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(upbeat music)
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And this video is all about how we
turned our friendship into
our job, or our business.

Which probably is already
triggering a few people

because it's kind of like a, oh my gosh,
you're talking about money again
or you're talking about worky things
and you're, yeah.
- Yeah. (laugh)
- See, it's making me probably more
nervous than actually the viewer.
- Well, obviously this
title sounds very brutal,

how we turned our
friendship into a business.

And I guess the worry for us is that we
wouldn't want anyone to think that
our friendship is fake
now because it's our job.

Because it's not and obviously you guys
hopefully can see that our friendship
is very genuine.
- Oh, my gosh, how much does this feel
like an apology video?
- Yeah, it does.
- Guys, we're really sorry.
- This friendship is very genuine.
We promise.
- We promise we're not fake.
Leave Joel and Lia alone.
- We've done videos on
how, we did one when

YouTube became our full-time job,
we've done videos about, so of our
life as YouTubers and we are sort of,
are you guys interested
in learning a bit more

about like, our dating lives as YouTubers
or like, and so we just thought we'd do
an honesty video.
- Honesty hour, not an
hour, just ten minutes.

- Honesty ten minutes.
- Honestly.
So yeah, I guess one
thing that's worth saying

is that like, what you've already said,
the friendship hasn't been compromised
just because it's now our job.
If anything it's become more and more.
Because we were saying to each other,
we were each other's only friend.
- It's so true.
- You end up like, you know how you have
colleagues at work and you're like
I literally don't see my family because
I just, all I see are
these people at work.

That's kind of what it's like with us.
- Because we just see each other
or maybe our manager, or people we might
be collaborating with but literally
we just see each other all the time.
- That's it, like, that's why I'm like
I've got no other friends.
But I'm fine with it now.
- Yeah, it's all right.
- Yeah, it's actually all right.
We go to the same gym,
we use the same shed,

like work space, that's it.
We've got something going on.
So let's talk about how we did it
and was it ever really the plan.
- Which the answer to that is just no.
- No.
- It wasn't ever a plan for us.
We started making videos
about five years ago,

messing around in front of the camera.
- We were just bored, like, you know,
we left drama school waiting
for the phone to ring,

anyone who's an actor or
in the creative industries

will know that like, work
doesn't just come your way

as soon as you're like, a
newcomer into the industry

and you're like hi, I'm an actor now.
Nothing happens, really.
Well, it does to some people.
- A very few, very small
percentage it does but.

- So we just started messing around making
videos and then no one was watching,
no one was watching, no one was watching,
no one was watching, a few
thousand people were watching,

and then last year loads
of people started watching.

- Yeah, it just randomly took off and so
it's been an accidental business.
It was never our plan to become YouTubers.
We're very much like, we're actors
and we're just doing
this in our spare time.

And now that's sort of
taken over for the moment.

Obviously you guys know that we hope to
be acting one day, but at the moment
YouTube is sort of that we're,
it's our day job essentially.
It's what pays the bills.
- It is our job now which is so weird.
But I think like, there
have been a few times

in our friendship where
we sort of sat down,

we've not gone like, what's our game plan,
or what's our strategy.
In fact, we find that really hard.
- Yeah.
- Someone asked us the other day,
it's are partner manager at Google,
she was like, so she's like a YouTube,
basically she just helps
you grow your channel,

she was like, what's the six month goal,
what's the one year goal,
and we had no answers for her.
- So we've actually got
a lunch meeting with her

next week or the week after and so
we've been talking about our goals.
- Setting goals.
- What actually do we want to achieve
because it can easily just feel like
oh, we're just having fun on camera
and that's it.
But actually, everyone around us,
our management, the people at YouTube,
are just like no, come on guys,
like, what do you want,
where do you want to go,

how can we create a safe job from this?
Because at the end of the
day, YouTube isn't a safe job.

It depends on people
watching, trends, everything.

So they're like, how can we turn this into
a secure, stable, career for you?
- So we did sit down about a
year and a half ago, I'd say,

and we just sort of went right, there's
a bit of momentum on our channel.
How can we turn this
channel into something

more than just us posting on it
when we can be bothered?
And yeah, and I think since we sort of
changed our mindset and
said this could be a job.

Let's try and make it our job.
And slowly, slowly, slowly,
the results started to come

and I think so much of it was do to with
believing it could be.
Because there's so many
YouTubers out there

that go yeah, you know, I've
been doing it eight years

and still nothing's happening for me.
And we genuinely thought we
would be those YouTubers.

We were like well, we'll have a channel,
we'll always be small,
it will never be big.

Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, but.
- I mean, it's still, we still think
it's a really small channel.
- I know, when we say,
this is the other thing.

Networking is so difficult and when people
ask you like, how many
subscribers you've got,

me and Lia both are like
oh, it's only very small.

It's just like, 180,000 subscribers.
And they're like, oh my
gosh, that's incredible.

And we're like, is it?
- Oh, is it?
- Oh, thanks, and then you
don't want to say is it

because you sound really like, is it?
So then you're like, I don't know,
I just haven't really thought
about it. It hasn't sunk in.

- Yeah, 180,000.
- We can't think about the numbers
because it will freak us out.
Because if we're like,
potentially 180,000 or more

will watch this video you're like,
you just wouldn't say anything.
I'd just be too scared.
- You'd just be like, nice to see you.
- Yeah, so we just pretend
that there's still like,

there's 20 people watching.
Just 20 of you.
- Yeah, mostly friends and family.
- Yeah. (laugh)
- Numbers are strong.
- But we went to the World
Travel Market yesterday

which is a big event in London
where you basically it's tourism boards
for every country in the world.
- In the world.
- Every, not every city but lots of cities
in the world, as well,
where you can just mingle.

And we went as influencers,
which is what we're called.

- And it was, I'm telling you guys,
it's hard to sell yourself.
- So difficult.
- Which is what inspired us for this video
because we have to go up to people, right,
and say like, hi, we're Joel and Lia,
we're from a YouTube channel
called Being British,

it's basically, it's
just us, the title is us.

And already, just saying it, you're like
you can feel your pitch
getting weaker, weaker, weaker.

So we were like, do you know what?
We need to just brush up
on some networking skills.

Let's do a Skillshare
video and let's see what

the like, top tips for being
amazing at networking are.

- And for those of you that
don't know what Skillshare is,

it's an online learning platform that has
online lessons in everything
from like, design,

technology, personal
skills, health, well-being,

anything you can think of.
They've got thousands upon
thousands, upon thousands

of lessons and classes and you guys know,
we've worked with them a few times.
We, over the next few
months, are going to share

with you once a month,
what we've been learning.

So last time, we were sort of learning
sort of what was, I was
learning health and well-being,

you were learning sort of design.
- Yes, so last time it
was like, camera skills

and more techie stuff.
This time we both sort
of decided to niche down

on how to network because it's one thing
networking with people
who already know what

your industry is, and
there's one thing going

to a conference at a big,
what are they called?

Like, exhibition hall full
of people wearing suits,

people with real proper jobs and
we're just there in our normal clothes
wearing our merch, and
we're just like hi, we're.

- And they expect you to sell yourself.
So we went and some people
would be like, where you from?

Meaning, not where are you from,
because we were like, London.
And they're like, no,
what company are you from?

We were like, are we a company?
Like, Joel and Lia?
So before we went we knew we wanted
to do some networking classes.
So we did one that was called, I think,
Networking like a Ninja which I loved.
- [Lia] Yeah, and then one that was called
something like How to Survive an Event.
And we though, oh perfect.
And the picture of it looked
exactly like somewhere

where we were going.
- [Joel] Yeah.
- [Lia] So, and obviously like,
loads of it applied to us.

Some of it, I'd say, maybe didn't
but you can just take what you need.
Just pick out the tools, you know,
we're obviously not going to turn
up to an event in corporate wear
because at our job we.
- [Joel] It doesn't reflect our channel.
- [Lia] Yeah, it doesn't reflect who
Joel and Lia are, it feels
weird talking about ourselves

in third person.
- It's a really affordable
learning platform

so if you are looking
to develop new skills

in any area, it works out
with an annual membership

at less than $10 a month.
So, if you're interested, go down below,
get your free trial because
there's only 500 available

for Joel and Lia viewers exclusively.
- Exclusively.
Also, if we didn't do the videos we'd
have forgotten to take our
business cards with us.

Because we were about
to walk out the house

without any business cards.
- Which is probably
like, the number one tip

is have something that
you can give to someone

so that they can contact you and we
nearly forgot that.
- I was like Joel, it's fine.
We're digital, they're just
scan our Instagram thing

and you forget you're dealing with people
that are old school,
it's all about actually

having a card, we have ten left.
All of them went, guys.
- Yeah, so there we are.
- We met a couple of viewers
at the World Travel Market

and that was so, so nice like, you know,
you forget that people
are actually watching.

Of course, respect about the numbers and
you're probably sitting
there thinking like,

how can you not think
anyone's watching but

it's because in the UK,
it's kind of rare for us to

bump into fans, do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, because our viewers tend to be
international so yesterday
we met two Americas,

and a girl, I think, from Morocco?
And it's just, I meet
lots of Asian viewers

sometimes, I know Lia does as well.
- And when we're together
we tend to meet more

people because they recognize both.
- Yeah, and because we
have fun with each other.

So when I'm like, alone,
I have resting Brit face.

Not resting bitch face.
Resting Brit face.
But when we're together we're laughing.
So we look more approachable, I guess.
- Yeah, I definitely think that.
I wonder how many people maybe see us
but think they look so
miserable I'm not going to say,

I'm not even going to go up to them.
- I know, which we're not.
We're just like, just it's natural.
- Just a natural face.
- Yeah.
But so, these events, like the networking,
it's now realizing that's
kind of what our job is.

It depends on us networking,
talking with brands and clients,
and just getting ourselves out there
and working with people.
- Yeah, and I think we pushed ourselves
yesterday because we
could have easily called

up our manager and said please, oh wait,
she's in Berlin, we could
have called up someone

from our management and
said please, please, please

can you come with us and as soon as we see
someone we'd like to speak
to, can you make the intro?

But we were like, do you know what, let's
just do it ourselves,
let's just throw ourselves

in the deep end.
We're only going to be better,
do you know what I mean?

We're only going to be more confident and
more, I don't know, just better people
for giving it a go.
- Definitely.
- So I'm really proud of us for yesterday.
- Yeah, me too.
If you're enjoying this
video don't forget to click

the subscribe button and
the notification bell.

We post videos thrice weekly.
- [Joel] Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you!
- Anyway, we're just trying to
organize some content for you guys
for December and next year.
Hopefully making our content
a bit more interesting.

We're obviously trying to network as well.
So to putting our Skillshare
lessons into practice.

- I know, and like, one of the top tips
that they gave us for
networking was just to like,

sell yourself like, just not be afraid to
go up to people and say who
you are and what you want.

- Yeah, exactly.
- And it's like, really
hard but we've actually

challenged ourselves today
and done really, really well.

- Yeah, we have.
- We've got like, a wallet
full of business cards

that we've collected.
So we just chatted to
the guys on Brit Tours,

is it called, Brit Movie
Tours and they're so cool.

Oh my gosh, I thought he was real.
- [Joel] That's Eddie Redmayne.
- Eddie Redmayne, I was like
oh he's just smiling at me.

- [Joel] That's so strange.
That'll be us one day, Lia,
Madam Tussaud's, Joel and Lia.

- [Lia] (laugh) Holding Prosecco.
- Yeah, Prosecco glasses.
- [Lia] Joel's just
making today's video live

from his phone for you guys.
We had a cool little chat with
an afternoon tea company that have like,
buses that go around,
you can do cool stuff

on the buses, yeah, just try loads of food
and have afternoon tea and I bet you guys
would enjoy watching us do that so yeah.
Fingers crossed for that one.
Right, to Philadelphia.
- We're trying to find Philadelphia.
- Right, basically we went
on the Preston and Steve

Raido Show, as you guys already know,
and we want to go tell the people on the
Philadelphia stand because
they might just get

really excited by us.
- Yeah, so we're gonna go find them.
We're gonna tell them.
We walked past earlier but
they were in a meeting.

So we're gonna go back
and just say hi to them.

- Especially talking to people
that are not YouTube literate.
- No, so there was a few people we met,
tended to be very older people.
I mean, there's a man probably in his 70's
that we met that was just like, no,
I don't believe in any
of that mumbo jumbo.

- Acting, nope, nope, nope.
- No, and we were just like, okay,
firstly, no need to be rude about it.
Just say oh no, we don't really do that.
- Just go, not my vibe.
- Yeah, just go, not my vibe.
It's so ridiculous.
- Yeah, if you don't have any budget to
work with influencers or work with people
that could maybe help your business lift
off and it helps ours as
well, just say not my vibe.

Don't just be rude to our face.
That's just really, you know.
- But also, he's missing out because as a
business owner, he needs
to move with the times

and know that working with people like
YouTubers actually can help your business.
- It'd be so beneficial.
- And I think that's what we
did. We move with the platform.

So YouTube, as a platform,
has changed quite a lot.

Like, there's a certain style of content
that did really well like,
two or three years ago

that now, it doesn't do well anymore.
And we used to do a similar style to that
and then we were like well, YouTube people
don't want to watch that anymore.
So we changed our content,
we moved with the platform

and I think that's what
helps you in business.

You've got to like, adapt and change.
You can't just like,
stick in your little lane.

- Yeah, and we looked at our friendship
and we were like, we can
still apply what Joel and Lia

is in this friendship to
this new, sort of like,

business model that the
algorithm, the platform,

if showing us works so there was never
a case of us going like,
let's just change who we are.

We were literally just like, we're
really good at talking to each other.
- We love talking.
- We love to chat.
People really enjoy watching
us chat, don't know why.

I was saying to Joel the other day,
you know when we were on the
tube having a conversation,

we're not speaking loudly
but do you find people

just listen?
He's like, yeah.
- And then they laugh with us,
you see them like, smirking

and you're like, are you
listening to our conversation?

- It's really funny, we're
like, I don't know what it is.

- But I think lots of the
time we're just putting

on accents and being like, you say,
hey darling, all right darling, yeah.
- And then you were like,
you ever heard a guy
that repeats everything

his friend says?
- Oh it was hysterical.
- It was so funny.
- It was this really camp
guy that was so funny

and he was talking about, he was like,
oh hey, where are you going to?
Where do you live?
And she was like, Chatham.
And he goes, Chatchum,
mm-hm, and he just like,

repeated everything he
said and I was just like,

those people that close
their eyes and nod when

you say something, their like,
how are you feeling today?

You're like, oh, I'm quite,
I'm feeling all right.

All right, mm-hm.
And you're just like, stop
repeating the last word

with a patronizing nod.
- It's just so funny.
- Anyway, we just find things funny.
- Yeah, but.
- One thing I love, sorry.
- You're all in, go on.

- One thing I love
about this being our job

is that we can, for
example, the merch that

we've got, we're both wearing our merch.
These are sayings that
we say all the time.

Not my vibe, and
triggered, but I love that

we've let other people in on that.
And like, you guys feel
a part of our friendship

to us and to yourself.
- And it's your thing as well.
- And it's your thing
as well and I just love

that we're sort of spread
the Joel and Lia love

around the world.
- The fact that we have
brought together people

from that side of the world
and that side of the world

and now they're friends.
- It's crazy, but that's
what we want to do.

- I know, that makes me really happy.
- It would make her hair stand on end
if she hadn't had laser
hair removal on her arms.

She just looked at her arms,
I knew your thought process.

Like, I don't have hair there anymore.
- Joel, incorrect.
I'm not having laser there.
That's when I got the
wax and it went wrong.

- Oh, I thought you're had laser there.
- Never get a wax at a
place you don't trust.

- That's so funny though.
Oh, no hair.
- You're like, it makes my hair stand on,
oh wait, I had an arm wax.
There's nothing there.
- Anyway, what were we saying?
- But yeah, turning the
friendship into a business.

Yes, quite a clicky title,
thanks for clicking it.

We've tried to sort of, (laugh)
thanks for clicking it.
- Thanks for clicking.
- We've spoken a little bit about how
we've kind of done it.
It was accidental, yes there
have been some conversations

but we've gone oh gosh, we're like,
mid-20's now, we should
probably be trying to

make some money.
- Yeah, then finally like, the down sides
of working together,
like, I know lots of you

were thinking like, oh can it work?
Like how's the pressure
on your friendship when

its been turned into a business?
- It's just like any working relationship.
Like, luckily we care
about each other so much

that like, when there's
tension we just need to

sort it out or work through it, like a
friendship, like a married couple, maybe
obviously a bit more close
than how you would have

like, colleagues in an
office because it's like

we're the only people
we work with plus our

management and brands.
- And plus like, for
colleagues in an office,

if you dislike someone
you can still do your job

and get on with it.
If me and Lia fell out
and disliked each other,

we couldn't fake it in front of a camera.
- No, we'd have to have a few days off.
- Or have it out with you.
- Have it out.
- Have it out.
- Yeah, luckily I would
have 90% of the time,

everything's good.
10% of the time there's tension.
And that's so natural.
- It's very natural
and it's natural as two

different human beings that
you disagree on something

because most the time
it would just come from

disagreements or going, no I think this,
no I think this.
- And then you're just like
how can we work through this

and come to a compromise?
It can be done, guys.
If we can do it, anyone can do it.
- Yet there's not any friendship duos
on YouTube, really.
No, male or female friendship duos
apart from Damon and Jo.
Like, there's none.
- I know, it's mad isn't it?
We're like, go on, give it a go guys.
- Give it a go.
- If we can do it.
- Yeah, but anyway, it's been
probably quite a long video

but hopefully you found it interesting.
- Yeah, lots of you guys say that you're
interested in the business side of things
so you know, let's speak about it openly.
Let's not be embarrassed
to talk about making money.

Ah, it's so British, isn't it?
- It is.
- Like, I can't talk about the
fact that this pays my rent.

- But it's also a well
known thing that YouTubers

earn money from it now and
one of our YouTube friends,

Luke, he posted on his Instagram story
being like this isn't true, by the way.
Because it was a website on net worth
and it said he was
worth 11 million pounds.

And he was like, are you joking?
That is not true.
So I think it's like,
it's worth talking about

because everyone knows
YouTubers earn money.

- Like, to put it into perspectively,
I'm living in a rented accommodate, like,
a rented flat in London.
I don't live on my own, I live with
a girl, another flat
mate who also has a job,

and she's trying to be self employed,
do you know what I mean, she's hustling.
I can't afford a one bed
flat but it's enough.

Do you know what I mean?
It's like, we're certainly
not worth 11 million.

- We're not even worth one million,
not even worth half a million.
- No where near, no where near.
- But maybe one day.
Maybe one day the Joel
and Lia brand will expand

and maybe not become Joel and Lia.
Maybe it will be something
that Joel and Lia own

but that's the thing.
We do want to grow a brand.
- Yeah, we'll see where it
goes and we're just really

lucky and really grateful that we've got
an amazing supportive system,
supportive group of people
online that like us.

Support system.
- Support system.
- Therapy.
That's been everything today, guys.
We hope you've enjoyed the video.
We upload videos thrice weekly.
And we'll see you again next time.
- Yeah, see ya soon.
- [Together] Bye!
- Don't forget to like and subscribe.
- Like and subscribe, notification bell.
- Click it for on.
- Click.
- [Lia] We spoke for a long
time during that, didn't we?

- [Joel] That was a long one.
- [Lia] Congratulations
if you made it this far,

through to the end.
- [Joel] You're listening
to this end card, fantastic.

- [Lia] I always wish
that people would watch

through to the very end
before writing first comment.

You know when people write first comment
within 30 seconds of like.
- [Joel] You haven't watched it.
- [Lia] You just clicked on it.
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How We Turned Our Friendship Into A Business.

45 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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