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Hello we are Joel & Lia and today's video is
all about questions Brits have for

well it's questions we have for Canadians

but we're British so here you go here's some
questions that we have and maybe some

other British people have yeah let's
kick it right off with the first

question so the first question can come
across quite shady but stay with us

bare with us, we're not shady, no we're not shady
why is Canada always overshadowed by the

US? yeah I mean all we ever hear about
especially over here is just the US, US

US, yeah
Canada is never bigged-up no I mean a few

people are like "I love Canada" and yeah
rightly so it's a beautiful country but

why do we just not hear about it and
also why do Canadians get so offended

when we mix them up with Americans oh
it's awful I guess it's because they're

a different country just the same way
that Scottish people might be offended if

someone called them English yeah
so I guess it is offensive but you sound

the same Scottish people sound very
different to English people yeah I can't

hear the difference no me neither so
that's the first question and it makes

us awkward I was in a shop
in central London and I was being helped

by what I thought was an American
and then later on down the line about five

minutes into our conversation she was
like oh yeah coz I'm Canadian and I

was like.... and I immediately felt terrible
because I kept saying oh you'd love my

YouTube channel it's all about like you
know all things British and we do lots

of like American comparisons so you'll love all that but she didn't like bat an
eyelid and then when she told me she was
Canadian I was like.... I'm gunna go now. the only difference

I've heard about is when Americans make
fun of Canadians for saying the word

aboot instead of about which they don't even
do second question why are Kraft products

so huge, more so than in America yeah
apparently a study was done and you

Canadians eat 55% more Kraft products
than America so we tried these products

very recently in a video that we will
link up in the cards and all I can say

is it's like plastic food yes it's so rank!
So it's like the pasta, mac and cheese and then you

add milk to your powder and you make a

yeah it doesn't sound great you have
such great food like

poutine which Brits love poutine! Why do you resort to Kraft? What's the
point yeah um please let us know we'd
love to know and if you're someone who

doesn't eat that then please also let us
know like stick up for yourself yeah

yeah just back yourself
back yourself up come on be a bit more

like the US! Kidding, kidding we love Canada... not kidding! so the next question is why
is your Prime Minister so amazing and

why do you have so many women in
positions of power it's great that is

amazing rather than saying like why
maybe we should just say congratulations

yeah that was a good 'why' like
why are you so amazing, see how I just

made a joke about America being like be
a bit more like America but we don't

want you to be more like America, like in the UK
we place Canada like as being like one

of the best most accepting welcoming
countries in the world yeah so we

wouldn't want you to be more like
America yeah so we can eat our words

yeah yeah that's amazing I think other
countries should definitely take example

from that and yeah we're
not gonna drill you on that, in fact we're

gonna celebrate it yeah so no need to answer that
question. why did you guys put pineapple

on a pizza apparently a man from Canada
invented pineapple on pizza essentially

the Hawaiian pizza which is weird because I thought
that'd be from Hawaii but why on

earth like this is surely the worst
thing to come out of Canada I bet no one

in Hawaii actually likes pineapple pizza and infact they're
probably ashamed yeah they're probably

ashamed and they're probably livid that a
Canadian put their name to that pizza! It's so gross, it's disgusting, fruit should not go on pizza. It's so wrong on so many levels

I'm pretty sure Italians are very offended when they see pizzas with pineapple on, oh hugely! You'd never see that on an
Italian menu, no you should be very ashamed of yourself
Canada please undo! Undo undo, back back back. another question for you

Canadians is how much maple syrup do you
actually eat? yeah you always see

branding Canadian maple syrup
I've never seen any maple syrup that's

not Canadian yeah and if it is I
wouldn't buy it! they tap it in trees

don't they? I've seen them like you tap
in like this thing into a tree and then

out drips maple syrup like if that was
in the UK I'd be taking mine to a forest and just be like ...

I'd just have one in my pocket at all
times. A little hammer? Yeah! How much maple syrup do you have, do you have it for breakfast?

do you have it not at all? Let us know do
you have it every meal? do you drink that

instead of water? Who knows! so in a study Canada
was voted the second happiest country

why are you so happy? I'm always
suspicious of happy people, I'm like why are you

so happy? What have you go to be happy about? SLASH please tell us the secret coz us Brits are
miserable, we could really do with some of that, so why are you so happy is our

question yeah what could it be to do with?
maybe it's cuz you've got polar bears in

your country oh yeah maybe because
you've got like best of everything

yeah skiing ...skiing .... erm.... poutine
I reckon poutine is like a basic meal for them there, they're just like meh

it's chips and gravy that's it, but to us it's like CHIPS AND GRAVY AND CHEESE!
So the next question is why are you guys

still speaking French? I went over to Canada because my dad's
sisters lives over there so my auntie and

the cousins are over there and
everyone's fluent in French and they

speak English.... they're Greek by
the way so Greeks that live in Canada

who speak English
who speak English with a Canadian accent

and French and Greek it's all so messed
up that's crazy, coz they live in Montreal

which is the like area one of the areas
of Canada that was colonised.

colonised by the French in like 1500
something and you're still

speaking it it's a useless language. i'd have sacked that off ages ago!
oh me too I hate French like no offense I
learned it in school and stopped, I can't do

French there's too many like silent
letters. really? That's so funny.

sorry to our French viewers because I
know we've got French viewers and let us know

as well outside of French areas of
Canada is there much French going on or

is it literally just like you're in
French land now yeah and do you get offended

by people being like can you speak
English please yes coz I know French people

do in France they hate you speaking
English. They don't like it at all! So the next one is why do you

have bagged milk? that's so weird
I mean I've got my own stuff to do with

milk anyway like why are we still
drinking milk from cows just saying yeah

I'm not you're not but um why is your
milk in a bag yeah why? so weird, just put

it in like a .... cardboard... carton?
tetrapack! recyclable ... tetrapack? What is that? A carton? Anything that's ... yeah it's a tetrapack

I've never heard that, google tetrapack, check I'm saying that right.
that's hilarious you call it a tetra
pack do you know why I call it a tetrapack?

why? because I know the great great
grandson of the inventor of tetrapack

like the 4th richest family ever they
get a percentage of everything created

in that shape that's amazing. Went to Hurtwood, course he did. I love that you call it that "oh
can you get me a milk tetrapack please?"

So that's a question for Lia why does she say tetrapack? but why
can't you just start using cartons or

bottles like what is the pros for using
bagged milk I want to know everyone

wants to know. And it's plastic aswell isn't it! But then milk bottles are too, well they
used to be glass, can we just

go back to basics please yeah please
come on Canada. come on guys! next question is do

you guys like being in the Commonwealth?
it could be a touchy subject I think

it's similar with Australians that
some really love being attached to the

Commonwealth like
having the Queen as being like the head

of their country but other people like
want to be free from it yeah I don't

know what the pros and cons are I'm
guessing that the cons might be you

still feel like you're ruled by another
country you're not

independent, even though you are because you've got your own
Prime Minister do you like it do you
like the royal family do you like being

linked with the UK and with Australia
yeah and all the others, there's loads in the commonwealth isn't there! Like 52 or 53 countries.

But I quite like that I quite like that we've got a
little gang and the final question is do

you actually say eh
at the end of every sentence? you're from

Canada eh really? Apparently that's what they always
say no way, coz Charles

always says it now and he's like I don't
know "you're going to supermarket, eh?"

I don't know if I'm using it right but it's that sort of thing at the end of sentences like eh?
they always say ey. Do it turn anything into a question? Almost yeh.
imagine if you were like "I'm just going
to bed eh", bed eh, mum eh, mummay. Filming a video eh

We just make it Essex. That's all of our questions, isn't it? That's everything that's 10 questions that we Brits (Joel and I)
have for you Canadians please
engage with us in the comments we'll

reply to everyone yeah you wanted it! we
have questions Brits have for Americans

and we had Canadians reply being like
please do this for Canada so here you

are, let us know if you liked it. 10% of our audience wanted this don't say we
don't treat you if you want to buy a

coffee we've got some links down below
it's quite nice some people that have

been supporting us on YouTube have
bought us a little coffee on our page if

you fancy doing that we'd be super
appreciative of it yeah and don't forget

subscribe if you are new to this channel
we make videos all about British culture

and life in the UK and we often do
comparisons between UK and Canada... or other countries, as well as loads of other fun stuff

See you next time, see you soon! Bye!
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Questions For Canadians! What Do British People Think About Canada?

89 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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