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- They are 50 years old.
- [Dan] 50 year old golf balls!
- Welcome back to What's Inside?
I am Dan and this is Lincoln.
- Hi.
- Driving the car and it's beeping at him.
Today we are going to see
what's inside of an illegal

golf ball and we're gonna
find out like, what makes

a golf ball illegal.
We're all the way in
England at Formby Hall

in Southport, England and
we're doing this video

with our friend Rick
Shiels Golf, is that what

you call your channel, Rick Shiels Golf?
Or just Rick Shiels?
- The one and only

Rick Shiels.
- [Dan] Rick Shiels, okay.
- Good to see ya, look at the weather!
- It is beautiful!
If you're somebody who enjoys
golf and you're looking

for golf tips on what
club to use, on how to fix

your swing, your hook, your
slice, whatever it might

be, there's a fair chance
that you've watched

some of Rick's videos.
He's always testing
really really weird stuff.

Let's see this thing, let's
see this illegal golf ball.

- Allow me to show you,
Lincoln, come in here.

So this golf ball, this
box, you're not gonna get

arrested for it.
- It's an entire box?
- Yeah, yeah
- [Lincoln] All of them?

- Illegal golf ball, it
says on the box it exceeds

the USGA allowance for
distance, this is apparently

a ball that goes too
far, you ready for this?

I'll allow you to open them.
- The box isn't that
attractive I must admit.

- [Dan] It's illegal because
their marketing is so bad.

- Ha ha ha.
- [Dan] Let's see this golf
ball, let's see if it looks

any different than a regular golf ball.
- [Lincoln] Come on, oh, oh.
- [Dan] Okay first of all it's white, so
hey it looks pretty cool, Nitro.
- The one thing that you can,
it might be able to audio,

they're like, they are
quite plasticy sounding.

- Yeah!
- This should have me a chance
of getting on the green,

this is Happy Gilmore style.
The USGA tests it where
they hit it with a club

at speed of 120 miles per
hour and if that ball travels

too far, it's deemed illegal.
- This illegal golf ball,
the Nitro, we're going to hit

it as far as we can, we're
gonna have Rick hit it because

he hits really consistently
and really far.

But we need to test this
in the real world against

regular golf balls so what
kinda golf balls do you

have for us to hit today?
- The first ball, possibly
the most famous golfer

on the planet and history
will always have this guy

as the number one golfer
potentially, certainly

if he wins Mount Haemus.
- [Dan] Adam Sandler Happy Gilmore.
- Tiger Woods golf ball.
- [Dan] Ooo it even says
Tiger on it right there.

- So this is a Bridgestone golf ball.
- [Dan] Did you steal that from him?
- He doesn't lose that many
so I had to go into his bag.

This is a very, very good
golf ball, it's brand new

and it's the one that
Tiger won the Masters

with this year.
- [Dan] Nice, love how
you're much better than that.

- A super rare ball.
This is possibly older than Lincoln.
- Oh, wow.
- Yep, this is a Titleist
Tour Balata, one of the most

iconic golf balls in golf.
It's the one with the elastic
bands in and potentially

with a liquid center.
- They're like, the rubber, right?
- Yeah.
- Rubber bands, we cut one
of these open in one of our

golf ball videos and what was cool, Destin
from Smarter Every Day just
shot one out of a cannon

at 500 miles an hour
and exploded the Balata.

(record scratch)
So this is a really interesting golf ball.
- That is, that is a soft golf ball.
- [Dan] Do you bite all
your golf balls before

you putt them?
And then, this, look at this box.
- [Lincoln] 65.
- Right, now I'm gonna
let Lincoln open this

because this is a box of
golf balls that I picked up

at Carnoustie, which
hosted the Open last year.

I picked 'em up from
the second oldest golf

shop in the world.
- Whoa.
- [Dan] What.
- These are rare, they are 50 years old.
- [Dan] 50 year old golf ball, guys!
- That belongs in a museum!
- [Lincoln] What in the world?
- [Dan] Ohhhh, look at that
packaging, they're so weird.

- This is the packaging that
golf balls used to come in.

- No way!
- You don't understand
how rare that still is.

- Should we be really opening this up?
Like, you're okay with this?
- Dan.
I've saved this just for us,
is there any other channel in
the world that we should be

doing it on than yours?
- Guys, are you serious?
Yes, welcome to today's video,
this is gonna be a blast!

Let the testing begin.
A lot of videos are really
scientific where it's like,

this was swung at this
speed and went this far.

Today's goal is just to
hit it as far as you can

there's different
elements, there's the wind.

But yes, we will have a
little bit of help from our

launch monitor to see how
consistent his swing is.

We've got this really
cool Garmin, look at this

Garmin GPS thing that
you just set it on a ball

and then you just putt your
ball within a foot of it,

it tells you how your
speed was and everything.

That's pretty rad.
Oooo, that Tiger Woods
ball, you crushed that.

Oh man, the wind's
pushing it a little left.

- But we were on about speed.
- [Lincoln] Aw, I was so close!
- [Rick] Not far off.
- [Dan] Carry 275, estimated Roll 305.
- That's good, I'm happy with that one.
Now we're going to key illegal.
- [Dan] Illegal golf balls,
this is the moment of truth.

Oh that sounded money.
That sounded so good.
- Hit on the green.
- [Dan] Illegal golf ball.
- [Lincoln] What?
- [Dan] But what?

The results are in, same
113 Club Head speed,

Smash factor was higher.
- The ball felt harder, it
definitely has like a, Lincoln

said like a plasticy like.
- Yeah.
- [Dan] It was loud, right?
- Yeah.
- So, I don't know if you
can catch this on the vid.

- There's a bunch of
debris on there, it's like,

it's like it exploded.
- Look, look, Lincoln's
literally just wiping off,

wipe it off, Lincoln, you can see that.
I've absolutely middled it.
- [Dan] You don't need a
500 mile an hour cannon

to destroy a golf ball.
- Who needs that.
My prediction is it can't
go further just 'cause

it's too squashy and it's 20 years old.
Oh, come back.
- [Dan] He's leaning.
Rick's leaning to the left there.
- Distance-wise, wow.
- [Lincoln] Wait, it's the exact same.
- [Rick] Well it's, that's
a different shot though

'cause if you remember
my Club Head Speed with

Illegal was 113.
- [Dan] Yeah, you hit it.
- I've hit that 1 mile per
hour less Club Head Speed

but it's actually on the
same distance as Illegal.

- [Dan] Okay, last one.
(record scratch) Ohhh we gotta open it up.
You need to be the one opening this.
- [Rick] No, no, no, no.
- [Dan] No, no, no, you--
- [Rick] As, as my guest, as
my guest to England, Lincoln,

come and open this.
Look at that.
- [Dan] First time this
ball's ever been opened

in over 50 years.
- [Rick] Aw, hell.
Fresh air.
- [Lincoln] That's satisfying.
- [Rick] You wanna take it out?
- [Lincoln] Do dooo!
- [Rick] Look at that!
- [Dan] Oh wow!
Have you ever hit one
of these in your life?

- Not in this perfect condition.
You might every now and again
find one that's, you know,

been around for a while but
that is absolutely perfect.

- [Dan] This is the Dunlop
65, this is a more modern

day golf ball, this ball
is smaller than that one,

this ball would not even
work, USGA would not let this

be allowed because it is smaller.
- There's two advantages
of it being smaller, it has

the potential to cut through
the air slightly better.

Two, not for this test,
but it's actually slightly

easier to get in the hole.
- [Dan] Ohh, that makes sense.
- Yeah.
- I can not, for one minute,
predict this is gonna go

over 300 yards.
Ahh, it's the straightest one!
- [Lincoln] Yeah, that's money shot.
- God, wow!
- [Lincoln] It hit further!
- [Dan] Awww look at that,
according to the monitor.

267, okay.
- Wow, I am shocked.
Off the taste it felt like a bouncy ball.
The flight was impressive.
- We're gonna take the golf
cart and go down and find

these balls out in the wild
and see which ones actually

went furthest, let's all
three get on this cart.

- Fun fact, they call these buggies.
It's like a buggy, but
they pronounce it boogy,

like boogers in your nose.
Say it, say buggy, how do you say it?
- Um, boo-gee.
- See, I told you.
The first one that we find is
going to be the one that was

hit the least amount of distance.
- [Dan] Wait, is there water?
- [Rick] Yeah.
- [Dan] No, oh what if
they're landed here.

- [Lincoln] Uh oh
- Oh I see one by the bunker, right there!
There she is, okay leave her there.
Oh wait, wait, look at
this, 237 marker right here.

Fourth place as of now is the
Dunlap, 50 year old white.

Here we go, Illegal golf ball
was inches from the water.

Okay so we know that this
one went further than

the 50 year old ball.
- Slightly worried about this water.
- Yeah this water.
I found the Balata and I
think this one's actually

the shortest distance one,
but we're missing Tiger Woods,

we're missing the very first ball.
The Tiger Woods ball might
have gone a little bit further

left into the water.
- I've got another one,
shall I nip back to the tee

and hit another one?
- He only has one more, we
didn't know there was water here,

you need to know your golf course, there's
the lesson for today.
- I didn't even know!
- He didn't know there was water.
Rick is going to go back to
the tee, we're gonna stand

out here in the fairway and
we're gonna watch him hit it.

If he hits it in the
water, at least we'll film

where it goes into the water.
- Okay.
- [Dan] All right, hit that
Tiger ball, we'll be watching.

- Okay so I'm back on the
tee with another Tiger ball,

let's hope this time we go find the water.
- [Dan] Here we go, he's swinging.
Keep your eye out for it, Lincoln.
Oh, it's coming.
It's coming right at us.
There it is!
Nice work!
It's right there!
It's bouncing, there's Tiger.
Yes, we did it!
What was your, oh there he goes the cart!
What was your Club Head Speed?
What was it?
- 113.
- [Dan] Okay, which one
do you think went further?

- This is close.
- [Dan] It does look close, right?
Okay, stand there.
I'm gonna walk over.
To the ball.
Right here.
- [Rick] No way!
- [Dan] This is where it
is, not even a yard further.

- Not very good in the water,
is it, for the first shot.

See this is good, this is
a good task, those two.

Illegal ball, I didn't
give it enough credit, Dan.

It's got, it's better than I expected.
- [Dan] Yup.
- [Lincoln] That's a,
that's such a weird bird.

What in the world?
- What's inside an illegal golf ball?
Nitro ball, this is like
a PVC pipe cutter and it's

perfect for cutting golf
balls open as I've learned

from Rick.
So here we go, set it in here.
This is, oh!
This is my first time using
it, don't make fun of me!

I can do this!
I'm not used to using such nice tools,
oh look at that,
I need one of these in my life!
Hopefully they make these in America.
Nitro dust.
- That's genius!
- Oh!
Isn't that amazing?
- [Lincoln] Yeah!
- Okay, that's the first
question, is there anything

inside that makes it appear to be illegal?
What you're gonna see
from modern day golf balls

is just urethane inside
but the difference is

how hard is the urethane,
how many different layers

some of the balls like Callaway
or Titleist, they'll have

multiple layers to them,
like maybe a softer core

and then a harder outside, it just varies.
They try to base it off of
your swing speed and the type

of golfer you are, how much
spin you put on the ball,

it's a lot of science.
There's the inside of the
illegal golf ball, cheers.

- Next one's Tiger.
- Tiger Woods, is it okay if
we cut open you golf ball?

- [Screaming Man] Nooooooo!
- I think he said yeah.
- Ey, ohhh that is cool.
- What, this one's one layer too, well,
no it looks two.
- This is different than any

golf ball we've cut open.
That's a layer of clear, see
through, I don't even know

what it is, is it plastic?
Is it rubber?
- So from what I understand,
Tiger had a lot of input

into this golf ball and he
didn't like the fact that

golf balls feel a bit hard,
he wants maximum spin,

total feel.
- Okay, now I've cut open two
I think it's fair that this

tool, it feels very safe I
think that Lincoln should

be able to cut one open.
- It's so easy.
It's like scissors.
- [Dan] Did you see now?
- That's why you let me do it!
- [Dan] Keep going, you're not finished!
In 25 year old nastiness.
- This is hard.
Ha ha ha ha ha
It looked like meat!
I do not like the sliced
up meat, it's alive!

What is that?
First it explodes in
like, a bunch of liquid.

- [Dan] And now time for
the mysterious one, Rick?

You get to do the honors,
this is the Dunlop 65.

- [Rick] Iconic.
- [Lincoln] If it explodes on your jacket
I'm just warning you.
- [Dan] No, he's got it turned.
- [Lincoln] Oh yeah.
- [Rick] I'm a pro at this.
- [Lincoln] It sounds
like rubber, like when I

was cutting it.
- [Dan] Oh, where's the liquid?
- [Rick] Oh my goodness.
That is elastic.
Here we go.
Look at that.
- [Dan] Look at that.
65 year, 50 year old ball right here.
- [Rick] Oh my goodness, that's crazy.
- [Dan] Aaaagh!
It exploded everywhere!
- Look at that!
- [Dan] It's like, it's a ball of, of uh--
- It's a ball inside a ball.
- This is iconic, as a
golf fan it, it's magical

certainly the Dunlop 65,
thanks so much for letting

me cut that one open 'cause
that was like, I don't know

it's just got so much history.
- That was a lot of fun,
make sure that you check

out Rick Shiels channel on
YouTube, subscribe to his

channel, tell him that you came from us.
- There's probably links up there.
- And then check out our
video on our family channel

from Formby Hall, we are
going to be playing golf with

a seven foot seven tall golfer, no joke.
We're gonna do some challenges,
we're gonna have a lot

of fun, big thanks to Rick
Shiels for coming out here

today, we learned a lot about
golf balls and hopefully

you guys learned something
that'll help you become

a better golfer.
- Thanks guys, that sums it.
- That's why you let me do it!
- When they did change it to
the bigger size there was,

there was uproar!
They was like, how do
I get it in the hole?

This thing's too big.
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What's inside ILLEGAL Golf Balls?

152 Folder Collection
Li-chieh Young published on May 29, 2019
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