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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And welcome back to our channel.
This video is all about how we've sort of
let our subscribers plan our Texas trip.
(upbeat vocal music)
- Basically, this is what happened.
We'd been planning during the day
a few days ago that we
wanted to go to Texas.

We'd been thinking about it a while.
We were looking at flights,
and we filmed a video, and mentioned,
"Do you know what?
"We're about 95% sure
we're gonna go to Texas."

- Then we put that video online,
and forgot about it, and
then, later that day,

maybe an hour or two later,
we just booked the flights to Texas.
Then we were like, "Oh, we
should probably let them know

"that we actually did that."
- We actually did do it.
We should've just booked
it there and then.

- Then made the video.
- Then made the video, but we didn't.
This, I guess, is the
official announcement,

we are going to Texas.
- We're going to Texas.

Austin, Texas.
- Austin, Texas from the 24th of Jan.
- 'Til the 31st of Jan,
but we don't land back in the UK
until the first of Feb.
- The first of Feb, yeah.
- Fine, those are our dates,
and we've kind of been sent loads of ideas
of places to go, things we must see,
things we must do, and we wanted to,
firstly, thank everyone
for their amazing emails,

and offers of places to stay.
People have offered us their homes.
It's been crazy.
- It's been incredible, the amount--
Texas is our second most-viewed state,
first California, and then
Texas right behind it,

so we knew lots of you
guys are from Texas,

but the amount of
messages, YouTube comments,

Instagram DMs, Twitter messages, emails.
- It's been pretty amazing.
- List of things to do.
- Yeah, and we kind of feel a
little bit overwhelmed by it,

but we are really, really grateful
for all of the suggestions,
and we're trying to
read through everything,

but we're also trying to plan the trip
without, say, because
we haven't got a car,

we're probably not gonna get a car,
so we're just making our way through them,
and I guess opening up
to you guys about it

because you guys know
best, for helping us plan.

- Not only are some of you guys from there
or from Texas, but you're
used to the American culture

or way of life, but also,
this trip is for you guys.

We're not just going to have
a nice holiday in Texas.

We're going to create videos that,
hopefully, you guys will enjoy,
so we want you guys to choose what we do,
because we want you to watch the videos.
- Yeah, so there's a few things
that we thought that
would work really well.

One thing we thought would be great
would be to go to a rodeo.
I think someone said that
there's definitely one

in San Antonio on the
weekend that we're there.

The weekend is the last
weekend of January,

so if anyone knows of one in
the last weekend of January

that we can go to, that we can use trains,
and find a way to a rodeo.
One thing we want to do
is sort of dress up day

where we go and--
- Love that.
- Get some traditional clothing on.
- Be Texas-ified.
- Texas-ified, and film all of that.
These are things we want to check off.
We also mentioned, someone sent an email
about learning how to fire a gun.
Uh-oh, makeup or food?
- Lipstick, yeah.
- Oh, the whole time?
- Yeah, just tiny on the tip,
so they wouldn't have noticed.

- Okay.
- What are friends for?
- What are friends for?
- The gun firing.
- The gun firing.
We want to go and fire
guns at a gun range.

(Lia laughs)
- It sounds so weird saying that,
'cause it's not something we've done here.
- 'Cause guns trigger us.
You know that guns trigger Brits.
We're not a fan of guns,
but we want to give it a go,
and you guys have told
us that we should go

to a gun firing range, so
we're gonna go (imitates gun)

Bang, bang.
- Bang, bang.
- Bang.
- Bang.

- Pow, pow.
- I'm from Texas, yeah.
That's gonna be really
fun, so we need some advice

on where the gun ranges are.
Is it quite popular?
Obviously, we don't have
gun firing ranges in the UK,

so I'm like, "There's probably one
"in the entire of America,"
but there's probably loads.
Is there loads?
I don't know, where do we go?
- The only thing you can do over here
is clay pigeon shooting,
and that's boring.

- It's, like, little pellets, really.
- Yeah, firing at little bits of clay.
- Yeah, and that's it.
- It's really boring.
- Really boring.
I'm not good at it, and
it's a proper massive gun

that you put on your shoulder.
You go (imitates gun) and
it hurts your shoulder.

It'd be nice to have a handgun.
You're just like (imitates gun)
- Is that what we're gonna learn with?
- Yeah.
- Oh, okay, yeah,
let's do it.
- Like a spy,

and we shoot people, but on a paper.
- Oh, that's gonna be
amazing, like in the films.

- Yeah, and we'll probably wear
the earphones and the glasses.
- Yeah, we want to film all of that.
- Also, one thing that I haven't said,
but I really want to go to
something called a rage room.

- What's that?
- It's things that, I
think, started in America,

which is actually a really good
form of therapy, I've heard,

for people with anger issues.
Sorry, don't know why I'm laughing.
It's basically a room
filled with old furniture

like a chair, loads of
plates, a television,

and in there, there's a golf club,
there's a baseball bat,
and you just go in there,

and you start whacking
and smashing things up.

- You can do that on your own, Joel.
(Joel laughs)
- I really want to do it,
not that I'm an angry person,
but I just want to smash a TV.

- You've definitely got,
sorry, that's so you.

- But it's so funny.
- That is so the inner Joel
that no one sees 'cause he's so polite,
but you can go and smash up that room.
I'll film it from a door.
Just don't get anything near me.
I don't like chaos.
- You don't like chaos.
You'd love it.
You say that your
daydream is that, one day,

to beat someone up, or at
least be in a film where you--

- Beat someone up?
- That's what your dream is,
to be like a spy that's kicking ass
and stuff like that.
- Yeah, I mean, I'd hate
to actually hurt someone

or anything, but I do
want to be a spy ninja

in a film that's extremely,
basically like female Jackie Chan.
It would be the dream.
- Then this is your chance
to do it in a rage room

and not hurt anyone.
- I don't want to smash up
plates, or do riot club.

- But you're not hurting anyone.
- It's more about me being, like,
really tactile and really, like (breathes)
Karate vibes, that's more,
I'd like to be able to be that.
- Anyway, do they have rage
rooms in Texas, in Austin?

'Cause I want to do that.
Also, we probably won't end up doing it
because we'll wuss out, but we
thought about going camping.

- No, we're not doing that.
- You said yeah.
- No, we said that we're not gonna go
unless it's a camp, like an actual--
- Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Yeah, are there campsites
in and around Austin?

Are there safe places to camp?
'Cause it would be really
cool, Joel and Lia go camping,

trying to put up a tent,
trying to make a campfire.

It would be really funny.
- That would be funny.
(Joel laughs)
What's he like?
(both laugh)
What are we looking for, Joel?
What do we need help with?
We basically need help with an agenda,
so almost, like, day by day.
Obviously, lots of this needs
to be stuff that we can film.

If anyone knows anyone that's able
to help us get a few of
these activities booked

in the diary, that
would be really helpful.

- Are there traditional Texan activities?
I don't know, if you come to
London, you can do something

where you go over the O2.
The O2's a massive dome arena,
and you can walk over the top of it,
or there's just things that you can do,
or, like, the London Eye,
going around that huge--

Are there classic things to do in Austin
that's like, "Oh, you've gotta do this,"
that's an experience that we can film?
- Exactly, that's the
questions we have, guys.

We don't want it to just be wasted,
'cause we're only there
for a short amount of time.

Obviously, we'll probably
go back at some point.

We don't know when, but
there's a few things

that we need to tick off the list.
- Some people said about a store HEB.
I don't know if you just call it HEB,
or if you just called it H-E-B.
People have been like,
"You've got to go there

"and film your experience,"
so we've got some idea of
stores that we want to go to.

What were some other ideas?
We wanted to dress up, we
wanted to go to a rodeo,

we thought about potentially camping.
Food is obviously really good.
- Food and drink, I think that would be--
- Like Tex Mex.
People say you go to
San Antonio for genuine,

really good food, and
margaritas, and stuff.

- Okay, we can make that happen,
but that feels far away from where we are.
We can double that up with something
when we go on a day trip one day.
See, all of this?
This is my least favorite part
of any holiday, is the planning.
- Yeah, I don't like the planning.
That's why beach holidays are really easy,
'cause you're just like,
"What am I gonna do?
"Sunbathe, read."
- Yeah, and then I'm gonna go upstairs,
get showered, get ready,
and go for dinner somewhere.

- But this isn't a holiday.
It's fun.
- It's kind of a fun thing,

but we're going there to get
as much content as possible

to release the Texas
series on our channel,

so it'll be like, Texas
video, Texas video.

If that's not what you're interested in,
just mute the channel for a bit.
- Yeah, it's fine.
- It's fine.
- But we do want to make our way around.
- And then we'll do the next thing.
- Yeah, we'll keep going 'round.
We've got plans, we've
got potential work plans

in both Florida and California
hopefully coming up,

so there might be similar
things we do there.

- What months are they?
- I think March and April.
- Right, okay.
- I think Florida in March,
and California in April, I think,
but obviously, we want to
go to other states as well.

We would like to go to middle America.
I don't know what that is,
but I've heard a lot about it.
I think it's Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Wyoming.

- We did accent--
No, what did we do?
We chatted about that before.
Yeah, we're ready to explore that.
- We'd like to, but yeah,
so we've got grand plans, lots of plans.
- But we need some help,
so if anyone's able to
help, that would be amazing.

- Yeah, in fact, those of you
that have already emailed
us, we will get back to you,

and we will be, not just email,
but commented and sent us messages,
we will get back to you.
If we don't get back to
you, we have read it,

and we're taking it into consideration.
(Lia mumbles)
(both mumble)
(Lia mumbles)
- Really appreciate it
when people are like,

"I guess you probably think
I'm probably a stranger,"

but then they send their LinkedIn page,
and it's really sweet 'cause you're like,
I believe you, that you're a real person.
I believe that you're one of the legends,
and you're not some crazy person
that wants to hurt us.
A few people asking about meet and greet,
which is, I guess, another story.
We've not made a decision on that.
Obviously, the main purpose of going there
is to film videos, so we don't really want
to do a whole day of meet and greet,
but I'm sure we'll
probably see people there.

We're gonna be going 'round.
- Definitely, I'm sure
we'll bump into people,

and we might organize something small,
but we'll just work it out.
Because, just to be
completely transparent,

it's just security issues.
We've got both of our
parents saying to us,

"Don't tell anyone where you're going.
"Don't reveal your location.
"Don't meet up with strangers."
We're trying to be like, "No,"
but we feel really close to you guys,
but then, on the other
hand, we have to remember

that anyone could be watching this video,
as we know from hate mail, guys.
- Not everyone in the world
is a nice person, obviously.

90% of the people that watch these
are real, honest, genuine people,
but there are probably
people that don't like us,

so it's a bit of a risk
to say we're gonna be in
this place at this time

to do a meet and greet.
At the moment, without any security,
our management aren't coming,
we're just coming on our own,

it's a bit risky, so if there was a way
that that could be
organized in a safe way,

and if enough people were interested--
Obviously, we wouldn't do
it if no one was to come.

If enough people were interested,
then we would organize some
sort of ticketed event,

but yeah, that's kind of
where we're at at the moment.

If anyone's got any genius ideas--
- Yeah, for all of us to stay safe,
'cause it's not just us, but
if lots of people did turn up,

we'd then probably get in trouble
with the council or the police,
to be like, "You can't do this here."
It's safety for us, but also safety
for everyone who
potentially might turn up.

Yeah, like Lia said, if any of you
have got any solutions
to that, let us know,

'cause we're still
trying to work that out.

Hopefully, we will just bump
into lots of you downtown.

I love saying downtown.
- Downtown.
- We don't have that word in the UK.
Downtown London, we don't,
we just say central London.

- I know, but in the Midlands,
we'd be like, "Where have you been?
"Oh, you've been down town."
- Yeah, but don't you say that,
"Oh, I've been down town,"
but they call it downtown.

- Yeah, we don't say that.
- We don't say downtown.
- I love that then.
- Downtown.
- Downtown Austin.
- I was in downtown Birmingham.
(both laugh)
I was in downtown Coventry.
- Yeah, yeah.
That's kind of it, really.
We're going really, really soon,
so we're keen to get this
itinerary put together A.S.A.P.

as money-efficiently as
possible, is that a word?

- Yes.
- Basically, just not super,
super expensive activities.

I'm sure we can find a way.
There's always a way, isn't there?
- Where there's a will--
- [Both] There's a way.
- Where there's a Joel and Lia--
- [Both] There's a way.
- Also, another thing, because we want
to make the most of our time out there,
and to reach more wonderful
people of Texas or Austin,

we would love to do a
radio show or something,

like we did with Preston
and Steve from Philadelphia.

- In their Philadelphia radio show.
- Do you guys know, from Austin, Texas,
or even if you're not, do you know
of any local radio stations
that are based there,

or anyone we could reach out to
to be like, "Hey, we'd love to come
"and chat about our YouTube channel"?
- Yeah, we could do a little collab
like what we did with Preston and Steve.
If anyone's not aware of that,
we'll link it down below.

It was just a really great way
of us cross-promoting our
audiences with theirs,

so that's something, we'd be up for doing
a little bit of PR stuff
if there's any going.

- Yeah, so let us know.
We just thought you guys
are the best people to ask.

That's why this video is happening.
- Questions for Texas done.
(both laugh)
If you like this video,
guys, please subscribe.

I'm sure this is probably just
for the loyal people watching, really.
- I'm sure it is.
Subscribe, we post videos--
- [Both] Thrice weekly.
- If you're new here, we're Joel and Lia.
We like to make videos.
Go and watch something more put together.
- Yeah, go do that.
- Go and do that.
- We'll see you soon.
I can't believe we're going to Texas in,
like, two and a bit weeks.
- Oh my god.

We need to choose our seat number.
- Oh, yeah, have they sent us a link yet?
- Not sure.
- They need to.
I have to have an aisle seat.
- He needs that, he needs
to sit in the aisle.

- I will go mental if I don't.
I get claustrophobic.
- Yeah, well, it's a real thing.
I shouldn't eye-roll.
- You're full of eye rolls today.
- I shouldn't eye-roll.
It's just like, yeah, you
need your space, don't you?

- Yeah, people that
don't get claustrophobic

don't understand, but I
can't sit in the middle seat.

The middle seat is the worst.
The window seat is not as bad
because you've got a window,

and you can see outside, but I have to be
on the aisle seat.
- I don't know

if I'm claustrophobic.
I'm just, if I'm in the middle, I'm like,
"Oh, this sucks," but I'm not, like,
"I'm a celeb, get me out of here."
- I'm not, I just, literally,
my heart rate starts beating
faster, I start sweating,

and I literally start
having a panic attack,

so I can't do it.
- We'll get you in the aisle.
- Yeah, I need to be in the aisle.
- We'll get you in the aisle.
If we get allocated, and
it's, like, window, middle,

you'll obviously have the window then.
- Yeah, I'd probably prefer the window
'cause you can see out.
- Yeah, of course.

You can have the window,
and you can face that way.

- I can do a bit of a swap,
and then, as soon as I start shaking,
then I know I need to swap.
- No, no, you can just stay by the window
without the shakes.
- There'd better be TVs this time.
- No, probably won't be, budget airline.
- No it's not, it's American
Airline, British Airways.

- BA.
- [Both] BA.
- I think it's BA fulfilled
by American Airlines, I think.

- There we go.
- There'll be TV screens.

- Fantastic.

- Cheers.
- Cheers to that.

- Clink.
- Clink.

(Joel laughs)
- Cheers.
- See you soon, guys.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.

- Delicious.
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35 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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