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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 337. The title of today's lesson is the
difference between interior and internal. Okay. This is one where students might ask
what's the difference between these two ? When it comes up. All right. Let's take a
look at the note here. Interior refers to something inside a solid object such as
a building, vehicle, room, etc. and usually what you're referring to is probably
also solid itself. You could say " the interior ' in reference to like a whole
country as well. So the interior can refer to part of a country that is far
away from the coast. So that's another way that we can use interior. What's
internal ? Internal is involving what happens within a country. All right . So, so in
internal is more to do with either like a process or an action or activity
that's going on rather than the physical objects. Or with the second meaning of
internal. Because internal has a number of meanings. Existing or happening within
the body or mind. So that's another way we use it. Or number three existing or
happening within an organization. Okay. So that's also possible too . So but again
even if it's within an organization, it's usually something to do with some
actions or process as opposed to a physical thing. Okay. So let's look at
some examples here. Example number one. His car has interior leather seating.
All right. So again, object its a car and what are we referring to also that's
something that is solid too. It is leather you know,. All right . It may be soft . it may be
bendable, but it's still, it's still, it's not a liquid, it's not a gas it's a solid.
All right. Number two. There are wooden floors in the interior of that apartment
Okay. So again, the apartment is solid and then you have of course, the floors too.
solid too, and it's on the inside of it. So again these are two examples where we
using interior. Let's look at the third one. Ayers Rock is located in the
interior of Australia. So this one with the country. If you've ever been to
Australia and you ever went to Ayers Rock, it's really far, far in the center.
In the desert part, right in the middle of the country. So this is the way we
might use it. Like the interior of a country, really , really far away from the
coast. All right. Number four.
He suffered from internal injuries. All right. Now this is one of the ways we
said we're going to use internal within the body or the mind. Yeah. It would sound
weird to say. You know, interior injuries. We say internal injuries. So anything to do with
your body or inside your mind we'll use internal. Okay. Let's look at the next one.
Number five. That is a case for internal affairs. All right. Now this is the
one we said you know happening or existing within an organization . So
internal affairs. That's usually like the department that investigates things
within an organization. You know, if there's any wrongdoing or any crime
within that same organization like especially in the police department.
That would be internal affairs. Where they judge it. So it's more to do with
the process or an action rather than a physical thing. Okay. Let's look at the
next one. After 9/11 the US strengthened internal security at
airports. So yeah , this is something also because we do have a meaning of internal
that can also means happening within a country. Okay. So what's happening here ? They
are making the security stronger. So it's not so much a physical thing. It's just
making security in general stronger. Okay. Let's look at the next one. Here are
some examples where you know the student might do it wrong. So again X. This is
always wrong. So if a student says that department has a lot of interior
problems. No. That would be weird. Again this should be internal. So this is like
within an organization. Again so , we will be using internal, not interior and the
second here. They are going to start an interior
investigation. Now this would definitely be an internal investigation. So again
you know, some action or process that's happening within an organization or
within a country. We would be using internal. Okay. So again , remember interior
probably more related to more solid objects , what's on the inside of them.
Internal is more probably related to actions or process that's going on
within ... within these things. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's clear.
Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (337) The Difference Between Interior and Internal

19 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on June 2, 2019
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