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We're back, with the only person who loves cats possibly as much as I do--or more.
- But I think, no we... - I don't want to get in a fight about.
- No,, we both love cats. Let's just leave it at that. - Yeah.
All right, Taylor Swift, is who I was talking about.
OK, so there's video of your other two cats on the plane, I think.
Is that what we have?
I think, it's just a picture. But it's a good demonstration of like, just what my personal life looks like.
It's just-- well-- oh, that's just Olivia stretching.
- That's just-- - That's my middle child.
- She's kind of like a seal like... - And she just lays on her back? Oh my god!
Isn't she amazing? And her tail just never grew.
And then, she stands up-- here's meerkat.
- Yep-- get it. - She's a really special animal.
And that was when she was a baby-- meowing.
Oh, my god. They're just so cute.
And now, so you would be and you're doing the movie, Cats.
- Yeah. - So you probably have an advantage because you probably act more like--
- Understand them. -Yes.
- Yes, I studied them. - Cause James Corden had to learn--they went to cat school.
We all went to cat school. You have no idea.
It's like, all my dreams came true on the set of this film.
It was like, they literally--they're like, you can come to set as much as you want,
and I ended up being there like, every day for four months.
They're like, oh, Taylor's doing cat school again--again.
She's still here-- she's still doing cat school.
- What did you learn? - Well, you crawl around on the floor and you pretend to be a cat?
Right. I bet you're really a good cat.
I mean, we'll see. I really don't know.
- I had the most fun. - Yeah.
I had the best time.
All right, so there's a new album coming out.
- Are you finished with the album yet? - Yeah, unless I write something else.
- And then I'll probably put it on the album. - OK.
- And then you have another video coming out soon. - Ish, yeah.
- When is it coming out? - I don't know yet, cause we have to finish it first.
And then, I think you said you wanted me in it?
Yeah, I mean, that would be a dream. Would you wanna do that?
I don't know, but--
I'll think about it, for sure.
Please do.
- OK. - Great.
- Yeah, I'll do it. - Cool. That's great.
All right--
All right, we have to take a break, and then we're going to come back
and she's going to talk all about her boyfriend.
We'll be back.
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Taylor Swift Asks Ellen to Be in Her Music Video

820 Folder Collection
Ellie published on May 18, 2019    Ellie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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