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Brothers and sisters,
it is now near the end of the last days.
Intensifying disasters and frequent earthquakes
are happening around the world.
The prophecies of the advent of the Lord have been basically fulfilled.
The catastrophe is fast approaching now.
Right now, the moment of the Lord's arrival,
we must be vigilant, work more for the Lord,
and especially spread His gospel.
This is truly what the Lord wants and His commendation.
In the Holy Bible, the apostle Paul said,
Brothers and sisters,
as long as we are working hard and being faithful all the way to the end,
we will be raised into the kingdom of heaven
when the Lord returns to us. (Amen!)
Do you all have faith?
Then let us spread the gospel! (Yes! Let's go!)
Hello, do you believe in the Lord Jesus?
Hello, would you like to hear about the Lord Jesus?
Stay in!
It's okay!
See you.
Thank you, Pastor Song.
We will join the congregation soon.
Great. Now go back in!
Yes, get in there. (Yes. Take care!)
See you! (Take care!)
Missionary Choi.
This is the key moment when the Lord comes,
yet people are cold in faith.
We have been visiting these feeble believers and saying much for so many days now.
Why haven't we felt the Holy Spirit at work?
If we ourselves are not even moved by what we say,
how can we expect it to affect others?
Everybody understands the biblical verses we are sharing,
but we have yet to shed new light with our words.
How can we address these problems by continuing with the same old actions?
We have been busy in supporting brothers and sisters these days.
We really haven't accomplished any effects.
I always feel that the Holy Spirit has long forsaken us.
No matter how hard we try, we don't generate new light.
We keep preaching about literal meanings without any illumination.
It is the same situation with various denominations.
That's true.
The religious community seems to be in such a desolate state.
Man is powerless in changing the situation.
Yes, I've been thinking it over a lot.
Being Christian for all these years,
we have been upholding the name of the Lord,
giving up everything to labor for the Lord,
waiting to be brought into the kingdom of heaven when He comes with clouds.
However, at this critical moment in greeting the Lord,
the church is becoming more and more desolate,
and we are becoming darker and darker inside,
unable to feel the Lord's presence
as if abandoned by the Lord.
How did this happen?
I feel so unsure in my heart.
Have we gone astray in how we are waiting for the Lord's return?
Let's go.
It seems that in this situation we really must seek the Lord's intention!
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray.
Missionary Park! It's so good to see you, brother!
I haven't seen you for a while. (Glad to see you.)
It's been a long time.
When did you come back, Missionary Park?
Time really does fly.
In a blink, you have preached in China for two years.
That's true.
The church in Korea has been in a desolate state without the Holy Spirit at work.
Everyone is waiting for the Lord to come.
But there's been no sign.
In China, is there any sign of the Holy Spirit's work?
China's religious world is desolate too.
But the Eastern Lightning Church has emerged in China.
The Eastern Lightning?
Yes. As if fulfilling the Bible prophecies.
The people of the Eastern Lightning have witnessed the Lord Jesus has returned,
He is Almighty God.
You said Almighty God? The Lord has returned?
He is Almighty God?
Yes, the Lord has returned.
He expresses many truths,
and He is doing the judgment work of the last days.
It has caused a sensation throughout mainland China. (Really?)
Oh, really?
After reading the word expressed by Almighty God,
many good sheep recognize the voice of God, the work of God in the last days.
They have accepted Almighty God.
They are all witnessing that all those who have heard the voice of God
and beheld His appearance
are brought before the very throne of God.
Since its emergence,
the Eastern Lightning has been targeted by the CCP government.
But the people of the Eastern Lightning
still preach the gospel and witness the work of God in the last days,
preaching the truths of Almighty God.
They really have faith and courage!
They do not give up.
This is the first time that we are hearing about these things.
Aren't we waiting for someone to witness the Groom's return?
I never imagined someone in China would witness that the Lord has returned
to express the truth and do judgment work in the last days.
Many people recognized that was the voice of God. (That's right!)
Looks like this way ought to be examined.
I agree.
The Eastern Lightning can shock the entire religious community.
Many good sheep from various sects
recognize that the Eastern Lightning is the appearance and work of God.
Looks like this way ought to be examined.
What does \"the Eastern Lightning\" mean?
Why are they called \"the Eastern Lightning\"?
It's based on the Lord's prophecies.
It was because of the name \"the Eastern Lightning\" that I decided to seek and study.
So that's the reason!
Later, I met someone who witnessed Almighty God.
I listened to their testimony and heard the word of Almighty God.
I discovered that the words of Almighty God are all the truth,
they are like the voice of God.
They said that Almighty God has expressed millions of words
and fulfilled the prophecies of the Lord Jesus.
They communed based on His words.
When the Lord comes, it will be \"at midnight,\" \"as a thief.\"
That is to say,
when the religious world is at its darkest and most desolate,
the Lord becomes flesh and secretly comes amid men.
He begins to speak and do judgment work in the last days.
They also said the sheep of God hear God's voice,
that the key for meeting the Lord relies on listening to the Lord's voice.
That is how they recognize the Lord.
That's true!
It is just like how the Lord Jesus appeared and worked in the past.
Those who heard the voice of God accepted and followed the Lord.
I felt what they said was true.
When I heard the words of Almighty God,
I knew they were all the truth, and I decided to join their church.
Then, I was arrested by the CCP government and repatriated.
It now appears these were the good intentions of God.
What they said was very enlightening.
It's true that the Lord Jesus said,
It is enough to prove that when the Lord returns,
He will certainly speak and utter His words.
the Lord would not have let people hear His voice.
We have been waiting for the Lord to come on a cloud,
but we failed to seek and hear the voice of the Lord.
This is the most serious mistake.
You are so right.
The key to meeting the Lord is listening to the Lord's voice.
This is the right way!
Why didn't we think of it?
I think what the Eastern Lightning preaches
is in line with the prophecies of the Lord.
It's likely to be the true way! (Yes.)
Although I'm not sure Almighty God is the returned Lord,
I am certain that the Eastern Lightning comes from God's work.
Now I cannot go back to China,
and I cannot contact the people of The Church of Almighty God.
Pastor Song, Missionary Choi,
the Lord's return is an important event.
You should hurry to China and visit the Eastern Lightning
to see if the Eastern Lightning is God's appearance and work in the last days.
Missionary Park is right.
We must not delay.
What can be more important than the return of the Lord?
Let's get ready to go to China at once!
I completely agree.
If we are sure that the Eastern Lightning is the Lord's appearance and work,
aren't we actually meeting the Lord?
Then we will have a chance to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven!
Oh, it's so cold in China!
Yes! It is.
Watch where you're going! (That's the way they drive!)
I have only just arrived, they are testing my reflexes!
Are you all right? (I'm fine.)
What is that?
\"Crack down on illegal religious congregation, totally ban house churches!\"
Why would that be posted up here?
I'm really surprised.
Looks like the CCP's repression of religion is real.
Do you agree?
The CCP does it openly.
It is more than just the local police occasionally grabbing a few Christians.
It's true.
It looks like the CCP really resists and denies God.
I agree.
This seems to be the place.
Ah, it's here.
They haven't arrived yet?
Look here, there's some more.
I think we should be very careful.
I didn't think the Chinese government
would so openly crack down on and persecute the Eastern Lightning.
It seems the Eastern Lightning is just too influential.
Even the CCP is fearful of the Eastern Lightning.
I feel the Eastern Lightning likely comes from God's work.
Otherwise, the CCP would not repress and persecute the Eastern Lightning so much.
It sure seems like
it won't be easy for us to find the Eastern Lightning Church.
Let God guide us on.
Over here!
I haven't seen you in such a long time. (I haven't seen you for so long!)
Have you been waiting long?
It's been years!
Elder O, we have an important thing to do in our mission to China
that requires your help and coordination.
Okay, please don't hold back.
Pastor Song, why don't you all go into the living room?
You can make yourselves comfortable. (All right.)
Thank you so much.
Please be seated!
Please have some tea.
Elder O, let me tell you.
I noticed in the streets of the city,
banners calling for banning the Eastern Lightning and house churches
hung all over.
It is so tense here in China.
I don't get it.
Why does the CCP government hate the Eastern Lightning so much?
Why does the Eastern Lightning wield so much influence?
Please, can you tell us why?
Pastor Song,
I don't know if you heard about it when you were in Korea.
The Eastern Lightning is a rising religious group
which witnesses the return of the Lord Jesus.
I'm talking about none other but Almighty God
who is doing judgment work in the last days that starts with the house of God.
They are spreading testimonies everywhere on the appearance and work of Almighty God.
They even printed the words of Almighty God into books
and distributed them to the head sheep and good sheep
of various religious denominations and groups.
Is that so?
Those who listened were unwittingly stolen away.
To be honest with you, I also read some words by Almighty God.
The teachings of the Eastern Lightning are quite good and very practical indeed.
I was convinced.
Is that so!
I just have my own problems.
I am an elder.
I need to go with the flow of the religious community.
The Eastern Lightning has been developing too fast these past few years.
It makes the Chinese Communist Party panic.
The CCP government has been frantically convicting and repressing the Eastern Lightning.
In light of many of their sheep being stolen by the Eastern Lightning,
pastors and elders of the religious community
are also frantically condemning and boycotting them.
I haven't given much thought to what the Eastern Lightning is all about.
I feel that I should still uphold the Bible and adhere to the name of Lord Jesus.
This is my take on the Eastern Lightning.
Actually we have nothing against the Eastern Lightning.
It was only because some good sheep from our church were stolen by them,
so we must oppose.
Over these years,
in order to defend the Lord's way and protect the flock,
we excommunicated everyone in the church who had accepted the Eastern Lightning.
We've even asked all believers to reject them.
But regardless of how we've boycotted and guarded against the Eastern Lightning,
there continue to be people who accept it.
We haven't properly protected the sheep of the Lord.
We have truly failed our Lord.
Excuse me …
If all of our believers accepted Almighty God,
wouldn't our church collapse all together?
And then, to whom are we going to preach?
Whom are we going to shepherd?
The Eastern Lightning is wrecking our rice bowls.
The Eastern Lightning is our greatest enemy!
For now, the primary task of our church is to boycott the Eastern Lightning.
We've already mobilized all church members,
so as soon as they see any Eastern Lightning people come to steal our sheep,
they'll call the police to arrest them right away.
How we wish the national government would throw them all in jail
and give them a decade-long sentence,
so they'll stop coming to steal our sheep.
This is my attitude toward the Eastern Lightning.
I don't know if it's right or not.
OK, now I understand.
It's all because the Eastern Lightning has stolen some of your head sheep and good sheep,
so you really hate and condemn the Eastern Lightning,
don't you?
You even resort to calling the police to apprehend the people of the Eastern Lightning.
Do you think the Lord would be pleased by what you are doing?
The preachings of the Eastern Lightning are so powerful that even the CCP is afraid of it.
Doesn't that make you think the Eastern Lightning has the truth?
So why don't you study the way of the Eastern Lightning?
So then, if the Eastern Lightning is actually the Lord's appearance and work,
don't you think you will be punished for resisting and condemning Him like that?
When I heard about the Eastern Lightning in Korea,
I felt that it had something to do with the prophecy of the Lord Jesus.
My heart was enlightened by the Lord's prophecy all at once.
I was sure in my heart
that the Lord's return is the appearance of the Son of man.
Now the Eastern Lightning is bearing witness
that the incarnate Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus.
Almighty God is being hunted and persecuted by the CCP
as well as being condemned, slandered, and rejected by the religious community.
Isn't this fulfilling the prophecy
\"But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation\"?
From what I see, it is quite possible!
The way it looks, Almighty God being witnessed by the Eastern Lightning
is quite possibly the second coming of the Lord Jesus.
As you were saying,
aren't we resisting the Lord when we resist the Eastern Lightning?
The reason we have come to China this time
is in order to study the Eastern Lightning.
But you haven't tried to study the Eastern Lightning while you are in China.
You have been blindly following the CCP and religious pastors and leaders
to resist the Eastern Lightning.
Is this in line with the Bible,
in line with saintly decency?
Is it in line with the Lord's intention?
If the Eastern Lightning is the Lord's appearance and work,
aren't you then the antichrists who resist and condemn the Lord?
Is this the case?
I believe it is. (Yes, it is!)
Go get some fruit.
I believe Pastor Song is right.
You didn't try to study the Eastern Lightning
but went to the police to have the CCP arrest them.
This is a serious matter.
Don't you know the CCP government has a long history of persecuting Christians with cruelty?
Do you not know this simple fact?
Whether the Eastern Lightning is the true way or not,
we can communicate and debate with them
and also listen to their testimonies.
If their testimonies are consistent with the Bible and possessing the truth,
then we should accept and obey.
If what they say is inconsistent with the Bible,
we can then reject it.
Religion is the exercise of free will.
No matter what,
you can't turn in the people of the Eastern Lightning to the police.
Turning in the believers of God to the regime of Satan,
isn't it akin to Judas?
This is a serious resistance to the Lord.
There will be retribution.
It's getting late.
Those of you who had been traveling today must be tired.
Get some rest soon.
Sure. (Get some rest, Pastor Song!)
Okay. I will be watching them.
Don't worry, I'll be subtle.
I'm pretty sure I know where they are staying.
I heard that you had come into contact with the Eastern Lightning.
I'd like to know, do you have their books?
The people of the Eastern Lightning gave me their books before,
but I didn't study them at that time.
The elders wouldn't let me read their books.
They took away the books.
They even made me pray and curse the people of the Eastern Lightning.
How would we dare to contact the people of the Eastern Lightning?
If the pastors or elders found out, it would be really bad.
She's right.
If we did, we would be expelled from the church and cursed by everyone in the church!
Didn't you know
Elder Lee got some believers to accept the Eastern Lightning.
He was turned in by the pastor!
He is still in jail now!
He was sentenced to be in jail for five years.
That's right!
I sincerely advise you to not have any contact with the people of the Eastern Lightning,
lest you get in trouble.
It seems these believers are seriously deceived and bound by the pastors.
Most of the believers listen to the rumors and lies of the CCP government
and blindly follow the pastors and the elders to resist and condemn the Eastern Lightning.
Expecting them to help find the people of the Eastern Lightning
is impractical. (You're right.)
We need to come up with another way.
Pastor Song, Pastor Song, wait!
Ah, brother.
Oh, brother.
I found you at last!
I've got something. Let's talk somewhere else!
Oh, yes!
I heard my brother say you wanna study the Eastern Lightning.
That's right!
I am studying the Eastern Lightning.
Then why don't we study together?
Wonderful, thank the Lord! Thank the Lord!
Pastor Song, Missionary Choi.
The Scroll Opened by the Lamb.
It is the word expressed by the incarnate Almighty God in the last days!
Thank you!
Thank You so much, Lord!
We found it at last!
Yes, we have.
Our trip to China is intent on studying the work of Almighty God in the last days.
We want to see if the word of Almighty God is the truth, know if it is the voice of God.
We had no idea that Almighty God had expressed so many words!
We need to read carefully!
Let's watch a recitation video of Almighty God's word! (Great!)
We need to take a good look at it. (That's right!)
These words are so great! (Yes. Indeed!)
Amen. Yes.
Praise Almighty God. (These words are so wonderful.)
The word of Almighty God truly has authority and power.
I am awed by it. (Amen!)
It is truly astounding!
Yeah! That's so true.
This is the voice of God! It really is.
Otherwise, who else could determine man's outcome, dictate man's destiny?
That's right!
Only God has such authority and power!
Only God could know these things.
Let's read here too.
The word of Almighty God
elucidates how we have been anticipating and longing for the Lord's return over these years
for reunion with the Lord.
It is true that, other than God,
no one could know how we have been longing to see the Lord,
no one could know how we felt
when we were fallen in darkness and longing to see the light.
I feel the word of Almighty God is truly the voice of the Lord.
It is the voice of the Lord Jesus speaking to us.
It's true.
Yes. The more we read the word of Almighty God, the more we feel it is the word of the Lord.
Yes. Let us read another passage. (Great! Good. OK.)
How do you feel after listening to the word of Almighty God?
Isn't each word of Almighty God filled with the authority and power of God?
That's true.
After listening to the word of Almighty God,
we can believe it is the voice of God.
This is the grace of God!
It is so indeed. Thank the Lord!
In the last days,
the incarnate God appears in China to express His word to all
and do the judgment work that begins with the house of God.
Many people from various denominations and sects who love the truth and long for God's appearance
realize that the word of Almighty God is the truth and the voice of God.
So they accept the work of Almighty God in the last days.
Yes, that's true. Amen! This is good news indeed.
In this period of time, I read a lot of Almighty God's words.
It was really an eye-opener.
Let's turn to the table of contents first. (Yes!)
The topics that Almighty God wants to clarify
are about the truths we as believers should understand!
Almighty God's words are just so rich!
It's a great feeling reading them.
That's true.
These are words that cannot be found in the Bible.
Reading these words today feels like hearing the voice of the Lord Jesus.
I agree.
These days, the more I read the words of Almighty God,
the more I feel that the words spoken by Almighty God
are exactly \"what the Spirit says to the churches\" as prophesied in the Book of Revelation,
that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus!
It's true. It was the Lord who guided you to come from Korea to China
to seek and investigate the words of Almighty God.
And thank the Lord!
Amen! That's so true.
Let's read more passages!
Okay! That was great! I'd love to hear more.
This way please.
Today we have two missionaries from Korea joining us! (From Korea!)
People who can travel cross the ocean to China to seek the true way
must be those who have the ability to receive.
It's so true.
It is a great price to pay for one to leave his country to seek the true way.
If a person capable of understanding accepts the work of God,
he will definitely be made perfect in the future. (Yes, indeed!)
I am so envious of them! (Yeah. Me too.)
It's Brother Chin.
Oh, they are here.
Let me introduce you,
these two are Pastor Song and Missionary Choi from Korea.
How do you do?
These brothers and sisters are also studying the work of Almighty God in the last days.
And over here this is Brother Chin and Brother Suh of The Church of Almighty God.
Glad to meet you!
Let's sit down and talk! (OK.)
Pastor Song, Missionary Choi,
it's not easy for you to come from Korea to China to study the true way
when you hear about God's appearance and work here.
You are risking danger of being arrested by the CCP
to study the work of Almighty God in China.
It is definitely the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
It is something blessed by God! (Amen!)
Amen. We welcome you!
Amen. Thank the Lord!
In Korea, there were others in our church who also wanted to study Almighty God's work.
Unfortunately, there was no one to give witness.
There was nothing to do but look for The Church of Almighty God in China.
In the past few days, we read many words of Almighty God.
We all feel the authority and power of God's word.
It's an expression of the truth and God's voice!
We feel that Almighty God is quite likely to be the returned Lord Jesus.
So we are eager to study the work of Almighty God in the last days.
Now there are many practical questions we do not understand.
We need your help to resolve them.
It is truly the blessing of God that we are able to meet you today!
Thank the Lord!
Yes, indeed. Yes!
You are able to recognize that everything expressed by Almighty God
is the truth and the voice of God,
you are akin to the wise virgins who hear the voice of God and are raptured before God.
Thank the Lord!
In fact, in seeking and studying the true way,
the most critical is to affirm that
all the words of Almighty God are the truths and the voice of God
and to affirm that all the truths expressed by Almighty God
are a stage of God's work in the last days.
To be able to see this is enough.
Thank the Lord!
All other negative propaganda and aspects inconsistent with the conceptions of man
are not major problems.
However loud and prevalent is the voice of Satan,
it cannot deny the voice of the truth.
Amen. Yes.
However dark the clouds, they cannot block the sunlight.
Yes. Good.
Ah, right.
When listening to the word of Almighty God,
many people can perceive that it is the voice of God,
but they are utterly confused
when they hear the negative propaganda of Satan,
they don't know if it's true or false.
And so, what kind of problem is this?
It is foolishness and ignorance.
It is written in the Bible,
And so I saw, after hearing the negative propaganda,
many people doubt the true way and doubt the work of God,
so they end up rejecting God's appearance and work,
losing God's salvation and ending up in demise.
That's right.
Even if they see that all the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth,
yet when they hear the rumors and negative propaganda of Satan,
they believe Satan's words completely.
Sadly, they even deny all the truths expressed by God.
God could speak to them one hundred times, and they'd still not believe
and yet they take in the nonsense of Satan immediately.
So I ask, what kind of people are they?
Aren't they foolish virgins?
Oh. Yeah.
Today you can take the initiative to seek and study the true way in China.
This is God's guidance!
If there's anything you don't understand, you can bring it up.
The word of Almighty God can address and solve all the problems we face in believing in God.
Let's seek the truth and solutions together. (Okay!)
May I say, that was very well said!
I am very glad we came.
Yes, this trip is so worthwhile!
Brother Chin, (Yes.)
you truly said it so well!
The most important thing in examining the true way
is to realize that the words of God are the truth.
Only this is really hearing the voice of God.
This is truly hearing the voice of God.
And these words touch upon our hearts.
We really feel so ashamed!
Although we find the word of Almighty God
is the truth and the voice of God,
we still have some notions.
We generate some doubts when we hear some of the negative propaganda.
We really cannot see through these problems.
In Korea,
in our religious community, there's an identical question in people's hearts,
and that's what I want to seek.
That's correct!
Having believed in the Lord for many years,
we have felt that as long as one can practice humility, tolerance, and love,
and can follow the example of Paul by working and laboring for the Lord,
he is following the way of the Lord,
and he will be raptured into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns.
Just as Paul said,
But you say when we believe in the Lord,
we must receive the judgment work of Almighty God in the last days.
When we receive cleansing,
we will be commended by God and admitted in the kingdom of heaven.
I have a question.
We've believed in the Lord for so many years and labor for the Lord,
can we enter the kingdom of heaven without receiving
the judgment work of Almighty God in the last days?
Can you please talk to us about it?
Yeah. Yes, talk to us! Yes.
According to the word of the Bible,
as long as we follow the word of Paul,
we shall be praised by the Lord and be brought into the kingdom of heaven.
And you witness that Almighty God comes to do his judgment work in the last days,
and wise virgins are brought before God for hearing the voice of God,
and they can only enter the kingdom of heaven
after experiencing God's judgment and cleansing. (Yes. Yeah.)
What puzzles us is which path leads to the kingdom of heaven.
Please tell us.
Yes! Please do tell us.
Yes, the question you raise is very crucial.
It involves whether one can be brought to the kingdom of heaven
by believing in the Lord.
Many believers of the Lord feel that expending and laboring for the Lord like Paul
is following the Lord's way
and qualifying for entrance into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns.
Over time,
this has become the belief of many many people.
I ask, is this belief based on the Lord's word?
Does it please the Lord's heart if we pursue it like this?
Does it?
Are we truly following the Lord's way by laboring for the Lord like Paul?
Will we qualify for the kingdom of heaven?
Yes, will we? (We've never thought about it this way!)
The Lord Jesus said it very clearly.
Only those who follow the will of God could enter the kingdom of heaven.
The Lord Jesus did not say those who sacrifice, expend, and labor for the Lord
could enter the kingdom of heaven.
Many of those who preach, cast out devils, and work wonders in the name of the Lord
are people who labor.
Not only are they not praised by the Lord,
they are professed by the Lord as workers of iniquity.
Paul said,
This saying contradicts the word of the Lord Jesus.
By comparing the word of Paul with the word of the Lord Jesus,
it can be seen that Paul's word contradicts the word of the Lord Jesus.
To be brought into the kingdom of heaven,
there is only one affirmed way
which is what the Lord Jesus so clearly said.
You see, \"to sup with the Lord\"
is a reference to receiving God's judgment work in the last days.
Ah. I see now. Yes.
That's how it is. Thank the Lord.
By receiving the judgment and chastisement of God,
we understand all the truths and are cleansed and made perfect,
these are the results of supping with the Lord.
So we can be certain
that only by receiving cleansing from the judgment of Almighty God in the last days
can one enter the kingdom of heaven.
Thank the Lord.
We all know and believe
that only the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. (Amen!)
The way one can enter the kingdom of heaven
should be based on the word of the Lord Jesus as final.
Yes, it's true.
Paul was only an apostle who spread the gospel.
He could not speak on behalf of the Lord.
The way he chose was not necessarily the way to the kingdom of heaven (Yes.)
because the Lord Jesus did not testify that Paul's way was the correct way.
Moreover, the Lord Jesus did not tell people to follow the example of Paul.
That's right.
If we only go by Paul's word in choosing our way to the kingdom of heaven,
it is easy to go astray.
It's so true. True.
This passage of the Lord Jesus' word that Brother Chin just read is important.
This sentence tells us that we must believe in the Lord's word.
The only way into the kingdom of heaven is by following the will of God.
Yeah. I agree.
So that's how it is!
When the Lord Jesus returns in the last days
to do the work of judgment starting with the house of God,
if we hear God's voice, receive God's work in the last days,
and manage to receive cleansing and be made perfect by God's judgment and chastisement,
we will be the type of people
who obey the will of God and enter the kingdom of heaven.
Brothers and sisters, this is absolutely certain.
Those who only rely on enthusiasm to preach for the Lord,
cast out devils and work wonders in the name of the Lord,
neither pay attention to practicing the word of the Lord
nor seek to receive the work of God at present.
Can these people know the Lord? (No, they can't!)
Do they even follow the will of God?
Why did the Lord Jesus say,
\"I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity\"?
This passage is very thought-provoking!
We all know that back then
when the Pharisees traveled all over the land and sea to preach and teach the gospel,
they endured much hardship and paid many a steep price.
On appearance,
they seemed to be loyal to God, truly loyal,
but actually they only emphasized on engaging in religious rituals and following regulations
instead of practicing God's word.
They did not actually follow God's commandments or teachings.
Sadly, they even abolished God's commandments.
What they did, their actions,
completely contradicted God's will and deviated from God's way.
So the Lord Jesus cursed them.
It can be seen in what we assume,
\"As long as one works hard for the Lord,
he will be brought into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes.\"
This view is the conception of man that doesn't agree with the Lord's word.
Do you say it is so? (Yes, it is!)
We are correct in seeking salvation and entry into the kingdom of heaven,
but we must do it according to the Lord Jesus' word.
If we ignore the Lord's words,
but take Paul's words as basis and Paul's practice as our goal of pursuit,
how can we win the praise of the Lord?
If we understand these two passages of scripture,
we will know the way to the kingdom of heaven after all.
This is so true.
Yes. Indeed.
In fact,
before receiving the work of Almighty God in the last days,
we all had this kind of conception and imagination that
as long as we keep the Lord's name, expend, preach, and work for Him,
we are practicing the Lord's word and following His way,
and we'll be brought into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes.
So, I am glad to share with you that
later I received the work of Almighty God in the last days
and saw His words.
I will read them.
Upon seeing the word of Almighty God,
I realized that God's requirement for man's work
does not refer alone to suffering, running to and fro, and spending for God.
It mainly refers to our ability to practice and experience God's word,
our ability to articulate our understanding of God's word from practical experience,
and our guidance for brothers and sisters to enter the reality of God's word.
Only this kind of work will satisfy God's will.
Recalling my belief in the Lord for many years,
although I have preached everywhere in the name of the Lord,
enduring hardship and paying the price,
I haven't focused on practicing the Lord's word,
so I could not talk about my firsthand experience of how I practiced the Lord's word.
In my sermons,
I could only speak empty words and doctrines from the Bible
and teach others to follow religious rules.
So I ask, how could this lead brothers and sisters into the reality of God's word?
Also, when I preached and worked, I often showed off to gain admiration
and often went against the Lord's demands by acting according to my own ideas.
By sacrificing, enduring hardship, and paying some prices for the Lord,
I believed I was the one who loved the Lord most,
and I was most faithful to the Lord.
I was shameless enough to demand the blessing of the kingdom of heaven from God.
I was positioning myself high above
and looking down on those brothers and sisters who were passive and weak.
Since I only focused on relying on enthusiasm to work for the Lord
but did not pay attention to practicing and experiencing the Lord's word,
after believing in the Lord for many years,
I ended up not having the slightest knowledge of the Lord and fear of God in my heart,
not to mention the transformation of my life disposition.
Because I had been expending in my years of belief,
I was becoming increasingly arrogant, insubordinate to everyone,
even engaged in deception, fully revealing Satan's disposition.
The way I labored
had nothing to do with reality of practicing the Lord's word and obeying Him.
How could this lead to understanding the Lord?
For a person like me who had no reality of truth nor understanding of the Lord,
wasn't everything I did against the Lord?
How could this be exalting and witnessing for the Lord?
After experiencing the work of Almighty God,
I realized that no matter how hard a person has labored,
if he has not experienced the judgment of God in the last days,
it is impossible for him to follow God's will
and become someone who truly and deeply obeys and worships God with all their heart.
This is absolutely true.
Yes. This is absolutely true.
Believing in the Lord for so many years,
we have only preached and worked based on our gifts
without focusing on practicing the Lord's word.
We are completely void of life.
If it was not for your communication of Almighty God's word,
we would never have seen through the real substance of this problem.
Yes. That's right.
Sorry, what?
Chin Heun is taking Pastor Song and Missionary Choi to meet with the Eastern Lightning people?
Are you sure?
It can't be wrong.
I saw it with my own eyes!
You wanted me to keep an eye on Pastor Song and Missionary Choi.
I … I have been watching them since.
This can be troublesome.
Many of our churches were built with the help of Korean missionaries,
our believers quite look up to them.
If Pastor Song and Missionary Choi accept the Eastern Lightning,
the impact on the church will be tremendous.
I fear that many believers will follow suit to study the Eastern Lightning.
If this goes on happening,
our churches will close up shop.
Elder O,
we need to come up with a plan to stop them from studying the Eastern Lightning!
Let's take a look at those religious pastors and elders.
Although they have cast aside everything to labor for the Lord,
what kind of work have they been doing?
What is the nature of their work?
Having believed in the Lord for many years,
they have never pursued the truth.
They failed to receive the work of the Holy Spirit
and explain to us how to resolve the practical problems of our faith and entry into life.
They often talk about some empty biblical doctrines to deceive the believers
and take every opportunity to say how far they have trekked to preach for the Lord,
how much work they have done,
how much pain they have endured,
how many churches they have built and so on and so forth
to establish themselves for others to worship and follow.
As a result, after working for so many years,
not only have they failed in leading brothers and sisters to understand the truth and know God,
but they let brothers and sisters worship and follow them
and embark on the path of worshiping man and betraying God.
That is really so!
So let's think,
are these pastors and elders following the Lord's way by working and expending like that?
Do you believe in their work?
Now tell me, aren't they doing evil against the Lord?
Particularly the way they treat the work of Almighty God in the last days,
most pastors and elders actually realize the word expressed by Almighty God is the truth,
that the work of Almighty God is the work of the Holy Spirit,
but they do not seek and study it, they do not.
In order to protect their status and livelihood,
they frantically contrive rumors
and spread all kinds of absurd lies and fallacies instead of truth
to resist Almighty God,
and they lock down the religious community in an air-tight and water-proof situation.
They do not allow anyone to seek and study the true way,
and they bar people from entering the church to witness God's work.
They even collude with the evil Chinese Communist Party
to capture and persecute those who witness for Almighty God.
Aren't they in fact blatantly acting against God?
They are.
Yes. Right!
Their sins against God are even worse
than the sins of the Pharisees against the Lord Jesus in the past. Much worse!
That's true. It's true.
According to these facts,
can we still say that we are following God's will
when we are spending and laboring in the name of the Lord?
Can we still say
that as long as we are holding on to the Lord's name,
keeping the Lord's way,
and we are working for the Lord,
we will qualify to be brought into the kingdom of heaven?
We'll understand more after reading several more passages of Almighty God's word. (OK.)
Brothers and sisters,
it is clearly said in the word of Almighty God.
God is holy and He is truly righteous.
God absolutely forbids any filthy and corrupt people access to enter His kingdom.
Do you agree?
Yes, that's true. I do agree.
Only after listening to your talk of Almighty God's word
did I realize the deviation of my faith in the Lord.
I have relied on zeal to work for the Lord.
When I suffered and paid the price,
I assumed that I was utmost loyal and deserving of the praise of the Lord.
But I ignored seeking the truth in the Lord's word,
practicing the Lord's word and becoming obedient to the Lord,
because I worshiped Paul too much!
I was unaware that I had deviated from the Lord's intention.
Alas, we were so foolish and ignorant!
I have believed in the Lord for many years.
My preaching, working, and suffering
were not intended for loving and obeying the Lord.
They were intended for reward
and entry into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes.
This is how I've been all along.
As long as I could enter the kingdom of heaven and gain rewards,
I would be willing to do any amount of work and bear any kind of hardship.
In retrospect,
now I see that my labor was intended to deceive and exploit the Lord
without a shred of conscience, reason,
or consideration for the Lord's intention.
How could I not be detested and even loathed by the Lord?
Had it not been for your communication of Almighty God's word
to let me understand the Lord's intention
and clearly see my despicable intention in my faith in the Lord,
in my heart,
I am sure that I would stay on this wrong path just like the Pharisees,
resist the Lord while serving Him and be condemned by the Lord.
Thank the Lord for His mercy and salvation!