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hello we are Joel & Lia and today's
video is all about TV channels in the UK

so let's get going let's talk about the
channels we watch if you have to pay to

watch them yeah
who pays for a TV licence why young people

aren't watching telly anymore
all these lots of things, lets talk about it so

traditionally analog TV in the UK was
made up of five channels wasn't it, when we were younger.

I remember that do you remember when there was actually
no remote you had to go up and press

yeah and there was only 5. One, two, three four and five these are the
channels that everyone knows yeah so

you've got BBC One on channel 1 BBC Two on channel 2
ITV which used to be channel 3 yeah, still ITV1

though I think it's called Oh ITV1
yeah because they've now got my ITV2, ITV3

ITV4. Oh gosh, it's like a family tree isn't it. and then you'd
have what would that be channel 4

channel 4 on channel 4 and then channel
5 on channel 5 which is a really bad channel it

would be slightly fuzzy I remember like
all the other channels would be crisp

and then channel 5 was a bit fuzzy yeah
it'd be like Oh fine what's on Channel

yeah, it's like the last pick. Oh definitely and nowadays I doubt

many people watch Channel five no in
fact one of my friend who's an actress got

a gig on a Channel five show she's still...
who's seen it? No one. Sorry!

but obviously nowadays is not analog TV
we have satellite cable whatever you

call it so there's hundreds of different
channels but if we try to stick to like

the main ones in this video do you think?
yeah yeah
because obviously everyone's got like

Sky or Netflix or we're gonna tell you
about them in this video

Keep watching! Stay tuned. Ad break! well that's one
thing that the BBC does that no other

companies do so let's talk about this
first BBC so the BBC stands for the

British Broadcasting Corporation yeah
or the Beeb as we like to call it in London.

oh you working at the beeb?

oh I just did a sitcom with
the beeb, yeah it's a

really like wanky thing to say.
anyway so the beeb don't have adverts on

their entire network if you want to call
it on their Channel and that's because

everybody in the UK who watches TV
pays a TV licence so that's right we pay

a license to watch TV
id you own a TV you have to have a

license if you don't own a TV you still
have to pay a license because you might

have a laptop and that laptop will allow you to
play catch-up tele like BBC iPlayer for

example yeah
on-demand iPlayer any of these things

that allow you to watch catch-up you
have to pay TV licence exactly which I

know there's some people probably think
that's a bit weird if you're not used to

it obviously we're used to it I think it
stands at about £150.50 per

year but I think it's great because
I cannot stand adverts ad breaks I'm so

impatient I think most people in our
generation are cannot stand waiting to

watch something you want to watch now
and in most places don't people just use the

ad break to make a cup of tea or to
go and do something, go to the loo

and that's the great thing
about BBC you know you're not gonna get

an advert if you're watching a TV show
if it's a half an hour soap like my

grandma's always watches EastEnders which is
like a British soap and there's no

adverts, amazing! it's great whereas if
you watch Coronation Street which is a

soap on ITV there will be an advert
slap-bang in the middle which some

people like because like you said it allows
them to get up go make a cup of tea or

go to the toilet and sit down but I'm like
if you can't sit down and watch

something for more than 15 minutes then
you've got a problem! yeah you gotta problem! On that note with the

adverts being on some networks and not
on others, it's also reflective in

like the production values of the show
so for instance ITV which was channel 3

traditionally on a normal telly would have
a bigger budget be able to pay their

actors more be able to spend more money
on making their show look great yeah

that the BBC would yeah it's like a
well-known fact amongst actors and

producers and people that work in the
industry that the BBC don't have a lot of

money to spend on their projects, yeah so
if you're an actor in an ITV drama

you're gonna get paid a lot more than if
you're an actor in a BBC drama yeah but

that said BBC do- their
dramas are actually quite big scale

though you wouldn't be able to notice the
difference between a BBC drama and an

ITV in terms of production value, would you?
yeah and as well as that I just

thought about a BBC drama that had a
great budget and that's because it was

BBC America like The Musketeers was BBC America, amazing
budget so much money spent on these

dramas period dramas and so many of the

shows we've recommended to you guys to
watch whether it's for like listening to

accents or like learning language and
the BBC, I think they do it best

personally and I think they combine
with other companies as well to get

those big budgets so I know channel 4
sometimes work with BBC in order to do

like for example Miranda a BBC comedy,
yeah that was shown on BBC but if you

get the DVD it's got a little four in
the corner because I think Channel four

helped produce it and I think that's how they
get more money behind it because they pair up

that's really cool, that's amazing. So yeah you've heard some of
these other names you've got channel 4
they're like probably as big as ITV if

not bigger. I think nowadays they are I didn't
think they used to be but channel 4 has

blown up huge, some great dramas on there I
believe like channel 4 also own like

the Box Network which is like e4, more4 4music, there's so many like
siblings if it was like a family tree
there's so many little like frogs coming

off it and they've all got their
sort of niche whether it's music comedy

so there's so much going on and do

you know what most people now in the UK
they just have Sky which is similar to

cable yeah
which is like it's like a box that has

loads of TV channels on it
do you have Sky? No I used to have Sky.

Not anymore
what's the other one? Freeview.

is another one Virgin Media have their
own version as well of Sky I think it's

just called Virgin yeah so Virgin you get loads of TV channels
you get like 500 channels
I swear most of us watch like five of

them oh definitely and I don't think I'd
pay for Sky anymore because Freeview

often comes free with a TV with a smart
TV a smart TV and with online obviously

Netflix nowadays
£5.99 a month, you can't argue with it. but

even you the other day were saying that
you were thinking of stopping your

Netflix thing
yeah cuz do you know what, I do watch Netflix

sometimes but I don't watch it enough to
justify you're probably gonna think she is

so tight with money but it's only six
pounds a month but I probably watch it

like once yeah so I may as well just go
to cinema and watch a film, that's true and

I've not binged watched a series in ages coz I don't have time, I just don't have
time. Always working, always hustlin'. Hustler! But for example going back to BBC yeah BBC have
loads of different channels BBC Two
tends to be where BBC trial new programmes

if they don't quite trust that it's
gonna be really popular on BBC One cuz

BBC One is where everyone wants to be
their main audience yeah so you'll find

lots of... for example the Great British
Bake Off when it was on BBC it's now

been bought by Channel 4 which is a
whole other topic

that started on BBC Two because BBC
were like "hmmm it might not be very

successful so let's put on BBC Two" and then it moved to BBC One coz they were like wow everyone
loves this. I can't believe the bake-off was once on BBC Two, that's mental isn't it. then it got bought
for like 25 million pounds by Channel 4
because BBC couldn't afford that price

yeah which is again another sort of
downside of a publicly funded body

is that, they lost out on a really
great programme and often you see

like I don't know whether The Voice was
once a BBC thing

or was it ITV now who have The Voice but I think it did used to be on
BBC The Voice UK it did because I

remember X-Factor used to be on at
the same time as The Voice on BBC and it

was like a big clash between who was
gonna get the most views yeah and you

know 'views schmooze' Zoella gets more
views than BBC and The Voice, so TVs dying

It's like "oh my god there's three million people tuning into The Voice" and it's like well...cool, there are so many more people online
there's a gamer that has 12 million
views right now well because also we find that

we've recommended some shows to you guys
that aren't in the UK and then you can't

access it because BBC or ITV or Channel
4 don't let people from outside the UK

watch whereas online Netflix YouTube
anyone can watch it except if you're in

China, so that's the great thing about the internet, and we have
to deal with that with like NBC yeah

Comedy Central we can't watch on YouTube
there's loads of stuff on YouTube you

can't watch do you remember when you
were finally able to access SNL you were so happy! I loved it! coz you got all the episodes.

it was so good I'm so glad that we've got
access ... well we don't on mainstream media

that's the thing, SNL isn't on our TVs it's just
I've got a way to access it online now

yeah and that's why I think TV is dying
a bit because we want everything now

yeah and I think viewers everywhere
want to be able to watch something when

they want to watch it there's no point
saying to a millennial oh it's on at

9:00 p.m. on a Saturday, we'll be like no I'll watch it when I want to watch it! How funny, that people used to like
make sure they're home at 7:00pm so they can
sit and watch that drama you're like I

want to binge watch 10 episodes of this
tonight! Immediately.

with my food delivered to my house or I want to get
halfway through an episode and go right

pause and then go and do something else
and then come back to it and it's in exactly the same place

we're so spoiled, aren't we? so spoiled and so many
young people just don't have TVs yeah... actually I do, I was gunna say I don't but I
do! and that's because everyone

has a laptop who needs a TV? yeah it's
true and you've got Joel & Lia, why do you

need TV? Honestly please let us know in
the comments below if you've ever

thought shall I watch TV right now or
should I go and watch YouTube? and

specifically us on YouTube! I just want
to know yeah so you better all say yes

yes I do that and let us
know if this video has been helpful for

you because we did want to make
something about like TV in the UK

how the channels work what channels
what, and we'd love to see like an

American equivalent if anyone's made one, let us know we'd love to watch that, and let us know if there's any
other ideas cuz we like talking about
these things that are so obvious to us

that might not be to you yeah for
example TV channels English money or

British housing like we love these
things so let us know if there are any

other things yeah and that's it guys if
you wanna buy as a coffee there is a

link in the description so we can have
coffee when we next watch tele together, or YouTube!

and we will see you next time see you
soon guys bye

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BRITISH TV NETWORKS! | American vs British

65 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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