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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And this video is us guessing
some Philadelphia slang.

(playful music)
- So some of you guys
might know we were recently

on the Preston & Steve show.
- Which is a really popular
radio station in Philadelphia.

- Yeah.
- And they kindly invited us on the show
to just talk about all
things British, differences,

cultural differences, basically
what we do on our channel,

but on their radio show.
- Live on air.
- For half an hour.
- To however many people tune
in, which I've heard is like,

hundreds of thousands,
like loads of people.

- Loads of people.
- Also, we were connected
by one of our viewers.

So one of our viewers
emailed our management

and Preston & Steve's
producer and were like,

guys, you're in London,
I love Joel and Lia,

I love you guys, can you please connect?
And that's how it happened.
So thank you so much to the
kind lady that introduced us.

- Yeah, it happened.
You made that happen.
So thanks for doing that.
- So we did film some of
our day, I'm not quite sure

on how much we did film,
so we'll just insert the footage now
and then we'll get onto
the slang after this.

- We are at the W Hotel in Maxwell Square.
(live radio show)
- I thought it was the boyfriend went over
and he got tackled, I didn't
know he was chasing you.

- (gasp) Marissa.
- Wait, what, to get in?
- Alright, let me start these again.
- [Lia] So look at this cool little set up
they've got going here, this is so cool.
I think it's gonna be live,
how can our audience tune in?

We should probably tell them.
I'm gonna tell you guys online.
- [Man] Its just interesting
to hear your perspective

what you find interesting
about The United States

and vice versa of what your perceptions
are of our perception of you.
So you do basically three
videos a week about--

- Three a week?
Nearly four.
- [Man] And so it's very
casual that you have your...

And I know you're best friends
but has there ever been

any romantic spark between you two?
- Not at all.
- Because we hated each
other at first as well.

- That first connection wasn't there.
- That's probably why it works.
- They're both super good looking.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I mean just from our point of view
it's like in 'Cheers'
with Sam and Diane or any

sort of thing it's, you
know, there's this--

- Yeah.
- I don't tend to take
things home from restaurants

like Americans just take it home.
- My wife and I, it looks
like we're packing for a trip.

- I have a question about that,
you don't take it home because
there isn't anything left or?

- Is this a dumb thing?
- Not really.
- If we were somewhere and there's loads
of food leftover, I'm like this is lovely.
So just finished live
on air, how was that?

- It was so much fun, it was good!
It's our favorite topic,
American versus U.K.,

it was just really nice.
- I know, I said a few silly things.
(both laugh)
- It was live, you can't edit out.
- You can't edit that out.
But we hope that a few
new people from Philly get

to find our channel.
- Yeah.
- And, yeah!
- So if you do, whatever
vlog this ends up in,

if you did hear the radio
show and you've subscribed,

hello, welcome.
- Well I'll just say, it's
been a couple of weeks

since we were on the show.
- Yeah.
- So we did actually guess some
slang whilst we were there.

- Yeah, we did.
- But I can't remember any
of it apart from w-i-t.

- W-i-t, wit.
- Wit.
- So I can't even remember wit.
I can't even remember this
first one which is Jawn

or you guys would say "Jahn".
That's the first slang, I
remember saying it but I can't

remember what it is.
- Oh, I actually do
remember what this one is.

- Do you?
- It's a person, a place or a thing?
Is it -
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah remember when
he's like, it's a noun.

- Cause it could literally mean anything.
- Yeah.
- And we were like, there's
that like 'thingymajig',

or 'whatsit' and we say 'whatsit' or
and it's so you--
- It's anything, you could be a jawn.
- I'm a jawn.
- You could be like that old jawn.
- Or this is a jawn.
- Where's my thingy-jawn?
- Oh, wow.
- I think that's what they said it was.
Let's check.
- Anything, so it's
just literally anything.

You can just, so you just say--
- A person, place, or thing, it's a noun.
- Hi guys and welcome to jawn and jawn.
- Jawn and jawn.
This is jawn.
- But as I said on the
radio show, it gets confused

between the name "John", because--
- Yeah It sounds like 'John'.
- If you guys, in your
accent obviously in ours

it is 'jawn' and 'john', but in American
they say like 'john' and 'john'.
- (gasps) Oh yeah.
- That must be really
confusing if your name's John.

- Thumbs up for Joel's american accent.
- Thank you.
- Let's get this to 1,000.
- 1,000 come on guys.
- Thousand thumbs up.
If you're new to this channel,
we do lots of this sort of

guessing slang as well as
loads of other sorts of videos

so click the subscribe button
and the notification bell.

- Yeah.
- To be a winner.
- A winner.
- Heh, you'll be a winner.
- We post videos thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.
- So there's lots to choose from.
- So the person that sent this
to us is a girl called Jenna.

She e-mailed us a list of all
the slang from Philadelphia,

as with all of our slang videos
we get comments being like,

"That's not just in that
place, I say that as well".

So, don't blame us, blame Jenna.
- Youse, youse.
- Think it's 'Youse' isn't it?
- Youse.
- Youse.
So the word is youse.
yaʊs, yows, yaʊs?
- I do know this one, cause we--
- Youse.
- We might say that here,
like it's the same as like,

y'all or like.
- Yeah 'youse lot'.
- Youse lot, yeah.
- Youse.
- Youse lot come over here.
- It sounds really English so
that's why it sounds really

like midlands-y.
- Yeah.
- Like youse lot get yourself
over there and do this.

- Yeah.
- Like it's what you might call
like a group of kids, youse.

- Youse.
- But not youths, just youse.
- Yeah.
Jimmies, jimmies.
- Jimmies, um does that
mean, um, like pajamas?

- Oh yeah.
Cause we'd say jammies.
- Get me jimmy jammies on, yeah.
I get, oh, get your jimmies on.
- Jimmies.
- Could it be slang for
like, a certain type of food?

- Oh, right.
- Like jimmies, could
jimmies always mean pizza?

- That's true.
- Like jimmies.
- Maybe.
I was thinking it was something
rude, but I'm not gonna

say it on our channel.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- We'll keep it P.G.
- Jimmy is another word for sprinkles.
- Ah, what like cooking sprinkles?
- So we call them hundreds of thousands.
- Oh, hundreds and thousands.
- Can I get some jimmies on
my ice cream, that's cool.

- That's good.
- That's cool yeah cause in
the U.K., you guys, well,

maybe everyone in the
world calls them sprinkles

for some reason brits call
them hundreds of thousands.

- Hundreds and thousands.
- Is it hundreds and thousands
or hundreds of thousands?

- I say hundreds and thousands.
- Hundreds and thous- yeah I don't even--
- Do you say hundreds of thousands?
- I just say 'mmm'.
Hundreds 'mmm' thousands.
I don't know what it is.
- Hundreds 'mmm' thousands.
- Hundreds and thousands,
why do we call it that?

It's so basic and like.
- I don't know, we're just
like, 'oh what's that, oh

there's hundreds and thousands of them'.
- Yeah.
- Yeah I don't know.
- So funny, but yeah so.
- Sprinkles.
- Philadelphians obviously
call them jimmies.

- Jimmies, okay.
- I love jimmies.
- Me too.
Water ice.
- Water ice?
- Yeah, water, ice.
- I know what this is, it's a snow cone.
- What's that?
- I dunno, it's something Americans do.
It's like, well it might
not be, but a snow cone is

where it's just crushed ice
and then they put, like,

fruity syrup over it.
- Oh, they do that, yeah that's so dumb.
I saw that in Starbucks.
- That is so dumb.
- Just insult an entire nation.
Oh yeah that's so dumb.
- When we were at the food
festival they put their ice all.

- Yeah and they shaved
the ice, didn't they?

- Shaved the ice and put
loads of sauce syrup on.

- That is so dumb.
- That's so dumb.
- Oh my gosh, gonna get so much hate.
I just don't get it,
because here's my reasons.

I don't like ice.
- Yeah that's true you've
got sensitive teeth.

- I've got sensitive teeth
and I can't handle it.

- Yeah she can barely handle ice cream.
- Yeah I eat it like this.
- Let alone iced water.
- We actually just had ice
cream before filming this.

- Yeah.
- And Lia took one bite and went
"I forgot it was cold".
- I forgot (laughter).
- It means Italian ice, not
sure if you know what that is,

pretty much just flavored
ice, flavored ice!

- Oh so I was right?
- You were right!
Water ice.
- Why's it Italian ice then?
- I'm buying water ice
would you like some?

Was the example.
- So it must be snowcone.
- Snowcone, yeah.
- Well I got it right, tick
correct, well done Joel.

- Correct, so much for
guessing slang, more like just

explaining words.
- Acing life, explaining words.
- Next one is dawlin.
- Drawling, is that just like,
if you're like bro you're

like talking like slow and
like monotonous, it's drawlin.

- Drawlin, yeah maybe
you had too much to drink

and you're drawlin.
- Yeah, drawlin.
- Drawlin.
- It is you.
- Oh.
- You're acting crazy or
wild but in a negative way,

that's interesting,
Amanda broke up with me

but she was really drawlin for that.
- Drawing? You mean drawlin.
- Drawlin for that.
- She was really drawlin for that.
- This is so confusing, drawlin,
so someone's acting crazy

so when Lia has a crazy
five minutes, I'm like

stop your drawlin, get back to work.
- That sounds good
actually, that can stay.

- Stop your drawlin.
- You can keep that, stop your drawlin.
- Stop yo drawlin!
- Young boul.
- Young boul.
young boul?
- Young b-o-u-l.
- Young boul, maybe it's like young fool.
- Young boul (laughter).
oh you young boul.
- Is it a stupid person?
- Newborn baby?
My young boul?
- My young boul.
we're so stupid.
- Young boul, someone who's
younger than you or just

young in general!
- I don't wanna date
her, she's a young boul.

Why boul?
- Boul, we're definitely saying it wrong.
- Boul.
- Young boul.
- Yeah wouldn't they say boul, boul
but again, it's the same thing in our,
yeah it is, buoy.
Oh my gosh so many people
are like, but that,

buoy is just normal, I was
like I can't believe you

think that's normal, cause
I know it is to you guys

cause you say it, but it's
like to us it just sounds

so funny, I love it, buoy.
- Oh my gosh.
- Buoy!
- American words that tickle
us, that's a good video.

- Yeah, tickle us.
This next one is sort
of a phrase, ya mean.

- Is it, do you know what I mean?
- I think so, yeah.
- Ya mean.
- Ya mean means, do you know what I mean,
- Oh I love that.
- That kid's really wild, ya mean?
- Why do you say.
- Yeah but you did that with
an odd inflection didn't you

you did that like.
- That kid's really wild.
- Ya mean?
- Ya mean?
Yeah cause that's how you
say 'you know what I mean'?

You go, ya mean?
- Ya mean, ya mean, do
you know what I mean?

- Ya mean?
It's just like, with Essex
people, though, because

they don't say do you know
what I mean, they say, j'mean.

- J'mean, j'mean.
- Like, (mumbles) j'mean?
- J'mean, yeah, do you know
what I mean, je-no-mean.

- Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, so yours is 'ya mean'.
- Ya mean.
- It's very cool.
- It's good isn't it?
- I might say that.
- The next one is 'Wawa', which.
- Oh no, but that's a store, isn't it?
- Oh, it's not even slang, yeah.
- We saw loads of those in America, Wawa.
- I was about to be like.
(DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna)
wa,wa,wa wild thoughts.
- She probably invented this.
It's probably Rihanna's merch store.
- Yeah, maybe Rihanna
was in a car, and she

was trying to think of
lyrics and she kept going

past like wawa, she
was like 'wa, wa wa wa'

'wa, wa wa wild thoughts,
when I'm with you

all I get is wild thoughts'.
- It's good that she didn't
go past like, Trader Joe's.

- Joe, Joe Joe Joe.
- So good.
- The next one is, ever that.
- Ever that?
- Ever that.
- Does it mean like, have
you ever experienced that?

I'm guessing it's like ya
mean, it's like, 'ever that?'.

- What, so someone goes,
'drinking Prosecco, ever that?'.

- Ever that?
- Drinking Prosecco, ever that?
- Ever that?
- It doesn't sound good in our accents.
- It sounds so stupid.
- Um, no, it means you are,
or would do anything but that.

So this guy said I was cute
but I said, "ever that",

Oh meaning like no, I'm
not, or like, block.

- Block.
- I said if you said something like, Joel,
I look really ugly today,
I'd be like 'ever mean'.

No, is that the one, oh it's ever that?
- Ever that.
Ever that, does it mean like,
stop with the negativity.

- It means like that.
- Oh, ever that.
- [Both] Yeah, ever that.
- I've no idea.
- Ever that, this guy said I was cute,
and I said, ever that.
- Or does it mean yes?
Like I am?
- Yeah I am?
- I'm forever that.
I'm cute, yeah, ever that.
Maybe it means that.
- Okay I don't, we don't
get that one, so if that

can be explained in the comments.
- Someone help us in the comments.
And the final one, Hoagie,
I know what this means, so.

- Hoagie?
- Yeah.
- Bogey.
- No.
- Ew.
- Hungry for a bogey.
- Oh.
- Oh I'm feeling hoagie.
- Hoagie for my own bogey.
- So gross, unsubscribe.
- We're so not normally this gross.
- No.
- Um, well I've just read it haven't I.
- Well done.
- When you look down to
look at the word again

and then you accidentally
read the description.

- Yeah.
Like a subway, so you can
get like a sub, or a hoagie,

or a sammich, they all
mean the same thing.

- Sammich.
- Sammich is my favorite.
- Guys I'm really hungry for a sammich.
- Gimme a sammich, ya mean?
That was good!
- That's sick, are you from Philadelphia?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, can I just say finally
one that we learnt on the show, is wit.
- Wit, oh yeah.
- W-I-T it means--
- What was that again, cream cheese?
- It's a Philly cheese
steak wit, means can I get

the cheese steak with onions.
- With onions.
- So without onions it's
just a Philly cheese steak,

but Wit is with onions.
- Wit, that's so weird it's
like when we learned in New York

the schmear means cream
cheese, can I get a schmear,

bagel with schmear or a schmear bagel.
It's wit, it's so cool.
- Wit.
- Well guys If you enjoyed
that video, don't forget to

give us a like and subscribe,
we post videos thrice weekly.

- You can smash that subscribe button.
- Smash that subscribe button
and that notification bell.

to be alerted for every
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- It's an in joke, it's cause
we're too old for YouTube.

- We're too old, there's
so many young YouTubers

that do this high energy stuff.
- We do hand gestures
but we don't go like,

we go thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly and then
like, boom boom boom boom.

- Smash that subscribe,
notifications on, okay,

that's it guys.
- Cool.
Send us your slang, let
us know what other slang

in the comments below we
love learning from you guys,

we're actually getting
more and more clever.

- Every time.
- Yeah!
- We do it.
- Well you remembered the word Wit,
that's more than I did.
- Thanks darling.

- Well done.
- I don't know why it stuck,
things don't usually stick with me.
- No they don't, that's true.
- They take a long time to
stick into my funny little head.

- Ya mean?
- Ya mean?
- Ever that!
- Ever that!
We sound so hillbilly.
We sound like The Amanda Show.
- Yeah we do, I love that show!
- Also if you want to watch the
like, full Preston and Steve

interview, we'll link it down
below, it was streamed live

on their Facebook page, um, yeah, do that.
And if any of you know
of any other radio shows

that would like to interview
Joel and Lia, hook us up!

- We could do phone interviews.
oh wait no, last I was
on the phone to America

it cost me so much money!
We won't do a phone interview!
- If they, or if they're in
London, whatever just hook us up

we love radio now.
- Love radio, we've got
faces for the radio.

- Yeah we have.
- Ever that.
- Ever that!
- Okay, goodbye guys.
- Anyway, love you guys, see you soon.
- [Both] Bye!
- [Lia] Oh well Joel, what's a, uh--
- [Joel] What's a dickhead,
should we put dickhead in it?

- [Lia] Someone stupid!
- [Joel] We say dickhead
here in the U.K., so--

- [Lia] Stop acting like a
dickhead, yeah, that's so funny

she said that, ard, ard, shat's a-r-d?
- [Joel] Oh that's something
we learnt on the show,

it means you're okay,
alright, but Preston and Steve

didn't know what It meant.
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British Guess Philadelphia Slang! American vs British

39 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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