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Hi I'm Joel and I'm Lia and I'm Tom and
this video is all about different

communities in London
so we get a lot of
comments from you lot asking about what are

the different communities in London lots
of you are looking to move to London and

while it's important to integrate into
the culture here in the UK I think it's

also really important to have a
community that you belong to because

London can be a really lonely place to

so London is like a super
multicultural City so there are so many
communities right around in London

ok who wants to talk about the first community in London?
okay I want to go with the first one
because I find this one the most

fascinating okay and that's the Korean

ah amazing
I only just
really explored or found out about the
Korean community and it's based in a

little kind of area just almost on the
outskirts of South West London in New

Malden and it's like little Korea and
it's like allegedly it's 20,000 Koreans that

live there
and it's this whole community where there's

Korean signage shops it's just it's
amazing yeah

that's so awesome yeah I used live
in Raynes Park which is just one stop
away from New Malden so I walk

there occasionally um it's just full of

so is there a Korean supermarket yeah that's
so good yeah so I led you the reason
I researched the reason that you know the
original Korean embassy was based in New Malden which is why a lot of people kind of went
there in the seventies and eighties
yeah because it is
an odd place - yeah yes

it's a really random place why would you ever go to New Malden?
and most embassies are usually in very flashy areas and New Malden is just not flashy
but I think it's moved now into central London
and then allegedly the the Samsung
headquarters of Europe yeah was

originally based there as well so I mean
two great reasons if you're Korean

00:01:51,570 --> 00:01:53,920
I really wanna go there

allegedly there's an
amazing that Korean fried chicken and

beer place so
fried chicken and beer?
I mean if you're not busy
is that Korean? it sounds American
it's like Korean fried chicken and Korean beer
oh yeah
is there an American community in London?
because I worked with students from NYU
but I didn't know if

I was just sort of
in this spot where I was like oh
there's loads of Americans here whether there's
actually a hub for Americans in London I
don't think there is

and I think that's because
they speak English you find it easier to
integrate with British people whereas I

think one of the big reasons for people
sticking with communities from the

country that they're from is the
language that's a huge part of why

yeah there
was an American School in St John's Wood so I think whether you've got like
schools and institution that people kind
of congregate and I know that there's like an

American football teams based around
there as well so maybe there was or is

and same with churches like there seems to
be lots of Greek Orthodox churches up in

North London and that's where a lot of
my family live that a Greek it tends to

be where there's already stuff to
do with that culture or that language or

community but I actually went to a
meetup for Greeks it was called London

Greek artists okay and I actually really
didn't have a great time unfortunately I

was the only sort of English born Greek
there and I felt not Greek enough to be

there I guess that's also the generational thing like if you are a few
generations in
you're the second or
third generation you feel like a local

Londoner you don't feel so Greek
so it's, how does your identity form within you?
like it you do you feel Greek or do you feel

it's really hard because like
with my Greek family they would be like no she's English
but like with my English friends I like to think oh I'm the Greek one
but i'm so not
so it's really hard
identity problem
around where I live yeah there's
a lot of like Greek Cypriot businesses
so the hairdresser I go is such a great

barber I love going in there and hearing
like London Greek Radio

all that kind of stuff
the fish-and-chip shop is owned by Greek

yeah but they
tend to be from like my camden up
yeah you'll find Greeks
yeah will will find them
you can't get rid of them
i'm with one
where I used to live in Clerkenwell was a huge
Italian community I think it used to be

a lot more Italian back in the day yeah
it used to be known as like Little Italy

but whenever I'd walk through Clerkenwell there's like a massive Italian
church there called St Peters and next to
it that's like a Italian delicatessen

and like whatever the Italian version is
shops and everything and it's just
really lovely
I remember on I want to
say Sunday because it was the church finishing

but it might not have been Sunday but
anyway um all the Italians sort of

being pushed out onto the street as
they're leaving church and like it just

looked like a really lovely community of
everyone just chatting Italian and like

going to the shop and the cafe afterwards
that's just it's just really nice if you
did you really wanna be Italian yeah I did and
I'm not sure what my heritage is it
it could actually be Italian my family just
aren't sure because my family from like

Romany gypsies which means we could be from

Going on from that institution so
there's le lissage francais which
is a school in Kensington mmm yeah I've

heard that there is a big French
committee that's kind of built up

around that school because a lot of the
people that are from France want

their kids to go there and to speak
French every day but also kind of live

within a bilingual sorry grow up
in a bilingual way and amazingly so

there is an MP well so yeah an elected
representative of the French parliament

in London so all the French people that
have moved abroad they get to vote for a

representative to represent them in the
French parliament or whatever and

there's one based in London so anyone
like a French person who lives in Paris

yeah sorry a French person that lives in
London can vote for a representative

that's a really cool perk of having

your community yeah
so you can live in
London you can but you can vote yeah

have your own little French MP
a Frempy
a frempy - a French MP
one of my
favourite things in London is the way you

could kind of you can get on the bus and
you can go through loads of different

communities so and there's a bus called the 253
and you can get on at
Euston and it goes to packing centering
it goes through some amazing communities

I can go through Camden in this but it's
like hipsters and what sort of rockers

and stuff and then you go through
Holloway and then it goes on and then

you get to Stamford Hill and Stanford
Hill is the most amazing place

with a
hasidic Jewish community yeah where
everyone is traditionally dressed it just

feels like a totally different world yes
I went up there for a job and I had to

sort of like do a double-take and it's
really stark like you you're going down

one road and then suddenly you turn and you're
like wow I'm in a totally different

London this is yeah you know it's kind
of like the traditional word of ghetto

meaning like a separated community right
yeah it's really only people from that
community yeah it's amazing and it's
amazing that until this point still it's

really strong since things get diluted so
early and like people often get priced

out of areas and you hear of them not
being able to sort of stay near what

they want to be near yeah but there's
also a really huge sort of Caribbean

influence going on in Brixton
you know when you get out at Brixton and you've got so
much sort of like Jamaican Caribbean
yeah vibes even just like the music

that's playing when you come out of
the station it's electric it's so cool

yeah like we we're saying pockets of London
with these communities really exciting
and definitely worth exploring when
you're here yeah with that Caribbean

culture is it's the one I think about
most when I think about like a

multicultural London I think about like
yeah Brixton and that kind of area of

multicultural sort of Caribbean and then
also at Notting Hill

I mean the Notting HIll carnival yeah there
isn't a bigger representation of like

multicultural London yeah it's amazing
yeah if you guys

do you ever go ?
yes sometimes it can be
like chaos it can also be really fun
yeah yeah yeah it's not my sort of thing

crowds but I
like watching like videos and on telly
I like watching the recap of it oh that

looks nice again Notting Hill that was a
very traditional Caribbean community

that has development we see now it's changed
it's become very people even priced out

so yeah
I think
these communities are being pushed

further and further out because I know
that I watched a documentary about

cockneys who are like people that are
born in London who usually were in East

London but now they're being priced out
and pushed futher out so now you don't

really find that many cockneys in London
they've sort of moved over to Essex and

they sort of reside over there now and then that's changing their accent and their
identity and then so they're just sort
of fading out so it is sad about gentrification

but yeah but then
it's kind of just evolving things so
like let's say Brick Lane for example

which is now a largely Bangladeshi area
with also hipsters as well yeah

but that was traditionally a Jewish area so
a lot of the Jewish early settlers then

left there and went off to Stanford Hill
and Golders Green and then the Bangladeshi

community moved in so yeah these areas
just evolve no one really owns that area it's just like

on Brick Lane you've also got
got signs written in Bengali so
it's like you've got little Bangla town

on Brick Lane and loads and loads and
loads of restaurants which is like it is

literally like five steps later and
you're in a different place yeah it's mental

amazing it's amazing photo if you took
capture like Brick Lane and then the

translation in Bengali
yeah that's what I think is
really nice though Brick Lane is that

you've got all those cultures in one
place whereas I'm not a fan necessarily

of communities that are purely one
section of society even if it's just

cockney or whatever it is I like when
people sort of integrate the cultures

all together I think there's a lot of
yeah a lot of integration

yeah it's one of the great things is
yeah do have that fluid movement of people

yeah in fact if you're
into sort of food who isn't
an amazing market on a Saturday and

Sunday and it's on Brick Lane and it's
got everything's got like Malaysian food

and and like just every sort of like
Caribbean food every sort of genre of

food all under one sort of Street Market
it's really nice try the Malaysian

pancakes I've not been to Malaysia but I
know what they taste like

and on that note guys I think we'll
leave it there because you've already

got so much on London communities this
is gonna be in part one we think yeah

yeah, there could a part two I suspect yea if you're up for it?
definitely I love talking about London
and don't forget to let us know down in
the comments what community you're from

and if you've experienced that coming to
London we'd love to hear your thoughts

we also found a video over on Tom's
channel that's right yeah we looked at

London accents right so the different
variations and these guys are amazing

accents as you know so so yeah check
that out guys if you're not already

subscribed make sure you do that and
we'll see you next time!

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7 Different Communities in London | Multicultural London | With Tom EatSleepDreamEnglish

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Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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