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- - Hi I'm Joel.
- And I'm Lia.
And today's video is all about weird things
that British people do.

And we know this, because we're guilty of
all of these.

- Yeah, British people are very weird.
Yeah, this video would be a bit racist probably,
if we weren't British.

♪ Why we are the way we are ♪ So let's
start with the most boring obvious one, weather.

Brits love to talk about the weather.
It's not just a stereotype, we just do it.
- You walk into a new space, you've just come
from the outside and you're like oh, it's

chilly out there.
- Yeah.
Biting cold.
- How are you?
Oh, I'm cold.
Or if the conversation's just flat than you're
just like it's been really nice weather recently

though, hasn't it?
- Yeah.
- Apparently it's supposed to last until next
week, yeah.

Or the like of that.
- Yeah, just make up anything like oh, apparently
it's going to rain tomorrow.

- Yeah.
I don't know why.
It's, I'm just bored even talking about it.
I just hate it.
- Oh, it's boring.
- So boring.
- So dull, but if you're running out of things
to say just start chatting about the weather.

- Yeah.
- Another thing that we do is we love to say
goodbye a million times.

- Literally, it's so funny.
- Bye, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See ya.
- Okay, see ya soon.
- Okay, take care.
- Cheers, see you.
- All right then.
- Bye.
- All right, see ya.
- You got higher and higher pitch.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Okay, bye.
- And I noticed this was a cultural difference,
especially with America, when I watch Keeping

Up With The Kardashians.
- Yeah.
- And they would literally be talking to their
mum and be like okay, bye.

I was like you're so rude.
Don't talk to your mother like that.
-Oh my gosh.
- They do it all the time, they're just like
okay, bye.

And that's complete.
- What and they're gone?
- Yeah, they're gone.
They just say bye once.
- Oh, my.
- And immediately hang up.
- Oh it's just like a dagger to the heart.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah, it has to be like, you have to prepare
me for the goodbye's coming.

- Yeah.
- You're like all right then.
Okay, sleep well.
- [Both] Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'd hang up during a bye.
- Bye.
- It's so funny.
- And then one time my boyfriend was saying
bye and I said something and then he accidentally

hung up and then he immediately sent me a
voice WhatsApp, I'm so sorry I just cut you

I love you too.
I can't.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, we're weird we just say bye all the

- And if you have a thought after someone
starts saying bye usually you know that they're

still on the phone.
- Yeah.
- You can't be like okay oh by the way Mom.
She's still there.
- Yeah.
- Just in case.
- Yeah you say bye about a million times.
- You need another five goodbyes before they'd
actually hang up.

- Yeah.
- And it's funny isn't it because I think
the we get the whole no you hang up first,

no you hang up first.
- Yeah.
- I think that's an American thing.
- Yeah, I think it is.
- But we're worse.
- Yeah we just.
- We are the worst.
- My mum for example never hangs up on me.
Or she used to say that she never used to.
She'll always wait for me or my brothers to
hang up first 'cause she feels weird about

hanging up on her sons So I know that if I
go bye, I just wait there.

She'll still be there.
- She'll still be there.
- So funny.
- Until she sees that it's cut off.
That is so funny.
- So funny.
- I can't hang up on my sons.
That's hilarious.
Do you know what I find really rude?
- What?
- That British people do.
Say we're about to get a train, we're running
down the platform my train goes that way and

yours train goes that way.
- Yeah.
- People do it all the time.
Everyone does it to me and to everyone else.
They're like oh there's my train, bye and
they run to it.

I'm just like can't we just have another five

- Yeah, the next train's gonna be in like
three or four minutes.

- Yeah, but I, Dom's done it before, you've
done it before.

- Yeah.
- They're like oh that's me gotta go bye.
I was like if that was a phone call that would
never happen.

-You've done it to me though.
So I think it, I think it does happen when
it's your train.

- I've started, yeah.
- You're like I've literally gotta go but
when it's someone else's train you're like

that's rude.
- I know we have one set of rules for ourselves.
- Yeah.
- And another set of rules for everybody else
That's so true!

- So the next one is queuing.
Obviously we love to queue up for things.
- And we hate anyone who cannot queue.
- Yeah.
- If you cannot stand in a queue get, just

- Yeah.
- Immediately leave the shop, go somewhere

Go somewhere that doesn't require a queue.
- Yeah, definitely.
I mean today, so there was two queues forming
in a shop.

And I knew I was on the right side this is
where the queue is supposed to be.

So when the person called next that that person
in that queue started walking slowly towards

it and I literally ran straight in front of

I was like I'm first.
And then, because they didn't respect the

- Respect the queue.
- Respect the queue guys.
Literally if you don't want to get beaten
up in London just don't skip queues.

- I nearly have a fit at someone in Berlin
who didn't queue.

And then I was like this isn't my country.
-Oh, maybe I'm wrong.
- Wait in the line please.
On the topic of communication it's just autopilot
for us to put a kiss at the end every text.

But just a little X.
At least one if someone hasn't put one X something's

- Something's wrong.
- Something's wrong.
Something's fishy.
- I didn't realise this was a thing that Americans
don't do.

That they just don't put X's, X doesn't mean

- No.
- So American's like what?
What does that X mean?
But we all just do it to anyone.
I mean I do it less.
- Than me.
- Than you, I think.
I don't put kisses at.
- I always put an X. at the bottom of every

- The end of every message.
Unless I really care about that person.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- It depends like you and I've got a back
and forth what's up, what's up?

- Yeah.
- So there's not a kiss at the end.
- No.
- Otherwise that would be more thumb work.
- Yeah.
See the last person I just texted on WhatsApp,
she gave me two kisses and I didn't give her

- Okay maybe I am just a bit over friendly
with the kisses.

- I think youprobably are.
- Oh no, Laura does too, one, one, one, - Okay.
- But I never count.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
- Kiss, kiss whatever.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
- Kiss, kiss.
- So but just don't be freaked out if you
get a kiss from someone that you don't know

that well.
'Cause it isn't really, it doesn't translate
to romantic a thing.

It's just a polite thing.
- Yeah.
- Being like I'm not pissed off at you.
- Yeah.
- Kiss, kiss.
- Yeah.
The next one is the obsession with class.
So Brits are completely obsessed with class.
- It's just our version of America's racism
I think.

'Cause I vote, well obviously there's racism
in the UK as well.

But I've heard that America is a lot more
divided along race.

So whether you are American or Native American
or whether you're Hispanic or whether you're

black or African-American.
Whereas in the UK we're less divided on that
and more divided on class.

- Divided on class.
- So if you're working class you're seen as
less then if you're middle class.

- Middle class.
- Or you're upper class.
So it's like.
- Or like Upper Middle class.
- Yeah.
- There's all these other class systems and
it's like you might be born working class

but you might marry into or become, educate

And be middle class.
- Yeah.
- And a live a middle class existence.
- Yeah.
- And it's all so messed up.
- It really is.
- It's so messed up.
It's complete crap.
- And what's it even mean.
- All it is is crap.
- Really?
- It's.
- I know friends that won't marry or date
people below their class.

Not necessarily that they made it a strict
thing where's it's like no I'm not staying

in my class.
They'll be like I'm not dating him he's a

He's working class I'm not dating him.
Even though they might actually really like

- Yeah.
- Which I think is really sad.
- It's a shame that Brits are obsessed with

- Yeah.
- To the point they're just prevents them
from having friendships and relationships

outside of their social immediate social circles.
- And the final one is apologising.
Everyone knows Brits to be very apologetic
and it's true.

I was thinking we even insult people by saying
I'm sorry, but you're an idiot.

- Yeah.
-And we still start with I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry but.
- Yeah - I'm gonna say something I'm not sorry

- Yeah - I'm sorry but you're wrong.
- Yeahliterally.
- Rather than us just being like.
- It's just always sorry.
- Just say what we mean.
And mean what we say.
- Yeah.
- Someone wheeled their wheelie suitcase over
my toes.

- Yeah.
- And I was like sorry.
And then I was like wait a minute they didn't
even say sorry.

- Why did I say sorry?
- To me.
- So if in doubt if you come to London just
say sorry even if things aren't your fault.

- Yeah.
- You'll fit right in.
- Yeah.
Right guys if you identify with any of this.
And if you are sort of thinking oh I can think
of something else that they do as well, please

let us know in the comments.
'Cause we love reading stuff about why we
are the way we are.

- Yeah.
- We always recommend this Twitter account.
It's called VeryBristishProblems.
- Yeah, it's really good.
- It's is just so worth following.
It's like us in a nutshell.
- I wonder whether people would understand
it if they're not British, though?

If they'd just be like.
- I think people who maybe have lived here
before or have visited for a long time.

- Let us know if there's any weird things
where you're from as well.

I love to think.
- Yeah, I'd love to know that.
- We're not alone in our weirdness.
- Yeah.
Right now though I really do need a cup of

Not even joking.
- Yeah.
- Not just saying that because we're making
a video about Britishness.

But I'm dying for a cup of tea.
- Fine let's go get one.
- Let's go and make one.
- We'll see you soon.
Don't forget to follow all our social media.
What we're you?
- I was about to say I'd make a cracking cup
of tea.

- Go on then.
- Honest I make.
- Make up yourself.
- I do make a fantastic cup of tea.
- Go on.
- If we ever get the pleasure of having a
cup of tea together darlings.

The tea's on me.
- I don't like tea.
I'm a terrible British person.
- Terrible Brit.
Terrible Brit.
- Dislike.
- Thanks for, you're very good at sharing,

Aren't you Joel?
Thanks for letting me wear your jumper today.
- That's okay.
It's all right.
- Just do nothing.
- It suits you.
- January.
- This is what we have to remind ourselves
to do.

Just do nothing.
- Just do nothing.
Learn how to relax.
- Yeah.
I'm just always switched on.
- You are switched.
- I feel bad if I'm not working.
- Oh, I feel awful.
- Even my horoscope today said you've been

- Working.
- So hard.
- So hard.
- I was like yeah I have.
- I know.
All right guys, thank you.
See ya next time.
-See ya soon.
- [Both] Bye.
And mean what we say.
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Weird Things British People Do! | American vs British

279 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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