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  • We have a job to do and you're coming with us.

  • There's got to be someone else you can use.

  • What about Thor?

  • Off world.

  • Captain Marvel?

  • Unavailable.

  • Black Panther?

  • He's running a country.

  • Hawkeye?

  • He's got a family.

  • What about Hulk?

  • He hurt his arm.

  • He hurt his arm?

  • Plus he doesn't like smashing things anymore.

  • What kind of Hulk doesn't like to smash?

  • It has to be you! You're the only one who can do it.

  • Ooh! What about Bucky?

  • He's got that cool metal arm.

  • Peter.

  • Or Captain America!

  • He retired.

  • He what?

  • Yeah he went back in time so he's super old.

  • And he gave his shield to Falcon!

  • So call him then!

  • You are coming with us! You're gonna be the next Iron Man and that's that!

  • B-b-but what about-

  • That's it! No more buts!

  • Got it?

  • Yes Mr. Fury.

  • Alright, let's go to the-

  • What about Antman and the Wasp?!?

  • Oh my gosh!

  • They're too far away!

  • What about Dr. Strange then? He can teleport.

  • Or War Machine?

  • Or Scarlet Witch?

  • She almost killed Thanos all by herself. They'd be way better at doing this job than me!

  • And what about Valkyrie? She literally has a flying horse.

  • Did you see that thing? I even rode it!

  • I'm still a high schooler.

  • Fine. You don't want to do this, we'll call somebody else!

  • Woo Hoo! Vacation time!!

  • Behold my power!

  • And cower beneath me mortals!

  • How 'bout NO.

  • Oh crap.

  • So you're saying there's a multiverse.

  • Yep.

  • Actually... we like to call it the Spider-Verse.

  • Hey.

We have a job to do and you're coming with us.

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Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer HISHE (ENDGAME SPOILERS)

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    Liang Chen posted on 2019/05/16
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