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And you guys have talked
about walking away from the Avengers

but I read somewhere
where you thought,

"End of Jon Snow,
I'm going to be cool about this,

"this is going to be...
"It's just a chapter
in my life, I'm fine."

Yeah, well... Yeah, I'd...
Maybe you've had this
when you get people come up

to you in the street
and they say,

"Are you Jon Snow?"
You're kind of like,
"Well, not technically,

"I'm not, no,
but let's go with it, I am."

But I kind of waited,
I really had waited to say
the words, "Not any more,"

like, in a really stoic,
kind of cool way.

Like, the first person
I'd go, "Not any more..."

What really happened was, I left
set and I was very emotional

and this poor girl came up
at the airport and went,

"Are you Jon Snow?"
And I went, "Not any more!"

She must
have just walked away...

She backed off pretty quickly.
"Don't ask him.
"He doesn't like it."
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Kit Harington’s emotional goodbye to Jon Snow

914 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on May 10, 2019
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