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- [Matt] Cut.
- Awesome.

- [Matt] Okay.
- More sticks, boom!
- [Woman] Hey Sifu, a quick
question here something,

actually Matt if you wanna stick around
I think we can really use this footage.
I think some students would
- Is it rolling?
- Yeah.
- Okay.

- I think students
would benefit from this.

So I got this from a student.
Let's check it out.
- [Female Voice Recording]
Hey Vic, sorry to bother you,

I know you're probably busy
but today I got really stuck

talking to a prospect.
They asked how much experience I have
and as you know, I'm
just kinda starting out,

so I didn't exactly know
how to answer that question confidently.
I got a little bit defensive,
and I was just wondering
what you think the best way

to handle that in the future would be?
- Okay, so the object is like
how much experience do you have?
That is pretty common.

Since we're rolling, maybe
why don't we role-play?

- Yeah.
- 'cause it's a lot easier.
So why don't I be the
closer, you be the prospect?

- Okay.
- And let's say, I am providing
digital marketing services.

You're an entrepreneur, we've been talking
and now we're kinda halfway.
We're talking about money,
we're talking about budget,

and but you're leaving me on the fence,
so you're not quite sure
how much experience I have.

And I'm kinda brand new, right?
I'm quite new at this.
So let's try that.
- Okay.
So, so Dan, thanks for sharing
all that information with me

but I'm just really
wondering at this point,

how much experience do
you have with all of this?

- Well, that's a very good question.
I'm just curious why are
you asking the question?

Well you know I've made a
lot of mistakes in the past

with hiring to be very frank, right?
- Mistakes meaning, like
you've hired other people

in the past?
- Yeah, and a lot of money as well.
You would think that
you pay a lot of money,

you get really good quality
but that's not always the case.

So I've signed contracts with
people that didn't work out.

So I wanna know what makes this
what we're trying to do now any different?
- I understand.
And if you don't mind me asking,
how much money have you like
you've said like, wasted?

- Oh, I've lost like five figures.
- Five figures, like 10, $20,000 dollars?
- Yeah, like $20,000 dollars.
- $20,000 dollars,
And now kinda you've
been burned a little bit,

had some bad experiences?
- I don't feel very confident.
You know if I've been trying
to be transparent with you

because there's so many
marketers out there

they say their great.
Right, but on any other
day I put the money down

and do I see the results.
Until I see it I don't really know,
so I'm a little bit tentative.
- And then what inspired you
book a call with me, now.

Like you talk with different people
and you've had some bad experiences.
- Well, I mean I've heard
good things about you.

I went online and I
saw a lot of the things

that you teach right?
Some of the YouTube videos
I've been watching you
for a while as well,

I thought I'd reach out and see
where the conversation takes us.
- I see.
- But it does make me feel a
bit hesitant at the same time.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

- So, are you looking for
someone kinda do things

the same old way?
Kinda has a pattern,
or are you looking for

some brand new ideas, someone
to bring some fresh ideas

to your business, to
generate more leads for you,

is that what you're looking for?
- Definitely not what the
last two people did for me,

'cause that didn't work out at all.
So, something that would
really make a difference

to my bottom line, essentially
I wanna see results.

- I see, and the question is, and I'm sure
other people you talk to,
that they kinda promise you

the moon, and they're gonna
do this and do that for you.

I'm not gonna do that, instead,
'cause what I believe in
each client I work with is unique.
The reality is it doesn't
matter what results

are produced in the past,
that doesn't always translate into
what I could do for you, right?
So, I mean I cannot
guarantee any kinda results.

What I can guarantee you is,
looking at your business,

looking at your business
model and your offer,

I think I can add a lot of value.
At the end of the day you have to be
comfortable with what I offer.
So, it's up to you.
What do you think?
- Okay yeah.
I mean it sounds a lot more promising
than the last two people
that I've talked to.

So I kinda like that you don't try
to over promise me, right?
So yeah again, I'm very much
results based right now.

- Yes, awesome.
So that's one way you can handle,
I think maybe you share
that with a student.

- Yeah, I think we can probably clip that
and send it to her.
- Yeah, and the same thing like
if when you are talking with a prospect
and sometimes you get defensive,
maybe you don't have a lot of experience
and you try to justify too much.
Or you know, "I don't share
my client either with people,

"I protect their privacy."
A lot of defensive kinda statements
instead of just be if you
don't have experience,

be very transparent say, "Hey,"
and I don't have a lot
of experience, just say,

"what are you looking for?
"Are you looking for experience?
"Are you looking for results, right?"
Past experience doesn't equal results.
And on the other hand,
I remember when I was getting
started, as a copywriter,

I was young, I was 20 something years old.
So the way I kinda frame it is,
yes I don't have a lot of experience,
but you can bet, you can be certain
that I'll work extra hard,
because I don't work with
a lot of other clients

like you are it as a client.
I value you as a client, I'm
gonna do my very, very best.

And a lot of the time entrepreneurs
I talk to they're like,

"Okay, I'm gonna give
this young guy a shot."

I find that that's the best policy,
honesty is the best policy right?
- Watch our HTC Family.
Today was a great day.
I have another three fucking booms!
Three booms!
15K closed for today, so my
commission about $15,000 bucks.

- HTC Family.
Okay update.
Two booms today.
$12,000 dollars, and feeling fantastic.
And every time I close,
I wear the HTC cape.

You're closer than you think.
- If you want more role-play,
I have a four part training
series that is free.

You can click a link here
and you can check it out.

You can actually download
a couple more role-plays

kinda like this.
And here, what a closing
call sounds like, right?

What are the some of
things that you can ask?

What are the correct
questions that you could ask?

So, click below and check it out.
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Dan Lok

327 Folder Collection
Charlie Chen published on May 17, 2019
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