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♪ Doobie doobie doo doo dah ♪
- Hello, we're Joel and Lia.
- So today's video is we discover
whether we're more
British or more American.

- So obviously we're British,
but we get told that the more
we talk about American stuff,

the more we are becoming American.
- Yeah.
- which we find

really difficult to agree with,
so we got this quiz up from BuzzFeed,
- Yeah.
- we're gonna respond to it

and we're gonna just go
through it with you guys,

- Yeah.
- and see what we get.

I'm gonna be triggered, if I
turn out to be more American.

I'll just be like, really?
- We'll see.

I've got a feeling maybe I will be.
When someone says a cup of
tea, what comes to mind?

Yes or no?
- Yes.
- Okay, mine would be no.

- Okay.
- Do sweet potatoes belong in a dessert?
Yes or no?
- No!
- No, well,

- No way.
- I don't think,

I wouldn't say they belong in the dessert,
but I would try it.
- So what's your answer, Joel?
- I'm gonna say yeah.
- Okay, would you eat cheese--

- Would you eat cheese out of a can?
- [Joel And Lia] No.
- Absolutely not.
- No,

we saw canned cheese
- Yeah.

- and we were just
- Repulsed.
- repulsed by it.

- Triggered--
- Didn't we buy some

and try it?
Oh no, we bought cheese spread.
- Cheese spread, which was gross.
- It was so gross, it tasted like feet
- Yeah.
- and everyone was like,

how do you know what feet taste like?
It tasted like what I--
- 'Cause she's got to a foot fetish!
- No, I hate feet.
'Cause she,
- She got a foot fetish.

- It's like a town
crier, hear ye, hear ye!

She's got a foot fetish.
- It tasted like--
- No,

she's never sucked a toe.
- I feel like so ill, that's disgusting.
You know what you were saying earlier,
like when people say
things, I visualize them?

- Yeah.
- We're the same on that.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- If someone says something that's like,
- Yeah.
- got strong imagery.

- It meets with you,
- Yeah.

- it resonates with you.
- Yeah, it,

oh, it tasted like what I imagine
feet would taste like,
- Yes, so there we go.

- it tasted like what feet smell like.
- Yeah.
- Okay, next one.

- When you think of pigs in
blankets, is pastry involved?

- [Joel and Lia] No.
- No, pigs in blankets is
just sausage with bacon

wrapped round it.
- Bacon wrapped round it.

- [Joel] But pastry, we'd
never turn down pastry though.

- Oh no, I'd never turn down pastry,
- Bit of pastry.
- walked passed a Greggs the other day.
- It's basically a sausage roll
then, if you include pastry.

- It's a sausage roll.
Oh, imagine that on your roast dinner,
just a couple of sausage,
imagine how many sausage rolls

we're gonna eat as we approach Christmas.
- Oh, yeah, there'll be so many.
- Oh, so many sausage rolls.
- But we're trying to be fit, so.
- Skinny legends.
- Hm.

- Have as many sausage rolls as they like.
- Yeah, they do.
A legend must always
- Always.

- eat a sausage roll,
- Sausage roll.

- whenever they feel like it.
- Okay.
- Do baked beans belong in a breakfast?
- [Joel and Lia] Yes!
- 100%.
- A breakfast,

lunch and a dinner.
- Yeah,

literally every mealtime
or a snack.
- I love beans.

- You can now get baked
bean pots, like a yogurt,

so you just spoon the
beans out into your mouth,

you put them in lunchboxes, amazing,
we didn't have that when we were kids.
- What, the snack pots?
- Yes, snack pots.

- They've been around years, Joel.
- Have they?
- Mum used to do the snack pots for me,
when I was like 15.
- What, the baked bean ones?

- Yeah, the baked bean snack pots.
- I've only just seen them.
- You've only just seen them,

but also isn't it weird that you think
that would go in a lunchbox?
- Yeah.

- 'Cause you'd maybe eat it cold then?
- Yeah, oh, I love cold baked beans,
I prefer warm ones, but I love cold ones.
- You can have cold,
so you're not triggered by cold beans?
- No.
- I've only just got to the stage,
where I can lick the
spoon of the cold beans

after pouring them into the thing
- Okay.
- to go into the microwave.

- Yeah, hm-mm.
- So we differ there.
- We differ.

- As if you would put
in your kid's lunchbox

- Yeah.
- cold beans,

- Cold beans.
- they'll get bullied, Joel,

do you want your kid bullied?
- Yeah, character building.
I was bullied a lot and look at me,
- You're cheaper now.
- Destroyed.

- I was bullied, look at me now!
- Look at me now!
- Not insecure at all.

- Moving on.
- Moving swiftly on.

- Do you use an electric
kettle to make hot drinks?

Yes, that's simple.
- Just call it a kettle,

- Yeah.
- not an electric kettle.

- You can't get a
non-electric kettle in the UK,

well, you can, but like
people just say kettle,

- Yeah.
- They don't say

electric kettle.
- What's the,

so what would the other option be,
the one that goes on the hob and squeaks?
- Yeah, squeaks, the
one we use for camping.

- Okay.
- When you make a grilled cheese sandwich,
do you cook them on the stove?
- No.
- Never made a grilled cheese

sandwich in my life.
- [Joel] No, but we would
use a toastie maker,

- [Lia] Oh, yeah,
like a George Foreman.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- [Joel and Lia] So no.
- When you get cinema
popcorn, is it buttered?

No, it's salted.
- No, it's sweet or salty,

- Yeah, sweet or salty.
- or mixed.

- Or mix, I love a mix.
- We love a mix.

- [Joel and Lia] Do you
consider these to be crumpets?

- That's an English muffin,
- That's, yeah.
- cut in half.

- That's an English muffin.
But I wonder if whoever created this quiz
thinks that they are crumpets,
so they think that we wanna answer yes,
- Yes.
- that's an English crumpet,

- Crumpet.
- but it's not.

- I wonder, I wonder.
- Who knows?

- [Joel and Lia] Can a pudding be savory?
- Puddings.
- Can it?

Oh, yeah, but the thing is,
- Black pudding.

- a savory pudding would
be like cheese and grapes,

but that comes after a pudding,
so it's like pudding option,

then there's like extra.
- I think they're meaning pudding,
'cause Americans would call
anything sort of steamed a pudding,
so you could get like a savory pudding,
like a pudding in terms of
like Christmas pudding shaped.

- We just consider pudding to be dessert,
- Yeah.
- 'cause that's just the word

for dessert, so no.
- So shall we say no?

- You got British, you're
definitely more British,

thanks, BuzzFeed, you
know that pigs in blankets

most certainly don't have pastry
and should be wrapped in bacon
and that pudding can be a dessert,
but also be eaten with a roast dinner.
- Oh, like Yorkshire pudding.
- Pudding, oh!

- Oh!
- Yorkshire pudding.

- Yeah.
- Oh, I see, I love--

- So Yorkshire pudding is
a savory pancake batter,

that is cooked in the oven
and it's so good.
- And it turns into like,

just Yorkshire pudding insert.
- Yeah, insert.
- I'm gonna insert a picture

of Patsy, my cousin's Yorkshire pudding,
she makes the big ones, that the whole--
- Like toad in the hole?
- that food goes inside of it.

- Yeah, like toad in the hole.
- like they do in Yorkshire,

- where the whole roast
dinner goes inside.

- Amazing, if you come to the UK,
get a Yorkshire pudding
with a roast dinner.

- Oh.
- Incredible.

- You'd most likely be lost
without your electric kettle,

- Kettle.
- Kettle,

and can't imagine life without one.
- It's true.
- That's true,

anyone who watched the New York videos
will know that.
- She had to deal with life

without one and it was a nightmare.
- Oh, it was vile.
- Yeah, a whole 16 days without a kettle.
- Yeah, he got the worst of it.
- Yeah, I did, I really did.
- He really did.
- I really did.

- She's miserable, no kettle!
- She's miserable.

Get me out of here.
- Get me out, fly me home.
- Immediately.
I got American!
- What?
- It says you're more American, Joel,
I just added Joel, 'cause
it's more personal.

- I love doing that.
- You're more American, Joel.
- American, Joel.

- To you, Joel, pudding is a sweet mousse,
that comes in a cup, rather
than another word for dessert.

Baked beans are most certainly
not a breakfast dish,

well, they are, 'cause I did actually vote
for that being a breakfast dish
and if you go to the movie theater,
you're definitely partial to
some buttered popcorn, no.

- But you said no to that as well.
- I know, well I'm,
wait a minute.
- Oh, that's odd.

- That's very odd.
- Maybe they just have a
thing, where like on a quiz,

like the next person
who does it gets this,

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- the next person

who does it gets that.
- Well, I mean, it's
fine, I can be American,

- Yeah.
- I don't really mind.

- Neg.
- I do think,

I remember saying once to
my friends at university,

I was like I wish I was American
and now I wouldn't say that,
- No.

- because I'm very proud to be British,
but all my friends were like, what?
Even my American friend was like, what?
I do think there are
perks to being American.

- What are the perks?
- Can't remember.
- Just a bit.

- I just think it's quite cool,
I think Americans are quite cool,
I actually really like the accent.
- It's cool to be American
in London, isn't it?

- Yeah, it's very cool
to be American in London.

- There's a small community
of Americans in London

and they're all lovely.
- Maybe it's that.

I love America, so I just think yeah,
I don't mind being called American,
but I am British, I do
like being British as well,

I wanna be multicultural, I
wish I had a dual citizenship,

- Yeah.
- like one of my friends,

who she's got an American passport,
'cause she was born in New York,
- Yeah.
- and a British passport,

'cause she's spent her life here,
I wish I had that,
- Okay.

- I wish I was like American and British.
- Well, you always want
what you can't have, Joel.

- I know.
- I know.

- I know.
- Oh, I know.

- Don't I bloody know it?
- Don't you also want curly hair?
- Yeah, I want curly hair.
I just think curly hair is sick.
- Don't you want blue eyes as well?
- Blue eyes, I basically wanna change
everything about myself.
- All the things.
- All the things.

- You can't have it, hun.
- No,

and then I noticed today, I was in the gym
and I was watching our
videos on the treadmill,

I wasn't actually watching,
I just watched it,

while I was listening to music,
- Right.
- and I just noticed

that one of my ears sticks
out more then the other

and there's these things
that I wouldn't know

were I not a YouTuber,
if I didn't have to watch myself back.
- Oh yeah, but you don't have
to watch back in the gym.

- No, not in the gym, but
as in I have to watch myself

like editing,
- Editing.

- you can't edit and not look at yourself,
like you just have to.
- Oh, yeah,

oh, there are certain things I have that
about that as well,
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I know, I just
need to get over it,

but yeah, it bothers me on a daily basis.
- It's this ear, it just pokes
out more than the others, so.

- Okay.
- The others, as if I've got five.
- Pokes out more than the others.
- Yeah.
- Brilliant.
- Nevermind.

If you enjoyed that video,
let us know down in the comments,
let us know your answers
to any of those questions

and if you wanna take the quiz,
we'll put the link down as well.
- Thank you, BuzzFeed
for that,
- Yeah.

- we love doing BuzzFeed Responds,
we did another one, which
we'll link in the end card,

- Yeah.
- which was us responding

to something BuzzFeedy.
- Ours was wondering whether America
is better then Europe.
- That was it.
- Things America does

better than Europe.
- That was it,

that was on BuzzFeed as well.
- That was a really good one.

So subscribe, if you
don't know who we are,

we're Joel and Lia, we make
videos all about British things.

- Calm down.
- Just give me two minutes.

We make things about British
things, American things,

all sorts of cultures and we post videos
- [Joel and Lia] Thrice weekly.
- Yes, nailed it.
God, so good.
- Got it, so good, got it.
- So good.

Give me two minutes.
- Give me two minutes.

- Give me 10 seconds.
- I'm just doing my pitch.

- Janet, give me two minutes.
We make videos that are informative,
but also waffly,
- Yeah.

- so if that's your vibe, if
you're in it for the long run,

- Yeah,
- if you're in it

for the marathon.
- Put a song on

in the background.
- Put a song on

in the background,
- Yeah.

- whilst you make your dinner.
- Yeah,

we're comedy, bit of
lifestyle, bit of vlogging,

- Bit of travel,
- bit of travel.

- bit of this, bit of that.
- Bit of this, bit of that.

- Bit of salt and pepper.
- Bit of this, bit of that.
- Bit of that.

- Just that.
- Imagine that was our outro.

- You don't even do, bit of this,
bit of that.
- Bit of that.

Hi, we're Joel and Lia and we do
bit of this,
- Bit of this,

bit of that.
- bit of that.

That's staying, that's staying.
- Bit of this, bit of that.
- Especially when we're
doing something more exotic.

- Yeah.
- Me and you go,

hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- On a T-shirt?

Bit of this, bit of that.
- Bit of this, bit of that.

- It's like yours or mine.
Yours or mine?
- Yours or mine?

- Let us know if you
know where that's from.

- If you know what that
is, that's an in joke.

- Anyway, give the video
a like and subscribe,

we love you guys, thanks
for tuning in once again.

- And we'll see you next time.
- See you soon.

- Bye.
- Bye!

Bit of this, bit of that.
- Bit of that.

- [Joel] Sprinkle the salt,
bit of salt, bit of pepper.

- [Lia] It's like in the
Cotswolds, where you just went,

"And I was there, I loved it."
- You're so good.
- A few people got the joke,

- Yeah.
- but a few of them

had never seen that before,
- No.

- [Lia] and a lot were
saying just nothing.

- No, they're just like, what?

- [Lia] Oh, and you've got
the muscles for it now.

- Yeah.
- Now you've got it.

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Are You More British Or American? DO THIS QUIZ

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