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  • Aw, my little backyard garden!

  • Oh, it seems like only yesterday that I planted you.

  • Well, time for your pruning.

  • Holy cow! How long has it been?

  • Two-and-a-half years?

  • Well, don't worry, garden. I'll get you straightened out.

  • Shouldn't be too tough.

  • Just gotta make it across the yard to the shed where I keep my heavy-duty gardening tools.

  • I'll have you all cleaned up in a jiffy.

  • Shed...where's that shed?

  • It's as if this endless tangle of vegetation keeps shifting, changing, playing tricks on my mind.

  • The bugs here have grown huge.

  • And even the plants have developed a taste for flesh.

  • At night, it feels as if something else is there.

  • Some kind of creature, watching me.

  • Or maybe it's just my imagination.

  • By day, I forage for food.

  • Most of the plant life here is poisonous.

  • Forcing me to survive on a diet of grubs and worms.

  • Of course, those are poisonous, too.

  • Last night, it was back, the creature.

  • It seems to be growing bolder.

  • I fear that if I don't find that shed soon, this place will be the end of me.

  • The creature!

  • Huh?

  • Pluto?

  • No wonder I haven't seen you around the house.

  • You've been out here in the yard for several months apparently.

  • You weren't stalking me. You were protecting me!

  • The shed? Where?

  • Come on, boy. Let's mow.

  • Aw, my little backyard garden!

  • All pruned and precious and back to normal.

  • Now, let's go hire a gardener because we're never coming out here again!

Aw, my little backyard garden!

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