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Hey babe! How are you?
What's up?
Stupid... mother... app.
Come on, it's like, ugghh.
Ok, I see you, you're smiling, but you're frozen, and you're like 3 pixels.
Come on!
This is so annoying.
Cheers baby, what are you in the mood for?
I'm thinking, action.
That sounds good.
I'm so glad we get to do this on like a regular basis, you know what I mean?
It's like, pizza and date night, Netflix and movies.
Wooo, I miss you so much, you're amazing, I love you.
How is it over there by the way?
No babe, this isn't so bad, I'm saving so much money.
Ya, that's awesome.
Ya, it's awesome!
I have like, tons and tons saved up.
Hey, what's up babe?
Perfect timing.
Is now a good time?
Actually, now is not a good time.
How bout now?
Actually, now's not a good time.
How bout now?
Nope, actually now is not a good time.
How bout now?
Actually now's not a good time.
So, so yeah we talked about it, and we're gonna make it work.
That's awesome man!
Like long distance you're gonna make it work?
So yeah, we talked about it...
Let me stop you right there, don't do it.
Faster, God damn it!
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LDR Couples Expectations vs Reality | Long Distance Relationships

7671 Folder Collection
jasmine published on June 25, 2019
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