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What if I told you this is actually a five dollar pizza, but we just put some extra toppings on it,
and thew it in the oven?
I think I'd have to hurt you.
I'm going to step away, because, uh...
That's exactly what we did. What's up guys Stuart edge here with my buddy Logan jr. Chef
Hey guys! Now, you may not have known this,
but I love pizza and so today what we're going to do is we're going to take five dollar
pizzas and try to turn them into fifty dollar pizzas using some simple ingredients you can find at a local grocery store!
Then we're going to take these pizzas to a local farmers market
set up some hidden cameras and see if we can convince people these are actually gourmet.
Logan! Let's walk the people through what pizzas we're making. The first pizza
we are going to be doing is the "Legends Signature Pizza". For the ingredients we have cremini
mushrooms, fontina cheese, a little bit of bacon and, of course, a filet. Next up, we have the "Savory Speck Pizza" in which we have
asiago cheese, roasted garlic, and
kalamata olives. Well, what's a kalamata olive is basically just a really fancy gourmet olive.
That's right! Gourmet! And, finally, we have our take on a "Caprese" in which we have two different types of heirloom tomatoes,
fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. Let's start cooking!
Logan! I got your mushrooms. Alright. You want help cutting these up?
You know, I think... I don't know.
I don't know if these are edible, though. I think they're better for like sitting on.
I think they're really rare and
Pizzas are done.
Gourmet Pizzas. With the Kalamata olives.
And the asiago cheese! And the spec! And the filet! And the cremini mushrooms!
Let's go!
Here, you take four. Let's take these out.
Welcome to Legends Pizzeria! So, I'm Stuart, this is Logan
We just you know cook at home and people are like you should start a little restaurant!
So, we decided to just come to the farmers market, and - we're still in our testing phases of the pizza - so we're just giving out free samples.
We're trying to see about our recipe for our dough. We're really trying to bring fancy, delicious, wholesome pizza back.
Gourmet or no way!
This is our Caprese Pizza, Filet Cremini Mushroom Pizza, Prosciutto Pine Nut and Olive Pizza. It's really flavorful.
That is just drop dead awesome!
So, take a slice and let us know how the pizza tastes.
That is actually good!
Your dough is really good!
How does it taste?
Oh, wow, you're really going there. It's taking you someplace. This pizza is taking it to a place. Where is it taking you?
I don't eat pizza.
What you have here is gourmet.
You're gonna make it!
We are? You think so?
I know so!
So, your ancient dough recipe, where did you get it?
You know, I just kind of dug it up from my grandma. She's really old and really Italian and I had her write it down for me.
She's really little, too.
Oh my goodness gracious!
The crust is a perfect thickness. It's not a thin crust,
but it's not deep dish. It's not a fluff crust, either.
Yeah so definitely gourmet you say?
You lived in Italy for two years Wow and this compares to pizza in italy?
Compared to delivery how does it taste? come on man your pizza is amazing compared to delivery!
So much better than a delivery
Your crust is really good. I hate soggy crust.
How does it compare to like a five dollar pizza
There is no comparison
You gave me that, wait, What was that look you gave me
Really? you want to compare this to a $5 pizza? I don't do $5 pizza if I can avoid it
And but you like this one
Okay, this is 10 times better you say it's 10 times better than a $5 pizza
But there are $50 so this is like a $50 Pizza
yeah maybe not that much
Pizza I was hoping for a $50 pizza!
Feel like you're giving that one to me just like
Did you ever have Roscoe's pizza?
It's been called the best pizza in the United States
This is better that Roscoe's.
This is better than the best pizza he's ever had in the world
What if I told you this is actually just a $5 pizza?
Yeah, I guess I'm shocked
You want to believe us well it is
Are you serious
I thought they were joking too
We just start with a regular $5 pizza
then we throw some extra toppings on
I think I need to hurt them!
Wait why??
We got you!
You were so passionate like I would never in my life eat a $5 pizza
oh this is good
So, pretty good eh?
Hey guys
Thanks for watching this video and shoutout to Logan for bringing his amazing skills to help out we did a video on his channel
where we did a how to
how to make some of these pizzas so go watch it
Also, let us know what you want the next legends pop-up restaurant to be live life on the edge guys
It's a great place to be
Next up we have the savory SID what is it fact not love who are not cannibals, yeah?
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Little Caesar's $50 Pizza Prank

155 Folder Collection
Ming Chun Xie published on May 24, 2019
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