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Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Game over!
Can we go do something now?
Oh yeah.
I'mma go get my shoes.
What do you wanna do, by the way?
I don't know.
I'm kinda hungry.
We should go eat.
Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen.
There's one question between you and a million dollars.
Do you..
To eat?
A. Chipotle
B. Let me choose.
C. That one restaurant we couldn't get into because it was too busy and probably won't get in again, which is gonna get you mad.
And by the time we do find somewhere to eat, you're gonna pretend like you're not hungry.
And by the time the food is out, we'll have already made up and you'll just pick off my plate.
Or D, Taco Bell.
I mean, it's really good.
But I just had Chipotle yesterday.
I can't have Chipotle two days in a row.
Now remember, we have all lifelines available.
You know what, I'm going to phone a friend.
Okay, she's going to phone a friend!
Who would you like to phone?
I'd like to call my grandma.
Let's get Guadalupe on the line!
Hi Guadalupe.
Yes, I'm here with your granddaughter.
She's going for a million dollars!
And she needs your help.
Oh my God, you kidnapped my granddaughter and you want a million dollars?
No grandma, I'm on a game show and I'm going to win a million dollars.
I don't have that kind of money!
No, she's not... She's on a game show!
Okay grandma.
Don't scare me like that.
Where would I like to eat?
It's for a million dollars!
I said where would I like to eat, grandma?
Are you hungry?
At least four places.
You want me to cook for you mija?
Don't go out, I'll cook.
No, grandma, please.
I'm tryna eat too.
Please hurry up!
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking to your granddaughter.
Where does she wanna go eat?
Woah, I'm starving.
Where do you wanna eat?
Where do I wanna eat?
We have 10 seconds left, grandma.
I don't know.
Give me a second.
B: Have my boyfriend choose.
Where do I want to eat?
Just make up your mind.
Don't raise your voice at me.
Where do you wanna eat, woman?
I said don't raise your voice at me!
5 seconds!
Let me call you back.
I told you I don't know!
No, no.
And we are out of time, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Now, Katherine..
You still have two lifelines left.
I'd like to eliminate two.
Fifty-fifty, let's get two off the board!
Uh, okay, so...
What do I want? What do I want?
Once I did let my previous boyfriend choose where to eat and we broke up because of it.
Let's take B off the board.
I am going to ask the audience.
There's one option!
Okay, we're gonna ask the audience!
Tough one.
Results are in!
100% go for C.
I didn't think it was gonna be this hard.
A million dollars...um...
There's just one answer left.
I know but still, I don't know.
Okay, you know what?
There's just one right there!
Just say C!
Say C, final answer!
I'm going to say C..
That's my final answer.
She's won a million dollars!
I won!
Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Wait..
Can I still pick Chipotle?
Come on!
Why couldn"t you just say that to begin with?
I'mma go get my shoes, okay?
Oh wait, babe.
One last question.
Do I look fat in this dress?
Be honest.
Wait, wait.
Um, um..
Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.
And welcome back to Who Wants To Be A Dead Boyfriend.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
For a million dollar question, how do I look in this dress?
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Where Do You Want To Eat? | Anwar Jibawi

8207 Folder Collection
ayami published on May 26, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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