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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick and this is lesson 38. Today we're going to look at when to

  • use the st , nd , or the th with the dates. Yeah this is one that I come across a lot where I see

  • it used incorrectly a lot . And it sometimes even confuses students with

  • English as a second language of how to how to pronounce it sometimes. I even see

  • native speakers make a mistake in the writing some. I've even seen them in the

  • same article sometimes write it correct once and then write it wrong another

  • time. So let me just let's just go over it quickly. Okay here's the first note if

  • you write a date use the name of the month do not write

  • the st ,nd, rd or th. The tricky part for many students is that these dates are

  • still pronounced as ordinal numbers. Remember ordinal numbers that's 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th.

  • The other one is cardinal numbers which is 1 2 3. Okay so dates are always

  • pronounced as ordinal numbers Okay so let's uh let's take a, let's look

  • at the example here. This is pronounced March 10. You notice that we do not

  • write th here. You still have to pronounce it as tenth March 10. April

  • 3 June 2 etc. Yes it is not March ten it is March tenth. Okay good. Let's look at

  • the next note. It is incorrect to write this day as March 10th with the th there.

  • If the month is written here. The th is not written there. Yeah so again it's

  • it's not optional. You write the month you don't have the th or whatever it is

  • whether it's the rd or st . Okay let's read the next part. We do use the st, nd, rd or

  • th if the name of the month is not used. So here we have to give some examples

  • where we definitely do use it . All right example number one. The rent is due on

  • the first of the month. Yeah you you actually need it here it's necessary. if

  • you don't write in here, it gets confusing. it's, the rent is due on the

  • one of the month. The st lets you know that it's a date. So that's why it is

  • absolutely necessary here. Okay let's look at example two. We get paid on the

  • fifteenth of the month. Again this way it lets you know it's a date. If you didn't

  • have a th it would be we get paid on the fifteen of the month. That doesn't make any sense.

  • All right and just so you know how we might use some other ordinal numbers

  • with sd , nd , rd. We also use ordinal numbers to indicate someone's ranking or place.

  • Let's look at the first example. That Olympian came in third place and won a

  • bronze medal. Yeah again here if you didn't have the rd here it would be

  • confusing. That Olympian came in three place that would not make sense.

  • And the second example. He is only the second person to ever swim across that river. All

  • right again so just very quickly to review. One of the things to make sure is

  • that if the name of the month is written do not write the st, nd , rd or th. With

  • months these dates are always pronounced as ordinal numbers you know March 10

  • April 3 and when do we use it. We use it when the month is not written there.

  • Just like you know the rent is due on the 1st of the month

  • Okay well I hope that clarifies it. I do come across this problem often. Thank you

  • very much for your time . Bye

Hi this is Tutor Nick and this is lesson 38. Today we're going to look at when to

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