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  • - People tell me that New York

  • can be the best place in the world;

  • the most social place in the world.

  • But it can also be the loneliest place

  • in the world as well.

  • The goal of the supper club

  • is to bring people together.

  • (orchestral music)

  • My name is Vincent Woo,

  • and I am known for running a supper club called

  • Mr. Jones Supper Club.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna get the scallops.

  • In the basement of my apartment.

  • Chives.

  • - [Man] Yeah.

  • - And a small basket of the shallots.

  • It started when I got here about three years ago.

  • I didn't know anyone and I missed getting together

  • around the kitchen with friends and eating.

  • So I started with acquaintances,

  • and then one thing led to another

  • and it sort of blew up.

  • I only do it two times a month.

  • But the demand is over two three years now.

  • And that's rounding down.

  • Guests do not have to pay to come.

  • You pay whatever you feel like at the end of the night,

  • based on how much they enjoyed the experience

  • and how much they can afford.

  • I'm not formally trained in cooking.

  • Let's say YouTube is probably my teacher.

  • Every month in Mr. Jones, no menu is ever the same.

  • Last Saturday we started off with some burrata,

  • and then it was accompanied by tuna tartar

  • and topped with fried lotus root chips.

  • Then we had scallop crudo.

  • It also had a lot of Asian flavors as well.

  • Then we had the mushroom on mushroom on mushroom,

  • which is like big chunky

  • maitake mushroom baked in the oven.

  • I love doing this.

  • I definitely have made friends from it.

  • People have definitely made friends

  • with each other from it as well.

  • My first time like, you know,

  • finding long lost people together.

  • - [Woman] Exactly.

  • - [Vincent] I think it's a good way just to stop

  • and get people to be present sometimes

  • with people without phones and just talk

  • and get to know someone.

  • (orchestral music)

- People tell me that New York

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