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- [Keith] Oh my god, (dogs
barking) what a nightmare.

Oh my god!
Oh, they're all doing it!
Except for the sweetie.
Look at her, she's just in
a little ray of sunshine.

(upbeat music)
- Today we are switching dogs and
we're gonna dog-sit each other's dogs.
- This is just another episode of
the Try Guys learn about the different
responsibilities that each dog needs.
I already know that they
a lot of responsibility,

that's why I don't have one.
I grew up with eight, at a time.
- This is my dog, Bean.
He is a two-and-a-half-year-old

He's my first child!
I'm excited to maybe
try a different dog out

that is maybe a more chill temperament.
- This beautiful boy is Bowie.
Hi baby!
Bowie is my puppy, he is just
a little over a year old.

I love my dog more than anything,
and I am more or less totally
indifferent about most others.

- This is Emma, she's
about nine-years-old.

This is Pesto, he's almost
five: and they're my two pups.

They are brother and sister.
I'm very used to having
low-maintenance dogs so,

I'm a little worried about
having a high-maintenance dog.

- I don't have a dog so, why am I here?
Well, I'm still a Try Guy
so I have to be involved

some way or another.
- We're going to be doing
a dog-choosing ceremony,

cause it's not about us picking the dogs,
it's about the dogs picking us.
(dramatic music)
- Welcome to the dog-choosing ceremony.
Today, Bowie will choose
a new daddy for a day.

Bowie is, you know, he's an
active breed, he's hyper.

Australian shepherds are
known for being really active.

- If I could be any dog parent,
I would not be the guy who
runs hiking with his husky.

I like dogs when they're relaxed.
- He's an anxious breed,
if you break from protocol,

it's gonna stress him out.
- If I have to babysit another
dog that's really needy,

I'm not gonna be able to pay
a lot of attention to them,

until the baby goes to bed.
- Bowie is too much to handle.
- Last time Bowie was at my place,
he wrecked it and shat all over my carpet.
- Are you ready?
Three, two, go get your daddy!
- Come here, Bowie, come on!
- Come here, Bowie!

Come here, Bowie!
(collective aww)
(angelic harp)
- Wow, Eugene got Bowie, wow, oh no!
- You didn't even try, Kieth.
- Oh, I missed it, I
didn't even hear it start.

- You didn't even call for Bowie.
- I missed the beginning, oops.
- The one thing that I
lack with these two pups

is having a bigger dog, and
I love big dogs, mainly cause

I like to do a lot of
outdoorsy activities.

Bowie is the most high energy dog,
and in a ways I have a
very high energy lifestyle,

so I'm interested to see how that pairs.
Plus, I forgot how hot Bowie is!
- [Zach] Yeah Bowie's hot!
- [Ned] Bowie's hot.
- I think I gotta like,
model with Bowie a lot.

- Eugene, her you go,
here's a treat pouch,

so Bowie has IBS, he can
only eat these treats,

I know, I know, dude, if
you give him anything else

he's gonna have a lot of diarrhea.
- He's just like his father!
- I think whoever gets him today
is gonna be surprised
by how far he's come.

(dog bark)
- Okay Bean, it's time for you to
choose a new daddy for the day.
I am so excited for today
because Bean needs this.

Ever since the baby was born, Bean
has not gotten enough attention.
I think whoever gets Bean,
might be upset if Bean

barks too much because, he's
used to protecting the baby.

- I think that barking
is the most unforgivable

trait that a creature could ever have.
- I don't like it when
dogs are running around

with their little nails on the floor.
Come here, Bean!
- Go play!

Come here, Bean!
- Go play!

- Oh, who's he gonna pick?
Who's he gonna pick?
- Me, me, come on Bean!
- Bean come over here!
- Go!
- [Zach] Beanie, come here!
And, oh god.
- Yay, he punched him in the dick!
(Ned laughing)
It's his, it's his!
- He chose you!

- The old dick punch choice!
- [Zach] Bean was not my first choice,
I've never gotten to
really bond with him, but

we're gonna love each other today!
Historically, I am a cat person.
I just don't care about most dogs.
But my goal today is to figure out
what the other guys love
so much about their dogs.

- Zach thinks Bowie's the best
and that all the other
dogs suck, and I'm over it.

I hope Zach gets Bean, cause then
he'll be forced to love him.
(dog bark)
- Hey, what's up?
You guys ready to go to a new uncle?
You guys ready to do it?
Alright, you guys ready?
You want my dogs?
Yes, Emma!
- Emma!


- My ideal version of
today is that I get Emma

and we spend the entire day
being rich ladies in Los Feliz.

Carrying her tiny dog around,
and drinking expensive coffee.

- I've never really
connected with Pesto or Emma.

They just sort of sit there.
- I wanna wear athleisure,
like we can wear

little matching outfit, I
can have it under my arm.

- I mean I want a low-maintenance day.
I gotta focus on the baby and Emma's
the chillest of all the
dogs, so I want Emma.

- I wanna take Emma on a rich lady trip
to Los Feliz where we will be rich ladies.
- Emma.
She has a lot of anxiety,
see, she's upset.

Emma, it's okay.
Emma, come here, it's okay,
come back, come back, come back.

Emma is a darling but she has
a lot of weird emotional issues.
My theory, cause she's a rescue,
is that she was raised by an elderly woman
who coddled her and then
died in front of her.

And so Emma was left
with the woman's body.

Alright, you ready to release the hounds?
- Yes.
- Yes.

- [Eugene] Alright, one,
two, three, go get a new dad!

- [Ned] Come on, Emma!
Come on, Emma!
- [Keith] Emma!
- Yes, Emma!
(angelic harp)

- [Ned] Wow!
- I win, I won!
- Great!
(angelic harp)

We're both stuck with each other.
- Pesto on the other hand, is pure dog.
He tends to be kind of lazy.
He knows how to sit.
That's uh, that's pretty much it.
(Ned laughs)
Alright well have fun with my pups.
- Thanks!
- Oh, thanks.

- Bye, kids.
- Bye!
Okay, Emma, let's go get some coffee.
- Hey Pesto, just try not
to ruin Ariel's house.

(dog bark)
- Come here, Bean!
Alright, you ready to have a...
Every dog has its day,
you ready to have yours?

Me and Bean are getting
along great so far.

- [Keith] Let's do this, Emma!
We're on an adventure!
You're my dog now.
Just left to get Emma in tow, Pesto
did not like seeing his sister leave.
Emma, we're going to the car, Emma.
- [Zach] Beanie, are you ready for me?
Oh look, he's so excited.
Pesto wants to come with
me but you're not allowed.

(Bean barks)
Hey, hey!
- Hey, hey!

- [Ned] Play nice boys, play nice.
- I don't know if Bowie's allowed to
car surf while I'm driving,
but he has decided to.

I'm trying to make sure I
uphold Zach's and Maggie's

billions of dog rules
but, you know I want him

to have fun today, he's
gonna have a good time.

- Just got in the car and Emma
has done the weirdest thing.

She's like hiding from the world.
Look at you, so scared!
(Emma coughs)
Aw, what, don't, don't do that.
- Bean come!
- [Ned] Just say okay and start walking.
- Okay!
We're gonna try a little
uh, a little bribery.

- [Ned] Yeah!
- A little old-fashioned
bribery, see how that does.

Beanie, okay!
Aw yeah, that gets him every time.
Wow, he really doesn't
want to come with me.

- [Ned] Come on, Bean, let's go!
- [Zach] Wow!
He's loyal.
I'm just gonna run away until he
realizes what's going on, let's go.
- Bye!

Have a great time!
- [Zach] Thanks!
I'm fine with Bean, he's a little jumpy,
he's a little yappy, but mostly
he just doesn't seem to like me.
I'm normally not one to
bribe with treats but

I'm just gonna say that
Bean and I are still in

the training phase so, everything I do
today is gonna be treat-central.
- So me and Pesto are
going for a walk and,

oh my goodness, he is pulling
at this leash like crazy!

Bean's really good at like
just walking right next to me,

and Pesto is either pulling ahead of me,
or stopping to sniff
every single little thing.

Oh, whoa!
Whoa, Pesto!
We are pooping!
(heavy sigh)
Eugene did not give me any poop bags.
(toy squeaks)
- [Eugene] Ready to play, Bowie?
All of this treasure is yours
now, it's all yours, Bowie!

Here's my apartment, and
Bowie is excited cause

I think he knows we're
gonna start playing soon.

Aw, Bowie!
I got it, I got it!
- Got a leaf and a stick here.
Ew, Pesto, oh one of them's really slimy.
(deep inhale)
- So we are gonna go
for a hike, right Bowie?

Are you excited?
Yes you are, oh yes you are!
Okay, okay, wow.
- Okay, I got the poop, oh dammit, Pesto!
- I am all ready for the hike and we are
gonna go get our exercise
on, gotta get some

of this energy out of you, right?
Alright, let's go,
(clicks tongue) come on!

Good boy!
(retching cough)
(upbeat music)
- We are in beautiful Los Feliz, just
me and Emma, she does not like cars.
I'm walking through in my
athleisure, with a cute dog.

Emma is finally chill,
hanging out with me.

Ice coffee.
Can I just get the veggie burger,
with a side of the potato salad?
Taken Emma off of my lap
because it's time for me

to have my garden
burger, and potato salad.

Cause I'm watching my
figure, we're fancy ladies.

- I know Ned really wants Bean to
respect doors and boundaries so since
I've seen him do this, Beanie, sit.
Okay, he's checking it out,
he's smelling the scents.

- [Ned] We finally made it home!
Let's say hi to the baby!
(baby gurgling)
Look, it's baby Wesley!
(Ariel laughs)
It's like they're facing off,
and both about the same size.

- Beanie, come!
Kay, let's take a poop together.
Bowie can only play with certain toys,
but I actually have all of these
sock toys that he never gets to play with.
- [Ned] Pesto, that's Bean's food.
What are you doing?
This doesn't feel right.
(crunching food)
Zach is taking care of Bean today.
- Oh, I bet Zach's having a great time.
- [Ned] Yeah, I think he is.
- [Zach] Oh!
(nervous laugh)
- So, we are almost at
Runyon Canyon, which

is a hiking trail, and
sometimes Pesto and Emma

can't keep up with me if
it's too hot, so it would be

nice to see if we can
get Bowie some cardio.

Are you excited buddy?
(energetic music)
So we start running.
Whoa, okay, this is gonna be our hike.
- You know, I'm a little disappointed
some things aren't going
how I wanted them to.

I wanted to put Emma in my bag, and
I tried to put Emma in my
bag, and she wasn't in to it,

and there were people
looking, I got embarrassed

cause it looked like
I was abusing the dog.

(Bean barks)
- Don't bark at the door!

Uh-uh, Beanie!
See this is what I'm talking about.
Why are you being, you
don't even live here,

why would you bark at the door?
(energetic music)
- [Eugene] Let's go, come on!
Good boy!
Alright, here we go.
(deep exhale)
- I think I have to drive
back to the office just to

use the bathroom, cause my
apartment doesn't allow pets.

(toy squeaking)
- Squeaky toy, squeaky toy, you ready?
He doesn't trust me, I can tell.
- [Keith] Emma, you can't
lay on the floorboard where

I drive, that's really not gonna work.
- So Bowie did an amazing job, we made
it in record time up the mountain.
How're you feeling, buddy?
He's doing good.
Come on, boy!
(energetic music)
Catch up with me, Bowie!
- Here's what I think about Emma,
Emma's such a nervous dog that her anxiety
gets in the way of her just
doing a lot of normal things

normal dogs should do
like walk across a street

When I get back to the office,
I'm gonna use the bathroom,

relax, maybe we're gonna
hang out, take a nap,

and then I think I'm
gonna just de-stress her

with a nice relaxing bath,
you know, rich ladies,

elegant ladies like to unwind.
- There's been times where
Bowie doesn't know the

boundaries and so Bean snaps at him,
and so yeah I've not been
the nicest to Bean sometimes

cause I'm protective of my dog.
I can see that, there's an
issue of trust between he and I.

I think I need to do some things
to make him more comfortable with me.
Alright, we're going old-school training.
I got my clicker, I got my treats,
and I'mma teach this
old dog some new tricks.

- Kay, Pesto, we made it to
the dog park, are you excited?

(fast-paced music)
- [Zach] Weave.
- [Keith] Good, Emma, yes!
Wow, who's she?
- [Ned] Catch it!
Play nice, play nice.
- [Keith] Oh, oh okay, that's...
- I'm such a proud doggie daddy
right now, Pesto is
making all the friends!

- He really doesn't trust me at all.
(Bean barking)
Maggie is home, oh no, Bean, Beanie!
Beanie, Beanie, Beanie!
- Come on!
(toy squeaking)
Come on, sit.
Lay down.
- I literally have been with him here
for like 25 minutes and
he has not played with me.

- [Maggie] Yes!
- [Zach] Wow!
- [Maggie] Over here.
- [Zach] He's so much more
comfortable with you, Maggie.

- [Maggie] He wants more cuddles.
- Now that we've bonded,
okay, come here, Beanie.

Come here!
Come on!
Yeah, good boy!
Okay, weave.
- Yeah, he's getting it!

- Fuck yeah, woo!
No, no, no, no, no, not that, not that.
Kay I guess you're a good boy.
I think we bonded today, he really
didn't like me in the
beginning of the day.

I think some dogs are afraid of men,
and like I'm a really
manly man, so I get it.

(Maggie laughs)
- Just got back from our
hike, I took a shower,

and one thing that Zach asked me
that I should try with
Bowie is just cuddling.

He seems pretty pooped
after that really long hike,

so we're gonna try to take
a little bit of a nap.

Yeah, there we go, there we go.
- Aww this is what I want,
we're just gonna nap, is that

what I'm doing in a Try Guys
video today, I'm just napping?

- It's a very successful
outing to the dog park.

I got Pesto's vibe a little more.
You know, he's just
like a chill party dude,

having fun, doesn't really
care about the rules.

- You know ever since they
had the baby, Ned and Ariel

don't get to take Bean out
as much as they used to,

so I'm gonna give Bean a
nice time, let him get some

of his energy out, see
if I can win him over.

- It's a cuddle-bug.
More like cuddle-Bowie, I didn't expect
Bowie to be so cuddly.
- [Kieth] Bubbles!
(water splashing)
Come on, Emma!
- You wanna pet Pesto?
Oh yeah, look at that.
Pesto does not care.
Bean would never let this happen.
- Go get it!
Bring it back!
And, come back, and drop it, drop.
Yeah, good boy!
- Nice and easy.
In the bath, (flustered
mumbles), get in the bath.

Get in the bath!
It's okay, it's okay, no
Emma, Emma, it's just a bath!

It's just a bath.
I had a good time with you today, Emma.
This is a perfect way to
end our nice, pleasant day.

She's too nervous even
for me to look at her.

Okay, let's get you out and
get you dried off, huh Emma.

(dog bark)
I watched Emma to a T, and by that
I mean mostly we sat and laid down.
Pretty much what I expected,
she does like to sit

in your lap, she likes to
hang out and be docile,

but what I didn't expect is that
she's so nervous that sometimes it
debilitates her from just being a dog.
- My day was great!
I really enjoyed my time with Bowie.
You know, the last time
I've actually spent a lot of

quality time with Bowie was
actually when he was a puppy.

But, uh he's way more relaxed
and way more sweet than

I thought he was as a pup before.
- I was pleasantly surprised by Pesto!
He's just a cute little
weirdo that loves to chill,

he really doesn't give
a fuck about anything.

- Bean is incredibly well trained.
At the end, Bean was really sweet with me.
We just got back to the office,
and he came and he sat under my desk,
I don't have any footage of
it, but it was really cute.

- I did actually learn a little
bit more about dog rearing.

Every dog certainly is different,
has their own little quirks.
- [Eugene] I took lots of
pictures throughout the process,

I changed to a new outfit, and
I got my neighbor to come out

and we sat on a stranger's
porch and took pictures

really quick because we don't
know who lives in that house.

Very Instagrammable dog, I see now why
Zach so annoyingly takes
so many pictures of him.

- [Ned] Yeah, maybe I
didn't have as much fun,

but by the end Pesto is part of my family
- [Zach] I didn't give Bean a fair chance,
I guess I don't give
many dogs a very chance.

Obviously, I still love Bowie
more than I love other dogs,

but it doesn't mean I
can't love other dogs too.

(playful upbeat music)
- I took a bath at the office,
you know, in California

you don't have to have HR until
there's about 32 employees.

We'll never get there!
I'll be taking baths in the office
with dogs until the cows come home!
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The Try Guys Switch Pets For A Day

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