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Canadian chef John a fell in love with Taiwan before he even stepped foot
outside of his home country that's because he fell in love with his
Taiwanese wife jasmine while ice climbing we think it's about time he's
visited the home country of his loved one Talan I remember we were sitting in
our room at home and she's like John there's this PLC said we have to enter a
video and she spent nine hours making the one-minute video for myself I've
never won anything I went to my boss and I said chef I kind of entered a contest
too when I come to get a trip to Taiwan and he's like haha whatever but he
didn't believe me one guy in Canada winning a trip to Thai why just unheard
of so it's one of the most special trips I've ever taken to give John an
unforgettable first time experience honeymoon and wedding all in one Patti
is gonna show John and Jasmine the romantic side of Taiwan I think I smell
love in the air
Taiwan is a beautiful and interesting island with a fascinating mix of natural
sights and urban landscapes make it an ideal location for a wedding photoshoot
and because the wedding photoshoot industry in Taiwan is already very
sophisticated Lee developed you get great service creative styles and trust
me they are experts in making the couples look like superstars so for a
once-in-a-lifetime experience I think Taiwan is a great choice they
won't let you down the popularity of traveling to Taiwan to
get wedding photos taken has grown in the past years among many newly weds to
make their memory less forever no matter if it's western-style wedding gown
Chinese traditional wedding gown or even Taiwanese Aboriginal metronomic costumes
the wedding industry in Taiwan definitely can grant the newlyweds
wishes professional photographers creative makeup artists and aesthetic
works combine to make Taiwan top choice for wedding services
as I was mentioning about creativity the couples were challenged for a special
one underwater wedding photoshoot and I
gotta say Taizong has everything they need first a wedding photo shoot planner
check second deepest pool in Asia check and third a decent underwater
photographer well John and Jasmine have a mission to accomplish
underwater wedding photography Wow yeah and we were recommended by our friend
Rex find you okay great good choice much underwater experience okay don't worry
here the dark you miss the dips are poor in Asia so the button depth is wrong 21
meters oh don't worry there's a 1.3 and 305 metres so again try it step by steps
yeah okay no no waves no nothing and they're good water temperature perfect
sure so just get going yeah I'm not much of a water guy so I get a little bit
nervous and it comes to being underwater so and the nerves are built up kind of
nightmare too but I'm really excited to try to conquer the fear
I've had some underwater modeling experience before but only like super
cold lakes in Canada and then trying to open your eyes you know in the cold
water and with my eyes already so small so it was so hard for me
yeah but anyways yeah it was hard but it was fun
I know that's why I'm in it at first I was really nervous of breathing and I'm
getting used to regulate in my ears and I took something getting used to
honestly I wasn't worried about the couple at all because I knew the
adventurous blood was running in their veins and it felt really good to
introduce my Rakhi friends to the water world to my world
and even better seeing them loving it so after the scuba diving we moved off to
the serious business which is the underwater photo shoot but we're mainly
here for and as for me I'm now Jasmine's personal assistant underwater checking
our makeup and her skirt underneath the water boys I'm
all right we're all suited up yeah here we are yeah you're dressed up so
beautifully and all your makeup is done and I see John you're a bit nervous no
I'm good you're good I'm ready oh I saw you praying this then yeah so we'll test
and try ready to get in the water again a little bit of a different way see I've
opened my eyes underwater a few times at the swimming pool so I'm not too worried
about that I'm more worried about to not being able to breathe underwater what
yeah I'm excited I don't know how long
love each other of course you do but we show that so grab her ass yeah we met
our photographer Yoko at the door who's super nice gave us a lot of advice
staying relaxed stay calm you know he was very professional told us to take a
little bit of scuba diving to get us used to it which was a lot of fun and
after that we went to the deeper part
well I was nervous to begin with as well because of the dress I was having
trouble like kicking my legs and then I got tangled several times but with all
the help from the rescue team and then I was getting more relaxed and then we
were getting better and better
even if you're a rough person being in the water
I think the most important thing that John kept so calm even if you were
actually really nervous is you have like this really strong mental training
before oh yeah definitely it's one of the things you have to have fear finding
damn is the mental fortitude strength in their private life it's just not my
forte is I sink like a rock it really helped tired it was work but it was
worth it yeah we're excited to see them today we went and saw that gal May
wetlands which is a home to a whole bunch of wind turbines giant windmills
and I wanted to go check it out because we have a lot back home we wanted to see
the similarities and then we also wanted to see the sunset but it was a little
bit cloudy so we didn't get too much of sunset but what we did see was these
birds medium and by Lucy's yes yeah and those little crabs a whole bunch of
little crap yeah and then one of the coolest things I've seen our walking
fish I've never seen them before fish that walks on the land is kind of
cool Wow so weird it's so cool yeah it was really really
cool place
okay what's flight which one which one Thank You Birds yeah okay so this is
Jasmine and we're gonna pick up his husband John and he flew all the way
from Canada really excited seafood
it's great I was really nervous to start it was my longest flight but no I'm
really excited I know you're really exhausted already
oh yeah but there's one more most important the most important thing is
family family you've seen mom right I have an sister and sister this time
it's daddy time oh yes yes that's not doesn't have me nervous at all already
saying more when you say daddy like I said I wasn't gonna be able to meet her
father for a few years and now I get to meet him the one thing I regret not
doing was asking him if I could marry his daughter right so I want to thank
them for letting it happen letting me marry her I'm very excited to see how
they meet and everything because they only met on skype and then they never
met in person so yeah it's gonna be fun
so yeah so welcome you to Taiwan and attending our Taiwan and first-timer we
have them welcome video for you yeah hey John Jasmine hi Oh Jasmine the Terran
hiney ho so Johnny finally made it I am sure jasmine has told you all about her
home country but now you're finally here and you get to see smell and taste
Taiwan for yourself now in addition to a lovely romantic honeymoon with your wife
we are also gonna give you a hundred thousand NT to use however you wish so
be creative now Taiwan is very famous for its wedding photography so my first
mission to you is to take your wife and to go and take underwater wedding photos
have fun and good luck that's your first mission underwater
wedding photography but I think you're putting this mission aside first because
I know you're tired from the flight in yeah three one is kuzey C does the first
thing that comes to mind night market and food isn't what I hear about
I showed them to my water world and now it's their time to show me there's John
and Jasmine's relationship started and was built firmly upon all sorts of
adventurous activities especially climbing so to know their world better
we moved ourselves to Xiaomei sheep which it was a river located in the
beautiful valleys of nantou I was about to experience an adventure requiring
climbing skills excitement and a passion for life with the couple's
ha mrs. John I often get you nice to meet
I took you to my world for some scuba diving and it's time for you guys to
take me to be warmer yeah yeah lots of equipment huh I'm excited to show Patti
my world too this is something I'm a little more familiar with I'm not so
much a deep water guy but a canyon water or a river water with that that's
something I can get behind get used to me I'm pretty nervous honestly but I
think I'll conquer and I think they're willing to help
here's a diagram of this hunter Network account number power boo boos oh good a
cuckoo home energy back to your dog time okay
this is fly-fishing they were experts in climbing especially John but in this
activity I saw their love and their caring for each other like John is
always behind jasmine and always asking baby are you okay I find it it's just in
my heart to keep her safe she's the most special woman I've ever met she accepts
me for me she is so happy and smiley and I don't want anything to ever happen to
her so I'll follow her anywhere to keep her that way we met for the very first
time only briefly we never talked I was ice climbing with my friend Jeff a
couple of cute girls walked by and I asked my friend who's that and he
ignored me Oh so that was it and our first real date
was climbing 120 meters it was a 5/8 multi bitch super fun so much fun
suppose me yeah and then we walked back down to the car and that's where I gave
her the first kiss and after that information
the garden for you oh it's serious if you slip you will get hurt you're not
gonna die but you could hurt yourself so no it's like high school
it's pirate victory there
like a chimney baby sometimes just old
push hard push push yeah baby watch your foot nice work baby
I think Patti found herself in there she was scared but we started and then sure
enough she like yeah June joy that really really well I think
when I met Jasmine she was already an outdoor throw these does you love
photography and love to be outside then once we met we vote that shared
interests and yeah the fun really hasn't stopped
the second waterfall we had to swim of it to reach the waterfall then to climb
and you know swimming against the strong force was really really tough
I felt like a salmon fish swimming upon this whole thing and when I got to the
climbing part I had no more pretty strength so I was like I need help i
need help come on push push push me up
so much fun
I think it's time for lunch ah yeah burn up a lot of calories
yes I stood in South right so we gonna enjoy one of the most famous Taiwanese
delicate lunch is one of the Taiwanese delicacies instant noodles but all as
always they always beef up the instant noodles with like pork balls and tofu
smalls some really delicious vegetables it was amazing I was great
nothing like having it dinner with your feet in the water liter one yeah
okay so after lunch we're going back now right yeah okay we'll go on the same
track or fine down what do we do better you will see give you some more
excitement hey surprise normally in Canada everywhere we go we
have to let's say hike one couple hours three hours to get to the spot that we
want to climb but here like you can just park and they always right there you can
start the outdoor stuff and if you're an outdoor person this is a really amazing
spot to be so if there's so much to do here pull em up and you jump or slide
them yeah I got to jump like five meters or something into a little pool the wide
area and he can't jump too far we'll catch up to clothes it was fun he hit a
nothing major he does see no snap
and after all the excitement I'm really happy I did quite well and they were
really really caring for me and after the extreme things I'm gonna take them
to some good news but that's hardcore up in the mountains to see one of the
best views in Taiwan
I know you guys are crazy for outdoor activities and after the waterfall
climbing it's a bit extreme for me so now I'm gonna take you to another place
but she had the adventurous feeling but okay a little drier you see that the
suspension up there idea you get the best view of the middle part of Taiwan
so let's go up when we first arrived here it was beautiful super blue sky
very sunny it's beautiful a lot nicer for me so this is the longest suspension
bridge in the highest altitude of Taiwan Service says typing led into the clouds
obviously there's no this suspension bridge is linking two mountains
this is typing mountain and over there it's Turtle Mountain and on your
right-hand side this is the john inflate and it's one of the most prosperous
areas of Taiwan you get lovely produce the fruits the vegetables and very
famous for tea as well and also beautiful flowers orchids and beat on
that scenery is totally different here mountains have trees covering them
tropical crazy green trees covered in spiders we have mountains covered in
spiders but no trees it's beautiful totally different and I'm sure you're
not afraid of heights don't scare you know so this is just another beautiful
angle of the mountain I like this one it's 300 something meters down so not so
high for you uh well you know longer than my rope we don't have many
suspension bridges where I live and if they are there I think there's one maybe
walk across the others have been washed away by the rivers so it was really cool
they can get on a big one a judgement what did you order
Mountain tea Ali Mountain tea don't give it a try
yes really really famous in Taiwan yep and since we're on Ali Mountain we have
a mission also connected to AB note okay you ready for your next month yeah after
all the adventure have a look Taiwan is a really popular travel destination for
couples because you'll find that there's a lot of romantic under ways so John I
highly recommend that you head to Ali son where you can take Jasmine to
explore the morning sunrise or even stargaze at night I'm sure you're gonna
find plenty of reasons to fall in love mm-hmm and me I will be your
photographer for the day so Cheers Ali Mountain yes I love to my wife how
meaningful it is to have the ancient woods declare your love wedding under a
divine tree is watched over by ancient trees as newlyweds deal their lifelong
commitment underneath signifying everlasting love fortune and happiness
but I'm quite sure the couples are already really securely tied up together
just like their safety nuts in the climbing gear we're now at the a leash
on National Forest Park and this is around like 2000 something
altitude high from above the sea and how are you enjoying this weather oh it's
beautiful this is my kind of temperature and look at my house everybody's putting
jackets on Taiwanese it's still kind of hot it's not seriously oh this is
perfect weather but we were talking about the sea of clouds you can see over
there it's slowly forming there's many many different kinds of
trees Cypress cedar Taiwan fir and maybe like hundreds of years old to go see
some of the oldest trees in Taiwan that's one of our missions the next one
and so and that's gonna be awesome and declare our love in front of these old
trees yeah I went there when that was a look at so you'd be nice to go with my
husband now right in front of us over here we're heading to this memorial
statue because people still cut trees down timber use so this is to kind of
calm the spirits down this bears up the tree so it's kind of a religious thing
and it started from the Japanese rules ages it's beautiful yeah and let's move
on over there that's the most important one the most sacred one and guess how
old it is under 2,000 honestly it's two thousand and three hundred and that's
when our ancestors were still like mites cells the aged about two thousand
already Cypress so this is the the old guy you guys are meeting and in front of
it a grandpa
this is where I'm useful more useful I'm gonna take some photos for you all right
yeah this is my first time in the sacred forest the sake of trees goes fantastic
really beautiful it's nice to see the memorials to the trees and that twenty
three hundred year old tree just kind of blew me away it was a really really big
okay very weird
look this is your room really nice room
what's up Japan yeah very Japanese good night Seto
okay guys good morning good morning it's 4:00 a.m. in the morning Jasmine how was
your nap last night it was good short very short but now we're in a Lee Suns
railway station so this railway was built originally for logging so it's
quite narrow quite small and why we're here this early is because we're gonna
see the sunrise going into the valleys for the best spot Thanks so last time I
was here seeing the sunrise was five years old so it's good to be back in ten
yeah waking up today was a little bit difficult but like you say we do wake up
this early to go up mountains are going climbing we call it the Alpine start so
if we've been known to wake up early in order to submit it before noon
we can lie down to shore to it Wow we took this way of train the old
Japanese logging trade it was really really nice super old beautiful forests
through the darkness and then back through the Sun
it was great super short door for you I have been here before a couple of times
but it's first time with my husband Wow so many people doing a famous you
nothing without my annual net oh how pic of my ass now I'm going out here to
pimple what do you want to try as well
oh okay okay we got everything this way
wow really nice whoa I've never seen cloud in this form Wow beautiful so this
is one of the best spots for the sunrise and that is now Jade the highest peak of
Taiwan and so this behind it and look at the clouds a lot
of friends
it's coming up so quickly
to study I think one of my favorite things to do is so watch the sunrise
with jasmine I think the Sun is bright
it's like too much too much too much Sun do shining I want it all in so I don't
okay so I'll go take the shade now in here I think looking at the sunrise is
it's really comforting especially when you wake up in the morning and you enjoy
the crisp air and being with nice people I think it's it's a good moment
the aborigine culture of Taiwan is a precious part of the whole culture in
alleys and there is a traditional Aborigine tribe called the souls and
arranged for the couples they can experience the traditional zou style
wedding which is how very very differently to what we know
you kill watch I guess for you yeah this is for the king and queen John and
Jasmine experienced some of the traditional activities such as love
jelly making so lovely couple in traditional costume you liking it
yeah how you feeling is it comfortable yeah is it comfortable really
comfortable so this is called I do I means love you means Jade and so for you
couple to accomplish this together meaning everlasting love so she'd know
once again I do with you think I never lit no hearts and I just see about how
the I need to get want young boy yoga you scrape off all the seeds or the
speed and then make a huge mess so by this we can see the personalities of
then you put it in this mesh bag and my wife and I we both need it under boiled
water together how my United we do I need a baby when I three to thoughtful
like saying oh you have to both mix it too good I do it from behind
a bit more horse okay I you symbolized our love by like when we make it if we
squeeze it too hard and then which symbolize that all probably it's pushing
too hard in our relationship and then we can ask squeeze too lightly as well so
we have to make sure it's balanced and then just like our relationship I can
feel the difference the water is getting more gooey yeah yeah I can feel it
inside the bag you can feel it getting thicker now I do because I thought my
tea yeah it was really really nice I just let it sit over there for a few
hours yeah it was really fun
usually in the aborigine tribe seeing worldwide
adulthood ceremony is very commonly seen but unlike what we know of that those
arranged their adulthood ceremony during the wedding ceremony just before the
elders approved their wedding and the whole process very easy spanking
drinking headpiece decorating so they have to steal the wife I think yeah so
that's the chaplain that's why I had to hide behind and then he went out first
and then trying to look for me and then I came out and then a couple of warriors
had to hold me down and the tribal leader had to hit me three times
but it was cool it was just to signify that you're growing up you're getting
married and you're moving on and then the rice wine powers are really cool too
like you have to drink us a same pace not like oh one is faster so the water
will come out stuff like that yeah yeah we have to drink as one it was really
oh my goodness no great watch dance moves I felt like I had four legs
instead of two that was my most nerve-wracking part I'm not a very good
dancer but it was there's a lot of fun they
really welcomed us soon
all right this is what you guys made the love jelly yeah so let's give it a spin
like nothing like water yeah we did it was good yeah it was
surprisingly yeah it tasted like the honey and lemon we
put on it it was a lot like the Canadian jello but more delicate that's good is
that what you imagine I didn't know what to imagine it it's good though so John
this is yours for today hahaha finish it up show your love to your wife let's
check it off yeah and we can have it on the way right okay
take it and go take it away
Jasmine is a real sweetheart and a very thoughtful girl as well so for their
wedding she never really asked for anything not the ceremony not the
wedding photos and not even a ring but I know girls even if they don't say it
they have it in here or or here but John the very thoughtful and wonderful
husband he knew it and he's got something in his mind for quite a while
so what I'm doing is I'm trying to get a ring for Jasmine because I never got her
an engagement ring coastal wedding ring Oh
so I want a surprise for at the Taipei dinner with that a nice new jewelry what
do you guys think I think I like it I think it would look good on her I want
to buy that one so she does have no but I'm excited to give her the surprise and
it's hard hard to top it says surprise jasmine so I I'm excited should be fun
I can't wait to give it to her on top of Taipei 101
so how do you like this place it's beautiful and I know the two of you
after getting married your first time the Taiwan you two have been wanting to
have a nice gathering with the whole family yeah so I picked one of the
finest restaurants in Taipei we're now on the 85th floor of Taipei 101 with the
best view of Taipei City nice nice so you two in for fancy restaurants I am
stoked yeah and ready for the cherry on top the family is waiting all right
all right let's head in okay so Jazmin and John still remember your first
missions I do remember our first mission I do believe it was taking underwire
in photography and are you guys stoked to see the room a little bit so move
your site it's ready on the left
John and Jasmine had a romantic trip around Taiwan and so we're just gonna
give him a little bit of a last surprise maestro please
it was super special for Janet to come in and set up the engagements off
I saw your wedding pictures they're really really awesome yeah I love the
underwater ones whether it was that difficult to do it took some work and
how do you feel me this is your first time ever leaving Canada yeah it was
amazing much yeah one of the coolest experiences good okay well I have to ask
everybody here yeah I think we want something a little bit more romantic cuz
we didn't get to see it did you see it I didn't did you see it - no no no yeah we
were pretty alone in that yeah so I think we need to maybe reenact some sort
of situation
elbow I think in front of everybody it was so hard to keep this a secret safe
it's a really hard secret to keep especially having the ring in my pocket
for a couple days to last until tonight last but not least
yeah let's get the say just pretend you're not here
and it was so nervous doing it in front of all the family oh my heart was
beating like crazy and my forehead started to sweat it was very
nerve-wracking but I love her with all my heart time I would ask her in front
of a million people any time and Janet as a married woman huh and happy in
marriage do you have any words for the newlywed oh yeah completely the woman is
always right always yes always right to the device it is true happy wife happy
life and no other than that I think you'll have a great start you you met on
you know doing adventure you've explored different things together I've heard
you've had a very very romantic start of the marriage in fact because you took
care of you when you were in Canada I mean all these things are you know great
start for a wonderful marriage so hopefully Taiwan is your first trip
outside of Canada hopefully you will not be your last so we should probably not
stand between the two
their family was so welcoming so happy and everybody is so nice it was hard
being the foreigner who stole her daughter so it was really really
emotional especially dad it was important for me to thank him for
allowing me to marry his daughter it was really nice
family show
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