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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And today's video is questions for Italy
or questions for Italians.
- You guys know we haven't
done of these for so long.

We've got a series,
questions for, dot dot dot

and we've neglected it.
- I know.
When we started the series on our channel
so that we could like, you
know, keep coming back to them

when we needed video ideas,
and we just completely forgot.

- We completely forgot.
- Completely forgot.

- But lots of Italians watch us.
Well not lots, but quite a few.
- A few.
- And I see those
comments most often, like,

do this for Italy, do this for Italy.
So here we are, we've got
eight questions for you guys.

- And you're gonna love them.
- Yeah, you're gonna love them.
And for any Americans watching,
I'm sure you're a little bit Italian.
- Everyone's a little bit Italian.
- Like literally even I'm guilty
of saying that all the time.
I don't even know what my heritage is.
But I'm like, I think I'm a bit Italian.
- If anyone from like English, English?
Ancestry.com is watching this,
we're so up for a collab.

- So up for a collab.
- If he wants to spit in a tube
and find out where he's from, he should.
Allow him, allow him.
- Yeah, allow me to spit
into or pee in a cup.

Do they do pee?
- Yeah, no.

- Just spit.
- That's for STIs.

- Oh, yeah.
- Got loads of those.
No, I haven't, I haven't.
- He hasn't.

Question number one for Italians.
Is it true that all Italians love coffee?
- I feel like in the same way
that everyone stereotypes
Brits as loving tea.

- Yeah.
- The same is true of coffee and Italians
because that's where they
came from, cappuccino.

- Yeah, coffee shops in the
UK came from Italian migrants.

- Yeah, like Caffe Nero.
- Yeah, which my dad
swears is called Caffe Nero

because nero means water.
And he's like you have a
coffee and you have water.

He's like, and I'm like,
no, Dad, it's Caffe Nero.

And he's like it's Caffe Nero.
- I thought it was named
after the Greek god, Nero.

- Is it?
- Or something, or king,
he was a king or something

and he like murdered loads of people.
- Is this not like some
sort of like Roman thing?

I should know with Greek Gods but I don't.
- Anyway, does Nero mean
anything in Italian?

- Yeah.
- It's probably Italian.

So they should probably know.
- They should probably know that, yeah.
- So that's the first question.
- Yeah, do you all love coffee?
Also you're the only Brit I
know that doesn't like tea.

- Yeah.
- And I'm probably the only
English person you know

that doesn't like coffee.
- Yeah, it's weird.
- Can't love it.

- We're like yin and yang.
- Yin and yang, doesn't like.
- Tea.
- Tea.

- Can't, body doesn't like coffee.
- I just burped.
- I know, that was fantastic,
yeah, well done job.

- So the next one sounds
like it's gonna be offensive

but it's not, I genuinely want to know.
Is 'mamma mia' a phrase you guys say,
'cause it's in all the cartoons.
I think it's in like, what's the film?
Lady and the Tramp in
the Italian restaurant.

- Yeah.
- Like just in the same
way my Italian friend

says apparently this is done more
out of like anger or something.
It's like they don't really do this
but if they're trying to explain something
then they might do that.
- Okay.
- Is it really offensive,
like to do an impression

of an Italian and go like that?
- Oh yeah, exactly.
- That's offensive, isn't it?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah because it's like,

yeah, like a stereotype.
- But you know what, we
speak with our hands a lot.

- Oh we speak with our hands a lot.
- So much, constantly talking
with our hands so maybe.

- Yeah, well that was the next one.
Do you talk with your hands a lot?
That's part of the third question.
- Oh yeah but going back to mamma mia,
what does it even mean?
- What does mamma mia mean?
- What does mamma, there's
a film called Mamma Mia.

- Yeah, there's that.
- What does mamma mia mean?

- What does it mean, and yeah, the hands.
I don't, also my Italian friend, he said,
I think there was a gesture that meant,
like, oh you're such a wuss.
I think it was this.
- Oh is it?
- Yeah 'cause I always get confused
whenever he would do that or do that.
And I think it meant like
you're a wuss or something.

What does it mean?
I can't remember.
I haven't seen him for years.
- Tickle the balls.
- Tickle the balls.

- Kidding.
- So gross.

I don't know or maybe it's
that, not that the wiggle.

Maybe it's that, can't remember.
Let us know, that's
question two and three.

What does mamma mia mean, do you say it,
and do you use your hands
a lot when you talk?

- I was about to ask
the most dumb question.

- What?
- Is sign language different in Italian?
- Well yeah obviously so you've got BSL,
British Sign Language, ASL,
American Sign Language.

- Oh I thought sign
language was everything.

- No, they're all different.
- Oh so why can't they make
sign language for world,

why isn't sign language one language?
- It just doesn't exist like that.
- No, it just don't exist.
- Of course, yeah, 'cause.
- Very stupid question.

- Oh so it's not a stupid question.
- Oh no, yeah, they would have
thought they were all in one.

- Cause they all are, yeah, in my head
I thought sign language was one language.
- So you can have, you speak sign.
- Yeah, you speak sign.
- But you don't, oh god.
- I really wanna learn sign language.
I did some of it at my old job.
I had a training day with sign language.
So I really want to learn it.
'Cause so many people don't speak sign.
- Don't sign.
- Yeah, they don't sign.
- They don't sign.

- So it's really sad because
like if that's your only way

of communicating, then you
don't have people to talk to.

So I want to learn just so I can,
if I meet someone I can like
make them feel less alone.

- Aww, that's lovely, Joel.
- Thanks.

- That should be your next skill share.
- Yeah, yeah, that'd be
great, learning sign language.

Talking about hands,
that's also why I think,

so my family, their
heritage is sort of unknown.

'Cause my family on my mom's
side come from Romani Gypsies

which mean they could
kinda be from anywhere.

I tend to think that
they're probably Italian

because people firstly mistake
me as Italian or Spanish.

- Yeah.
- Or I use my hands so much,
my parents make fun of me all the time.
I'll be talking, they'll
all start laughing

and I'm like what now?
They're like oh on your laptop, were you?
Oh, you just went to the shops, did you?
like laughing at me and I'm
like, I'm sorry I used my hands.

- Do you say, I need to
write an email on my laptop?

- Yeah, I'm like, so the
other day I was just writing

an email and then I had to go see Lia,
and they're just like
killing themselves laughing.

And like I'm just like
well there is no point

in me even speaking.
- So you're like I'm not even
going to tell you this story.

- I'm not even going
to tell you this story.

- 'Cause you're not
listening to the story.

You're just watching my hands.
- What's the point in telling
a story without hand gestures?

- There's no point whatsoever
because if someone dips out

at least they can get.
- Yeah.

- Like I'm doing it for their benefit.
- Yeah.
- And also 'cause it's a habit.
- And also I feel it's because
we're visual people as well.

Like when I explained
it to them I was like,

it's because in my head
when I'm saying to you,

I was doing some work on my laptop,
I'm literally seeing in my
mind's eye me on my laptop.

And like it's just that's
what I do when I say things.

I'm thinking visually of what it is.
- Exactly, and also if you
were to make someone retell

a story, if you told me
five things you did today

but you did an action for all of them,
I'd 100% be able to tell
you all the five things.

But if you just told
me, went to the shops,

went to the gym, I would forget.
- But they said, they were like,
it's 'cause you're a Youtuber,
because it makes videos more
interesting, doesn't it?

And I was like no, no, it doesn't.
- No, it doesn't.
- People subscribe for our personalities.
Not the hand gestures
- Not for our sign language.

- Anyway.
- Anyway.

- We digress.
- Rant over.
- Rant over.

Sorry I'm getting hot under the collar.
- Quite.
Is the Vespa, the Vespa.
- The Vespa.

- Is a Vespa the most popular
form of transport in Italy?

- Yeah.
- Does everyone go around
on their Vespa bike?

Is it your goal to have a little
Vespa and scoot around on?

I'd love to toot around on a Vespa.
- Toot.
Toot! Toot!
- Toot, toot, toot!

Imagine me pulling up at your house.
- Yeah, in the Vespa with your helmet on.
- Toot, toot, darling.
- Hop on!
- I'm on a Vespa.

- But you see it in all the films
like in Rome or Milan or whatever.
And they're just like
going around on a Vespa.

It looks really fun but really dangerous.
- Really dangerous but also really cool.
- Yeah, very cool.
- I feel like cool maybe
comes before danger in Italy.

- Yeah.
- It's like, Vespa, no helmet on.
I don't endorse that, by the way.
- Yeah, no, oh no.
- Oh no.

- Well that links on to the other thing
about Italians being cool slash sexy.
Because I've never met
an Italian girl or guy

who isn't gorgeous.
- Yeah, I know, there's not.
There's not a Italian person I've met
who's not good-looking.
- Yeah.
- They're striking people,
aren't they, gorgeous.

- Great skin tone.
- They go out in the sun.

- Lovely dark hair.
- Yeah, they're all gorg.
They're all so like naturally sexy
in a way that Brits just aren't.
- Yeah.
- Like they don't have that natural like.
- Brits aren't sexy but.
- We're not.

We can aspire to be.
- Yeah.
- And we can be on Instagram.

- Yeah.
- But in real life that
just goes out the window

and it's like here's the awkwardness.
- Bumbling fool like, oh, I'm British.
- Like sweaty palms, like it's just,
we're not, we're not like that.
- And it's the accent as well.
I think the stereotype tends to be
like French accent is
sexy, but personally,

I don't find French as
sexy as Italian accents.

- Italian, yeah, Italian's hot.
- Yeah.
- I dated an Italian once.
- Did you?

- Yeah.
- How do I not know that?

- And he watches YouTube.
That has to be muted, that bit.
- The next one is are
Italian families huge?

Cause that is another
stereotype that I hear.

That Italian families are just massive.
- And stereotypes gotta
come from somewhere.

- Yeah, exactly.
- So yeah, do you find that
Italian parents like push you,

if you're like second
generation, to have big families?

Like are you encouraged
to have lots of children?

I mean, it used to be kind like a thing
in Greek families as well.
They'd be like have as
many kids as possible.

Lets have big families,
but not so much anymore.

But yeah, wonder if Italians are the same.
- Yeah.
- More so, English are
like just have one child.

- Yeah.
Just get it over and done with.
- Just get it over and done
with and say we've done it.

- We've got this child until
it's 18, for goodness' sake.

- So funny, and they're so like,
I know it's sort of bleeding
onto the next question

but like with that comes the emotion,
like family values are so important.
Like I feel like, correct me if I'm wrong
but Italian core family
values are so important.

That and food.
- Yeah.
- Food.
- Food, they love food.

- Cooking, big lovely,
warmth, and just emotion.

- And that leads onto another one,
which is how do you all stay so skinny?
- With all the food!
- When you eat pizza, pasta,

like all the great carbalicious foods.
- That comes from Italy.
- Yeah.

- Obviously, I know
there probably Italians

that like live on salad.
But the main Italian food
is like really carb heavy.

- Pizza, pasta.
- And loads of cheese.

- It's so good.

Italian, like you can never
go wrong with Italian.

In the UK, if you say to your mates
let's go for Italian
everyone is like, yeah!

- Yeah!
- Whereas you could
say lets go for Chinese

and there will be one
or two that'll be like,

not in the mood for Chinese
but everyone's always
in the mood for Italian.

- Yeah.
Let's go for a pizza.
- Oh, I love it so much.
- Especially woodfired, Franco Mac.
- Sourdough pizza.
- Popper, proper,

I said popper.
- Popper.
- Popper Pizza.

Yeah, there's like this place
in London, Franco Manca,

I'm sure they're everywhere now.
Started it and they do like proper
sourdough, woodfired pizza.
- Mm-mm.
- Mm-mm.

Whenever Joel thinks about food, mm-mm.
Or he sits down with a plate
of food in front of him.

- If people are silent
while they're eating,

I just randomly just go mm-mm,
and everyone's just
like, are you a cartoon?

Who are you?
- Are you a cartoon?

I've got to keep that.
Are you a cartoon?
- Are you a cartoon?
- So many skinny Italians,
so many Italian women in good shape.
Also my cousin, when she was in Italy,
she said that she couldn't
find bikini top that fit her

because Italian women tend
to have smaller breasts.

Yeah but breasts are majority,
mostly made up of fat.

So yeah, where's the weight going girls?
How do you keep it all so slim?
- Yeah, she wants to know.
- I want to know!

- I like, you were
saying about passionate.

Like is that true that
Italians are known to be quite

like passionate and in
touch with their feelings.

You hear those, I don't know
why I hear it in American voice

but like if an American's
angry or like passionate

they'll be like, oh,
it's the Italian in me.

And I'm like, I just find it really funny.
- Is that because there's like a big
Italian community in the States?
- Yeah, maybe, I don't know,
I just find it really funny.

- The Italian in me, in New York.
- But also, Hispanics say it all the time.
When they're just like,
oh, its the Hispanic.

I'm part Hispanic, or they're
like, I'm from wherever.

- It's like in the UK,
everyone's a bit Irish.

- Yeah.
- And over there, everyone's a bit Italian
or a bit of something.
- A bit of something.

- And it's cool to be a
bit of something, isn't it?

- Yeah, it is.
Well we've just powered
through all of those.

- Yeah, all of the
questions sort of mixed in.

We haven't sort of stopped,
started all of these.

- No, normally with these
videos we stop, start,

look at the next one, talk,
but this literally was
just like snowballing.

- Yeah, so any Italians watching
let us know in the comments your thoughts.
Any triggered people watching saying,
why don't you just google
it for the answers?

- Oh, shut up.
- Welcome to Joel and
Lia, this is a channel

where you are allowed to educate us
and we like this being a conversation so.
- Exactly, what's the
fun in us going on Google

and going what are Italians really like?
When we can make a video
about it, have fun doing it,

and find out from real Italians
in the comments of our videos.
- What he said.
- Yeah, and any Americans
watching, let us know

if you are part Italian
because I just want to know.

- Yeah.
- I feel like loads of people are Italian.
- Oh yeah, I feel like I
could be but I'm not, I'm not.

- Mm-mm.

- How much do you want a pizza tonight?
- Oh so much, I haven't got the calories.
- No, its 800.
- I'm going Oaxaca, which is Mexican.
- What have you got, what
calories have you got left?

- Over a thousand so should be okay.
- Congratulations, darling.
- Thank you so much.

I'm going to have some tacos or taquitos.
- What is a taquito,
is that a little taco?

- Yeah, it's a small taco.
♪ Taquito, taquito, suave suavecito. ♪
♪ Suave suavecito. ♪
- That's about Spain.
- Okay.

- If you haven't
subscribed, click subscribe.

We post videos thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.

And we'll see you again next time.
If you're interested in buying our merch
the link is in the description.
- Oh, I'm not wearing it.
I was like, yeah!
- Yeah!
Okay that's it guys, see you next time.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye, Italy.

- Bye, Italy.
- Bye, Italy.
Hello, Rome.
- Oh my god, you've been to Italy?
- No, never.
- I've only been once.
- I want to go Sicily,
I want to go to Vienna.

Is that at Italy?
- Yeah, it is.

- Vienna, I want to go
Milan, I want to go Rome.

I want to go to the
Leaning Tower of Pizza.

- Leaning Tower of Pizza.
You just like eating a pizza
on the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

- And they're like, it's Pisa not pizza.
- Leaning Tower of Pizza.
- Leaning Tower of Pizza.

- Great, loads on the
bucket list for Italy.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, definitely.

- Bye.
- Bye!

- Oh thumbnail, thumbnail, thumbnail.
Clickable faces.
- Questions for Italy.
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Questions For Italians

58 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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