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(upbeat Christmas music)
- Hello, we're Joel and Lia!
- And welcome back to Vlogmas.
Today's video is how to
have a British Christmas.

- We saw a video on
YouTube that inspired us

which was all about having
a British Christmas.

So we wanna talk about it a little bit,
add a few of our own ideas,
and just take you along the ride.
- Yes!
Also if there are kids
watching under a certain age,

or if you still believe
in Santa, he does exist,

but maybe stop watching this video.
- How could you have
worded that better, Joel?

- Yeah, how could I word that better?
- If you're waiting for Santa to come--
- Yeah.
- Then, don't watch this.

- Yeah.
- So we'll start off with stockings.
- Yeah, so stockings are, you
guys know what stockings are.

We put them at the end of our beds
or, if you're me, my family,
we put them on our door.

- Oh, on the door knob.
- So actually on the door knobs.
- Yeah, just to make it
easier for mum and dad.

- Mum and dad can just
get to it a lot easier.

- 'Cause that's the thing,
we used to have them
at the end of our bed,

literally on our bed.
So I used to love waking up
in the middle of the night

and feeling it, and seeing
it was stuffed with presents,

and I was like, Santa's been!
But that must have been
really hard for the parents.

For the parents.
My parents.
- The parents must have
really struggled to do that.

Yeah, it must be like, do they dress up?
Do they put the Santa gear on and then--
- In case we wake up.
- Yeah, just in case.
And then they're like, ho ho ho,
just putting them presents in.
- Did you used to run up
and feel the door knob,

then, in the middle of the night?
- No, 'cause I was a knockout.
I never wake up during the night.
- Oh wow.
- I know, I'm not one of those kids
who'd wake up to pee or anything.
So yeah, it was great,
Tooth Fairy, Christmas,

like, I was just a dream.
- The best child.
- The best child.
- But anyway, back on track.
Apparently Americans put
them above the fireplace.

- Instead of by their bed.
- Which makes sense 'cause
when I think of American films,

it's always above the fireplace.
- Yeah you can just see them resting
there above the fireplace.
- And you're just like, is that safe?
Is their fire gonna set fire to them?
- Yeah, is it safe?
- But I've never thought it was weird.
I guess in my head I sort
of thought both were normal.

- Also, if you're a kid say
you've got loads of siblings

and loads of stockings by the fireplace,
do they all have to be
labeled with your name

so you know whose is whose?
'Cause I would just be like, well,
they got a better stocking than me,
so mine's the middle one!
- But I think they do.
Even my mum got some stockings made
with our names on them,
we never even used,

'cause we don't get stockings anymore.
Thanks, mum and dad.
- I'm not trying to be a spoiled brat,
but ours were quite
small in size, parents.

So, you know, I've seen the American ones
that are literally that big.
- Yeah, really big ones.
In the UK, even we had football socks,
ours weren't even proper stockings,
like my dad's old football socks.
So they were like really,
thin stretchy ones

that you just put presents in.
- That's cool, I like that.
- So this is a tradition
I wasn't aware of,

'cause I don't have kids and
I can't remember when I was a child.
But writing to Santa, apparently
it's a British tradition

that you chuck it on the fire,
and that sends it to the North Pole.
- Yeah.
- But in America they actually
send it to the North Pole.

- How?
- Well they just post it.
- Yeah, but where does it,
what do they actually
put a stamp on and then--

- I think there is an address
that you can get your kids to send it to.
- Wow, what a waste of a stamp.
- What happens, that'd be a good video.
What happens to--
- What happens to all the letters?
- Yeah, they get sent to
Santa to the North Pole,

and the post office get it, and it's like,
Santa, North Pole, what
do they do with it?

- Yeah, do they send it to like--
- I feel like they've
gotta send it somewhere,

'cause I know for the Royal Mail,
I'm sure, which is our
national postal service,

I'm pretty sure it would be illegal
for them to destroy it,
'cause it's someone's post

so you have to let it
get to its destination,

but then, where do they send it?
- Where do they send it?
That's a really good
opportunity for a video,

if anyone whose got a kids
channel wants to make it,

no, that ruins kids' dreams.
- Yeah, that's true.
We can do it!
Joel and Lia, ruining kids dreams.
- Yeah, so in America they
would send them like that

and over here we just
throw it in the fire.

Whoo, to Santa it goes.
We call him Father Christmas.
- Oh yeah!
And that's another difference.
- That is another huge difference.
- We say Father Christmas.
- Father Christmas, Santa Claus.
Santa Claus we've taken from the US.
- Yeah, again, Santa Claus
wouldn't be weird to us,

but apparently Father Christmas
is weird for Americans.

- Yeah.
- Which I didn't know.

- It's Father Christmas, isn't it.
It's your dad, your dad dressed
up, it's Father Christmas.

So the next tradition is that, in the UK,
we would leave a little gift
for Father Christmas in,

I would always leave
it in the living room.

- Yeah, I'd leave mine by the fireplace.
- Yeah, by the fireplace,
on a little table,

something like this, and
it would have a mince pie

and a bit of brandy or something booze-y
for Father Christmas.
Or you could do milk, but
that's an American thing.

- Yeah, 'cause Americans
apparently tend to leave

cookies and milk for Father Christmas.
- Yeah.
- Which is interesting,
I mean, I would like

both cookies and mince pie.
- Mince pie.
I think mum would come
downstairs, bite it,

and then down whatever we've left,
and then we'd wake up in the morning
and go, Father Christmas
has been, this is amazing!

- Aw, it's so magical, kids.
If you want to leave something out for
the reindeer, you'd leave
- Carrots!

- [Both] Carrots.
- Good one.
- Also, my parents would
be gnawing the carrots

to make it look like the reindeer,
I'd leave them on the front doorstep.
So outdoors, on the front doorstep.
And the reason, little bit of facts,
maybe you don't wanna listen to this,
but I found out that Santa didn't exist
because every year Santa would leave
a note on our front door and the carrots
would be half-eaten from the reindeer.
And I took the note, and I was like,
dad, this looks like your handwriting.
- And that's how you found out?
- And that's how I found out.
I was like, that's dad's handwriting.
- I can't remember how I found out.
But you remember finding out.
- Yeah, and then I sat down with my mum,
and I was cuddlin' her,
and then I was like mum?

She was like yeah?
And I was like, does Santa exist?
And she was like, no.
And I was like, I knew it.
- It was dad's handwriting!
- It was dad's handwriting.
- Oh my gosh.
- So that was that, I
don't know what age I was.

- Imagine if you're a really mean parent
and you just wanted to, like,
your kid had done something

to annoy you, and you just sort of went
Santa's not real!
- That would definitely
be me if I had a child.

- That would be you, that would be you--
- Santa's not real!
- Guess what, you three
year old, Santa's not real!

- Santa hates you.
- Santa hates you!
I would use Father Christmas
or Santa as a continual

if you're not good, Santa
Claus won't come this year.

Santa Claus will spank you?!
That is, they'd call Childline!
- So the next point is Christmas desserts
or puddings, as we would say.
- Pudding.
- Which very complicatedly,
our Christmas puddings,

tend to be Christmas pudding.
- Yeah, so it's just
called Christmas pudding.

That's what pudding is.
- It's a very dense, boiled
dessert made of fruit.

So it's basically like
a very dense fruitcake,

but with booze all over
it and set on fire.

- I haven't got time for it.
I'll look at it, and I'll do a
little Instagram story of it,

go follow our Instagrams,
and I'll take a video

of the fire, but like,
mum'll get the brandy

and flame it up, but I
just, I don't eat it.

- No.
- However, if it's covered in custard--
- Oh yeah.
- I'll give it a go.

- My dad fries it in brandy butter
and it's really good once
it's fried in brandy butter.

- You know that emoji
that's like the drool face?

- It's just made even more unhealthy.
- Oh yeah, anything fried
in butter sounds amazing!

Brandy butter.
- Yeah, it's great.
But apparently Americans,
and I didn't know this,

Americans tend to have
pumpkin pie or pecan pie,

or do they say pecan?
- Pecan?
- Pecan pie?

- No we've definitely just made that up.
Pecan pie.
- Pecan.

- Yes, that sounds right!
- Okay, anyway, they have
pecan pie or pumpkin pie

for dessert on Christmas Day,
which I thought was interesting
'cause I thought everyone
had Christmas pudding

or Christmas cake, which
is a bit like pudding

but not quite.
- Christmas cake, what's that again?
- It's--
- Ohhh yeah.

- It's like light fruitcake,
but with marzipan and icing on top.
- I hate, hate--
- I hate.

- Marzipan.
- She loves marzipan
guys, don't listen to her.

- I hate--
- If you've been watching
her for a long time,

you know this is a running thing.
- Hate marzipan.
Don't put it near me.
Joel's got this idea in his head
that I love it, he's
like, you love marzipan.

- I swear I've seen you
buy marzipan and eat it.

- That's your other friend.
- Which I don't have.
- [Both] ♪ It will be
lonely this Christmas ♪

♪ With only one friend,
it will be lonely-- ♪

- Those aren't the lyrics.
- No, but I was going with it.
Every Christmas we get a
message from the Queen,

our Queen, and she does
a little Christmas speech

on telly, BBC One--
- 3 pm.
- 3 pm.

I'm so glad you know the time.
And she sort of summarizes
the best bits of the year.

And she just says a few nice words,
you know, how amazing we are as a country
and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
We all sort of listen to it a bit.
- Yeah.
- We're not like, I don't give
her my undivided attention.

- No, I feel like my mum
and one of my brothers

would fully listen, I always tend to like,
be on my phone while half-listening,
and I think my other brother
and my dad aren't really that interested.
- Yeah.
We're like, oooh, get Queenie on!
Queenie's on!
- She always has be on.
We're always like, 3 o'clock, quick!
- And, you guys obviously
don't have a Queen--

- No.
- If you're watching in America.
- Apart from Kim Kardashian, apparently.
- So the Kim K message!
- That would trigger so many moments.
- By the way, the Queen
pre-films her message.

Obviously she doesn't
do it on Christmas Day,

'cause she'll be busy boozing.
- It's only 15 minutes long, but it is
a very strong British tradition,
and we all love our Queen.

The next British tradition is Boxing Day.
So Boxing Day is the
day after Christmas Day,

it's on the 26th of December.
Now we might skip over this one,
'cause we're gonna do another
video all about Boxing Day,

coming up in the next week or so.
- We'll make sure that the video
is in the cards above my head.
- It will be coming
soon, towards Boxing Day.

- Yeah.
- But just to recap, it's something
that I think only the UK does,
and it's characterized
by shopping, I'd say.

- I'd say it's our
version of Black Friday.

- Yeah, it is.
- Right, can we talk
about Christmas trees?

- Okay, so the next one is
taking down the Christmas tree.

- It's gotta come down.
In our house it's down,
you have Happy New Year,

New Years, I think it's, I
think mum's already got it down.

- Oh really, on the second?
- Down.
- It tends to be, traditionally,
it's taken down on the
12th day of Christmas,

which, I believe, the
first day of Christmas

is Christmas Day, and
then so into January,

in the first week of January
that's when you take your tree down.
But this video, that
we've been inspired by,

you said that Americans have been known
to leave Christmas trees
up until your celebrations

on the fourth of July?
- That can't be right.
If that's right, I'm
triggered, I am so triggered.

That's, there's no other
word, that's triggering.

- But there are people in the UK
that will leave their Christmas lights up.
- They leave them up!
And you're driving round
and it's like March,

and you're like, get that down.
- Is that true?
I bet loads of American
people will be like

that is not true and
I'm triggered, as well.

But let us know in the comments.
- Yeah, let us know.
- So thanks for watching guys!
That is how to have a
very British Christmas.

- And if you enjoyed this video,
do all the things, subscribe,
comment, be our friend.

- Yeah, give the video
a like, and share it

with a friend, as well.
- Share it with someone you think,
oh, they might like Joel and Lia,
because they might.
- Yeah.

- You never know.
- We're an acquired
taste, aren't we, Joel?

- We are an acquired taste, sadly.
But we're not.
- It'd be mice to be mainstream.
- It'd be nice to be mainstream.
- Mice, I said mice, it'd
be mice to be mainstream!

- But if you're enjoying
Vlogmas don't forget

to share it with a friend
and comment down below,

watch our other videos, you've
probably missed one of them.

- Yeah, so catch up.
Binge watch the series, it's
all in a playlist for you.

- Catch up, darlings.
- Go to bed, darling, with
your laptop and catch up.

- Bring your laptop
and watch Joel and Lia.

- Okay, we'll see you next time!
- See you soon.
- [Both] Bye!
- Reckon that they can tell
when my teacup's empty,

like right now it's empty,
do you reckon that's obvi?

- No, no, no.
- No, no, no, darling, do I do that?
- All Brits do this.
- With the little finger sticking out.
Yeah, I do that a bit.
- No, I think my dad does that.
- Really?
- Yeah, and when he's looking
like that, he'll be like.

I'll be like, dad put your finger down.
- Really that's so funny.
- Like, you're not sheltering
the sun like that, Gary.

- Yeah, that is so Kim Kardashian.
- You're so Kim Kardashian.
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How to have a British Christmas! US vs UK Differences | VLOGMAS DAY 16

27 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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