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(Christmas music)
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And welcome back to Vlogmas.
Today's video is things that
British people do between

the days of Christmas and New Year.
- So we've got a BuzzFeed
article here that

describes the things that we do between
Christmas and New Year.
Just off the top of our head though,
I love that time of
year but I also hate it.

- I hate it so much.
- 'Cause you do lose
track of what day it is

and you're just sort of
like, "What day is it today?"

"When is it New Year?"
- It's literally this dead time.
It's like you're in a world
and it isn't real life.

You don't know what you're
doing with your life.

- Yeah.
- Especially if you're off
and you're not at work those days.
- Yeah.
- So we're gonna just
go through the article.

Discuss, as always.
- So should we crack
on with the first one?

- Yeah.
So the first thing we do is
we work out how many days

it is until next Christmas.
- I feel like everyone does this.
Even if you're a scrooge.
- Yeah.

- Even if you hate
Christmas, you'll be going,

"Ugh it's 364 days until Christmas."
And I feel like everyone
does that and if you're happy

about Christmas you're like,
"Yea! 364 days 'til Christmas."
- Yeah, people post memes with
the numbers marked days left.

- Yeah, so number two is
to try and decide what this

time of year is called.
So this literal period between the 26th
and the first of Jan.
- You're just like,
- The gooch.

- "What do you call it?"
People call it the gooch or the perineum.
It's so funny.
- So jokes.
Wait what was this tweet someone put?
"Ah, the gooch between
Christmas and New Year.

"Pointless really but
without it things would

just get too messy."
That's fantastic.
- It's just true.
What do you call it?
It needs a name in itself.
- I know.
It should be called--
- No man's land.
- Yeah.
- The next one is sort
of being slightly unsure

whether you're allowed to
listen to Christmas music still.

'Cause it's still the festive season.
- I know.
- For Brits especially, I
think only Brits do this.

It's still the twelve days of Christmas.
- Yeah.
I think it's, you shouldn't
be allowed to listen to

anything that's like,
"Christmas is coming."

- Yeah.
- Because Christmas has happened
but you can still listen

to like, "Jingle bell.
- "Jingle bell.
- "Jingle bell.
- "Jingle bell.

- "Jingle bell rock."
- "Jingle bell rock."

- Slutdrop.
So you can still listen to some, I'd say.
- Yeah, okay.
- But I'd be like, "Skip over this.
"It's too much."
- Oh, okay.

- And then after New Year, obviously--
- Nothing.
- Nothing.

- No.
- Even in the run up to New
Year, I'm like, "Switch off."

Like the day before.
- By the time it comes to
New Year, you're just like,

"Right, I want to get back in the gym.
"I need to stop eating chocolate.
- "Stop eating chicken for breakfast."
- Yeah. Chicken for breakfast?
- I mean just turkey leftovers.
- Oh, turkey, yeah.
- Just meat left overs.
- Thinking about that
well known tradition,

chicken for breakfast
- Chicken for breakfast.

- I imagine fried chicken.
I was like, "Woa>"
- Oh,yeah.

KFC breakfast, guys.
The next one is getting so
excited by the T.V. Guide.

It's literally all the crap
shows have been taken out.

So we're talking about Doctors,
Homes Under the Hammer.

Really boring daytime television
has been swapped out for

back to back Christmas movies.
- Chicken Run.
- Chicken Run.
- All these classic films.
- Yeah.

- I love it getting the
Radio Times T.V. Guide

and literally it will just be
film after film after film after film.
Made for T.V. series.
And it's just great T.V.
I love it.
- Meanwhile, just eating everything.
Just literally sitting here eating.
Here, right here.
- Right here.

- Where we live.
- Eating.

And also there's the constant
wondering whether it's okay

to still be in your pajamas.
- At 3:00 in the afternoon.

- 'Cause you're like, "Christmas is done.
"I'm not really doing anything though,
"'cause I've got this bit off work."
So it's like, "Should
I lay in my pajamas?"

"Or should I actually get
ready and seize the day?"

- What time is it when it's like,
"I really should not be in these now?"
I think it's when, have
you ever had those days

that are absolutely disgusting,
but you're in your pajamas
and it's now dark outside.

And it's now time to be
getting into those pajamas.

It's disgusting.
- Oh, I hate it.
- And I need to take them
off, shower, and then

put clean ones on.
- Yeah.

- It's so gross.
- I don't do that because
I hate it so much.

I remember I've done that when
I was a teenager or a child.

But as an adult, I have
to shower and get ready.

- That's good.
- Even on Christmas day we
don't do any present opening

until we've showered and got ready.
- Oh, that's nice.
- 'Cause I think all of
us are just the same.

We're just like, "No, I
don't want to sit around

"in my grossness."
I just want to shower
- I want to be clean.

- And be clean.
- That's nice.
I think everyone pretty
much showers and gets ready

in mine as well.
But when I was a kid, I was like,
"I'm staying in the pajamas!"
- "It's Christmas!"
- Yes.

So the next one, I think
we've said it before

in another video,
is the pleasure of drinking
alcohol before noon.

Just having a little
box fizz in the morning,

or having a little champagne.
It's just, yeah.
We used to be allowed to
do that after Christmas.

- In the perineum, that's okay to do.
It's okay to do all the
when to New Year's Day

and then the day after New Year's Day,
the second of Jan, you've gotta stop.
- You have to stop immediately.
- You have to stop.
- You have to get your ass to the gym.
And you have to cleanse your body.
And then everyone's like, "January detox."
- Yes, so funny.
- "Detox for January."
- "What are your goals for January?"
"Or for this year?"
- I just want to detox.
- Oh my gosh.

It's going to be 2019?
That's just occurred--
- Welcome to the world, Joel.
- It's just occurred to me.
- You're kidding?

- You know when it just hits you,
and you're like, "It's
going to be 2019 which means

"the next year is going to be 2020."
- We met in 2011.
- Wow.
- Wow.

- Eight years.
- Years ago.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- 2019.
- We've not been away
from each other that much.

- No.
- Wow.
- Wow.

- That's all I've got to say about that.
- I found a hard drive
the other day that said,

"Joel and Lia 2015 footage."
And I was like,
- Oh wow.

- "Wow."
- "Wow."

So the next one is deciding
whether the turkey scraps

are still okay and safe
to eat, or the leftovers.

- Yeah.
- You're like, "Has this gone off?
"Should this be in the bin?"
- Yeah.
- "Or can I actually eat this?"
- Yeah, I think if you
think it's a no, it's a no.

- I think do the sniff test.
- Always the sniff test.
- And the nibble.
The sniff and nibble.
- Like, "Oh, a tiny bit won't kill me."
- Yeah.
- It should probably go I the bin.
My weakness is just the cheeses
that you get over Christmas.

- Oh my gosh, cheese.
- Literally.

I went into Tesco the other day.
Just a normal supermarket.
And they've got out already,
just loads of Christmas cheese.

- Wow.
- You know when they start bringing out
"wednesdaydale" with cranberries.
- What's it called?
- "Wednessdydale."
What's it called?
- Wensleydale.
Not "wendsdydale".
- I called it Wednesday.
Like "Wednesday" dale.
- "Wednesday."

- Wednesdaydale cheese.

I literally I'm like, "That one.
"With the red bits."
Smoked cheddars.
- Smoked cheddar.

- Smoked cheddar, oh.
- I've hit the age now where
I enjoy a little bit of

stilton or blue cheese.
- That's disgusting.
- Isn't it gross?
- You're officially old.
- I can't believe I've become that person.
- You're officially old.
- I'm like, "Oh, a little bit of stilton."
- What?
As if you like that.
- Gross.

- I know.
Only a little bit.
I'm saying a tiny bit on a cracker.
- A tiny bit.
- A tiny bit.

- What? just like, literally
like a smidgen, like that?

- Yeah, yeah.
Whereas my parents, obviously, would just
cut chunks of it and eat it.
- 'Cause that's what
happens when you're old.

You want moldy cheese in your life.
- Yeah, isn't it weird.
- That's so gross.
So you'll just eat a tiny bit and be like,
"Mmm that was quite nice"?
- Yeah.
But on a cracker.
- On a cracker?

To take away some of the intensity.
- I should hope so.
Not just eat it.
- Face full of blue cheese.
- Oh give me that blue cheese.

Oh yeah, this is good.
So we've spoken before
about selection boxes.

So, say you've got like a --
I wouldn't call that a
selection box though.

- No, that's a--
- That's a--

- Tub of chocolates.
- Tub of chocolates.

- Or tin.
- Yeah, because selection
boxes are actually--

- The box with chocolate bars.
- Yeah.
- This is like the tiny, bite-size things.
- This is just box of Celebration.
Box of Roses.
The stuff you buy for people you hate.
- Yeah.
- It gets to the end
of this period of time

and it's just all the flavors
that nobody wants left.

- The dregs of the chocolate box.
- So, they've left the Bounty's here.
They'd probably be gone in my house.
- Really?
- Yeah, because we love coconut.
- I feel like most people hate Bounty's.
That why this is used as an example.
Not most people hate it,
but its controversial.

- Yeah.
- Bounty and Snickers, I
feel like they're sort of

the least popular ones.
- Yeah. Bounty and Snickers.
Snickers don't get that
much love, do they?

- No.
But anyway, you're whole box of chocolates
you've just got all of
the rubbish ones left.

- Yeah.
- And even though you're trying
to get a bit more healthy

and stop eating so much crap.
Even though you hate the
chocolates that are left.

- You hate them
- You're still like,
"Well, I might as well just

finish them off."
- Yeah, might as well.
- That's what you do in the gooch.
- As if Bounty are in the same
box of chocolate as Maltesers.
Maltesers comes in that box.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- So the next one is you get
a massive crick in your neck

from laying too long on the sofa
in too many awkward positions.
- Oh my gosh.
I can feel it already and it's
not even that time of year.

- I know.
- We're filming this in November.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- We're looking forward
to the crick in the neck.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- So the next one is losing
all sense of time, place,

where you are, who you are, what you are.
You'll be like, "Is it Wednesday?
"Is it Tuesday?
"Did Christmas fall on
a Saturday this year?

What day is it?"
And you realize that you haven't really
left the house either.
Unless you've got a banging social life.
- Yeah.
- Which I don't.
- No, I don't either.
My brother's then will
got out, a little bit

just between Christmas and New Year.
Just to see friends or whatever
and I'll just be at home
playing with my dog.
- Yeah, that's nice.
That's nice.
- That's nice.

- That's nice.
- But one thing I really like about it,
is we play lots of board games.
Me and my family, we
never play games together

except between Christmas and New Year.
- Oh, you do it in the gooch?
- Yeah, we do it in the gooch.
We play games in the gooch.
There's always that one
argument that happens during

a game and you fall out over a board game.
That always happens in the gooch.
- Yeah, when someone comes a massive--
playing Monopoly and you're just like,
"Stop showing your true colors."
- That's when you up-turn
the board and storm out.

- Just storm off and mic drop.
I can't deal with people
who don't play nice.

- Yeah.
- Oh my gosh, I forgot to say.
All the people that post
emotional Facebook statuses.

- Oh yeah, like, "This
year has been amazing"

or "terrible" or "a difficult year."
- "Terrible".
People will just love
to summarize their year

and they get 300 thumbs
up because everyone is

just emotionally--
- Maybe I'll do one this year.
- Oh, really?
- Why not?
Should I do one on Facebook?
- I'm 100% no.
I don't write really anything on Facebook.
- Yeah, me neither.
- If I could delete it, I would.
But I need it to post
on our Facebook page.

- Joel and Lia Facebook page.
I'm the same but maybe
I should just do one.

What would I say?
- I just don't care.

- "Hi guys.
"This year's been a
really emotional year."

- It's been so emotional.
I lost all my friends.
- "I lost all my friends."
- Okay, that sounds like they all died.
- Oh, no.
Well they pretty much are dead to me now.
I don't have any friends.
Just one left.
- Yeah for me.
- Yeah for me.
My career's going really well
but my social life isn't.

- Dead.
You could do one.
I'm definitely not.
- No.
- Because I think there'll
be people out there looking

for it.
And I don't want to feed them that.
- No.
- If you've been really upset this year,
if you've had a really terrible year,
and some really horrible
things have happened

to me this year,
why should I let them people like--
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- It's done now.
I felt all the things.
On to the next.
- Yeah.
But I like the hopeful
ones for the next year.

So when people do statuses
that don't tell too much,

then they might say,
"I've had a really difficult
2018, but so excited for 2019."

- That's nice.
- I like ending on a hopeful note.
- Yeah.
What do people sometimes go like,
"Here's to another shit year"?
- No but they just focus
on the year they've had.

- Or they go, "You know what?
"It's just that time of
year where everyone wants

to reflect and it's just
a date in the diary."

- Or they go, "Generic New Year's status."
And you're like, "You're so ironic."
- You're so controversial.
- So ironic.

Anyway, so this was our video
all about the perineum of

Christmas and New Year.
- Can't listen to you say
that without laughing.

Or the gooch.
- Or the gooch.
- We hope you've enjoyed this video.
We usual make videos thrice weekly.
- So you've only got a few
more days left of Vlogmas

but we hope you've been enjoying it.
- If you haven't seen any,
there's a playlist that you can

go back and watch the
whole series of Vlogmas.

And we've put so much hard work into this
that we just hope that you enjoy it
and we look forward to
seeing you in the New Year

with some fresh, new content.
- Definitely.
So if you haven't subscribed, subscribe.
Click the notification bell,
and we'll see you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.

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Things British Do (& Don't Do) Between Christmas & New Year | VLOGMAS DAY 19

32 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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