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goodmorning guys today we are gonna be
showing you a day in the life of Joel

and Lia Brooklyn yeah or Brooklyn as
you like to call it with an Essex accent

Brooklyn ehm mhm
so we've been sharing a bed which has been so much fun we've been getting the giggles overnight
oh my oh my
gosh last night was so funny
we we're so tired yet what we decided to do

it was pitch black we put our eye masks on
ear plugs in and then we took them out

and we were like hang on let's learn the
words to our favorite YouTube video

and so we spent about half an hour learning it word for word so that we could like just do it ourselves so so
funny and then by the end of it like
after half an hour we were performing it sort of to

each other
it's a new day we're hoping
to go on a lovely bike ride around

Central Park get our gym in get on
learning time in yeah yeah yeah learning

time for languages okay here we go
bit of brekkie! brekkie in these tiny

bowls yeah we love porridge we've gotten
into a routine of having porridge every

voila voila chef Joel

Quaker Oats mm-hmm
we are just off to the gym now as we
said to get a little workout our last

workout of the holiday
I might try to do one tomorrow, you might yeah
I've got to leave early so I definitely won't be working
out tomorrow

got what we wanted (empty gym)
there's also no music so we like to pump it up with our own vibes
yeah we just sort of do our own and there's no
Wi-Fi so I can't even get music

so okay the workout is beginning now, montage!
00:01:47,320 --> 00:01:53,240
I've come back from the gym had a shower brushed my hair do my Rosetta Stone with my ear pods

and I'm doing it on laptop
I think that's that
you're a genious you're a Japanese

thankyou I'm a Japanese legend
yay I got it right
absolutely loving doing it and incorporating it as
our routine so I need to get cracking

with my lesson I think I can't remember what I'm on I think I'm doing a pronunciation
lesson today so I need to go and do that

thanks for the distraction Joel!
sorry I'll leave you to it
(speaking Spanish)
it does make you feel productive as
well like waking up and you're like

broadening your mind! it sounds so cringe
you know when you see people playing games on their phone on the tube?
and you're like what are you doing with your life? waste of time! you see people doing like crosswords
not crosswords but like stupid phone games yeah
and I always look at them and I think I'm not trying to judge but I'm
just a bit like
learn a language! like do
something that's actually gonna help you

you know I'm sure there are
benefits of games to people if that's how they get their escapism but
yeah it feels really good to like have
fun whilst learning a skill I actually

think this is a little bit of escapism it
literally takes me so far away from everything

to Japan!
it takes me to Japan! you know I've always wanted to go!
no please can I go there for my
30th I know it's like five years away

but you guys know by now we've been
using Rosetta Stone for a while if you

are interested in learning a language
we've got our discount code all of our discount codes

are in the description it's
JOELIA50 check them out if you're still

interested in learning a language
definitely and if this camera shaky it's

because I've been to the gym and my arm is shaking
I just feel really weak now

like when we left yesterday when I went
my legs are shaking Joel
luckily the stabiliser is on this camera you
did arms today whereas I did well
not a lot

yeah you did you did legs I did a full body
workout exhausting oh well um let's finish
our practice and then go cycling yes

into Central Park you shouldn't have done legs today if we're cycling I know you're
gonna be like jelly oh I'm gonna be
jelly jelly in the park hope you see

some of you guys there
I've got a stitch right
before we start walking yeah thanks a lot classic

thanks a lot Rachel
we we're gonna cycle
but you just kept bombarded by people

trying to like sell you bike rides and
they look really dodge and yeah it's

quite expensive yeah it was $15 $16 for
one hour on the bike yeah so we're gonna just walk we

love walking walking is unlimited yeah and
you still get to see the park so yeah I

don't mind yeah
I love cycling and I am a little bit jelly
but getting the steps up yeah exactly

so what films can we think of that have the boat house restaurant in?
none this is so romantic so romantic if we
were a real couple this would be where you'd propose

yeah yeah could do a work proposal!
Mina: can you take a picture of me here? Joel: yeah of course
Central Park is so nice
absolutely gorgeous you were just saying that you

think this is nicer than our London parks I
think so yeah it's more beautiful yeah

yeah you can have that guys
Park you can
have it New York congratulations your

first point
I'm joking it's so nice
Mina agrees as well and she's a NY hater she hates NY
it's just so lovely I love watching
boat crashes like that it's fantastic
chaos chaos on the on the river

fight fight fight fight
I feel like this is a very British trait where
you just love to see well we've spoken about it before

talk about that girl with the finger yes this girl was putting her finger
in the water to attract the Terrapins that are in there not knowing that like they could
literally bite your finger off or it would
hurt a lot or cut your finger so we stuck around just to watch

yeah if she thought
and we we're like bite her bite her bite her
we just have a dark sense of humour probably
yeah definitely
whereas I
think the Americans were listening to us
nearby and they were like

scared of these Brits like bite her bite her
it's just like when we saw that guy on them the lilo
not like was it like the Sun lounger they were

in some lounger yeah
we were in Shoreditch
I've been throwing
it down with rain we knew they were all soaked

and we sat there going please please
sit down

please get your bum wet
please please
when he did it was just the most
amazing moment

when he sat down and then
it's slightly sunk in that his bum was

and then he jumped up and it was great
was so good
loved it

more arguments I love it her face was livid
she started screaming he was absolutely
capsize capsize
maybe they know each other maybe they're
friends they're having - I think they
are though they're wearing the same

t-shirts oh right
Mina: Lia look there's turtles you can see their head
so we literally just
sat here talking about rosetta stone

with Mina and it turns out she actually wants to learn Spanish as well so I'm pretty sure we've just
we were just telling Mina our sign up code
and it was like it's JOELLIA50 and she was like

oh great I'll get a 50 percent off I'll
sign up we were like right we just did

our job yeah because you need to learn
Spanish because in New York so many of

my patients speak Spanish and no
English so I really need it cuz every

time I use a blue translator
phone and it just takes so much extra time and it kind of

takes away from that relationship that you can build with someone and when so many people like
seven out of ten of my patients like you
lose that connection so it's kind of

useful for medical professionals like I'm a
physician but if you're even the nursing

or anything else like anything even
pharmacists like if you're in New York

or anywhere in America Spanish is a really useful language
definitely and I was just telling her

how it works all the voice recognition
and everything is just really good

I think you'd really enjoy it
and also funny thing when I said
initially when I was doing rosetta stone

I wanted to learn it because I learnt it
at school but I would never really pay

much attention I'm very good at it Mina
was the one that also didn't pay

attention we would sit next to each other
in class talking cause you get separated

yeah about one of the other girls in the
class yes we had a like would you supply

teacher yeah substitute teacher she
wouldn't know that we were separated

yeah so you should do it
commando actually and it's pretty cheap

with you okay yeah well it's work sounds
yeah yeah it's so good anyway just

thought we'd film that Lee I was like
you've literally just convinced me to

sign up for a system we should have
filmed that we are doing balloon

we're going to try and go in the plaza
gonna pretend that we just are just here

to take pictures and we're going to try
and sneak to lose God do what you got do

haven't you really can Jolin mean look
at them up and and fall of a thorn I let

them have a little bit of their private
time because they haven't seen each

other for so long and like it's just
such a big reunion for them and I

believe she only met Mina like twice my
life this is the second or third time is

the third time in my whole life we get
this is literally something joel has
wanted to see the whole time we're here

and so glad we're seeing it before we go
home tomorrow one thing I've noticed

about New York I don't really like is
you know the little white man that says

you can cross the road it doesn't make a
sound so like how do blind people know

when they can cross the road because in
London we've got like a it goes green

and it goes see baby baby baby good so
everyone knows even if they can't see

that they can cross safely here we are
at the Plaza

Joe blogging on his Instagram go follow
it smells a bit like alcohol in here Wow
oh my gosh is so beautiful remember that

scene in the film so cool very ground so
I've gone for chicken ramen what have

you gone for
well done

what's English about Todd's price
how much was a Diet Coke?

- yeah 1550 first crazy boy in the Plaza
Hotel the plazas literally up here we

came to like - one floor and it's so
fancy in here I'm exhausted

yeah absolutely thank you guys for
watching if you enjoyed the video don't

forget to give it a like and subscribe
we post videos thrice weekly and if you

are not with notifications switched on
why not switch on that notification Bell

yeah and we will see you next time guys
see you next time bye see you in England

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A day in the life of Joel & Lia in New York!

59 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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