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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 130. The verb phrase today is turn

  • to. All right. This is one of those verb phrases that has a lot of meanings and a

  • lot of uses. So today we're going to cover six meanings and give six examples.

  • So one example for each meaning because it has you know six of them today.

  • All right. So let's look at the first meaning of turn to. So one meaning we

  • could use is to rely on or go to someone for aid or for help. So if you turn

  • to someone, you could turn to somebody for aid. You could turn to

  • somebody for help and here's our first example.

  • Many universities turn to their alumni you know, these are students that

  • graduated before. Turn to their alumni for donations. So they are turned to them

  • for help. They're turning to them for money, for donations. So that's the first

  • example. All right number two. This is the second definition to physically move

  • one's body or head. Yes. So you could turn your head to somebody or you could turn

  • your whole body to somebody. This is what we mean. So here's the second example. He

  • turned to her and said I love you. So he may have turned his whole body.

  • But he definitely probably at least turned his head to her to look directly

  • at her. So in this case we mean it. So you need to turn your head or your whole

  • body and face to someone or something. You could turn to them. All right. Number

  • three. To direct one's attention toward. So turn to can also mean direct one's

  • attention toward. Number three here. Here's the example I like to turn to

  • that website to get my news. So you're giving your attention to that website.

  • Maybe you like to get your news from them. Okay, good.

  • Number four here. The example to open a book to a certain page. We often

  • hear someone say you know turn to a certain page. Turn to this page. So let's

  • look at example number four now. Turn to page 45 and we will start the class. So a

  • teacher may say that to the class. Okay. Or maybe you hear that you know, and in

  • in a church or temple. You know, the priest or the rabbi or somebody may say...

  • tell you, if you have the hymn book in front of you to turn to a certain page.

  • All right. Number five. To redirect one's loyalty. So kind of like you're changing

  • your loyalty. Number five here. I decided to turn to a

  • more conservative party you know, this could be a political party. Of course , you

  • go either way you could decide to turn to a more liberal party or the

  • Libertarian Party. It really doesn't matter, but you're changing your loyalty so

  • you're turning to another party, to another group.

  • Okay. And number six here. To convert or change one's religion. You could use turn

  • to. So on the show\" Sex in the City\" the character, Charlotte. Yes. If you

  • remember that that HBO series. It's been off the air for a while now, but still it

  • was a very popular show. So she turned to Judaism for her husband. Yeah. And at the

  • end, she decided to marry another guy who was a Jewish lawyer. And I think he

  • promised his mother before he died that you know he would only marry another

  • girl if he was Jewish. And she decided to you know, change for him. To change her

  • religion. So she turned to Judaism for him. To marry him. Okay. Anyway, I hope you

  • got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time.

  • Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 130. The verb phrase today is turn

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