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So when is the Prime Minister
going to grace us with his presence?

I'm the Prime Minister.
Yeah, you wish.

ENGLISH: All right.
So we're all here.

These talks with China
are of paramount importance.

Rogue states in Southeast Asia
have begun secretely to develop nuclear weapons.

It is vital that we get China onside.
Traditionally, China has been
impervious to our concerns,

but I believe Xiang Ping, given the opportunity,
can and will help defuse this situation.

FOREIGN SECRETARY: Well, with his pro-West stance,
it certainly offers an opportunity,

but the talks can't go ahead
unless we can guarantee his safety.

I believe, with the correct
security, that we can.

If Vortex is operational
it's just too dangerous.

to agree, Prime Minister.

AMBROSE: There is a way.
The Swiss are willing
to lend us Le Bastion.

That's their goverment
fortress in the Alps.

FOREIGN SECRETARY: It's a stunning examble
of architectural engineering at altitude,

and completely impregnable.
I mean, that should solve
all our security issues.

Then the talks go ahead.
Pamela, I hope you've brushed up
on your Mandarin.

I'd like you in the room with me,
and your best man on security.

Yes, Prime Minister.
Where are we on Vortex?
Vortex is three men.
Fisher was one, Karlenko was another.
Karlenko was killed today
on the orders of the third.

- PEGASUS: Any leads?
- Yes, but I need time.

PEGASUS: We do not have time.
We need to know the identity
of the third person in Vortex.

Give me 24 hours.
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Johnny English Reborn (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Sinking Chair (2011) HD

253 Folder Collection
CC published on May 9, 2019
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