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- [Narrator] My 12-year-old
cousin lost her life

in my bedroom 23 years ago.
I don't know how to tell this story
without asking you a question.
Have you ever heard of Mira?
The girl who lives in the mirror?
The first time I saw her I was 10.
My cousin was visiting.
Her name was Amanda.
She was two years older than me.
Amanda stayed over at my house
almost every other Saturday night.
And she was the daughter
my mother always wanted.

A spoiled rotten beauty
queen in the making.

And then one night, as we
were getting ready for bed,

Amanda pranced around the
bedroom before finally stopping

in front of the large mirror
near the foot mf my bed

to apply a tube of red lipstick.
I asked her why she was putting
on makeup just before bed.

She told me that in order
for beauty sleep to work

you have to go to sleep pretty.
Then she said, you know, you
could do with some makeup

to cover up that shit stain on your face.
She was talking about the
birthmark I was born with.

I tried to hide my embarrassment,
but I couldn't
well, it's permanent.
Amanda knew it was the reason
I hated talking to people.

Their eyes always linger to my birthmark.
I can almost hear them thinking,
uuhhh, that's unfortunate.

It has always made me
feel like a circus freak.

It's okay, not everyone
can be pretty, you know,

my cousin said under her breath.
And it hurt.
I watched in silence as Amanda moved
from perfecting her lips
to brushing her hair,

only stopping in between to
admire herself in the mirror.

But something about Amanda's
reflection wasn't right.

(gasping) Amanda, I whispered.
She turned her head to look
back at me and my heart stopped.

Her reflection didn't move with her.
The person in the mirror was not Amanda.
It wasn't her.
It was a girl in a white
dress with pale, dead eyes.

She looked like she'd gone to
hell and never made it back.

She had a wide gash across her face
with flesh wound slits that started
at the corner of her mouth and ran
morbidly deep into her cheeks.
I stared in horror, unable to move.
Amanda was still looking back at me,
but her reflection, the deformed girl,
was blankly staring at
her through the glass.

The reflected girl's eyes were pearl white
and lifelessly fixed on her position.
Amanda, what's wrong with your reflection?
I asked, choking on my words.
She was facing me,
telling me to cut it out

while I watched the girl in the mirror
pull out a small box from behind her back
and remove a crisp razor blade.
She casually placed it in
her mouth and began to chew,

still smiling blankly as
if programmed to do so.

(liquid sloshing)
Then we both heard it.
- [Woman] Mira.
- [Narrator] It came from the mirror.
Amanda immediately spun around
to find Mira in the mirror.

Suddenly Mira's facial flaps opened up
as skin flaps revealed a
different kind of mouth.

Two vertical rows of long,
sharp blood-stained teeth

surrounded by a gory mess of shredded meat
and wet red flesh.
Her two eyes remained in
place and stared back at us

while her bruised body made
creepy Barbie-like motions.

We were both in complete shock.
Then Mira reached through the mirror
and viciously pulled Amanda
into her side of the reflection.

And I watched in horror as my cousin
was held down on the mirrored floor
by a gang of pale, white,
eyeless human-shaped creatures

who rose up from the
ground in the mirror world.

To my disbelief, Mira
climbed out of the mirror

and crawled across my
bedroom floor on all floors.

I backed into my bed but I
couldn't get away from her.

In seconds she was face-to-face with me.
I couldn't move, I couldn't scream.
Mira caressed my face with her hand
and slowly etched my birthmark
with her lifeless finger.

She was touching the ugliest part of me.
My insecurity.
The shit stain that everyone
laughed at and teased me about.

I realized that was the
first time anyone or anything

had ever touched my mark.
Amanda's muffled screams grew louder
as pale, faithless freaks
continued to hold her down.

Mira quickly scattered off the bed,
crawled across the floor,
and returned to where she came from,
the mirror.
Mira crawled on top of my cousin,
sealed her cold blue lips on Amanda's,
and began to suck the
insides out of her body.

The pale white beings
held on as Amanda's blood,

organs, and life were
completely drained from her.

Mira continued until Amanda was
nothing more than skin and bones.
The suction pressure caused Amanda's skin
to tightly seal over her bones
until it either crushed them
or pierced through.

Mira paused and looked directly at me.
She smiled as she brought
a finger up to her lips

and whispered, shhhhhhh,
before regurgitating
Amanda's blood and organs

all over her side of the mirror.
(gurgling, screeching)
I finally screamed, startling
my mother and father awake.

They rushed in as quick as they could,
but both Mira and Amanda
were gone by then.

(siren whirring)
My father called the cops
after I told him what happened.

I couldn't go near a mirror
for a while after that.

(glass shattering)

I was psychoanalyzed and treated for PTSD
along with paranoid delusions.
My cousin Amanda was never found.
Her disappearance was thought to have been
some kind of abduction that
must have happened while I was sleeping.
It took months of counseling
and multiple therapists

to convince me that what
I saw was all in my head

and that Amanda had in fact been kidnapped
in the middle of the night.
I started to believe what everyone told me
instead of what actually happened.
But something changed on my 14th birthday.
I was given a new dressing table,
and that night I saw Mira again.
She had returned in the mirror.
She was holding my cousin's dried out,
shrunken, severed head.
There was a birthday candle
in the center of Amanda's head

dripping hot wax down her forehead.
Mira blew it out and the room went dark.
(intense, scary music)
- Mira.

(glass breaking)
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MIRA MIRA | "The Girl in the Mirror" feat. MrBlacksAA | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

134 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 29, 2019
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