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(holiday music)
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia
- And welcome back to
Vlogmas hate mail edition.

- So you guys know we love
responding to hate comments.

Oh, well I wouldn't say
we love it.
- Love it

We do it as a series on our channel.
- Yeah we read out hate mail,
we respond to the haters.

- Yeah.
- We like turning negatives
into positives.
- Into positives.

So we're in for tonight then guys.
- So I think I've got eight comments
or something around about that.
I just picked the first
few that were really mean

in our spam folder.
'Cause fun fact, most of our hate now,
pretty much 99.9% of it
just goes straight into spam

and we never look at it
unless we're doing a hate mail video.
- Yeah, gets filtered out
and the hater that leaves the comment,
thinks that their comment
has been published

but it just gets put
into a filtered folder.

- And we never see it.
- We never check.
- So it's just great like
one of our friends Lucy,

English Lucy said, "It's
like they're just screaming

"into nothingness or darkness."
They like ranting and saying mean things
but we just block them,
put them into spam folder.

We never see it.
- Never see it guys.
- Except these ones.
- Which we've gone looking for.
- Yes, so the first one
from The Last Rebel Show,

and he or she said, "You two," ...
By the way, disclaimer,
there's gonna be swearing.

- Swearing, switch off now
if you don't like swearing.

- Yeah, switch off, you have been warned.
He said, "You two think
you're all cute and shit.

"Fuck you, go die."
- Wow.
- Wow.
- Wow.

Do you know what?
We we're like we'll be hyped
up to film this tonight

because this is the eleventh
video we filmed today.

- And it's half passed
1:00 AM.
- AM

1:30 AM and we were like
we'll have so much sass,

let's save the hate mail.
- And I have nothing to say
but wow.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- Wow.

I don't understand why people
give us, like, death threats.

It's not even a threat, it's just like-
- Go die.
- A command, go die.

It's not very nice.
- I know. Do you know what
my favorite one is, though,

when people say, "Drop dead."
I wish you'd just drop dead.
- drop dead.

- Like I wish they'd
said the ... (laughing)

Wish they'd said the ...
It's just fantastic. I mean
it's not, it's like tragic,

but, yeah, that's better if
you're gonna tell us to die

at least like be a bit more creative like-
- Also, what make them think
that we think we're cute?

- You think you're cute
and all shit and shit.

We don't think we're cute.
- We don't.

- We really don't
- We're sexy. We ain't cute.

No, we don't.
- Oh is it?

- I don't know maybe we
come across as people

that think we're cute
but that's horrifying

'cause we really don't.
- We really don't. I
might get told I'm cute

but I don't think I'm cute.
- I might get told it, but-
- I'm just getting this
chamomile tea bag out

before it over brews.
The next one's from Steven
and he said, "The arrogant
British say many things wrong.

"You two are so damn stupid. Get a job!!!"
Loads of exclamation marks.
Get a job.
- Get a job.

- This is a job!
- This is a job. Welcome
to 2018, nearly 2019

and YouTube has been a job
for many years for lots of youtubers.
- Slow clap for Steven.
- Well done.
- This is a job

we're finally counting on.
And also, even if it wasn't a job for us,
who's to say we don't
have jobs on the side?

Like we did for many years.
- So many years.
- But, We did it as a hobby.

- Get a job. We've had many.
- We've had so many.
- Many, Many jobs.

(Joel sneezes)
- He just triggered me to sneeze.
- Take that, Steven.
- Yeah, Steven.
- We're sneezing on you.

- Yeah.
- Triggered.

- So Dexter Thompson says,
"I went to the effort

"of signing in just to say you suck!"
Capital letters.
- With loads of

exclamation marks.
- Cool Dexter, thanks.
- What you don't realize
is that if you comment

on our videos, it really helps, like,
other people discover our videos.
So the more comments a video has,
the more YouTube will,
like, help promote it

'cause it'll go, "Oh, lots of
people are commenting on that

"that must be a good video."
- So with you signing in,
Dexter, you actually help us-

- You've actually
helped us out.
- Helped us grow

and be bigger on the platform.
- So if any of you out there hate us,
the worst thing you could do
is comment on our channel.

- Yep.
- Because it would just
help us grow bigger

and bigger and bigger.
- And better.

- And better.
- Bigger and better.
So thank you, Dexter.
- Thank you Dexter darling.
- We're turning

every negative into a positive tonight.
- Yeah.
- Next one, is from someone called Curtis.
Hold on, is this Curtis
I went to school with?

- No, he looks old.
- Do I know him? Is my question.
- Probably not.
- Let's have a look at his face.
- That looks like
one of your relatives.
- Oh my gosh,

I literally look like I know him.
- You don't know him.
- Okay, I get the impression
she enjoys being called a slut.

- I'm sorry, I just
remembered as I read that,

that I was gonna save it
and ask you off camera

if you're alright to read this.
- You're right Curtis,
I absolutely love being called a slut.
- I just love that you've
given that impression,

you haven't given the
impression of being a slut,

you've given the
impression of looking like

you like being called a slut.
- Enjoy being called a slut.

So, well done Curtis, that is spot.
- It's very specific.
- So accurate.
- She loves it.
- Joel calls me and he's
like, "What's up, slut?

"Hey slut, what are you doing today?
"Let's get some videos made,
- She loves it.

- I love being called a slut
- You're correct.

- It's correct. Well done Curtis.
You got that right about me.
Your assumptions were correct.

- Next, Mac two two Sailor says,
"Only watched two of your videos
"and have already figured out
"you're a couple of snobby ass Brits."
- Snobby ass Brits.
- With that emoji.

(flipping off)
- Snobby ass Brits.
- Snobby ass Brits.

It's snobby ass Brits.
- I know ass, I can't
say it ass in our accent

without sounding ridiculous.
You snobby ass, ass Brits.
- The issue I have here
is that he's probably in
his fifties or sixties.

- Yep, nothing wrong
with that.
- and I just feel like

he should know better.
I feel like if we get
hate comments from, like,

even 20 year olds who should know better,
but I'm like I kinda intend
to think they're younger,

and I'm like they don't know any better,
but I'm like, okay you're middle aged-
- Middle aged.
- You should better than

to like say mean things to
strangers on the internet.

- I know, you think
they'd of learned by now,

but no.
- But no.

- This is it and he's a sailor.
This person's a sailor.
- He's a sailor.

Would you trust him on the
sea? I certainly wouldn't.

- I wouldn't trust you with
him my fishing rod, let alone-

- You don't have a fishing rod.
- I don't have a fishing rod.
Let alone my-
- Life.

- Life.
- On a boat.
- Sailor.

So yeah, your display
picture's you with a snorkel

like seriously.
- On a holiday.
- On a holiday, having
the time of your life,

leaving hate mail
onto young, cute-
- Y'all think you're so cute.

- Cute slut's videos.
- Cute sluts, yeah.

- These good looking, cute sluts.
Jem, J-E-M.
- I hope it's not Jem Collins.
- No, never. She'd never leave hate.
- Yeah.
- I hate conceited ass-
- Okay, what is with the
ass that Americans insert

into everything?
- Everything.

- Stop saying ass, just stop.
- Stop saying ass.
- Conceited ass British people

with their accents and
thinking that they're better

than Americans, and
she keeps writing "and"

with a capital A.
It's triggering me so bad.
And when they have a track
record of sleeping with,

with a capital W, their
own brothers and sisters.

- Yeah, I mean-
- Well, that's it Jem,
we're brothers and sisters

and we've been sleeping together.
- Yeah, all the time.
- You got us.

- This bed later.
- Caught red handed, Jem. Geez.
- Also, we don't think
we're better than Americans.

- No, literally this channel
is about pointing out

cultural differences, celebrating them,
talking a little bit about what's going on
on our side of the pond.
- Yeah.

- Asking questions about
what's going on on your side.

When have we ever been like,
"We're better than you."

- We're better than you.
- Like when would we ever
say it to our audience

of loyal, majority American viewers.
Hey, just so you know
we're better than you.
- We're better than you.

- Like why would we even
think that or even say that?

Even if we did think ...
We don't think that
- Yeah, exactly.

- We don't think that.
- I mean the only time we do think that
is when we found out that
Americans pronounce buoy boo-wee.

- And that's literally
the only time we were like

no, you guys are ridiculous.
- You guys are ridiculous.
- Boo-wee.
- Boo-wee.

- Boo-wee.
- And I stand by that point.

- Stand by it.
- Boo-wee.
- Boo-wee, boo-wee watch
out for the boo-wee.

- My boo-wees.
- Watch out for your boo-wees.

- Watch out for your boo-wees tonight.
- Conceited ass Brits, no.
No, incorrect.
- No, we're not.

Incorrect, darling.
- We're conceited ass sluts.
- Yep.
- Okay.
- So two more.

- Steven Daniel, "Stupid
assholes," another ass comment.

What is with your obsession with butts?
- They love asses so much.
- "Stupid assholes, are all
Brits as arrogant as you two?"

Why are we arrogant?
- No, they're more arrogant.
We are the least arrogant
Brits you will ever meet.

- If you think we're arrogant,
don't come to England.

- Get your ass over here.
- Oh my gosh, we're not arrogant.
We're really down to Earth.
- I know, I'm literally like
the least arrogant people

you will ever meet.
- Yeah.
- Ask any of our friends.

- Yeah.
- What friends? Ask them.
- Who said that?
`- Friends? Wait, is there
a friend in the room?

- Yeah, what?

No, there isn't.
- No.
- I have nothing to say

to you Steven.
- Nothing.
- Next.
- This is from Brown Butler, no.
- Buter

- Brown Buter said, "They pronounce Adidas
"like retards lol."
- Well, we don't.
- No, we don't.
- It's the correct way.

- That is seriously ...
We've made so many videos on
the pronunciation of this.

- We should make just one,
like, five second video,

"How to pronounce Adidas,"
- How to pronounce Adidas

and it's just going, "Adidas."
- Adidas.

Million views.
- Yeah. We should do it.
- Honestly,

we should something like
that as a bonus tonight.

How to pronounce Adidas,
here's a boy saying it.

- Adidas.
- Here's a girl saying it: Adidas.
- Here's two sluts saying it.
- Adidas.

- So that's all the hate
we're gonna respond to,

I feel like there should've been more but-
- I feel like it, you know,
usually is a bit more,

just a bit more aggressive.
- Yep.
- It's tamed down a bit, like
- yeah

- You know, just reading it
out does nothing to me anymore.

- No, same.
- Not that it ever did.
It didn't really, it's not
how I would lose sleep,

Like I'm gonna sleep really well tonight
and I'm gonna dream about
being called a slut.

- And enjoying it.
- And I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm gonna dream that 180 thousand
of our viewers are like,
" You slut, slut, slut,

"British ass slut,"
and I'm going to enjoy every
moment of that dream guys.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause that's what people want.
The assumptions are not true.
- No.
- No.

- No, they're never true.
People just assume ...

I just wrote a comment
out to Leer about us

and I was just like-
- What was it?
- It was something like
you can tell that Lia really
wants a relationship with Joel

and Joel's just in it for the views.
And I was just like, "Where
have you got this from?"

- Honestly, they just
pluck it out their ass.

- Firstly, Lia's-
- Pluck it out.

- Lia's a taken lady. Secondly,
I'm not in it for the views,

we've done it for five years,
- In it for the views.

- When we had no views.
- We've literally been doing this
when no one was watching.
- Yeah and we'd still do it.
- Not many people

were watching.
- If no one was watching.

- Yeah, exactly, it just so happens
that there's a few more
people watching now.

And it's a job.
- It's our job.

And that's it
- So don't tell us

to get a job, Steven.
- Yeah.
- Don't tell these British
asses to get a job.

- Yeah.
- Who's filming at 1:30
AM for views? We are.

- We are.
- Hoods up boys and girls.

- Hoods up.
- Hoods up. Well, Joel I'd just
like to make a toast to us.

I'd like to say-
- Let me get my water.
- Get your water darling.
Water in a can. Recycle.

- Recyclable.
- I'd just like to say Congratulations,
who knows where we'll
be this time in a year,

who knows what kind of hate
mail we'll be receiving.

- Can't wait.
- But here's a toast to all the hate
and to all the positive
memories we created

from turning the negatives into positives.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
- Whoa, whoa, whoa

- Watch the chamomile.
- Hope you guys have enjoyed this video.
Sorry if it's been a bit chilled out,
it's just we're exhausted
legends right now.

- Literally, so exhausted.
- So exhausted.
- If you have enjoyed this,
watch our series responding to hate mail.
There's some really funny ones in that.
(can crushing)
- Oh yeah.
- That's what I'm gonna do

to your head if you leave a hate comment.
Sorry, that's really violent.
- Are we allowed to put that

on the internet?
- Yeah.
- You sure?

'Cause that could be threatening.
- It should be.
- Is that ...

Okay, we can always cut it
out if it receives hate.

Keep it in.
- Keep it in.

- Keep it in. `
- Who cares?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Someone will call me
an aggressive ass loser

- Aggressive ass.
- Yeah.
- You're aggressive ass.

- Yeah, ass.
- Ass.

We just can't get away with that.
Imagine me, you in a sitcom
like, "You ass, stop,

"stop right there."
- Stop.

- Don't be an ass.
- No.

- It just doesn't work
in our accent.
- It doesn't work.

- Thanks so much for all your
support, thanks all the love,

we get a lot of love, you
know, this video's about hate,

but we get a lot of love and
we're very grateful for that.

- Yeah, we are. Lots of you
said, "React to love comments."

And we've done that once in the past,
but I feel like it's a bit self-indulgent.
- Yeah, respond to the love mail.
- We are acknowledging that
we know we get the majority,

amazing, lovely, supportive comments,
so thanks to everyone-
- Thank you.

- Who does leave lovely,
thoughtful comments.

- Thank you very much. A toast to you.
- Toast to you.
- Good night.
- Subscribe, click the notification bell-
- And God bless.
- And God bless.

Good night.
- Good night.

God bless.
- See you tomorrow.

- Oh my god.
- I'm so comfy, haven't
laid down for ages.

- Wake up at six.
- Oh my gosh.
- Oh my gosh. What are these
pom poms above the bed?

That's so creepy.
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15 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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