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We all have things that
we're believing for,

dreams that we
want to accomplish,

problems we're hoping
will turn around...

Maybe it's to see our
family restored...

or lose some weight,
to break an addiction,

to start our own business...
But sometimes
as it goes on,

month after month,
even year after year,

we don't see
anything changing.

It's easy to get
discouraged and think:

"This is never gonna happen..."
"This is as good as it gets.
I'll just learn to live with it..."

We all go through disappointments,
setbacks, loss...

Pain is a part of life.
It's easy to get discouraged,
even bitter, like:

"Why is this
happening to me?"

Sometimes we look at pieces
in our lives that don't make sense.

The key is what we do
in our times of pain.

Pain will change us.
Heartache, loss,

They don't leave us the same.
Every painful time...
even though you don't like it,
it's developing something in you

that can only be developed
in the tough times.

Eventually, that will pass...
You'll get through it,
but you will be different.

In those tough times,
when you are uncomfortable...

going through a loss...
dealing with an illness...
You can easily let it
overwhelm you.

Now how the pain changes
you is up to you.

You can come out bitter...
or you can
come out better.

You can come out defeated,
giving up on your dreams,

or you can come out
with a new passion, a new fire,

excited about the
new opportunities in front of you.

I may not like it,
but I'm not a whiner,
I'm a warrior,

I know I can handle this.
Don't complain about the pain,
without the pain

we couldn't reach
the fullness of our destinies.

Sometimes we bring pain
on ourselves:

we make poor choices,
get in a relationship
we know it's not good or

maybe get over
our head in our spending...

Now it's painful, we're having
to deal with the consequences.

All of us experience pain.
My challenge don't just
go through it,

grow through.
That difficulty is an
opportunity to get stronger,

to develop character,
to gain new confidence.

Anybody can give up...
Anybody can let it overwhelm you,
but do you know what that's doing?

Wasting your pain.
That pain is not
there to stop you,

it's there to prepare you,
to increase you, to develop you.

Difficulties are a part of life.
Now quit telling yourself
you can't take it.

You're not weak,
you are well able.

Eventually the pain will pass.
You'll get birth to new strength...
Just because it hasn't happened yet,
doesn't mean that it's not going to happen.

There will always be forces
trying to convince us

to settle where we are.
Life has a way of
pushing our dreams down.

They can become buried
under discouragement,

buried under past mistakes...
There are dreams
buried under divorce,

buried under low self-esteem...
It's easy to
settle from mediocrity,

even though we have all this
potential buried on the inside.

What are you remembering?
The hurt, the pain,
what didn't work out...

Turn it around
and remember you dream.

Have you allowed any
dreams to get buried in you?

At one time, you believed you
could do something great,

you believed you could
lead the company in sales,

you believed you could
break that addiction...

There's been a long time...
Had some bad breaks...
Wasn't all your fault...
You could easily
settle where you are...

Nobody would fall to you...
The enemy would love to
deceive you into burying your dream,

thinking that it's
never gonna work out.

Don't believe those lies.
It's not too late to become
all that you were created to be.

Every time you remember
your dream,

you're removing some dirt,
you're digging it back out.

The true mark of a champion
is even though some dirt get's
thrown on your dream,

instead of letting it get buried,
you keep shaking it off...

You keep moving forward...
You wouldn't be
having that opposition

if you didn't have
something great in you.

If your dream wasn't
alive and on track,

right on schedule
to come to pass,

you wouldn't have so many
things coming against you.

That dream is still alive.
You may have tried a year ago,
5 years ago or 40 years ago.

Didn't work out?
Nobody was there
to help you?

Go back and try again.
This is your time.
This is your moment.

Your destiny is
calling out to you.

Can I tell you?
Your dream is not dead,

it's just not in season.
Your time is coming...
Promotion is coming...
Good breaks are coming...
Promises you've been
standing on...

Dreams you've been
praying about...

Lack is not your destiny.
Constantly struggling,
barely getting by,

is not the end
of your story.

These light afflictions
are for a moment.

The adversity is temporary.
The glory is eternal.
There are some dreams
shut up in you.

Like fire, you're gonna feel
your destiny calling out.

May not happen
the first time...

The loan didn't go through...
You didn't get
chosen for the par...

The medical report wasn't good-
That's ok,

it's still in you.
This is your time.
This is your moment.

Shake off the doubt.
Shake off the negativity.

You're at the right place.
You're at the right time.

Now all you've gotta do is
get in the right frame of mind.

I believe this is my year
to get healthy and whole .

This is my year to meet
the people of my dreams.

This is my year to go
further in my career,

to step into a
new level of my destiny.

This is my year to
accomplish dreams,

to break free
from this depression.

This is my year to
meet the right people.

This is my year to
get healthy and whole .

This is your year
to see double.

This is your year for vindication,
for restoration, for new beginnings...

Now get your mind going
in the right direction.

Transcribed by
Jean Trindade Pereira

*In case of any mistakes,
please fix them.*

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REMEMBER YOUR DREAM - Motivational Video

279 Folder Collection
鄭瑋漢 published on May 21, 2019
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