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Hi, we're Joel & Lia, and today we've got
a Q&A video for you. So we did a post on Instagram

and we asked you guys for your questions,
everyone is loving asking us questions lately

about our personal lives so we'll do a little
bit more on that and also we're gunna update

you guys on our progress with Rosetta Stone,
because we've had a lot of questions about

that. I'm learning Spanish, Lia's learning
Japanese, but we'll get onto that later. If

you're not already following us on Instagram
it's @joelandlia and then there's our personal

ones as well, we put the Q&A out on @joelandlia
and we got an overwhelming amount of questions

back. So we're gunna make our way through
some of them and sorry if we miss out your

question. Yeah, it's nothing personal. It's
nothing... why did I say 'nothing' like a

Northerner? I love it, "nothing personal".
So shall I kick it off with the first one,

yeah kick it off. Okay first question. "Have
you two ever dated?". Yes. We're kidding.

"How do you guys really feel about followers
approaching you in public?" Oh I love it!

Yeah absolutely love it, it makes our day
when actually put a face to an internet person!

I had it like almost every day in August which
was crazy I couldn't believe it! But yeah

I really like it. Yeah never be afraid-if
you do see us, never be afraid to come and

say hi because that's why we make videos so
that people watch them, so if you're coming

up to us saying I like your videos that's
amazing, we're like "yay people are watching,

it's not just a random number". "Whats your
favourite thing to do when you want to relax?"

Oooo good question. I like to have a bath,
last night I had a bath and put loads of sea

salt/epsom salts in the bath, I loved it.
Very nice. I stayed in there for 40 minutes.

That's a long time! I like to go for a walk,
I think I find that the most relaxing, like

in the evening as it's getting dark, just
go for a walk, a slow walk, not a power walk,

just a slow walk, with your thoughts, no music!
Just listen to your thoughts and I love it.

So meditative. Is that the right word? Yeah,
well done! Did you learn that with Rosetta

Stone? And this is how you say it in Japanese.....!
How do you say 'meditative' in Japanese? "If

you guys could speak any other language which
one would it be?", well it'd be Spanish for

me which is what I'm learning with Rosetta
Stone, and mine - I'm learning Japanese with

Rosetta Stone so I would absolutely love to
get to the point of being fluent, it's taking

a long time but we do wanna talk to you guys
about our progress with them, because we've

been working on it now for a few months and
lots of you are interested in our progress.

SO we did another Q&A on Instagram about questions
to do with us learning languages with Rosetta

Stone so, we're gunna go through some of them
now. "How easy is it to pick up a language

from scratch using the app?". Umm, it's not
easy. No, I wouldn't say it's easy, nothing

is a quick fix, like you can't just throw
money at something and say like 'oh I'm gunna

be fluent this time next week', yeah I definitely
think you've gotta have your commitment down

with yourself and say I'm going to do this,
I'm going to commit to it. If I'd've done

it every single day without fail then I'm
sure I'd be further along, but in terms of

the actual app and how it works, we find that
it's been so helpful because it does just

take you right back to basics you're not thrown
into it right in the middle you're sort of

taken from the beginning and you're just guided
module, through module, through module and

through all the units, so you never feel out
of your depth. If you're enjoying this video

don't forget to click subscribe and the notification
bell we post video thrice weekly! And todays

poll is, have you ever learnt a new language,
yes or no? And do you want to? Dunno if that's

too many, it's too many! Have you ever learnt
a new language, yes or no? So the next questions

is "When will you go to Spain or Japan?" I
keep saying it, I'll go when I'm 30. Oh really?

Yeah on my 30th I definitely wanna go. It'll
come round so bloomin quick! I'll be like

'oh my God I'm 30 I need to go to Japan'.
Something I wanna do, when do you wanna go

to Spain? Probably like next week? yeah probably
go next week! No, I love Spain, I've been

quite a few times, and I've started learning
Spanish because I want to be able to go to

Spain and just order food in Spanish or just
you know, be confident to have conversations

with people. So yeah, we'll see! "I've been
wanting to try Rosetta Stone, how often until

you see results?" Well like, I saw results
really quickly like within the first few weeks,

If i was out and about and I'd see someone
eating an apple and I'd be like "oh that's

manzana in Spanish" or like you'd just see
children running down the street and I'd be

like "Ah that's los niños" and you just start
to piece it together so if you put the effort

in then you will see results. "How long is
the course?" so we've got a 12 month subscription,

you've got one year to access all of these
amazing lessons which you can do as many times

as you like, I often go back and do lessons
again because Japanese is really really hard

- it's really rewarding, it's really cool
but you have to just keep hearing these sounds

again because they're not sounds we would
make in English. So one of my favourite things

that the app does is you'll get a word or
a phrase and it'll break it down into every

syllable, these sounds we just don't have
in English. So let me just go on Unit 3, Work

and School. *Lia doing Japanese* Oh so it
literally breaks it down into syllables? Yeah

it's amazing and then you go onto the next
one .... *Lia doing Japanese* Pause there,

can I just say sometimes if you say a syllable,
it can say that you got it wrong because you're

saying it in like a different tone, well that's
the thing because Japanese is a tonal language

isn't it, yeah. It's interesting and so hard.
You've picked a really difficult language

to learn so no wonder you're like, you've
found pronunciation difficult because it's

not even a language that's written in a way
that you can say. Yeah and you start memorising

symbols and you're going I know that that
symbol makes that sound, but yeah it's really

really fun, and like when I do my 10 minutes
after having a bath coming to bed, I like

doing mine in bed! It does feel really rewarding,
so I would highly recommend it, like why not

go for a language that you would just never...
never think about learning. Yeah definitely.

So what I've been working on with Spanish
recently is less fluency and more the phrases

I will actually need when I go to Spain so
these phrases that I've been learning are

more to do with like travel and things like
that and that's what I've been working on

in the last like, couple of weeks, so... do
you wanna test me on some? So yeah when we

go to a restaurant how would you say like,
I want or I don't want? Oh, so that's easy,

so you'd say 'yo quiero' or 'yo no quiero'
oh great, I love that and I like that the

word 'no' is inbetween there. It's like inserted.
But also if you want to be a bit more polite,

so if you'd like to say "I would like" instead
of "I want" you'd say 'me gustaria', oh that's

nice! So it sounds nicer. Me gustaria....
fries. I would like fries. That's gunna be

in our film. And how would you ask a waiter
like excuse me where's the loo? So 'where

is' would be "donde esta..." and then whatever,
so 'the loos' I'd guess you'd say "donde esta

el baño?" which means like where is the bathroom?
There's some other ones I've learnt like What

is the time, is "que hora es?" yeah and how
much is this, would be "cuanto cuesta?" so

I'm just going through all these different
phrases that I will actually need and I've

learnt them which is really cool, so I feel
like whereas before I was trying to like learn

sentences and be really fluent, now I'm like
actually no let's just learn phrases and then

bank them. Bank those phrases! I think i've
said it before in a video, but how useful

is it to know the word 'exit' in every language.
Exit? Because you always need to know that

if you're in a train station in Germany and
you're like .... even just knowing what the

sign...! I think in Spanish that's 'Salida'.
I don't actually know what it is in Japanese,

I've not learnt that yet, but if someone wants
to let me know in the comments I would love

that. So someone's asked "Coupon code?", yeah
we do have a coupon code, you get 50% off

(JoelLia50) that will be in the description
as well, I think it's all in capital letters

but double check the description. And if you
don't want to commit to a subscription just

yet, they do have a free demo that you can
do, so you can see if you like the program

but yeah 50% off, so if you're looking to
learn a language like that's such good value,

yeah it's so amazing. And like we said before
it's about what you put in, for any of you

that are worried about a classroom setting,
I know another person has asked about like

"oh I was never good at learning languages
in school" neither was I! I learnt Spanish

in school, but kind of quickly forgot it,
I didn't really get along with the classroom-teaching

method. Rosetta Stone really isn't like that
they sort of take you through the process

as if you were sort of, a baby and you were
born in that culture and you're seeing things

and matching them up with words, so it's a
really natural learning process. That's a

really good way of putting that, I'm a baby!
Show me through! No honestly, you're so right

you see a picture of some children eating
food and then the sound of you know *Japanese*

comes up and you're like oh okay yeah, yeah
yeah! Thanks for tuning into this Q&A we love

answering your questions, we love it so much.
Please subscribe to our channel, click the

notification bell so you can be notified when
we upload videos and be the first to see them

and you'll probably get a reply from us in
the comments as well! And we'll see you next

time! See you next time guys, bye!
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Q&A Including Language Learning Progress #ad

29 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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