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[ Music ]
[ Music ]
>> Hey Siri, what's the fastest
way to Steve Jobs Theater?
>> Take a right.
Then in a quarter mile, take a--
[ Music ]
>> Kevin? Shouldn't you be at
the event?
[ Sound effect ]
>> That's a serious upgrade.
[ Music ]
>> Is that it?
[ Music ]
Tim, it's here.
[ Music ]
>> The clicker.
[ Music ]
>> The clicker.
>> The clicker?
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you.
Good morning.
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
Welcome to the Steve Jobs
Wasn't that a fun video?
Things certainly do get hectic
around here leading up to days
like this, but they're also
magical days because we get to
share our latest innovations
with you.
As you know, Apple was founded
to make the computer more
Of course, first with the Apple
2 and then later with the Mac.
Over the years, we've taken this
mission further than anyone
could have imagined.
We've created several categories
of technology that have had a
profound impact on people's
From the iPod to the iPhone to
the iPad to the Apple watch, and
we've completely reinvented the
retail experience, making it
more personal and engaging.
Our stores have become part of
the community.
They're open, beautiful,
inspiring places to learn and
Like this gorgeous store, the
Apple Piazza Liberty, it's
revitalizing a plaza in the
heart of Milan.
The store opened to thousands of
customers who came to experience
a weekend full of events, and we
know it's going to be popular
for years to come.
In fact, our Apple stores are
now welcoming over 500 hundred
million visitors per year.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
We love that so many customers
had the chance to experience our
products first hand and get the
personal help that they need to
get the most out of them.
Of course, we aim to put the
customer at the center of
everything that we do.
That's why iOS is not just the
world's most advanced mobile
operating system, it's the most
We're about to hit a major
We are about to ship our 2
billionth iOS device.
[ Applause ]
This is astonishing, iOS has
changed the way we live, from
the way we learn, to the way we
To how we're entertained, to how
we shop, order our food, get our
transportation, and stay in
touch with one another.
And of course, how we capture
the moments of our lives and
share them with those we love.
It's amazing how our mission
started with personalizing
technology for the desktop to
now seeing the many ways that
we've made it more personal in
so many aspects of our lives.
So it's only fitting that today
we're going to tell you about
two of our most personal
products, the ones that are with
you everywhere that you go, and
how we're going to take them
even further.
So let's get started with the
Apple Watch.
[ Applause ]
We're thrilled by how much the
Apple Watch has grown in such a
short period of time.
I mean to think this category
didn't even exist just a few
years ago, and now Apple Watch
is being embraced by so many
people around the world.
Apple Watch is not only the
number one smart watch in the
world, it's the number one watch
[ Applause ]
Apple Watch has redefined what a
watch can do for you.
It's the integration of
breakthrough technology and
powerful software and
world-class services that bring
it to life.
For millions of people around
the world, Apple Watch has
become an indispensable part of
their daily lives by helping
them stay connected, to be more
active, and to live a healthier
To tell you how we're going to
take Apple Watch to the next
level, I'd like to invite Jeff.
[ Applause ]
>> Wow, thank you, thank you.
We're humbled and inspired by
how Apple Watch has become such
an important and even essential
part of people's lives, and it's
becoming more indispensable in
three areas in particular.
It keeps you connected to the
people and information you care
about with phone calls and
messages and notifications right
on your wrist, and cellular lets
you stay connected with just
your Apple Watch, even if you
leave your phone behind.
Fitness is at the core of Apple
Watch, encouraging you to be
more active by closing your
rings and tracking your
workouts, and now you have
built-in GPS.
It's swim proof, and it even
automatically detects when
you're working out.
And health.
Health has been at the core of
Apple Watch as well.
Apple Watch put heart rate
monitoring right on the wrist,
and while you could always check
your heart rate, Apple Watch now
looks in the background and
notifies you if it detects an
elevated heart rate.
This may seem like a simple
change, but we see this in our
customer letters.
It's a profound change.
Apple Watch has become an
intelligent guardian for your
[ Applause ]
Today, in each of these areas,
staying connected, living an
active life, and managing your
health we're taking Apple Watch
to the next level.
And now, I'd like to introduce
the next generation of Apple
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
Apple Watch Series 4.
Everything about it has been
redesigned and reengineered.
Every detail has been
thoughtfully considered and it's
just beautiful.
[ Applause ]
It all starts with a stunning
new display.
We pushed the screens right to
the edges, and we curved the
corners to perfectly match the
shape of the watch.
And the screens are
significantly larger.
In fact, they're over 30 percent
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
And we've done this with minimal
changes to the case size.
Series 4 is thinner, so there's
actually less total volume than
in Series 3.
And to take advantage of the new
display, every part of the UI
has been redesigned.
You'll see more in maps and
photo and calendar, and we've
created new complications.
They look beautiful, and they
show even more information and
And we've also designed a
brand-new watch face with up to
eight complications that really
brings them to life.
And you can customize it with
the things you care about.
Now, you can add loved ones to
your watch face and simply tap
to connect with them.
Or if you're traveling, you can
customize the watch face to
track the different time zones.
Or maybe you want to create the
ultimate health and fitness
[ Applause ]
We also redesigned the modular
face with more detailed and
graphical information from apps
like stocks and heart rate and
activity and even apps from our
developers, so now you can track
the live score of your favorite
team with MLB at Bat.
Your boarding information will
appear right on your watch face
with the Quantas app.
Or you can glance at nutritional
intake with the Lifesum app.
Next, the Breathe app has been a
popular way for people to take a
moment to be more mindful, and
now, the app is available as a
watch face, so with a simple
raise of the wrist, the watch
face will guide you through a
deep breath, and there are three
beautiful variations to choose
It's a little hypnotic.
It's kind of wonderful.
In addition, we've created some
dynamic new watch faces that
uniquely interact with the shape
of the display.
With the fire face, see how the
flames subtly illuminate the
ticks of the dial?
And the new water face, notice
how the bubbles splash off the
And the vapor face, looks
amazing with the rich, vibrant
We think you're going to love
everything about the new
displays on Series 4.
[ Applause ]
Next, let's turn to the digital
The digital crown's been
completely reengineered, and it
now includes haptic feedback,
giving you a more responsive and
mechanical feel.
It's especially great in apps
like Podcast and Calendar where
you precisely flip through each
The speaker has also been
completely redesigned.
It's 50 percent louder, which is
great for phone calls and walkie
talkie or Siri requests.
You ask Siri something on Series
4, and she comes back with
You just won't believe the sound
you get out of such a small
We moved the microphone on
Series 4 to the opposite side,
as far away from the speaker as
possible to reduce echo, making
phone calls even clearer.
And the back of Series 4 is
absolutely beautiful.
It's made entirely of black
ceramic and sapphire crystal,
and it's not only beautiful,
it's highly functional.
Radio waves can now pass through
both the front and the back,
resulting in improved cellular
So this, along with a new
speaker and microphone, makes
Series 4 even better for staying
[ Applause ]
Series 4 is just as impressive
on the inside.
The brain of Series 4 is our
fourth-generation silicon in
package, or SIP, and we call it
S4, and it allows us to build in
so many capabilities in such a
small device.
S4 contains a powerful new
dual-core 64-bit processor and a
new GPO both custom designed by
our Apple silicon team to
deliver up to two times faster
[ Applause ]
On Apple Watch, the
accelerometer and gyroscope,
they power important experiences
like all-day activity tracking
or even identifying your swim
Well Series 4 has a next
generation accelerometer and
gyroscope with twice the dynamic
range measuring up to 32 G
forces and can sample motion
data eight times faster.
You probably have no idea what
any of that means, but that's
okay because we do, and it's
allowed us to do something new.
One of the leading causes of
injuries worldwide is falls.
So whether your slip off a step
ladder or you trip on a curb, a
hard fall can be serious, and it
can be difficult to get
immediate help.
Well now Apple Watch Series 4
can detect a fall.
[ Applause ]
It's interesting, identifying a
fall may sound like a
straightforward problem, but it
requires a tremendous amount of
data and analysis.
We conducted studies with
thousands of people over a long
period of time, and we captured
data on real-world falls, and we
learned something.
We learned that with falls
there's this repeatable motion
pattern that happens.
For example, when you trip, your
body will naturally pitch
forward, and your arms will go
out involuntarily to brace
However, if you slip, there's a
natural upward motion of the
Well these are motions Series 4
is ideally suited to recognize.
With the new accelerometer and
gyroscope, the watch analyzes
wrist trajectory and impact
acceleration to determine when a
fall occurs, and after detecting
a fall, Series 4 delivers an
alert, and from that alert, you
can initiate an emergency call.
However, if the watch senses you
are immobile for one minute, it
will start the call
And it also sends a message with
your location to your emergency
contacts using the SOS feature
that is already built into Apple
Fall detection is a feature that
we hope you never need, but it's
really nice to know it's there.
[ Applause ]
The optical heart sensor has
been essential to Apple Watch
from the beginning, and it
allows us to calculate the
calorie burned during your
It allows to determine your
resting heart rate, and it also
powers the high heart rate
notification that's helped Apple
Watch become an intelligent
guardian for your health.
We wanted to do even more in
this space, and so we're
announcing three new heart
First, a notification if your
heart rate appears to be too
Now generally a low heart rate
is thought to be a good thing,
but if it's too low, it might
mean that your heart's not
pumping enough blood to the
body, and that can be a sign of
something serious, and now Apple
Watch can detect it.
[ Applause ]
The second feature is related to
heart rhythm, and this is a big
Apple Watch can now screen your
heart rhythm in the background,
and it sends you a notification
if it detects an irregular
rhythm that appears to be atrial
Now, it won't catch every
instance of AFib, but we believe
this is going to help a lot of
people who didn't otherwise know
they had an issue.
[ Applause ]
The first two features, they're
powered by the optical sensor.
The third feature is made
possible by a new electrical
heart sensor on Series 4.
We've added electrodes into the
back sapphire crystal and the
digital crown allowing you take
an electrocardiogram.
[ Applause ]
It's otherwise known as an ECG,
and this is the first ECG
product offered over the counter
directly to consumers.
[ Applause ]
An ECG measures the electrical
activity of the heartbeat, and
it's used by physicians to help
diagnosis certain heart diseases
and other conditions.
And so now you can take an ECG
anytime, anywhere, right from
your wrist.
You just open the app, and you
put your finger on the digital
To show you how this works,
let's take a closer look.
The built-in electrodes in the
back crystal and the digital
crown, they detect electrical
impulses from the heartbeat.
They route them to the S4 chip,
which converts them to signal
for our algorithms.
The entire process takes just 30
seconds, and at the completion
of the ECG recording, you will
receive a heart rhythm
If your heart is beating in a
normal rhythm, the app will
classify the measurement as
sinus rhythm, and the app will
also classify atrial
All ECG recordings, their
classifications, the noted
symptoms, they're all stored
right in the health app in a PDF
you can share with your doctor.
So now your doctor has a
detailed picture of your heart
rhythm, similar to a lead one
ECG that is usually only
obtained in the clinic.
And to give you his thoughts on
this, I'd like to invite to the
stage the president of the
American Heart Association, and
also a practicing cardiologist,
Dr. Ivor Benjamin.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you, Jeff.
I'm inspired by the life-saving
potential of technology and
applaud Apple's innovation and
commitment to health.
Capturing meaningful data about
a person's heart in real time is
changing the way we practice
In my experience, people often
report symptoms that are absent
during their medical visits.
That is why information is
vital, information about a
person's daily lifestyle choices
and their specific health data.
The ability to access health
data on on-demand
electrocardiogram or ECG is game
Especially when evaluating
atrial fibrillation and
irregular and often rapid heart
rate that can increase a
person's risk of stroke, heart
failure, and other
health-related complications.
At the American Heart
Association, we are committed to
educate and empower people, to
be proactive in all areas of
their health and general
The American Heart Association
is a relentless force for a
world of longer, healthier
Products that seek to provide
deeper health insights like the
Apple Watch Series 4 offer great
potential in getting us there.
Thank you.
Back to you Jeff.
[ Applause ]
>> Thanks Dr. Benjamin.
It's great to have the support
of the American Heart
Association, and I'm also
pleased to say, we've received
clearance from the FDA.
[ Applause ]
And this is a de novo clearance,
which means it's the first of
its kind.
Also, the irregular heart rhythm
alert has also received FDA
Both of these features will be
available to U.S. customers
later this year, and we're
working hard to bring them to
customers around the world.
[ Applause ]
I just have to show you when you
open the app, this is what you
see on the watch face.
It's really beautiful.
People in general don't like
things that are medical.
This kind of makes you want to
take an ECG.
It's amazing to think that the
same watch you wear every day to
make phone calls and respond to
messages, track your activity,
like even run a marathon can now
take an ECG.
[ Applause ]
Apple Watch Series 4 is the
ultimate guardian for your
health, the best fitness
companion, and the most
convenient way to stay
And with all these amazing
features, of course, your data
is still protected.
At Apple we believe your
personal information belongs to
you, you should decide who you
share it with, and who gets to
see it, period.
[ Applause ]
All your health and fitness
data, it's encrypted on device
and in cloud.
So Apple Watch Series 4, larger
display, brand new UI, digital
crown with haptics, up to two
times faster performance, a
louder speaker, fall detection,
and an industry first built-in
electrical heart sensor capable
of taking an ECG and of course
cellular, GPS, altimeter, swim
proof, and I probably missed
some things.
We also have the most advanced
wearable operating system watch
So with all of these features in
a slimmer design, you're
probably wondering about battery
Well, I'm pleased to tell you
that Series 4 has the same
18-hour, all-day battery life
that our customers enjoy on
Apple Watch.
[ Applause ]
And we've increased the outdoor
workout time to six hours, so
you can have full GPS tracking,
which is perfect for those
marathons or long bike rides.
And of course, Apple Watch has
been designed and manufactured
in an environmentally friendly
We created a video about Series
4, and I'd like to show that to
you now.
[ Background Noise ]
>> Apple Watch Series 4 is more
than an evolution.
It represents a fundamental
redesign and reengineering of
Apple Watch.
[ Music ]
>> While retaining the iconic
design, we've developed and
refined the form, also managing
to make it thinner.
The new display is now over 30
percent larger and is seamlessly
integrated into the product.
The interface has been
redesigned for our new display,
providing more information with
richer detail.
The hardware and the software
combine to define a very new and
truly integrated singular
Navigating with the digital
crown, already one of the most
intricate mechanisms we've ever
created, has been entirely
reengineered with haptic
feedback delivering a precise
mechanical feel as you scroll.
In addition to an optical heart
sensor, there is a new
Apple-designed electrical heart
sensor that allows you to take
an electrocardiogram or ECG to
share with your doctor, a
momentous achievement for a
wearable device.
Placing a finger on the digital
crown creates a closed circuit
with electrodes on the back,
providing data the ECG app uses
to analyze your heart rhythm.
While understanding heart health
is essential to our well-being,
additional features and
enhancements encourage us to
live an overall healthier, more
active life.
The accelerometer, gyroscope,
and altimeter allow you to
record new types of workouts,
measure runs with increased
precision, and track your
all-day activity with great
Enhanced cellular connectivity
enables something truly
liberating, the ability to stay
connected with just your watch.
Phone calls, music streaming,
and even emergency assistance
are all immediately available
from your wrist.
Apple Watch Series 4 is a device
so powerful, so personal, so
liberating, it can change the
way you live each day.
[ Applause ]
>> Series 4 will be available in
three aluminum finishes, silver,
gold, and space gray, and the
stainless collection is
absolutely beautiful with
polished and space black.
We've shipped stainless before,
but there's something about
Series 4 that is even more
gorgeous, and there's a
brand-new finish, gold
stainless, which is wonderful
paired with this Milanese loop.
[ Applause ]
All band colors and band styles
fit any generation of Apple
Watch, so all those Series 4
customers, all the bands that
you already own will work just
fine on the Series 4.
[ Applause ]
For customers who love Nike
Plus, especially runners, it's
been optimized for Series 4 with
full-screen watch faces that
look great, and they've done
something really cool with the
Nike sport loop.
They've added reflective yarn
for night-time visibility.
[ Applause ]
Apple Watch Hermes continues
this Fall with some bold new
There's these gorgeous color
blocks on the watch face, and
they change with the passage of
time, and they look really
wonderful paired with the new
Double Tour bands.
[ Applause ]
Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS
starts at $399.
Series 4 with cellular starts at
$499, and we're keeping Series 3
in the line at more affordable
prices, starting at just $279.
[ Applause ]
Series 4 GPS will be available
in 26 markets at launch.
Series 4 with cellular will
start in 16 markets with 34
carriers, that's more than twice
the number of carriers we had
last year.
You can order Series 4 starting
Friday, and it will be available
the following Friday, September
Series 3 at the new prices is
available right after the show,
and watchOS 5, the most advanced
wearable operating system will
be available on September 17.
That's Apple Watch, and now back
to Tim.
[ Applause ]
>> Thanks Jeff.
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
I could not be more excited
about the Apple Watch Series 4.
Apple Watch is really redefining
what a watch can do for you.
Now we made a video about how
the Apple Watch is inspiring
people all around the world to
be more active, and I'd love to
run it for you now.
I think you're going to get a
kick out of it.
[ Music ]
>> You put your right arm in,
you put your right arm out, you
put your right arm in, and you
shake it all about.
You do the hokey pokey and you
turn yourself around,
that's what it's all about.
Left foot.
You put your left foot in, you
put your left foot out, you put
your left foot in, and you shake
it all about.
>> Hey honey, let's go running.
>> You do the hokey pokey and
you turn yourself around,
that's what it's all about.
[ Music ]
You put your left arm in, you
put your left arm out,
you put your left arm in,
and you shake it all about.
You do the hokey pokey and you
turn yourself around,
that's what it's all about.
>> Whole self.
>> You put your whole self in,
you put your whole self out,
you put your whole self in,
and you shake it all about.
You do the hokey pokey and you
turn yourself around,
that's what it's all about.
>> That's what it's all about.
>> That's what it's all about.
[ Applause ]
>> We really love what the Apple
Watch is doing to get the world
So that is Apple Watch.
Now let's talk about iPhone.
[ Applause ]
iPhone X defined the future of
the smartphone.
It introduced new technologies
that is at the cutting edge of
what's possible.
With a stunning, all-stream
design and intuitive gestures,
with technologies like the
TrueDepth camera system and Face
ID, where your phone knows what
you look like, and your face
becomes your password.
iPhone X has an incredible
camera system that uses
intelligent software to make the
most stunning portraits.
This was only previously
possible with pro-level
And there are so many other
innovative technologies that are
built right in, and of course
all of them are powered by the
world's most advance mobile
operating system, iOS.
iPhone X has changed the
industry, and along the way, it
became the number one smartphone
in the world.
[ Applause ]
But what's most important to us
is that it's the most loved
smartphone with an amazing 98
percent customer satisfaction.
[ Applause ]
Now, today, we're going to take
iPhone X to the next level.
I'm excited to show you what is
by far the most advanced iPhone
we have ever created.
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
This is iPhone XS.
It is the most advance iPhone
we've ever created, and I'd like
to invite Phillip to tell you
all about it.
[ Applause ]
>> Good morning everyone.
I am so excited to tell you all
about iPhone XS.
It is made of a surgical-grade
stainless steel.
It has a gorgeous new gold
finish on the front and on the
It is the most beautiful iPhone
we have ever made.
[ Applause ]
The screen goes top to bottom,
edge to edge, rounded into the
And it's covered on the front
and the back with a new
formulation of glass that is the
most durable glass ever in a
[ Applause ]
iPhone XS comes in three
finishes, gold, silver, and
space gray.
They are beautiful, and they're
protected from dust and liquids
to an even higher level now.
IP68, that means it's protected
to two meters for up to 30
So if you happen to be hanging
by the pool, drop your phone in