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- Hello we are Joel and Lia.
- And today we're joined by
Real English with Real
Teachers, Harry and Charlie.

- Ooh.
Okay, so what this video is about,
it's all about what Brits say
and what they really mean.

So, we've actually done half of this video
over on Harry and Charlie's channel
with some acting examples,
especially for you guys,

and now we're gonna do
the other half here.

So, let's kick it off with the first one,
which is saying sorry too much.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Brits do that all the time.
- Yeah.
- So I went to a pub to meet up with
a good friend of mine, and
we were watching football,

and it was a really,
really busy club, pub.

Really busy pub in central London.
And this guy was walking
past me with his pint,

and when you're in the pub you walk
with your pint really
close to you like this,

and I knocked into him and
spilled his pint on him.

So, it was my fault.
Therefore, I should be
the person saying sorry,

but I didn't.
And he said sorry to me.
He said sorry to me!
- Yeah.
- He's like, "I'm sorry".
I was like, "why are you saying sorry?"
- I once said sorry to a bass when
it splashed me with water.
And then I realized I'm
the one soaked in crap.

- That's terrible, did he stop?
- No, of course not, he couldn't hear me.
- Sorry, Bass!
- Sorry, Bass.
Yeah, I say sorry to like,
inanimate objects as well.

- Yeah, yeah, I've had that.
I got some headphones once,
and I was concentrating

on where I was going,
and yeah, hit a lamppost

and apologized to it.
- I don't know why we do it.
And it is a British thing.
Someone told me the off the
other day for apologizing

to you in a video.
They were like "why did you apologize?"
- Really?
- I just did.
- What were you saying?
- You told me off for being too excitable,
and then I was like "sorry,"
and they were like "why
did you apologize?"

- (gasps)
Oh my gosh.
- It's very, very English.
- Yes, so English.
- It's like filling a silence.
Even when I'm shopping in
Sainsbury's, and I'm going

down an aisle, I heard
someone the other day,

I was literally just passing a lady.
She said sorry to me.
She said "sorry".
Why are you saying sorry?
I'm just going to get my frozen chips!
Chill out!
- Have you ever reached
for the last avocado,

and someone else gets there,
and you say "oh sorry".

- I love that it's an avocado as well,
very middle class problem.
- The next one is all Brits'
favorite thing is queueing.

So, I'm gonna tell you right
now, that we love a queue.

- Or a line, as Americans say.
- A line.
We're unable to deal with
anyone who can't queue.

So, for instance, this
morning, I was meeting Joel,

I was in Pratt & Monjay,
and I was queueing up,

and people just kept
jumping in front of me,

and I was having like, a mild
panic attack because of this.

And I think the guy behind
the counter could see

that I was triggered, and
I finally got my space because
Joel actually pushed me in.

- I pushed her.
- And he was like, "it's your turn, Lia."
- 'Cause a man was about
to overtake her, I went

"no", and then pushed Lia,
instead of telling you to move.

- Exactly.
This is a very non British thing to do.
Whereas a Brit would
normally go like "oh, are

you in front of me?"
- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, we would, wouldn't we?
- Yeah, yeah, that's the
first thing I would say.

"Oh, are you next?"
- Even though you know the order.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.

- I want you to say "no, you can go."
- Can I just say that I
actually got my croissant

for free because the guy ...
- It was worth it.
- It was so worth it.
- He was feeling for you that much?
- Not the guy who pushed
in front of me, the ...

- No, the sales.
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- I've never had anything
for free from Pratt before,

and it's like a thing in the UK.
If you get something for
free from Pratt, like,

they get one gift a day.
They get to gift one ...
- Do they?
- Yeah.

- I didn't know that.
- So, look upset, do
whatever you can to try and

get free stuff from Pratt.
- Okay.
- That's a little tip from me to you.
- Yeah, I think they
can choose one customer

per day that they give something free to.
- Yes.
- So, "you can have a free coffee on me".
- Yup.
- "You've got a nice smile" or something.
- Can they do it for themselves?
- I'd give it to me.
- (singing Happy Birthday)
- I've never got anything
for free from Pratt because

I'm miserable
most the time.
- Actually, it has actually
happened to me once before,

I was waiting for a really long time,
I was just waiting in Pratt,
and they kept coming over

and being like "are you okay?"
And I was like "yeah, I'm just waiting".
And then after about 45
minutes they said "this is on

the house" and they gave me a green tea.
- Were you waiting for a date?
- It was this ...
Yeah, it was a date.
He was late.
- Were you queueing?
- No, I was not queueing,
I was waiting patiently

like a good Brit.
- We are pretty,
we're pretty damn patient, aren't we?
- So patient.
You know, someone's 45
minutes late for a date,

and they get there and
they're like "oh, have

you been waiting long?"
And you're like "oh, no, not long at all.
Just got here."
- Yeah.
Yeah, you don't wanna lose
face in that situation.

- No, never.
- So the last one is the
phrase "do you want me to..."

It's something that we'll use
If we wanna get something out of someone.
(voices overlapping)
- We're too scared of saying "can you".
It can also be "do you want to?"
If you know that someone
needs to do something,

you can say "do you wanna
maybe wash up those plates?"

- Yeah.
- Well, of course you don't want to.
But they know that it's your obligation,
you should do it.
- Yeah, or you say
"do you want me to wash up your plates?"
- "Do you want me to wash up these plates
that you haven't washed in over a week,
you lazy ..."
- Yeah.
- Or the email scenario.
If Harry hasn't done it,
say "do you want me to

email that contractor that we were saying
that you should email?"
- Yes actually ...
- Yesterday?

- Last night this happened, you were like
"could you email this person?"
And I was like "oh, I thought it was your
responsibility to email people this month,
but do you want me to do it?"
- Yeah.
- Of course I didn't
want to do it, but I was

kind of going back to that and saying
"do you want me to do it?"
Because I knew that after
that you would realize it was

your job to do it,
and you did, you yielded!
- It's a bit of a ...
- The layers of subtext.
It's just too much.
- It's a heated sandwich now, isn't it?
- [Joel And Lia] It's
such a heated sandwich.

- I'm sweaty.
I love though, listening
to how other duos work,

'cause it makes me feel
better about how we work.

Brits are weird.
- Yeah,
Brits are very, very weird,
and we want you guys to

leave us a comment below
if you found any of these

things in your culture,
or if you are British, and
you identify with this.

That's where you pick it up, Joel.
- Sorry, I was just ...
- Yeah, You gotta fill in those silences.
- And don't forget to head
over to Harry and Charlie's

channel to check out the
video we did over there.

- And thanks so much for watching, guys.
We will see you again soon.
- [Together] Goodbye!
- This is nice and cozy.
- It is, yeah!
- You've got us in a
Joel and Lia sandwich,

so you're the bread.
- [Joel] How do you feel
being the filling this time?

- [Lia] Oh, I'm quite
enjoying being the filling,

it's nice and warm.
- [Harry] Yeah, I'm a bit cold.
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47 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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