number one in customer
satisfaction -- by far.
We are just so incredibly proud
of this.
Of course, one of the drivers
for Mac's high customer
satisfaction is macOS -- macOS
is the soul of the Mac, with its
beautiful and easy-to-use
We just released macOS Mojave
and it is the best version of
macOS by far, and people are
really loving it.
Great care has been taken to
refine the look and feel and add
more capability, all while
preserving its legendary ease of
MacOS Mojave brings new features
that have been inspired by our
Pro users but designed for all
of us -- from the new gallery
view which allows you to scroll
through your files and find
exactly what you're looking for,
to the dramatic new look of Dark
Mode, which helps you focus
right on your content.
We've got a feature called
Stacks, which is a brand-new way
to make your desktop clutter
I really needed this, and it's
really cool.
And an entirely redesigned and
personalized Mac App store.
Mac OS Mojave helps our users
get the most out of their Mac.
Whether they want a powerful
desktop experience or the
freedom that comes with the
portability of a notebook, our
customers love their Macs.
And they especially love one Mac
in particular, one that they
take with them everywhere they
go and use for everything they
do -- and that is the MacBook
[ Applause ]
When Steve pulled that MacBook
Air out of that envelope it was
clear that things would never be
the same.
The MacBook Air's
groundbreaking, incredibly thin,
wedge-shaped design not only
influenced the rest of the Mac
product line for years to come,
it changed the industry.
It had a breakthrough unibody
design and new technologies like
the first all-flash
And it was the very first thin
and light notebook with all-day
battery life.
MacBook Air truly embraced the
notion that less indeed could be
more and it redefined the modern
notebook in the process.
Unlike any notebook that's come
before or since, MacBook Air has
become the most beloved notebook
[ Applause ]
It's time for a new MacBook Air
[cheering], one that takes the
MacBook Air experience even
further in the areas that are
most important to our customers.
And of course, what we all want
in a MacBook Air is a retina
[ Applause ]
And I'm incredibly excited today
to introduce an all-new MacBook
Air with a retina display and a
whole lot more -- and here it
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
This is the new Macbook Air and
I'd like to bring up Laura
Lagrove, VP of Hardware
Engineering, to tell you all
about it -- Laura.
[ Applause ]
>> I'm really excited to be here
today to talk to you about the
MacBook Air.
Every part of the product has
been redesigned and
Every detail has a remarkably
precise fit and finish and
everything you see and touch has
been carefully refined.
It's absolutely beautiful.
[ Applause ]
Now, as Tim said, the number one
feature customers have wanted in
a MacBook Air has been a retina
display, but we've made the
display better in every way.
The familiar aluminum bezel --
sorry about that -- the familiar
aluminum bezel of the current
MacBook Air is gone.
The new Air's sleek design takes
the display glass right to the
edge of the enclosure, forming
borders that are 50% narrower.
It features a 13.3 inch display,
which is the perfect size for
such a portable notebook.
And when it comes to resolution,
we've taken the pixels and
quadrupled them, providing four
times the resolution for over
four million pixels.
[ Applause ]
So both text and images are
sharper and more detailed.
And with 48% more color, those
images are more lifelike than
All of this comes together to
give the new MacBook Air a
retina display we know our
customers are going to love.
And even with this narrower
border design, we were still
able to keep the FaceTime camera
at the top of the display, which
is exactly where you want it
when making a FaceTime call.
And now, with the Group FaceTime
feature in macOS Mojave, you can
invite all of your friends to
the conversation.
Now next, the MacBook Air has
another new feature that
customers have been asking for,
and that's Touch ID.
[ Applause ]
So now, with just the touch of a
finger, you can unlock your
MacBook Air, buy something cool
on Apple Pay, or use Touch ID
with a third-party app, like
With a durable sapphire crystal
surface, we've put the Touch ID
sensor right into the keyboard.
And to enable Touch ID, the new
Air comes with Apple's T2
Security Chip.
T2 features a secure enclave
which protects Touch ID
information, but it also ensures
that software loaded during the
boot process has not been
tampered with, offering the Air
the most secure boot process of
any notebook.
T2 also features an SSD
controller which has automatic
on-the-fly data encryption,
offering the most secure storage
of any notebook so you can feel
confident that your files and
data are safe.
In addition to security, T2 has
a whole host of other features.
It has a redesigned system
management controller.
It has an audio controller which
delivers wide stereo sound and
an always-on processor that
enables Hey Siri.
Next, the keyboard, where we've
gone way beyond just adding
Touch ID.
The new MacBook Air has our
latest generation keyboard with
keys that offer four times the
stability over the previous
generation, creating a modern
keyboard with a more precise and
responsive typing experience --
and backlit with individual LEDs
behind each and every key for
more accurate illumination.
And a modern keyboard deserves
to be paired with a modern
trackpad, so we've replaced the
old diving board version with a
new Force Touch trackpad.
It has 20% more surface area
which extends the functionality
of multitouch gestures.
And with pressure sensing
capabilities and haptic
feedback, it's quieter and more
So this delivers a trackpad
experience that Apple is known
Now, whether it's in dorm rooms
or lounging on the sofa at home,
we know customers spend a lot of
time watching videos on their
MacBook Air, so we wanted to
make a better sound experience.
Our acoustic engineering team
has made huge strides in audio
performance in all of our
products -- and the MacBook Air
is no exception.
It is 25% louder.
It has two times more bass and
wide stereo sound.
In addition, it has a
three-microphone array, which
will make those Group FaceTime
calls crystal-clear and it also
improves the voice recognition
of Siri.
And the new MacBook Air needs
next-generation I/O.
So the new MacBook Air has two
Thunderbolt 3 ports.
So from charging to data
transfer to video-out, it's the
most versatile port ever.
And there's a whole host of
devices you can connect -- from
Thunderbolt and USB-C external
storage, up to a 5K display, or
eGPUs, that accelerate graphics
up to 17 times.
So the new Air can connect to
just about anything.
So now let's talk about the
There's an 8th-generation
dual-core CPU, along with the
latest Intel integrated
And it also supports up to 16
GB, a faster memory, which is
double the capacity of the
previous Air.
And SSD's that are up to 1.5 TB
in capacity and 60% faster.
So MacBook Air delivers the
performance you need for all of
your everyday tasks.
Now, the MacBook Air set the bar
for great battery life in a thin
and light computer, and the new
MacBook Air is no exception.
It has the same great 12 hours
of wireless web browsing, but
now has up to 13 hours of iTunes
movie playback.
Engineering teams at Apple love
a great challenge.
And so we thought, what if we
add all these amazing new
features while making the
MacBook Air even more portable?
Well, the team responded.
The new Air has an unbelievable
17% less volume than it's
[ Applause ]
And it's incredibly thin.
It's just 15.6 mm, which is 10%
thinner than the previous Air.
And yet, with all these new
features, the new MacBook Air
weighs just 2.75 pounds.
[ Applause ]
That's a quarter pound lighter
than the previous Air.
Perfect for the notebook you
want to take with you
So that's the new MacBook Air,
with a stunning 13 inch retina
display, Touch ID, advanced
security, a force touch
trackpad, and so much more.
And with all the care and
attention that we put into
design and engineering, our
teams work just as hard to
ensure that our products are
environmentally friendly.
In fact, on the new MacBook Air,
we use 100% recycled tin in our
logic board.
And we have significantly
increased the amount of
postconsumer recycled plastic in
our internal components, such as
the speakers.
But there's one big goal that
we've had for many years.
Every Mac enclosure is made from
Now, we use aluminum because it
has incredible strength,
durability, and its sheer
To achieve that, we've had to
rely on mining high purity ore,
that is until today.
Apple's metallurgy team has
designed an aluminum alloy that
uses excess aluminum from the
production process, delivering
the same great characteristics
we expect in all of our
And this is a huge breakthrough.
So we're really proud to say
today that every new MacBook Air
is made from 100% recycled
[ Applause ]
This helps reduce the carbon
footprint of the new Air by
nearly 50% and makes it the
greenest Mac ever.
So to hear more about this alloy
and all of the new features of
the MacBook Air, we've created a
video that I'd like to play for
you now.
>> When MacBook Air was
introduced, it defined what an
ultrathin, ultralight notebook
could be.
With the new MacBook Air, we're
bringing many of our most
advanced technologies to this
iconic design.
The powerful new features in
macOS Mojave come to life on the
incredibly vivid and precise
retina display.
It contains over 4 million
pixels, which provide remarkable
clarity, high contrast, and
brilliant color.
The 8th-generation dual-core
processor is powerful and
efficient, while helping to
achieve all-day battery life.
The Apple T2 Security Chip
delivers advanced security and
Hey Siri to MacBook Air.
Along with a Touch ID sensor, it
enables Apple Pay and allows you
to unlock your Mac with just the
touch of a finger.
The latest generation butterfly
keyboard is backlit and provides
more stability, precision, and
And a much larger force touch
trackpad has built in force
sensors that allow you to click
anywhere and experience a finer
level of control.
High fidelity speakers deliver
significantly more volume and
bass for a fuller sound and wide
dynamic range.
Thunderbolt 3 integrates USBC
into the most powerful and
versatile port ever.
And for the first time, the
unibody enclosure is made from
100% recycled aluminum.
To accomplish this, we invented
a new custom alloy.
It's designed to use fine
shavings of recaptured aluminum
that are reengineered down to
the atomic level.
This new alloy is as beautiful
and robust as any we've used
And it makes MacBook Air the
greenest Mac ever.
With powerful new technologies
and an all new design and three
beautiful finishes, the new
MacBook Air not only reimagines
what our most loved Mac can be,
but also how it can be made.
[ Applause ]
>> What a huge leap forward for
MacBook Air.
So the new MacBook Air is
configured with 8 GB of memory,
a 1.6 core i5 processor with
Turbo up to 3.6, and 128 GHz of
storage, and will start at
Making it the most affordable
retina Mac we've ever offered.
[ Applause ]
You can order it starting today.
And it will be available next
[ Applause ]
So that's the redesigned,
reengineered MacBook Air.
So whether you're a student, a
writer, an entrepreneur, or
simply new to Mac, we think
you're going to love it.
Now back to Tim.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you!
Thank you, Laura!
What a fantastic and beautiful
new MacBook Air!
I can't wait for you to get your
hands on this.
I really think you're going to
love it.
Now, there's another small but
mighty Mac our users have been
waiting for.
And here it comes.
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
The new Mac mini!
Now I'd like to introduce you to
Tom Boger, our head of Mac
Product Marketing to tell you
all about the new Mac mini.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you, Tim!
I can't wait to tell you about
the biggest update ever to the
new Mac mini.
Now, I'm sure you've noticed
that we've given it an awesome
space gray finish.
For one, we know our Pro
customers are going to love
But, two, this new Mac mini is
an absolute beast on the inside.
Here's why.
The number one thing our
customers wanted us to do is
give it more powerful
So now every Mac mini starts
with 4 cores.
[ Applause ]
Taking performance to a whole
new level.
But we didn't think that was far
enough, so we're also giving Mac
mini 6 core processors as well.
[ Applause ]
And these aren't mobile parts,
These are higher power
8th-generation CPUs with faster
graphics too.
So the performance boost is
Making the Mac mini up to --
wait for it -- five times faster
than before!
[ Applause ]
Think about that, five times
Ripping through traditional
desktop apps, like Logic and
Photoshop, and workflow apps,
like MainStage and Compressor,
making this by far the most
powerful Mac mini we've ever
Next up is memory.
Now, the previous Mac mini went
up to 16 GB of memory.
So naturally, the new Mac mini
goes to 32 GB of memory.
But we didn't want to stop there
So the new Mac mini can now go
up to 64 GB of memory.
[ Applause ]
And not only is this memory
faster, it's also an SO-DIMMs,
something we know our Mac mini
customers will really
Next up is storage.
Now, many Mac mini customers
depend on the speed and
reliability of SSD's.
So now every Mac mini has all
flash storage, with SSD's that
are up to four times faster, and
capacities up to 2 TB.
And that's double the capacity
of the previous Mac mini.
And every new Mac mini also has
the Apple T2 security chip, with
its many new features, including
HEVC video encode that -- get
this -- 30 times faster!
[ Applause ]
It's incredible.
So to cool all this powerful new
technology, the new Mac mini has
an entirely new thermal system
with double the airflow, while
still being super quiet.
And finally, connectivity.
Mac mini customers love having
lots and lots of ports.
And the new Mac mini delivers.
With gigabit ethernet, four --
count them, four -- Thunderbolt
3 ports, an HDMI port, two USB-A
ports, it can connect to almost
And not only that, you can
configure the Mac mini with 10
gigabit ethernet as well for
superfast networking
So now the Mac mini is a much
faster, way more capable Mac
desktop that allows you to
choose your own display,
keyboard, and mouse.
But the Mac mini can go so much
Small yet powerful, the Mac mini
is the perfect component for
many creative uses, like running
MainStage in a sound rig for
live performances.
Or using it for the production
of a live interactive art
performance, as students are
doing today at the California
Institute of the Arts.
Or use more than one so you can
fly through video encoding
faster in applications like
And on a movie set, as Paramount
Pictures is doing in the filming
of Rocket Man, their musical
fantasy about Sir Elton John.
Or use Mac mini to compile code
from a MacBook Pro, so it can do
other tasks.
Or string a number of Mac minis
together so you can form your
own build farm.
Or rack thousands of them
together, like Mac stadium -- a
company that has nearly 8000 Mac
8000! That developers use to
make some of your favorite apps,
like Candy Crush, Shopify.
They wanted more.
They run 24/7 with data centers
around the world, it's the very
definition of mission-critical
and it all runs on Mac mini.
So that's the new Mac mini, with
all these great new features.
The entry config has 8 GB of
memory, a 3.6 GHz quad-core
processor, and 128 GB SSD.
And it starts at just $799.
[ Applause ]
And with those performance and
features, it's by far the best
value that we've ever offered in
a Mac mini.
You can configure it up to 64 GB
of memory, a higher frequency
Core i7 processor, up to 2 TB
SSD, and with 10 Gb Ethernet.
You can order it starting today
and it will be available next
[ Applause ]
And like all of our products, it
checks all of the boxes on the
environmental checklist.
And like the new Air, we're
using more and more
post-consumer recycled plastic
in parts like the foot.
And every Mac mini enclosure is
made from -- you guessed it --
100% recycled aluminum.
[ Applause ]
Helping to reduce its carbon
footprint by nearly 50%.
So that's the new Mac mini.
It's the biggest update ever and
we can't wait to get it into the
hands of all of those customers
out there that are so passionate
about the Mac mini.
And now, back to Tim.
[ Applause ]
>> All right!
Thank you, Tom, and thanks
again, Laura.
The new Macbook Air and Mac
mini, they are absolutely
These new Macs are going to help
our customers be even more
productive and more creative.
Now, there are ways that Apple
aims to inspire creativity in
our users, including in our
The mission of our stores has
always been to enrich the lives
of our customers by educating
and inspiring them to go even
One of the new ways that we're
taking their creativity even
further is through our Today at
Apple sessions [applause].
[ Applause ]
To share more with you about the
latest on Today at Apple, I'd
like to invite up Angela --
[ Applause ]
>> Good morning.
Good morning.
It is so great to be back in New
York, and we especially love
being a part of the creative
energy here in Brooklyn.
This is what we're trying to
replicate all over the world.
You've heard us talk about
retail as our largest product,
how we think about the
architecture as our hardware and
the experience inside, like our
We call it Today at Apple.
We started with the things that
are core to Apple's DNA, things
people most use the devices for
and trust us to teach them, like
photography, music, gaming, and
app development.
And as Apple continues to
develop curriculum like Everyone
Can Code and Everyone Can
Create, we embed these lessons
and techniques into our Today at
Apple programming for all
customers, including educators
and entrepreneurs.
And we hold all of our sessions
in all 505 retail locations,
like at Apple Cotai Central in
Macau, which opened a few months
Here, customers are attending a
session called Photo Walks,
where they learn new features,
like portrait lighting and depth
control, while exploring the
city together in a real social
Or Apple Garosugil in Seoul,
which opened this past spring,
where customers participate in
labs, our most advanced
sessions, like a music lab
called Building Your Sound
co-created with Florence of
Florence and the Machine, where
our creative pros help customers
compose a song using GarageBand.
And also this month, as a part
of EU Code Week, we hosted
sessions like Swift on iPad and
Xcode on Mac, teaching over 2000
coding sessions throughout
[ Applause ]
And at Apple Piazza Liberty in
Milan, which just opened this
past summer, customers are
loving Sketch Walks, where they
learn to capture the city
through drawing and painting on
And we're especially thrilled
when our sessions inspire
customers to go even further
with their passions, like Sarah
here, who after attending a few
Live Art sessions in a lab in
Florence, illustrated and
published her first children's
[ Applause ]
And as we continue to push the
design of our flagships to be
even greater gathering places
where everyone is welcome, we're
also creating global platforms
for local talent.
Photographers, musicians,
developers, and artists share
their creative gifts.
This month, in partnership with
The Big Draw festival, local
artists have been leading
sessions in our flagships
globally, teaching and
celebrating drawing -- like Josh
Cochran, a local New York
artist, who's leading a session
across the street this
Since the launch of Today at
Apple only 18 months ago, we
have held over 18,000 sessions a
week, attended by millions of
curious creatives around the
[ Applause ]
And with the newest release of
the Apple Store app, we've made
it even easier for you to find
out what's happening near you.
Just tap on the Sessions tab and
you'll see a spotlight of the
newest Today at Apple sessions
in your city.
It will also recommend sessions
based on the products that you
own, and signature programs like
Music Labs, Kids Hour, and Photo
That's a quick update on Today
at Apple, our new in-store
experience since we launched,
but we're not stopping here.
Today, we're announcing 60
newly-designed sessions.
[ Applause ]
Video -- video, music, and
design have all been expanded,
and we're adding walks and labs
to most categories.
And of course, we're using
Apple's latest technologies,
like AR and Siri Shortcuts.
We're creating our first video
lab called Small Screen Magic,
co-created with video maker Zach
You'll learn how to shoot and
edit fun videos using the Clips
We're also introducing a new
photo lab called Fun Family
You'll use live photos to
capture action, experiment with
filters, and use Apple Pencil to
make your portraits even more
And we're introducing a design
lab called Drawing Treehouses,
co-created with architects,
Foster and Partners, where
you'll learn architectural
principles through the lens of
And for the Mac, we're launching
a new Pro series, like this
video lab called Color and Mood
with Final Cut Pro.
You'll learn how to use color to
enhance the visual feeling of
your footage.
And a music lab called Advanced
Beat Making with Logic Pro,
where you'll sample audio,
design sounds, and program
different styles of beats.
So that's a sneak peak of a few
of the new sessions launching in
the new year.
And to further scale Today at
Apple in every city, every day,
in every store, we're also
upgrading our existing fleet,
creating forums in over 70
stores a year, like this recent